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15 Of The Weirdest Requests You’ve Never Heard Of

15 Of The Weirdest Requests You’ve Never Heard Of

Some people don’t mind when sex is vanilla and uncomplicated. Others prefer a bit of kinkiness when it comes to intimate matters. We’ve compiled a list of 15 of the weirdest sexual fixations. Some of them might make you cringe so beware. A fetish isn’t just something you kind of enjoy when it comes to sex, it’s much more than that. It becomes a fixation. Many fetishes aren’t harmful in and of themselves, save for a few pretty serious ones. It’s not something to feel ashamed of. It may be a little odd, but let’s be honest, as long as you’re not hurting others (or yourself) what’s the harm? We’ve chosen the fetishes that we found were the strangest, but you should know that this isn’t a complete list.

15. Formicophilia

Via: Geomax Landscaping

Okay, so this one made our skin crawl. Someone who’s fetish is formicophilia has a thing for insects crawling on them. They enjoy the sensation of bugs biting or crawling around on their flesh. The mere thought of this makes us want to run away and get into the fetal position but apparently, some folks get off on creepy crawlies roaming around on their skin. Some people even like the sensation of bugs on their private bits. This one is a big nope from us. We don’t understand it and don’t even like to hear about it. It makes us shudder and cringe.

14. Hybristophilia

Via: NBC News

Hybristophiliacs get off on having partners or romantic attractions to people who have committed crimes, often really horrible ones. You’re probably aware of the phenomenon of prison fan mail. It seems strange to us but some people, often women, are drawn to those who commit horrendous acts. It’s one of the more dangerous fetishes since being attracted to someone like a serial killer might get you in trouble. We can’t imagine being into a murderer or serial rapist, but there are women who find these kinds of men irresistible. Infamous serial killer Ted Bundy, a charmer and good looking man, got a lot of attention from women during his trial.

13. Lactophilia

Via: Baby Prepping

Breastfeeding is a natural thing. It’s a beautiful act where a mother provides nourishment for her baby. We’re all for women being able to breastfeed in public without getting told off for doing so. We’re also equally accepting of women who choose to bottle feed. What we don’t quite understand is the fetish of lactophilia. Those with this fixation are sexually aroused by breast milk or the act of breastfeeding. We understand being into boobs but we’re not really on board with getting off on breastfeeding. It’s not a sexual act and it’s really strange that some people sexualize it.

12. Emetophilia

Via: YouTube

This might be one of the most disgusting fetishes on this list. Emetophilia is a fixation where someone is turned on by barfing or watching others lose their lunch. Some people actually throw up on each other when they’re getting intimate and they actually like it. It’s a strange fetish considering many of us have gag reflexes when we see another person vomit. When we see someone barf, we immediately start to dry heave. And let’s all remember that barf doesn’t exactly smell great. It’s one of the worst smells ever. We can’t imagine smelling fresh vomit and feeling turned on. Yuck.

11. Nasophilia

Via: Youtube

Noses are interesting and some people have really nice noses, but we can honestly say we’ve never been attracted to another person because of their nose. Nasophilia is a fetish where a person is aroused by noses. You know how some guys are into butts, legs, or boobs? Well, nasophiliacs are into noses. Some folks are so into other people’s nasal passages that they want to have intercourse with people’s nostrils. We bet that’s how aliens have sex. They probably don’t even have genitals and have to procreate via their noses. It’s the last place we would think of as sexual. Think of all the sneezing, and what a leaking nose does…. ew.

10. Liquidophilia

Via: Sincy Science

We bet you have no idea what this fetish is. The name doesn’t really give it away. Liquid? Sounds like a person who might be really into water or getting wet. You’re halfway there. Liquidophiliacs have a thing for dipping their private parts in liquid. This fixation is a male-centric one. It’s much easier for guys to immerse their junk in liquid than it is for women. Some of those with this fixation enjoy dipping their bits into thicker substances like yogurt. It’s a weird sexual fetish, but it’s not that out of this world. We just hope these people clean themselves up properly post-dipping.

9. Vorarephilia

Via: National Geographic

Here’s another pretty scary fetish. Vorarephiliacs get turned on by the idea of themselves or someone (or something!) else being eaten whole by a creature of some sort. Jeffrey Dhamer was afflicted with this sexual fixation. There’s also a case of a Toronto man who had an intense fantasy that centered on a giant woman eating him whole. He also fantasized of exiting her body via regular digestive processes. In this man’s case, he wasn’t a danger to others since he wanted to be eaten himself. He wasn’t interested in consuming or watching others be consumed whole. We can’t imagine being eaten is very pleasant, though.

