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15 Of The Worst Celebrity Tippers Who Are Stingy AF

15 Of The Worst Celebrity Tippers Who Are Stingy AF

When it comes to tipping, some celebrities are the worst nightmare of any waiter out there. Thankfully, not all of them are stingy as hell though. Let’s take Johnny Depp as a pretty decent example. Our Pirates of the Caribbean star must be such a big-hearted guy for leaving an almost $4,000 tip! What in the world?! Isn’t that what generosity really is? Perhaps, our delicious roundup of celebrities should make a note of this next time they opt for a fine restaurant. After all, leaving a pretty decent tip is certainly a way of showing how satisfied and content you are with the quality of your meal and service. Isn’t that true enough? Apparently, our top #15 celebs just don’t get the meaning of “generosity” in its purest form.

And guess what, it’s hardly like they’ve been running on empty either. Rather, it’s just the other way around. “The more you have, the more you want”, right?  Ultimately, you can’t force anyone to be nice to others by showing some gratitude. Maybe, our great celebrities don’t even deserve to be that famous and appreciated given how close-fisted they are. Besides, just imagine how mind-blown your waiter or waitress must feel after being tipped a generous amount of money. But no, our #15 stingy celebs hardly care about anyone’s satisfaction and joyfulness.

15. Kirsten Dunst

via Imgur

Here we are with our first gorgeous example of a pretty bad tipper. What’s wrong, Kirsten?! Why have you been so stingy lately? Indeed, Kirsten Dunst’s shameful stories at an eatery have totally been swept under the rug…until now. Believe it or not, Kirsten was once banned from an eatery where she would come by for X glasses of wine. Well, rumour has it that Kirsten would often get drunk and leave no tip at all. Frankly, this sounds like a really good story following her “wine adventures”. Eventually, Kirsten Dunst got totally banned from this dining establishment. No tip, no fun, Kirsten! Have you learned your lesson since then?!

14. Madonna

via ConfessionOnMDNA

Oh, the Queen of Pop Music is in the house!” Seriously, there’s no greater celebrity than Madonna herself, and even renowned folks, such as Usher, Tiger Woods, and Britney cannot beat her. In truth, she’s absolutely climbed the ladder of success which has probably brought her more drama, tension, and headache than satisfaction and happiness. All in all, her reign is certainly undeniable. But what’s with her manners when dining out? Well, Madonna may be a phenomenal pop artist, however, she hardly stands shoulder to shoulder with the greatest celebrity tippers. Moreover, she deserves a spot right at the bottom of the list of decent tippers. The more you get, the more you want, right? Well, the Queen of Pop Music seems like she knows this game like the back of her hand.

13. Usher

via Billboard

Meet the renowned singer/songwriter who’s probably one of the #best examples of a pretty #stingy celebrity. In truth, Usher may be famous for his ultra-smooth and soft tunes, but all of this has truly failed him more than you could ever know. As hilarious as it is, Usher’s “sneaky” ways of avoiding tips at restaurants have become completely distinguishable. Rumour has it that Usher loves leaving an autograph instead of any tip at all. Well, we can’t deny that Usher’s method of saving more cash is so masterful! Why hasn’t anyone thought of that yet? Maybe, everyone should use his example and punish the waiters for ruining their undercover. Sorry, Usher, we’ve just revealed your true colours and we must say that we’re hardly impressed…

12. Britney Spears

via KAFE 104.1

If Britney can ever be used as a good example of something, it’d be her extremely close-fisted nature! “Why keep the change, Britney? Have you been struggling with financial problems lately?” Surely, nobody must feel obliged to show gratefulness or respect for another human being. But we think that tipping your waitress really shows what a well-behaved person you truly are! Also, that’s your chance to thank this person for being taken care of so well. Besides, there’s hardly a better way to show your satisfaction brought by the exquisite and mouth-watering dish you’ve just enjoyed. And this, dear Britney, has got no price. At least, this is what a well-mannered person would do following the attention they’ve just been given! Isn’t that the right thing to do anyway?

