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15 Of The Creepiest Women Of Walmart

15 Of The Creepiest Women Of Walmart

With nearly 12,000 stores worldwide, Walmart has seen its share of creepy people since its inception in 1962. Hundreds of thousands of people visit Walmart stores and hypermarkets every single day: the young, the old, the vegetarians, people shopping on the budget, people just passing by, mothers with their children. Basically, no matter who you are or what you do, if there is a Walmart near your home, you will probably go there shopping from time to time. Of course, whenever you have a place that gets visited by so many people on a daily basis, you are bound to run into some pretty weird people there as well.

The world is a crazy place and you might have noticed that before, if you spend a lot of time with different people. You can’t even imagine all the crazy behavior out there until you get to see it in person. However, public places are true gold mines when it comes to mining for creepiness and Walmart is no exception. And while the majority of people visiting Walmart are seemingly normal, from time to time, you get to see a real weirdo or two there firsthand. Let’s take a look at the 15 creepiest women of Walmart:

15. The Walking Dead

If you have seen at least one episode of The Walking Dead, you probably know what a zombie bite looks like. If you don’t, take a look at this woman’s leg and you’ll get a pretty clear idea. Questionable tattoos are really too big of a topic to be discussed here in detail, but people should seriously think twice before putting permanent ink on their body. That being said, there are those who will argue that this tattoo is really cool and there is no reason to hide it. On the other hand, there is really no reason to pull up your shorts just to make sure that everybody gets to see the whole picture. Some longer pants should probably be considered in this particular case for more than one reason.

14. The World’s Creepiest Hairstyle

WHAT IS THIS THING? It is really hard to believe that this creepy looking tail is actually somebody’s hair. If there were a competition for world’s creepiest hairstyle, this would be a clear winner because this really is something you get to see once in a lifetime. It looks like one giant dreadlock that has just been growing and growing for years. Try not to think what is inside that thing since something like this is impossible to wash properly. Seriously, don’t think about it, it will make you sick to your stomach. Also, how much do you think this huge rat’s tail weighs? It can’t be easy to carry something so big, long, and heavy on your head everywhere you go. It really takes some serious determination not to cut that thing off.

13. Forever Young

People want to stay young for as long as possible so they dye their hair, undergo plastic surgeries, work out, and carefully choose the clothes they wear. However, some people just don’t really know how to balance their real age and the age they wish they were. Here we have a woman who could be in her 50s, but who is dressed like a teenager, and not a classy one neither. Everything about that outfit is just wrong, from the neon bra to the super short shorts, not to mention the lower back tattoo in addition to all of that. There is no right place to go dressed like this, except maybe your own home when there is no one around to see you. On the other hand, we should all learn something about confidence from this woman.

12. Golden Girl

The first thing we need to say now is that it is really hard to tell whether the person in the picture is really a female or not, but let’s just roll with it and say it is. Now the question for the big bucks: what is she wearing and why would anybody willingly wear that? The combination of her long golden locks and the weird golden suit really makes one wonder whether this person just recently lost some of her marbles. Hopefully, she was a performer of some sort and this whole outfit was just some kind of a costume she had to wear for work. It would probably be smart to bring spare clothes with her to avoid appearing in public places like this. Of course, there is a chance those are her regular clothes…

11. Walmart Tanning

Who needs a professional tanning salon when you have Walmart? Bringing a deck chair with you and getting a tan right in front of Walmart seems like a much easier and cheaper solution, doesn’t it? On the other hand, you could probably just as easily get a tan in front of your own house where people wouldn’t look at you wondering whether you’re nuts or not. However, there is a possibility she didn’t actually visit Walmart for the purpose of lying there in the sun. Maybe she was just waiting for someone while they were shopping. That would make the whole thing a little bit less crazy, but still pretty creepy. There is a right time and place for almost everything in life and let’s just say that this really wasn’t the right place to pretend you were on the beach somewhere.

10. Almost A Horror Movie Poster

Lady undergarments are great to wear in the bedroom. In the middle of Walmart – not so much. On the other hand, it is also possible that the person in the picture wasn’t a woman at all, but a man who didn’t really know the difference between lady undergarments and a dress. Either way, all that is missing from this picture is a few red drops of fake blood and it would make for a great horror movie poster about a vampire hunting down people in the Walmart. “Attention shoppers! We have a vampire in aisle 3!” Wouldn’t you just run in the opposite direction if you saw a person looking like this in your favorite grocery store? This really is a whole new level of creepiness, especially when you take the look on her face into consideration.

9. Makeover Needed

One of the greatest things about this century is the fact that everybody is able to express themselves in any way they see fit as long as they don’t break any laws while doing so. That being said, some people should really reconsider their way of doing that because they might come off as pretty creepy. We’ve gotten used to seeing heavy metal fans, Goth people, hipsters, and all other sorts of subcultures with their specific styles, and most people don’t consider them weird anymore. It took some time, but we’ve learned to accept people’s differences. One might even think we’ve seen it all and nothing can surprise us anymore. Well, this girl managed to surprise us after all. She really needs to think about some serious makeover because, let’s be honest, nobody could pull off that outfit!

