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15 Of The Scariest Things Caught On Surveillance Cameras

15 Of The Scariest Things Caught On Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are put into place to capture things while someone isn’t there to see it with their own two eyes. These usually are great sources of evidence for crimes like burglaries, break-ins and more. However, sometimes these security cameras pick up something unexplainable. This is a great way of picking up things that would otherwise not have footage of their existence.

Security cameras typically record for 24/7. This means that every once in a while, footage is deleted to make room for more footage. This non-stop filming causes a dip into the footage’s quality. Typically a security camera is recorded in standard definition, and often times don’t have audio that accompany the footage. This makes it harder to make out things that are caught on camera. The base quality of a security camera can make it hard to fake in post. This means that most things captured on security cameras are real.

As technology is advancing everyday soon we will have high quality filming through security cameras everywhere. These cameras are already starting to be rolled out to the public, but it’s only seen in nice neighbourhoods and is mainly used for home security. Rarely does someone capture something unnatural on their home security, so for now we’re stuck with low quality footage of these strange creatures. We’re lucky to even capture evidence of these scary creatures in the first place.

15. Unexpected Houseguest


A man began to notice that things in his house were out of place, and food was beginning to go missing. He feared that he had rodents, or there was a raccoon invading his house. With that theory in mind, he invested in security cameras for his house. What he captured wasn’t a raccoon, but a human being. In the middle of the night, he captured a woman crawling out of one of his vents making her way to his fridge.

She used kitchen chairs to make her way onto high countertops to reach the vent again, and throughout the whole process, she was surprisingly quiet. Not quiet enough however, because the man woke up. He didn’t seem to realize what woke him up, because he went to his fridge to get a midnight snack without knowing a stranger was just in the kitchen. After reviewing the footage, he reported it to the police, and the woman was removed from his house.

14. Ghost in the Hotel


Hotel guests started to complain that they were hearing loud noises in the adjacent hotel room. After several calls to the room, and hotel management attempting to make contact, they contacted the maintenance guy. He knocked several times, and unlocked the room. The room was pitch black, and he shined his flashlight in the room. He didn’t see anyone inside, and warned that he was coming in.

The hotel room didn’t have anyone in the room, and the man quickly returned from the room. He reported that all of the furniture was turned upside down. The management radioed back telling him to back off, as they called the police. After the man left, a white mist can be seen leaving the room. Since we can’t see inside the room, we can’t prove that the furniture was turned upside down, but there’s no reason the hotel would fake something like this. The phenomena seems unexplainable.

13. Dragged Down


A man was walking down a hall when suddenly he was stopped by an invisible force. It was as if the man was pushed, and he attempted to brush it off. He then sees a black figure standing in front of him, and freaks out (rightfully so). The entity then pushes him over, and grabs his exposed foot and begins to manhandle him down the hall. Before you think the man is a goner, the entity lets go of the man, and he gets up to bolt down the hall out of the building.

If this footage is real, it’s definitive proof of a violent spirit. However, there are a few flaws to authenticate the legitimacy of the footage. The CCTV footage is higher quality, and shows signs of post effects added, such as a black and white filter. The entity itself is strange as most spirits caught on tape don’t take the shape of a dark figure, and are usually lighter, and more opaque. That being said, it seems impossible to set this video up to be fake. How would the man be dragged by nothing?

12. Tutorial Gone Wrong


A man was recording a tutorial for his illustration class one day in 2011. He had moved his classroom to the kitchen to occupy the extra counter space. While he is explaining some instructions, you can see a cabinet in the background begin to slowly open. It opens without making noise and the man didn’t notice.

After a while, the cabinet slams shut, and the man jumps in shock. He checks the cabinets as if to check for rodents, but soon realizes nothing is in the cabinets.  The man rushes over to his camera to check out what happened, and to make sure it was filmed. This is most likely not fake, because there is no reason to do such a thing during a tutorial series. Plus the genuine look of shock on the man’s face make us believe it’s real.

11. Burglary Caught on Tape


A parent’s worst fear is something happening to their kids, especially if it’s a newborn baby. Therefore parents often set up cameras in their baby’s room. This baby monitor picked up something very disturbing. A man broke into this suburban house, and began to look for stuff to steal. He stepped inside the baby’s room and walked up to the crib. He shined the light into the crib, and woke the baby up.

Luckily the baby was untouched, and the man didn’t steal too much. The man got away with a laptop, and left everything else untouched. The man broke in through the first story window since it was left unlocked. Throughout his search, he constantly looked at the security cameras, as if he knew he was being filmed. Surprisingly, the man has yet to be caught, most likely because he didn’t cause any harm to the family and stole very little.

10. Police Shootout


This Youtube clip shows a dash cam video of a man in a white truck being pulled over. The man was speeding over 100 miles per hour down the highway. The man immediately rushed the officer, and the officer was forced to pull his gun. The officer didn’t fire immediately, and you can hear him say “I am in fear for my life”, as if to warn him he was about to shoot.

The two got into a bloody shootout when the driver ran back to his car to grab a shotgun. The suspect was only shot once, but the officer was shot a total of ten times. He died on the spot, and the driver got away. Luckily the dash cam picked up the license plate of the man, and he was arrested the next day. He was tried and sentenced to death.

9. Ghost in Church


A college student took a trip to Europe and when he was going through the footage he’d taken, he found something strange. He was filming inside the Vatican, and caught what appeared to be an apparition of sorts. During a few short frames of the shot, an orange floating spirit can be seen in the middle of the church.