11. Kourtney Kardashian

via Celebitchy

Seriously, why are these people so stingy?! It simply doesn’t add up. None of these recognizable folks are either broke or unsuccessful. Indeed, all of this becomes even more interesting given their net worth. So they can absolutely afford to be a little more generous when being taken care of so well. But anyway, Kourtney will forever…be our typical Kourtney. Certainly, none of them are obliged to do anything against their will. However, it’s hardly about that. Tipping your nice and super kind waiter or a waitress is your best chance to prove your generosity and gratefulness for the exquisite meal you’ve just had at this fabulous place. Besides, there’s scarcely anyone who would believe that Kourtney Kardashian actually cares about saving a few dollars…

10. Kendall Jenner

via Greatist

Here we are with another fabulous lady who’s absolutely made a name for herself…but not in the direction you may think. As gorgeous and smart as this one seems to be, Kendall Jenner has totally proven herself as the most close-fisted celeb EVER! Not only has she managed to sneak her way out of a fancy restaurant in New York, but she’s totally forgotten to tip her server! Kendall, are you serious?! Well, you had better ask her servers at the Mercer Kitchen in New York City since this is where the hilarious and pretty absurd chaos has happened. All joking aside, all of this speaks volumes about her real personality that we don’t get to see very often. How crazy, right?

9. Jeremy Piven

via Funny Or Die

In truth, it’s exactly Mr. Jeremy Piven who totally deserves to be labeled as “The King of Bad Tippers”. Much like the stunning Kirsten Dunst who’s been thrown out of an eatery, Jeremy Piven’s case seems to have gone a bit smoother. Reportedly banned from the famous Nobu Restaurant, Jeremy has been shown the door for his awful tips and ill behavior. What’s even more, one of his latest dining adventures at a local restaurant hasn’t gone much differently. According to witnesses and rumors, Jemery Piven has been so rude with the manager running the restaurant that he’s “thanked” for being served a really low-quality food. Perhaps he still doesn’t like the food that’s served there. Well, that’s the spirit!

8. Sean Penn

via Enstarz

What about Sean Penn, you may ask yourself. Well, Sean Penn is scarcely an exception at all. Moreover, he’s totally earned quite a notorious reputation as a pretty terrible tipper. And just take a guess of what an awful tipper he’s always been! There have been many great instances proving that Sean hardly cares about what the world and his server actually think about him. After all, he’s still as famous as he’s ever dreamed of being…and maybe even more than that. Therefore, the phenomenal Sean Penn has got the right to “skip” the fine print, to say the least. All in all, don’t be so naive –  you’ll never hear about a situation where Sean Penn’s given any cash away. Rather, Sean Penn’s recent dining experience at an eatery in New Orleans only accentuates his unwillingness to tip his servers.

7. Miley Cyrus

via Vanity Fair

When it comes to this blonde, we can hardly come up with anything that will make her look like the decent woman…she simply isn’t. As far as we can remember, Miley Cyrus is anything but a humble and classy lady who can be a role model to any young girl out there. Rather, it’s more like the other way around. Frankly, she’s not even considered a good tipper either. And if you don’t believe us, you can simply type her name in your google search box and see what pops up. “Does she really feel proud of herself?”. Well, you’ve got a point there for sure. And guess what,  you’ve just read our thoughts! Anyway, her notorious behavior is another story. She’s got a really awful habit of barely leaving a tip at restaurants as well. What’s more, she can’t even give an adequate explanation for keeping the change and hardly giving a dollar away…How stingy!

