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15 Of The Most Dangerous Prison Escapes Caught On Tape

15 Of The Most Dangerous Prison Escapes Caught On Tape

When you do the crime, you pay the time. Prions are meant to keep people deemed a danger to society from living life in freedom. Taking someone’s freedom away from them is the ultimate punishment. No one wants to live his or her life behind bars. No one wants to be told what he or she can and cannot do. Your every move is watched and documented and all you can think about is what is going on in the outside world. Spending all day and night confined in one area does not sound like a good time. No one goes to prison because they want to and the idea of re-entering the free world is always in the back of their minds.

Every inmate dreams about the day they are given their freedom back. Some inmates do their time and wait for their release dates, while others take matters into their own hands and spend their time planning their great escape. These daring inmates conduct dangerous and create plans to get their freedom back. Some plans go without a flaw, while others have inmates back to where they started. From risky situations to unbelievable Hollywood stunts here are 15 of the most dangerous prison escapes caught on tape.

15. Quebec Inmates Escape Jail with Helicopter

via: CBC News

Two inmates from Saint-Jérôme Quebec prison escaped prison during daylight using a helicopter. Two friends of the escapees high jacked a helicopter at gun point and made the pilot land on the roof of the prison. The inmates planned to climb up into the helicopter by using a rope, however it did not go as planned. The inmates immediately realized that ascending a wall with just a rope was a lot hard than they thought. The inmates can be seen having a hard time climbing the rope, which led to the friends feeling frustrated. Instead of abandoning the plan they fly away with the two inmates hanging on to the rope. The inmates did make it to freedom, however it did not last long because they were recaptured and in custody within hours.

14. Hundreds of Prisoners Escape After Brazil Prison Set On Fire

via: Global News

After a riot broke out at Brazilian prison Prof. Noe de Azevedo, hundreds of inmates took advantage of the chaos and escaped. Surveillance tape shows heavy smoke coming from the prison, which was allegedly set on fire by the inmates. At the time the prison was over capacity, therefore making it an easy target for a riot to get out of control. Inmates took this dangerous situation and took it as an opportunity to escape. It took the guards a couple of hours to get the outbreak under control, however due to the large about of inmates and lack of guards, police were only able to recapture close to 80 inmates and about 200 inmates were able to escape.

13. Chinese Men Escape Prison After Killing Guard and Stealing Uniforms

via: YouTube

In 2015, three Chinese men manifested a plan to escape prison by having one of the men hold a private meeting with a guard. While the guard had a lack of awareness of what was going on the other two men followed behind into the security room. Once all three men where in the room, they killed the prison guard and stole three uniforms. The three men then put on the uniforms and simply walked out of the jail. However, their freedom did not last long as they were captured moments later. Two of the men were charged with murder of the guard, while the third man was charge for accompanying the other two men during the act.

12. Inmate Killed In Escape Attempt


After climbing two fences surrounding Johnston Correction Institution in North Carolina, Adelino Najera was able to escape prison. However, his success didn’t last long and his escape did not get the ending he was hoping for. Correctional officers repeatedly commanded him to stop, but were ignored. Feeling like there was no other choice, a correctional officer shot Najera and he died on the scene. At medium-security institutions the state law allows officers to use deadly weapons to stop an escaping inmate, which is why they took this action to stop the escapee. After shooting the inmate, the correctional officer continued working and went about his normal duties. Officials stated that he was just following the proper procedure.

11.  13 Prisoners Escape Danish Jail Using Bulldozer


A video showed on Danish show TV2 Television displays a bulldozer crashing into a 26 feet Copenhagen prison wall. Once the bulldozer crashes into the wall there are clouds of dark grey dust and debris from the wall and prisoners rushing out and running for freedom. The video also displays prison guards rushing out to contain inmates from fleeing, but with not much success as 13 managed to escape. The cameraman of the video was detained and arrested for having prior knowledge of the incident and three escapees were later recaptured and arrested. Amongst the other escapees were drug dealers and murders that still remain at large.

10. Man Sentenced To Life After Office Died During Escape

via: Daily Mail

After being sentences to prison on murder charges, Wesley Correa-Carmenaty made his escape while being transported from the courthouse to the jail in a jail van. Correa-Carmenaty was able to unlock his handcuffs and leg shackles before the van reached the jail by using a handcuff key that was given to him by another inmate. He also had a handmade shank, which was also used in his escape. Jail surveillance shows Correa-Carmenaty slash Deputy Mark Burbridge in the face, neck and arm. Correa-Carmenaty then was able to get into the front of the van where he shot Burbridge in the head with a service weapon and shot another deputy in the abdomen. Burbridge died during the attack, while the other deputy survived. Correa-Carmenaty escaped the jail by driving the van into the garage door and escaped. However, after highjacking a car he was later recaptured and sentenced to life for the murder of Burbridge and attempted escape.

9. Convicted Murderer Attacks Guards and Escapes

via: Daily Mail UK

In 2011, convicted murderer, Trent Archie created a plan with his mother to escape Walker County Jail in Texas. Archie and fellow inmate Davis McLeskey requested to have a phone call. Both inmates waited for the guards to lose their attention on them. One officer lost his focus and opens the door to leave the prison’s booking office. Surveillance shows Archie and McLeskey viciously attacking four correction officers to escape. Archie manages to escape, but his partner was retained and taken back to his cell. One male officer was taken to the hospital and treated for a head injury and two female officers were left bruised all over. After three days on the run, Archie was recaptured and sentenced to a much longer sentence. His mother was also arrested and charged with helping him hide.