8. Autagonistophilia

Via: Toronto Star

Autagonistophilia is a sexual fetish that is characterized by arousal from being on stage or on camera. We kind of think this is a pretty normal one. Don’t a lot of people dream of being on stage or on television? Doesn’t everyone want their 15 minutes of fame? Of course, they do! But not everyone gets off on the idea of being part of the spotlight. We bet more than a few celebrities suffer from this sexual fetish. There must be more than a handful of famous folks who get turned on when they’re performing on stage. It’s understandable considering the adrenaline rush one might get.

7. Symphorophilia


This one is mega weird. It’s similar to hybristophilia. People with this sexual fixation get turned on by watching a disaster happen. Often, it’s something they’ve staged. Usually, these disasters are car crashes or fires. These people are clearly a danger to others since they get off on watching devastation unfold. Many of us can’t look away when we see a car accident or some terrible disaster, but we don’t get turned on by the scene. We look on, horrified. Symphorophiliacs get aroused in these situations. It’s a pretty revolting fetish. Being aroused by horrific accidents? That’s just not normal.

6. Narratophilia

Via: Business Insider

Listen, some of us love dirty talk in bed. We like when our partners get extra naughty. We even like when swear words are peppered into lovemaking. Narratophiliacs are a bit different, they get off when their partners use obscene words or tell dirty stories. Those who are true narratophiliacs can’t get off without these things. There are probably more than a few of us who have at least some form of this fetish. Anyone who’s engaged in cyber sex or read an erotic novel is essentially a bit of a narratophile. Aren’t words so powerful? And they’re even better when they’re dirty.

5. Capnolagnia


Ugh. We can’t understand why someone could have this particular affliction. Capnolagnia is a fetish that surrounds the act of smoking. People with this fetish are turned on by watching or thinking about people smoking. We so don’t understand this. We hate the smell of cigarette smoke. It makes us cough and it’s so bad for you! When we see someone smoking, we edge away from them. We don’t want to inhale that crap. But those with capnolagnia are weirdly attracted to smokers. They find the act of smoking erotic and sexy. We’d beg to differ. We think it’s the opposite of sexy.

4. Maschalagnia

Via: The Luxury Spot

We’re not going to say it’s the least sexy of all the body parts, but it ranks high on the list. Maschalagnia is a sexual fixation in which a person is into armpits. They find armpits sexy, they get turned on by armpits like some get turned on by cleavage. Those with this sexual fetish might also enjoy participating in armpit sex. We’re not sure how pleasurable that is for the person who’s having their armpit ‘penetrated’ though. Some folks are actually really turned on by the natural smells emitted by the armpit area. Heavy deodorant users need not apply.

3. Anthropophagy

Via: Decider

You’ve probably heard of this one. Anthropophagy is a sexual fetish characterized by arousal when thinking of eating human flesh (or actually eating it…. yeesh!). Believe it or not, there are people out there who want to eat you because it turns them on. The Independent wrote a piece about sexual cannibalism and referenced a criminal case in which a male nurse killed and consumed a young girl. He often logged into websites where he discussed his cannibal fantasies. Yeah, there’s a freaking forum where people chat about this stuff. This is why we all need to lock our doors and become hermits.

2. Forniphilia

Via: Twin Cities Arts

No, we’re not finished yet! Forniphilia is a sexual fetish characterized by a person being aroused by people being turned into furniture. Essentially, human furniture. This fetish is often seen in the BDSM community. People are made to stay in positions for a long time and act like furniture. It’s a bit odd, but at least it’s not what we were thinking when we first heard about this fixation. We totally thought it was a fetish where people got turned on by making furniture out of people’s body parts. Sort of à la Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The BDSM related stuff is way tamer than what we were imagining!

1. Dendrophilia

Via: Tree Council

Do you enjoy taking long walks in the forest? Probably not as much as a dendrophiliac. Those with this sexual fetish are super turned on by trees. It’s not that hard to relate to those with this affliction. Trees are beautiful and majestic. Unfortunately, this particular fetish might be potentially dangerous for the individual who has it. If you’re really into trees, you might try to stick your appendages in places you shouldn’t. Be careful, sometimes there are wasp nests hiding in those tree holes. We don’t quite understand how one could be attracted to a tree, but we do think this is one of the least odd fetishes on the list.

Sources: The Guardian, The Independent, National Post

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