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15 Of The Hottest Women On Game of Thrones

15 Of The Hottest Women On Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones isn’t just a show on TV. It’s a lifestyle and a culture. Fandom for the book started years before the show was even a thought in producer’s minds. So, what makes Game of Thrones so great? Well, there is something in there for everyone. Different families have different goals and different attributes that make them who they are. You want honesty and loyalty? Head north. You want cunning and riches, make your way to Casterly Rock (and hang out with the Lannisters).

In the end, a huge draw to Game of Thrones (the TV show) is the gorgeous and powerful women that play these characters. Sleek, sexy, and ready to defend what is theirs, so many of these women seem to have it all. And, just like plotlines, locations, and gruesome deaths, Game of Thrones has every kind of sexy woman you can think of. From busty to sporty, if you watch the show long enough, you’ll find a character that fits everything you need and want in a woman. If you’re having trouble finding one you like, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 hottest women in Game of Thrones to get you started.

WARNING: Spoilers are coming!

15. Ellaria Sand


As Oberyn Martell’s paramour, Ellaria Sand makes waves in the capitol as a DTF enchantress who is up for anything. She’s definitely got the physical hotness to get her started, but luckily for her, Dorne believes in a woman’s right to power. Her being a lowborn doesn’t help though. However, that doesn’t stop her from getting what she wants in the end. In Season 6, Ellaria Sand’s hotness level rises even further when she stages a coup against Doran Martell, and claims the position as ruler of Dorne. Women in power are pretty hot, and Ellaria has now joins the ranks of Daenerys and Yara Greyjoy.

14. Ros


You know her as one of Littlefinger’s girls in the show but not in the books. She’s the one Joffrey used as target practice to help audience think of him as an even more detestable character (as if we needed anymore of that). Ros was the prostitute from the north who traveled down with the first caravan that included Robert Baratheon (remember him?) and Ned Stark. Ros was Theon’s favourite in the north, and she quickly became a fan favourite as well as a head lady of the night in Littlefinger’s brothel. Her red hair and coy smile makes her one of the hottest prostitutes in Game of Thrones history.

13. Yara Greyjoy


In the books, you know her as Asha. She’s an alpha female who was born into the iron and salt lifestyle of the Iron Islands, as the last heir of Balon Greyjoy (well the last one he recognizes, based on the fact that he considers Theon to be a Northerner). Her rugged disposition and ability to keep up with any man in the boys club that is the iron islands, Yara’s hotness comes from her “don’t even try to f*ck with me” attitude and her ability to stand her ground. She attempts to become Theon’s knight in shining armor, and makes it all the way past the gates of Winterfell, even though her brother is mentally gone. She even attempts to win the kingsmoot, but apparently, the Iron Islands aren’t ready for a female ruler.

12. The Sand Snakes


These illegitimate princesses of Dorne were built by the gods, raised to fight, and their deadly skills and outfits that belong in a video game make them some of the hottest killers in Westeros. First there is Obara, who is probably the most logically dressed of the three. Her tight bun and leather ensemble makes her dressed for success (if success is fighting people to the death, of course). Then there’s Nymeria. She’s full of sass and ready to bring her attitude out in a fight. Her sexiness is represented by her ability to be the best of both worlds: beautiful AND deadly. Finally, we have young Tyene. Thirsty to prove herself, and make a splash, Tyene is ready to take on any fight with a bare midriff, because who needs to protect their belly when you dgaf.

11. Shae


Tyrion’s girlfriend from seasons one to five started in our hearts as the hooker with the heart of gold. It made her attractive in a Pretty Woman sort of way, and we loved that she loved Tyrion for who he was. Even after we find out that Shae is more of a hooker with a lust for gold and she only loved Tyrion for the things he bought for her, she still ends up pretty hot in the end. Even the noble Tywin Lannister couldn’t keep Shae out of his bed. If a prude like Tywin knows how hot she is, we should all take note.

10. Gilly


The wildling girl, Gilly, is hot in a different way than the rest. She is innocent in many regards, but grew up in a tough environment and had to learn the ways of the world as quickly as possible. Gilly is hot in the “Shy Girl” way. She has a bit of mystery about her no matter how innocent she may seem.

Additionally, she has a nice inbred appeal, as her father is her husband; her mother is her sister; and her son is her brother. Hey, who doesn’t like a family tree with no branches from time to time?

9. Brienne of Tarth


If your type of sexy the kind that will protect you, swear undying allegiance to you, and whoop any boy’s ass in battle, Brienne of Tarth is your hot lady of Game of Thrones. She’s tall; she’s blonde; and she’s honorable. Brienne covers three very sexy attributes. She’s played by Gwendoline Christie, who almost didn’t get the role because she is too beautiful when compared to the description of Brienne in the books. Luckily, a little makeup magic made her just rugged enough to play the role. Coming in at a staggering six foot three inches, Brienne is your sexy dream giant.