8. Man Makes Daring Moves As He Escapes Prison


CCTV surveillance footage from a prison in Madhya Pradesh shows a man taking on a maze of walls with some risky moves before jumping off. Pankaj Pahade, a convicted murderer is seen climbing on a wall and balancing dangerously on another wall and then partly dragging him to freedom. All he had to do to escape jail was jump from one wall to another wall and it was that easy for a convicted murderer. Prison guards realized he was missing an hour after his escape during a head count. After finding out there was a cash reward out for his whereabouts, Pahade surrendered.

7. Minors Escape Juvenile Correctional Facility During Riot

via: The Telegraph

Prisoners in a Sao Paulo Brazil youth detention centre planed a mass escape after a riot broke out. Once the riot started at the facility the prisoners started to set mattresses and wooden furniture on fire and took dozens of staff members as hostages. Footage of the riots show men climbing over the high walls surrounding the Fundacao Casa facility and then escaping down trees. The chaotic scene allowed some prisoners to escape unnoticed. Police stated that the riot started after guards managed to stop a group of men from escaping. The uprising at the northeastern Brazil centre left seven youth dead, two hurt and 54 escaped.

6. Prisoner Escapes Through Food Slot


At a detention facility in the Russian town of Izberbash, Inmate Rustam Shakhrutdinov was caught on surveillance footage escaping his jail cell. After being accused of robbery, Shakhrutdinov was sentenced to jail. Shakhrutdinov can be seen squeezing through the slot in the door, which is used to give inmates their food. He is seen struggling through the slot as he is trying to push his lower half of his body out. The inmate manages to quickly push himself out of the slot and puts on his clothes. He makes a dash for the exit, but unlike his easy escape from his cell, escaping the jail itself was not that easy. Shakhrutdinov was caught before leaving the facility and was taken to another cell with a smaller food slot.

5. Brazil Prison Escape After Deadly Explosion

via: BBC News

In the eastern Brazilian city of Recife footage shows inmates escaping from prison. The surveillance displays an unidentified man entering the compound delivering an unknown package and seconds later an explosion emerges. The explosion created a dangerous situation. It was believed that the explosion was used to blow a hole in the external wall of the prison. Once the wall had been blown out the prisoners made their dash for freedom. While many can be seen leaving the prison, other prisoners can be seen changing their minds and running back in. That day the guards were understaffed and only had half their staff were men. It was later announced that prison guards have been warning officials that’s something like this incident would happen. After a manhunt through the surrounding area for several hours only one prisoner remains at large, two were killed by police and the rest were recaptured.

4. Inmates Escape Canadian Jail Using Helicopter Again

via: Mirror UK

To prevent an escape like the Saint-Jérôme incident, Quebec prisons introduced a no fly zone law around prisons. However, this did not work because just over a year later three inmates escaped a Quebec prison using the same method, a helicopter. The prison break happened at an Orsainville detention centre, where inmates Yves Denis, Denis Lefebvre and Serge Pomerleau had a helicopter aid in their escape. Prison footage shows the three inmates in the courtyard and after a few minutes a helicopter lands and out of view the three men escape in the helicopter. It was never disclosed how the plan came to be and who other than the inmates were involved. The public was warned to be careful, as the inmates are deemed dangerous and not to approach the inmates if spotted.

3. Inmate Climbs Over Razor Wire Fence and Escapes Idaho Prison

via: ABC News

At an Idaho prison surveillance shows inmate Nicholas Grove escaping prison in pure daylight. Grove was able to escape despite the razor wire fence and the deputies that were nearby. It was said that it took him only 15 seconds to climb the fence and make his way to freedom on foot. Grove climbed the fence without a single scratch. His escape was so dangerous that many people who have tried to make the same escape as Grove were not successful and cut themselves so bad that they did not make it. After being on the run for over a year, police were able to track him down by keeping an eye on his Facebook page. Once Grove felt like he wasn’t being chased any more he started to post selfies, which led the police to where he was staying.

2. Port of Spain Deadly Prison Escape Shootout

via: CNN

In Trinidad and Tobago’s capital city of Port of Spain, three inmates were involved in a dangerous and deadly escape. During a Friday afternoon, three prisoners were reportedly armed with handguns and apparently were in possession of a grenade that was thrown onto the roadway. The escape involved the inmates forcing a guard to the floor at gunpoint, which started a shootout leaving one prison guard dead and many injured. It was not clear how the prisoners obtained these dangerous weapons, but they were able to make their escape. The inmates were not free for long, police found and shot one of them, the second escapee was found dead due to being reportedly shot and the last after learning that both his accomplices were killed turned himself in and was imprisoned on murder charges.

1. Mexico’s Notorious Drug Lord Escapes Prison


Known as Mexico’s infamous drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has escaped prison on a numerous occasions but this time he escapes from a maximum-security prison. Prison security cameras records Guzman pacing back and forth in his cell and then goes to his shower where he sinks and disappears in the grounds of the shower area in his cellblock at the Altiplano Federal Prison. Authorities discovered a hole in the shower area that lead to a lighted and ventilated tunnel almost a mile long that stretched from the prison to a half-built house. This escape led to a manhunt in which he was later captured with the help of the Mexican navy during a raid. Guzman was extradited to America where he is facing more charges.

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