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15 Of The Most Gorgeous Models With Body Ink

15 Of The Most Gorgeous Models With Body Ink

Modeling is quite a lucrative business these days. It has even gotten to the point where young girls no longer want to become teachers or doctors. Rather, they dream of becoming renowned models who can walk the red carpet and wave like royalties. So if this fashion world is so easy to handle, what’s the point of hitting the books, right? Nowadays it doesn’t take much to become famous. You can put a hilarious video on YouTube and you’ll never wake up the same person anymore. Honestly, it’s hardly that different in Hollywood either. In fact, most of Hollywood’s representatives are only famous for “being famous” (pointing at the Kardashian’s clan). While most of them enjoy a notorious fame, others are best known for a bunch of “crazy tattoos”. This outlines pretty well our current topic of discussion. From the wonderful Jemmy Showler to the smoking hot Ashley Michelle, today we bring you #15 sexy examples of how a body ink can change one’s life for better or worse. In this case, though, these girls can only enjoy their fame and popularity on social media.

15. Jemmy Showler

via Best Tattoos Ever

Meet the charming Jemmy Showler. A gorgeous tattoo artist and model, who won the world over with her exotic looks. As you can see, J. Showler is a pretty unconventional-looking girl, whose hobby happened to be her job. Obviously, she was lucky enough to open her own tattoo studio in England. As for that, we can only say one thing: she was smart enough to make a lucrative business out of her passion for body ink. Well, her tattoo art studio in England must be bursting at the seams with soon-to-be-inked fans.

14. Pandora Blue

via Pinterest

Do you remember who this girl is? It’s about time we brought her back in the game of hot tattoos. Pandora Blue – a gorgeous tattooed model who had her first tattoo at the age of 18. Wasn’t that too soon for a teenager back in the day? Maybe it wasn’t, but who are we to judge anyway, right? Pandora Blue is still one of the most famous inked models, with more than 200,000 followers on social media. This California-based beauty has got her own gigantic fanbase, so we’d better ignore her bold neck tattoo. In fact, her parents have always been against body ink and piercings. But, oh well, it’s all fine by their gorgeous daughter, Pandora Blue.

13. Riae Suicide

via Pinterest

Admired for her curvy looks, Riae Suicide has been an inked celebrity since 2007. Allegedly, this was her year of “new me”. After years of working as a waitress and secretary, Riae Suicide finally got her own minute in the limelight. Much like the rest of the models on our list, Riae Suicide has also started out as a provocative inked model. But unlike them, she’s got a flair for art that made her easier to spot down the street. Outside of this, Riae Suicide’s also managed to open her own tattoo studio. Today R. Suicide is one of the most famous inked models across the globe.

12. Christy Mack

via Pinterest

Let’s get something straight here: the notorious Christy Mack has always been a bad gal; that’s the truth of it. Her professional career as an American actress in the adult film industry can prove it. In 2015, the gorgeous Christy Mack said that she can’t wait to get out of this industry for good. Rumor has it that Christy considered retiring from this business when she got abused by her ex-boyfriend, fighter War Machine. Well, it’s not like he was unaware of Christy’s “dedication” at work. Y

et, he just unleashed his rage upon her anyway.

11. Sabina Kelley

via YouTube

The first blonde on our list, is the tempting Sabina Kelley. This lovely lady became a celebrity when her body inks were disclosed before the world. Originally, Sabina was just another model with the potential to became a modeling sensation. Obviously, she’s always wanted to be a celebrity, specifically an inked one. In fact, Sabina has made a lovely impression on the right people since the very beginning. Her exotic looks and striking height (178 cm – perfect for models) have made her the person she is today.

10. Roxy Lee Heart

via Tattoo Cultr

There’s no second opinion about the stunning Roxy Lee Heart. Just have a look at her beautiful face, bold tattoos, and hairstyles. She’s got it all together, and we must say- she looks amazing. Apart from her body ink, which is her signature, Roxy Lee Heart is the Denver-based alternative model. Now hold your breath since the greatest part hasn’t arrived yet: the gorgeous Roxy Lee Heart is also a gifted singer whose vocals will blow you away. In fact, she was raised in a house where music was deeply appreciated.

