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15 Of The Very Best ‘Covfefe’ Reactions On Twitter

15 Of The Very Best ‘Covfefe’ Reactions On Twitter

If you haven’t been living under a rock these past few days, you’ll no doubt have heard about the ‘covfefe’ Twitter incident. Earlier this week, POTUS tweeted the following: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” Social media went nuts over it and the media snatched up the story just as quickly. What is covfefe? Is this some secret message? Here’s the thing, it’s pretty clear that POTUS was trying to type ‘coverage’. Except, his text was auto-corrected or maybe he fumbled on his phone keyboard with his tiny hands? Regardless, the tweet is another example of POTUS posting his – questionable – stream of consciousness online. He even posted a response, after deleting the tweet: “Who can figure out the true meaning of “covfefe” ??? Enjoy!”.

The Twitter reactions to the small typing hiccup have popped up quickly and many are absolutely golden. Enjoy fifteen of our favorites and forget the state of things for just one moment. In a never-ending crap-storm, it’s okay to take a break sometimes. Don’t stop paying attention too long, though. Remember that the world doesn’t stop when POTUS tweets something idiotic and that he will continue to burn things in his wake, like the environment.

15. Mein Covfefe


There was a Tweet going around under the POTUS’s name claiming that he published this very unfortunately titled book. No. the POTUS didn’t tweet this. It’s a parody account that was created in December of last year. The account has regularly churned out some pretty great material. This isn’t their only ‘covfefe’ related tweet so if you’re looking for a bit more humor in your day, we’d suggest browsing their tweet feed @BiglyPrez. This is one of the accounts best reactions to the original ‘covfefe’ tweet, though. Unfortunately, it’s also a little unsettling. We laughed at first, and then things got real quiet because this image doesn’t even seem that crazy anymore. Comparing POTUS to Hitler? Yeah, it’s not so outrageous anymore.

14. Ask Your Doctor

This one smacks of a faux-advert SNL skit. You know when they do fake commercials on Saturday Night Live? This is exactly the type of thing they’d do. What is covfefe? Is it an erectile dysfunction medication? It sure seems like that’s what’s being suggested here. Viagara commercials are always cryptic, so it makes sense. Or maybe it’s a drug for urinary incontinence? Whatever medication you make it out to be, it doesn’t matter. It’s still funny and we desperately need SNL to do this skit. We can picture it already! And we bet the drug has really terrible side effects.

13. David Ducovfefe

This one is for all the David Duchovny fans in the house and, of course, for all the X-Files nerds out there. It’s amazing how quickly Twitter users came up with some of these memes and jokes. This one is one of the most creative. We know how to spell Duchovny’s name because we’re huge fans of his work (did you know he’s a musician now!?) but we bet that David has had moments in his life where his name has been massacred. Anyone with a last name other than ‘Smith’ or ‘Jones’ can relate. Even if you correct a person, they’ll continue to make the same mistake. Poor, Ducovfefe.

12. The Dictionary Definition

Sounds about right and we bet we’ll see ‘covfefe’ appear in the dictionary sometime in the coming years. The dictionary people are letting everything in these days. Merriam-Webster has added ‘binge-watch’ to their dictionary. So if they added ‘covfefe’ what definition would they use? These two definitions seem somewhat appropriate. It seems that mis-typing a word on Twitter is a great way to divert attention from more important issues. We don’t think it was intentional, though. That’s giving POTUS a lot of credit. Look down at your keyboard and note the placement of the letters in ‘covfefe’ then look at the placement of the letters in ‘coverage’. Now, take a look at a photograph of POTUS’s tiny hands.

11. Oregon Trail

Did you ever play ‘Oregon Trail’ back in the day? The first version of the game was text based and also it was awesome. Did you know it was meant to actually teach kids something about the past? It seems we don’t do that as well these days. Even with the Internet, nothing could teach kids the perils of days past like ‘Oregon Trail’. In the game, death was always around the corner. There were no cheat codes (that we ever learned) and there was no option to ‘undo’. Your choices were final. Come to think of it, this explains a lot concerning our current outlook in life…

10. IKEA Furniture

Everyone has been to IKEA at least once, right? We’re willing to bet that there’s a piece of furniture with this name. So we checked and our search on the IKEA website turned up nothing. But that’s okay, maybe the company will decide to cash in on this somehow. Who doesn’t want to own a brand new ‘covfefe’ table and brag to all their friends about it? Oh right, no one. The table pictured is a real IKEA table, though. It’s likely no longer sold but we kind of want them to bring it back for one last covfefe…uh…hoorah.