6. Sharon Stone

via sep7ieme sens

Oh, no! Sharon Stone is in the house!”, the worried waitress got panicked right away! Seriously, doesn’t she look like a fire-breathing dragon? Well, maybe, she’s about to get you roasted as well! Okay, all joking aside. Sharon Stone may be a classy lady with a fine style, however, her cold-hearted personality could totally send chills down your spine. Besides, her demanding nature has definitely made a name for herself. Today, the gorgeous Sharon Stone is considered a pretty demanding customer who’s also said to be a pretty tough tipper! Well, that’s such an awful feedback….coming from the customer service and not the other way around. Isn’t that the greatest irony EVER?

5. Tiger Woods

via Czaal

Apparently, Tiger Woods has been a total d-bag, making his charming companion leave a really fat tip for every single thing they’ve enjoyed at the restaurant. And if you’ve thought that Tiger’s method is barely a crafty one, wait until you get to the juiciest part of the story. Considered a truly masterful Golf Player, Tiger doesn’t receive a long-lasting round of applause following his greedy personality. Obviously, his net worth is in such a “disastrous state” that Tiger feels as though he hardly needs to spend a dollar on a meal. After all, he’s the former World Number 1 Golf Player Tiger Woods, so maybe, he truly deserves a gourmet meal on the house, right? Perhaps, this is why he hasn’t paid his own bill! Seriously, Mr. Tiger?

4. Rachael Ray

via Seattle PI

Meet the gorgeous Rachael Ray and her infamous method of tipping around 10 % on her meals! Maybe, she is super nice, but not with her servers, to say the least. As the host of the Food Network’s $40 a Day, the charming lady has totally demonstrated the proper ways of having fun in a new city without breaking your budget. Regardless of her spirited and lively personality, there is a whole lot of waiters and waitresses who’re not really happy with her tipping “skills”. As many of them have pointed out, Rachael’s got a really cunning strategy to tip around ten percent on many meals. Well, Rachel Ray may truly be a ray of sunshine, but her method of cutting down on tips is kind of repulsive. Not cool, Rachael. Not cool at all!

3. Mick Jagger

via Showbiz411

As for the great Mick Jagger, you’d certainly want to follow his sneaky “moves” when you find how cunning he’s reportedly been at a restaurant. But first off, allow us to talk about a bunch of juicy details on his rumored net worth that supposedly hovers around the crazy amount of $225 million. Surely, he’s earned every cent of it. But apart from that, does it really hurt to greet your kind and caring server with a generous tip? Seriously, is it really that hard? Besides, such a successful and cherished person like Mick Jagger himself doesn’t really need to feel worried about his well-being anytime soon. As for his shameful tips, he usually leaves about $10. No more, no less. “Nice” moves, Jagger!

2. Bill Cosby


Unlike the other celebs who are simply known as bad tippers, Bill Cosby has totally piled up a couple of “great” stories from disappointed servers. But much like anyone on our marvellous round-up of stingy celebs, Bill Cosby seems like he really appreciates the success he’s gained over the course of his shiny career. So maybe this is why he’s not really keen on the idea of throwing money out the window. The same applies to his pocket money as well. According to a bellboy’s encounter with the great Bill, he’s given him exactly 50 cents for picking up the heavy luggage. At least, he’s given something away, hasn’t he?

1. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

via Meme Generator

Well, well, well – who would have known that “The Rock” himself has been such … a pebble all these years?! It’s kind of dispiriting, isn’t it? By all accounts, he’s a super nice guy who’s surely been in the wet dreams of so many gorgeous ladies out there. Sadly, Mr. Candy has just broken our hearts so mercilessly! Also, it really seems like the dazzling smile of Dwayne “The Rock” hasn’t been enough to help him get away from his bad tipping habit. According to a server at a less renowned eatery, Dwayne has asked them to open a bit earlier so as to miss the crazy hype that usually happens when he’s around. Surely, they’ve taken his desire into consideration only to earn a tip of $ 7 in the end. Well, this is by the far the “fattest tip” EVER received! And indeed, it must have “rocked”, flipped and turned the server’s world upside down!


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