9. Angelica Anderson


Unlike most of our inked models today, it’s Angelica Anderson who’s literally all-in-one. She’s like a wonderful blend you don’t meet every other day. Angelica is a renowned fitness model, with thousands of followers on her YouTube channel. As you look at her face, drag your gaze down her body too. We know what you’re thinking about right now. And yes, she’s indeed one audacious lady. If you need more reasons to work out, just check out her fitness-inspired videos on YouTube. Warning: her sexy fitness tutorials will fire you up like never before. Just saying…

8. Jade Allison

via Rebel Circus

Now that you know what exactly she looks like, it seems to us that Jade’s always had a thing for tattoos. Before she headed towards the road of modeling, Jade was a professional dancer for at least 6 years. Her passion for tattoos was probably awakened on the set of a dancing video she had to shoot. For this purpose only, Jade was covered in fake body ink from head to toe. As you can imagine, Jade made her tattoo ideas a colorful reality soon afterward. Today she’s no longer a dancer, but an inked model with a colorful body and mind.

7. Ruby Rose


Oh, the charming Ruby Rose! How are we even supposed to introduce her properly? Not only is she an eccentric model, but she is also a recording artist, a DJ, an actress and a TV presenter. With so many titles to her name, it’s kind of normal to see her featured everywhere. Just switch to the Fashion channel, and you’ll probably see Ruby Rose on your screen. As for her body ink, she’s literally covered in tattoos from head to toe. During an interview with Conan O’Brien, she even tried to count her tattoos. Eventually, she got the crazy number of 60 tattoos. Well, this sure is one hell of a number, even for Ruby Rose.

6. Karlee Jane

via Hardwood and Hollywood

This dark-haired beauty sure is in the wet dreams of many guys. Honestly, we can’t imagine how the opposite can ever happen. Who would deny her appeal, extreme beauty, and eccentric personality? Well, she even brags about her most favorite tattoo on her left thigh: a four-eyed wolf, beautifully drawn on her skin. Karlee Jane is literally a star on Instagram, and probably on any other social platform. Her Instagram account brags about at least 60 k followers. Not bad, Karlee! Not bad …at all!

5. Kaitlyn Mason


Well, it’s pretty obvious that all of these girls are badass models. However, there’s one certain inked model who excites us with her exotic curves and origin. This girl, is Kaitlyn Mason. Raised in a multilingual family, Kaitlyn Mason is a child of Vietnamese and Spanish origin. The most interesting part of her story doesn’t stop here: Kaitlyn got caught in shameful moments of displaying affection in public. Well, it seems like Kaitlyn Mason is one bad girl with an eccentric character. So don’t expect her to be too quiet or humble when she’s out.

4. Lauren Rose


Meet the stunning Lauren Rose. An inked model, and a beauty guru on YouTube. Why haven’t you checked out her channel yet? Indeed, this is a hot question that needs an answer right away. This awfully beautiful girl is a UK-based model whose inks are really curious to explore. Lauren Rose’s fan-base on YouTube is really tremendous, so you must check it out asap. There, you can find plenty of makeup tutorials that are so on point! Outside of her makeup hobby, Lauren Rose loves sharing personal stories about her struggle with anxiety. So if you can’t wait to hear her lovely voice, you know where to find her.

3. Rachel Rampage

via Twitter

Another natural beauty who just couldn’t escape the mind, is the charming Rachel Rampage. Her first attempt at modeling was at the age of 14. In fact, it was quite a successful attempt for her. Since then, Rachel Rampage has never stopped walking for famous brands. With her capturing smile and mysterious eyes, Rachel landed a long-term contract with Famous Inked Models also. The Vancouver-based beauty previously posed for other admired brands, such as Crown the Queens and Lost Boys Inc. For this purpose only, Rachel deserves a top spot on our hot list full of inked beauties.

2. Dannika Daisy

via Inkppl Tattoo Magazine

“Dannika Daisy looks like a fresh Daisy”. Seriously, this girl is more like a wild rose than a daisy anyway. Her nicely inked body, and specifically her arm, will prove it. As for her charismatic nature, Dannika is like one of those hard-to-forget personalities, and here’s why: first off, she’s quite a beauty. Second of all, Dannika’s cutie from the British dating game show, Take Me Out. Oh, let’s not forget her reputable degree in Fashion Design, which only adds a touch of brilliance to her name. You see, Dannika Daisy is the ideal image of the “sexy school girl”, and the world loves her for it.

1. Ashley Michelle


The inked queen on our list today is the smoking hot Ashley Michelle. Who could have thought, right? Just kidding. Ashley is one hell of a beauty whose tattoos are certainly no less exotic. The California-based inked model, had her first tattoo at the immature age of 17.  She had a friend who wanted to become a tattoo artist, so he inked her foot. Since this “epic” day for her, Ashley has always had a thing for tattoos. Her parents must have hated the whole idea, but Ashley was hardly bothered by it. Today, she’s a famed celebrity and an inked model everyone adores.


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