9. Pokemon Evolution

This was definitely one of our favorite Twitter reactions and that’s in big part because we love Pokemon. We’re not very good at the game. Most of the Pokemon that we try and catch run away and we’re left without anything to show for our efforts. But we bet we could catch the ‘covfefe’ Pokemon. For the record, the evolution of Eevee can come in several forms. It’s a pretty versatile Pokemon. The evolution of Koffing? That Pokemon is kind of odd. It evolves into ‘Weezing’. Yeah, we know. The people who come up with Pokemon names really have issues with originality.

8. Club Covfefe

If you’ve ever seen Saturday Night Live, we really hope you’ve at some point seen the Stefon bits during Weekend Update. We laugh-snort every time he appears on the show. In our defense, it seems like Bill Hader can’t handle his character’s hilarious lines either. He’s usually brought on to chat about the latest trendy locales in town. Like, REALLY trendy. Places so hip, they also happen to be really weird. This meme perfectly captures the essence of Stefon. Anyone who’s familiar with the character will agree, this is spot on. Except, we bet if Bill Hader was promoting ‘covfefe’ as Stefon, he’d be unable to get through even a sentence without cracking up.

7. That’s Not Even A Word!

Do you remember this scene in ‘Friends’? We bet you do. And no, they didn’t come up with ‘covfefe’ before everyone else. The scene is from the fourth season from the episode titled ‘The One With The Embryos’. The group of pals decides to play a game to demonstrate the strength of their friendship. It gets intense and if we played this game with our friends, it would probably go the same way. We all know there’s a Monica in every group. In this particular episode, Monica and Rachel are attempting to answer the question about what Chandler does for work. Rachel shouts ‘he’s a transponster’. Yeah, he’s not. He’s not a covfefe either.

6. Fancy Coffee

What a sneaky man. You know what, dude? She’ll probably never notice. It just looks too much like coffee. The more we look at the label, the less we can tell what’s actually written. It’s a covfefe trance. To be honest, we’re really tempted to label everything in our pantry with ‘covfefe’. Would anyone notice? Would we get in trouble? Our partners might not know the difference between arborio rice and regular rice like we do. We bet we’d forget too. And then everything would be labeled ‘covfefe’ and we’d spend months eating grains that could never be identified. Sounds like a steaming pile of covfefe.

5. Google Translate

You know what? That’s clever but it’s also extremely depressing. We all know that’s not what the word means. It’s never going to mean that. He’s not going to resign. POTUS hasn’t gone this far to just give up. He even already openly admitted that he found the job of being President surprisingly hard. SHOCKING. Still, he kept going. In the face of adversity, what did he do? Fire the Director of the FBI! And, of course, spend an inordinate amount of time on Twitter tweet-storming the world to death with a thousand typos and exclamation points. It’s like that time Selena Myer thought she was PMing on Twitter but tweeted publicly. Except, she’s a fictional character and the president is tweeting knowingly.

4. Legitimate Explanation for the Typo

This tweet is wonderful because it evokes such a vivid image in our heads. In less than 140 characters Manuel has managed to create a rich scenario filled with so much detail. We can picture it now. POTUS, sitting in the Oval Office. Actually, no. We take it back. We’ll never be able to picture that. It’s happened, we know that, but we still can’t picture it. Okay, we’ll try…
He’s sitting there, tweeting again after his staff strongly suggested he run things past them or at least sleep on it before posting. Then, they shoot him with a tranquilizer dart, his tiny hands mash the keyboard and he slumps over onto the desk.

3. It Really Is a Fairytale

We’ll confess, we only saw ‘The Princess Bride’ recently. It took us a while, we know. We bet it would have been better if we had seen it in our childhood. It’s still a good movie, but it was suggested to us a million times over. When there’s that much hype, the movie can really never live up to it. But this ‘covfefe’ meme made it all worth it. We saw the movie and we totally get this. Now, we’re waiting for the person who wants to go through the whole movie and re-dub the line ‘inconceivable’ with ‘incovefefeable’. Internet, we know you can do it.

2. We Bet It Smells Terrible


There are so many layers to this. There’s so much wrong with it and it’s just so great. Can you even imagine the smell of this perfume? We’re not going to try because we can bet it’ll make us dry heave. But if we did, we think it would smell like a mixture of horse crap, humidity, sweat, and some other unidentifiable acrid smell. Basically, a smell almost worse than death. Can you imagine browsing your local perfume department and running into this perfume? Would you buy it? It would be the best gag gift we best! And it looks so real too.

1. Hilary’s Sick Burn

And our favorite ‘covfefe’ Twitter reaction goes to…Hilary Clinton. Look, we know that she’s likely not the person who came up with the tweet. She’s also probably not the person who even posted it to Twitter. She’s got a PR team for that. Obviously! Wait…if she’s got a team taking care of her Twitter account, why the hell doesn’t the President of the United States!? He sure seems to tweet A LOT. How does he have time for all that tweeting? Maybe he does have a team composing tweets. Maybe it’s all an elaborate ruse.

Regardless, we think it’s pretty clear that we’re all in deep covfefe.

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