8. Because Pants Are So Mainstream

People often choose to wear some pretty questionable pieces of clothing, but what about the people who decide simply not to wear them at all? Here we have a woman who didn’t put her pants on before going shopping and she was just walking around in her panties. Is there a chance she somehow forgot? Probably not. You don’t just forget to put the pants on. Wearing pants is probably way too mainstream so she decided to try a new approach. However, it is not a pleasant view at all and people around her must have had a laugh or two, not to mention the number of pictures that must have been taken at Walmart that day. Seriously people, please wear your pants when leaving the house for everybody’s sake.

7. No Time For Changing Room

Trying the clothes on before buying them can be such a drag sometimes, especially if there is a long line of people waiting in front of the changing rooms. This woman didn’t have the time to wait to try on the clothes behind a curtain like everybody else, so she decided to just do it in the middle of the store. If she was hoping nobody would see her, that plan obviously didn’t work. It takes a lot of guts to just take off your clothes without worrying about the people who could see you. Good for you, lady! On the other hand, people don’t get naked in public not only because they are ashamed but also out of the respect for the other people passing by. That would have been a good reason to wait for an empty changing room if nothing else.

6. The Ultimate Disaster

Take a moment and try to come up with at least one reasonable explanation why a person would visit Walmart looking like this? Nothing? Not one? You are probably right. There is no good explanation for this look. The only thing that comes to mind is the possibility that it was Halloween that day but that doesn’t make this outfit any less terrible. The other possibility is that she was working as an exotic dancer that night and didn’t have time to change. Anyhow, from head to toe, this woman’s look is the ultimate disaster, from oddly colored hair to the terrible stripper-like boots. It is really hard to find at least one thing here that looks all right, so let’s just stop trying and agree that no one should look like this, not even for fun.

5. The “Subtle” Cleavage

Everybody enjoys a nice-looking cleavage but this was really taking things one step too far. Not only is this woman wearing an unbuttoned shirt with nothing but a bra underneath, the bra also seems to be a couple of sizes too small. Fun fact: some stats show that around 80% of women wear the wrong bra size and, with no doubt, this girl is one of them. So the first step for her would be to find a bra that actually fits and then to pick something to cover the bra with, for example, a deep V-neckline to show off that cleavage that she obviously really enjoys showing. On the other hand, maybe she was man-hunting and she thought this would be the fastest way to catch someone’s attention. She obviously succeeded at that, somebody took a photo of her after all.

4. That Is One Strange Looking Dog

When you see a person walking something on a leash, you expect to see a dog on the other end. Well, this is one strange looking dog indeed! Do you remember the film Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot about a woman who only showed affection to her pet tortoise? It seems like we have a similar situation here. It is quite common for people to have all kinds of pets but walking a tortoise on a leash is really something you don’t get to see every day, especially if you do that in a store. It seems super creepy, and it also seems quite dangerous, because somebody could easily step on the little guy. Also, how long does shopping take if you wait for a tortoise to follow you everywhere?

3. A Cartoon Character?

We’re not sure if this is a real person or a cartoon character that just recently came to life; it’s really hard to tell. First of all, the proportions on this person seem to be a little bit off. We have a tiny little person with quite big head and HUGE hair. We’ve seen some pretty huge hairstyles back in the ‘80s, but nothing like this. It is also almost impossible to tell whether the hair is real or if it is a really, really bad wig. If it is real, it probably takes a lot of time to style it like that and why would anybody spend so much time just to look like this? Jim Morrison really got some things right when he said that people were strange.

2. The Wolf Girl

If you are a sci-fi fan and if you have read your share of comic books, you probably don’t think this person is creepy at all. On the contrary, she could easily be a superhero in disguise, so let’s call her a Wolf Girl who was just taking her favorite dog-like wolf for a walk through Walmart. On the other hand, if you are more of a non-fiction fan, the whole superhero theory probably doesn’t really work for you and you don’t find our Wolf Girl adorable at all. In fact, you think her whole look is weird and, truth to be told, a little scary too. We can’t blame you; she kind of does have that whole “I’ll kill you” look in her eyes that would make it pretty hard to meet her and not run in the opposite direction.

1. The Importance Of The Belt

You might not have yet realized the real importance of the magic little thing called the belt. Apparently, if you have gained some weight recently and you can’t fit into your favorite pair of pants anymore, don’t worry, there is a simple solution to that! No need to buy a new pair of pants, all you have to do is pull up your old pants as high as they get (obviously, not high enough) and then just tighten them as hard as you can with a belt. Sure, it won’t look so great, but imagine how much money it will save you in the long run. Just kidding, don’t you ever do that! Why? Well, just take one good look at this pic because that is really all it takes.

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