The figure looks hooded or in baggy clothing. It’s only on screen for a few seconds. The student explains that he didn’t see the figure in person and only saw it when reviewing the footage. Some people see this as the spirit of St. Peter, or the spirit of Jesus himself. Others saw it as a darker, more demonic figure haunting the church.

8. Kitchen Nightmares


A Youtuber set up a security camera in his kitchen after he suspected his home was being haunted by a violent entity. The man says that he’d come home from work to a kitchen that was completely ransacked. Several times he’d thought he was robbed, but it kept happening. That’s when he set up a camera to attempt to capture the destruction.

Unlike most people, when he found out what was happening he decided to stay and investigate further. He now has a popular Youtube channel where he films the poltergeist, and its destructive behavior. The man is risking his life to bring proof that an entity like this can exist. The spirit is strong enough to toss furniture around, and it shows how brave the man is to even be able to sleep in the house.

7. Home Assault


In New Jersey, a family began their day like any other. The man left for work, and the wife was home with their kid. They both sat down to watch TV which is in front of a nanny cam they had set up to watch over their toddler. A man broke into the house, and made his way over to the woman. He immediately began to attack her, brutally punching her. The man rushed upstairs.

The woman regained consciousness, and fearing he took her baby, she got up to fight the man, but he kicked her to the ground. The man then picked her up, and threw her down the basement stairs. Luckily she survived, and mustered the strength to comfort her two children. The man was caught thanks to it being filmed on the nanny cam, and he was charged with attempted murder, burglary, and attempted harm towards a child.

6. Killer Clown


Before the large trend of everyone dressing as killer clowns and taking to the streets, it was only a thing that was localized in small towns. The clowns went all out, and dressed in high quality costumes that would scare anyone who passed them. Several clowns would be captured on surveillance cameras, and they would be aware that they were filmed, sometimes posing for the cameras.

One instance featured a larger man dressed as a clown holding a single balloon. The man went on someone’s porch where he saw a security camera filming him. He proceeded to pick up a pumpkin that was set out for decoration, and destroy it with his bare hands. The owners say it was just a prank, and they’re not scared of being harmed. However, the footage is still unsettling to say the least.

5. Strange Disappearance


Alyssa Lam has quite the story that many have heard. It’s of her mysterious death. The story is so strange that many people have developed their own conspiracy theories. Alyssa was a college student who went missing, and the Internet took the case into a frenzy when police released security footage from right before she went missing.

She was seen on security footage of an elevator at the Cecil Hotel where she was staying. The video itself is strange, because of the way she moves around. She enters the elevator several times, peeks out, and steps out of the elevator as if someone is following her. Soon after this footage was released, guests at the hotel were complaining about the water, and it turned out her body was discovered in the water supply on the roof.

4. Unknown Creatures


A security camera picked up something strange while filming a park. Strange creatures walked into frame that are now known as “nightcrawlers”. The shape of the creature is what is most disturbing, as it looks to be a tiny head that turns into long legs. The figure looks like it’s covered in a sheet. The creatures walk slowly, and are apparently very tall.

There’s not much known about the creatures, and there have been only two sightings of the creatures, both of which were on security cameras. In each video, it seems there are two nightcrawlers present. They seem to move the same way in both videos, and only seem to be present in California. Not much has surfaced about the strange creatures, and not much will. At least until the next sighting.

3. Ghost Car


A Russian car captured something strange on its dash cam while making a left turn. While the car ahead of the one filming is making a left turn, something strange happens. The car hits its brakes as an invisible car bolts out in front of it. There is not way the car could’ve been seen in the oncoming traffic, and it seems to appear out of nowhere.

While the car seems to appear out of thin air, there could be an explanation to this occurrence. Firstly, it could be a camera malfunction, since dash cams aren’t usually the highest quality cameras available. However, the camera looks  to be high quality, and there weren’t any glitches to give away that we could’ve missed anything. The more likely option is that it was an optical illusion. The ghost car was really hiding behind the car that was turning the whole time, and the driver ahead didn’t notice it up until it hit its brakes revealing said ghost car.

2. Elevator Ghost


Two businessmen step into an elevator. What is captured on the footage after the two men leave is terrifying. The two men have a chat while the elevator takes them to their destination, but when the two men exit, something strange can be seen behind one of the men. Out of nowhere, an elderly woman appears behind one of the men, and begins to slowly exit the elevator.

The woman is hunched over, and all you can see is the top of her head. The man was pressed up against the wall, making it impossible for anyone to be behind him. There was no one else present on the elevator either. There are strange camera glitches in the elevator, which could prove it’s fake, but it seems hard to fake something like this. Most people believe it’s of a spirit that used to work at the building, or it’s a spirit of someone that one of the men used to know…

1. Strange Disappearance


This security tape captures what appears to be an alien abduction of a man. The footage that was uploaded includes four separate room and cameras. If you watch the top right camera, you can see a flash of light as the man enters through a gate. After that, all the cameras go blank for a moment, then go back to normal. The man isn’t seen or heard from for two hours.

At around one in the morning, the same camera picks up the man who was abducted. He is sitting on the ground, pukes and is dazed by what’s happened. When the employee was questioned of the incident, he said he had no memory of it. A few weeks later, the man moved far away and never looked back. Experts say that it could be someone taking advantage of camera malfunctions, but express that the glitches are anything but faked.

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