8. Ygritte


Jon Snow’s girlfriend is all about girl power! North of The Wall, gender plays very little role when it comes to strength and power. What plays the biggest role is how each person proves himself or herself. Thus, our fire-haired mistress of the wildlings shows off her hotness in many forms. Even wearing multiple animal pelts, you can tell she has a great bod, and she’s not afraid to show it off in the warm cave with underground hot springs. But one of the hottest ways Ygritte shows off her sexiness is letting Jon Snow know exactly what she likes. If you like your girls to be in control, and know exactly what they want for dinner, Ygritte is your Game of Thrones hotty!

7. Osha


You know her as the wildling that Bran spared, and later on his companion, and later on Rickon’s guard. Osha is dirty-girl hot, in every sense of the word. When we meet her, she’s got some unintentional dreads, and dirt smeared across her face. We know, deep down, that she’s got a smokin’ hot bod under the rags she calls clothes. When she bares it all to help Bran escape Winterfell, we get our confirmation. She’s got the bod, and she’s not afraid to use it to help a friend in need… even if it does get her killed in the end, we know that Osha is a true wildling hotty.

6. Sansa Stark


Your damsel in distress hotty of Game of Thrones is Sansa Stark… after she comes of age, of course. We first meet Sansa as a starry-eyed young girl who has dreams of being a princess and a queen. Her naïveté is charming for a bit…until it gets her father killed. However, it’s Sansa’s big change that brings her to the ranks of the Game of Thrones hotties that we know and love. She no longer is a simple-minded preteen. She has seen the darkness in the world, and she’s ready to take it on. Lying doesn’t phase her so much, and being shovelled from one terrible relationship to the next has given her the stone cold (in the literal sense of the term) hotty vibe.

5. Melisandre The Red Woman


Stannis’s Red Woman is a total witchy hotty. We all know that the red amulet is what makes her this way, but hey, even at 1,000 years old, without magic, she has a pretty sexy shrivelled prune sort of hotness to her…okay, no, but Melisandre with the amulet does send sparks to all the right areas. She knows it, too. She can convince Stannis of pretty much anything, despite his closest followers’ warnings. Even Stannis’s wife doesn’t really mind her husband’s extracurricular activities, so long as it’s in the name of the religion. So, if you’re looking for the hypnotic hottie, Melisandre is your Game of Thrones girl!

4. Missandei


She started off as a slave girl in Astapor, and now, she’s one of Daenerys Targaryen’s top advisors. She can speak nearly every language, and is a dedicated friend to Daenerys. Missandei is the super smart hottie in Game of Thrones, but there’s more to her. Missandei has a touch of innocence in her, despite the fact that she was born a slave and knows the cruelest tortures the world has served up. She’s soft-spoken, but incredibly intelligent, which adds a little bit of mystery to Missandei’s hotness. If you’re into the quiet, smart women, Missandei is exactly what you’re looking for.

3. Cersei


The crazy hot girl (not to be confused with the girl who is crazy hot), is always a wildcard. When you don’t know if you’re going to be stabbed, slapped, or poisoned after your encounter with the crazy one, it’s all about the adventure, and that is exactly what Cersei delivers. Even after her hair is chopped off and she is forced to walk through the streets getting feces and rocks thrown at her, she never lost the power of her hotness, and that’s why there are still men out there who would fight Jaime Lannister to the death for a chance to win Cersei.

2. Margaery Tyrell


If you’re looking for a political powerhouse in a hot woman, Margaery Tyrell is your Game of Thrones hottie. Three times the queen (once unofficially with Renly Baratheon, and once as Joffrey’s queen for a few hours, and then to Tommen Baratheon two weeks later), Margaery seems to come off as innocent, but in the end, we realize that she is just really, really good at playing the game. And she’s got a smokin’ hot bod to boot! Her pleasant demeanour and goals to be the best queen possible made her a quick fan favourite in the Game of Thrones realm. Of course, this made Cersei insane, and… well, we all know what happens next.

1. Daenerys Targaryen

Via gameofthrones.wikia

Of course, she’s on our list! Did you think we’d forget? The hottest woman in all of Game of Thrones is Daenerys Targaryen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the unburnt, (insert seven other titles). Fans love Dani, and who could blame them? She has the perfect body, beautiful hair, and she’s got power! Oh yeah, and dragons, and she’s not afraid to use them! She’s got a bit of a rocky past, what with her brother selling her into marriage for the price of an army, and her first love dying of a festering wound, but she seems pretty stable. So, if you’re looking for a revolutionary set to take back what is hers, the mother of dragons and breaker of chains is your Game of Thrones hottie.

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