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15 Of the Worst College Roommate Horror Stories

15 Of the Worst College Roommate Horror Stories

Have you ever felt the anxiety that comes with living with another person? Well, you will mostly find yourself asking whether they will be clean, organized, disciplined and won’t bring too many friends over, or host major parties. Right? You probably get so worried that you don’t really look forward to becoming besties with your roommate, and only hope that you will be able to tolerate each other, until college life is over, and you can afford to live alone in an apartment.

Well, in some cases, people have ended up with the most amazing college roommates ever, to the point that they have become each other’s maids of honor or groomsmen in weddings, and even become life-long family friends. Unfortunately for others, this fairy tale doesn’t quite work for them. They have had to deal with very crazy and notorious characters that have not only ruined part of their college lives, but also changed their perception about roommates.

In our list below, we sample 15 horrible tales about the worst college roommates from the Whisper app. Some of them will make you throw up, others will make you look at your current roommate with a third eye, while others will make you consider living alone pretty much immediately.

So, let’s get started.

15. The Vengeful Thief


When Anne reported to college, she was delighted to have an amazing roommate, and a caring boyfriend. She perfectly balanced out the two relationships, oblivious to the fact that her roommate was actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing. So much did Anne trust her friend that she would leave confidential documents, such as her boyfriend’s credit card in the room, at her roommate’s easy reach.

It did not take long before she realized that this conniving bi**h had actually written down her man’s credit card info. Getting equally shocked and pissed, Anne and her boo kicked the nosy roommate out, who vengefully went ahead and tried to buy a $2000 Mac book, using Anne’s boyfriend’s credit card!

14. The Girl Who Had Sex On Her Roommate’s Bed


There is no problem when your roommate brings her man over to have sex. Usually, you will receive prior notice, and get ‘exiled’. When this happens, it is common sense for the love birds to lay it bare on their own stuff. Sadly for one college student, her roommate seemed not to understand boundaries so well. Felicia walked in and found her roommate having sex with her boyfriend, on Felicia’s bed!

So, who was supposed to get pissed? The roommate who was unexpectedly found butt naked, or Felicia who had to deal with unwelcome fluids in her sheets? Well, we know that Felicia must have been raging mad.

13. The Butt Naked Thief


I am sure you’ve had a thing or two stolen from your college room. Ideally, you’d expect the thief to be fully dressed, since they’d have to run away in whatever direction, when caught. Well, one college student had a rather odd experience. The thief was her roommate, who thought she’d left for the day, giving her an opportunity to steal her socks. Imagine the thief’s shock when she went into the other room to steal, only to find her roommate seated there. Worse still, the thief was stark naked!

12. The One Who Makes Sure The Food Comes With Extra ‘Sauce’


Beverly had a pretty awesome time in college, and this had nothing to do with her roommate, who, for lack of a better word was disgusting. Beverly’s roommate had an uncanny habit of always sitting on the kitchen counter naked, countless times. So, you can only imagine what Beverly had in her quick lunchtime sandwiches: small specks of pubic hair that fell off, and some ‘human mustard’ on the side.

Seriously though, how many times did she have to wipe the counter before working on it? Worse still, how could she work comfortably in a kitchen where her roommate laid it all bare?

11. The Boyfriend Snatcher


Have you ever had a long train ride, facing the passenger seated opposite you? At some point, the long gazes make the person feel familiar, right? You could even ease up and get into a little chit chat before departing at your destination.

Now, this is exactly what happens when you bring your boyfriend over too many time, especially when your roommate is around. Familiarity kicks in, the two become extra chatty even when you are absent, and as one lady found out, your roommate and boyfriend eventually engage in sex. Unfortunately for you, you find out by walking in on them doing the horizontal rumba.

10. The Wannabe Grim Reaper


Fighting with your roommate is a very normal thing. Remember how Marshall and Ted Mosby sometimes fought over simple things like where to place the full sized English phone booth, because Lily officially moved in? Well, never did we see the two literally try to kill each other.

Unfortunately for Tiana though, her roommate was ready to play grim reaper after a fight. She took Tiana’s insulin out of ‘her’ mini fridge, consequently forcing Tiana to spend four days in the ICU after suffering a massive sugar spike.

9. The Wannabe ‘Double’ Grim Reaper


Tiana’s roommate could have killed Tiana with that shady insulin move. Well, when you think that she hold’s the championship for college wannabe grim reapers, you are wrong. In a different room, Samantha had to contend with a ‘double’ grim reaper wannabe. Being eight months pregnant, Samantha was obviously fragile, and a massive blow or kick on her stomach would kill her and the fetus. Well, this idea seemed to excite her roommate, who actually tried to kick her in the stomach. I hope she kicked the b**ch out of that room, and reported her to the authorities.

8. The Roommate With Chronic Money Issues


Almost everyone in college has some level of monetary struggles, and this is understandable. However, there is a cohort of college students who cannot live within their means, and still foolishly have wrong priorities. Two college students experienced such roommates, albeit differently. One of them had a roommate who did not pay rent for eight months consecutively, yet was the party animal. The second college student was conned by her roommate. Unbeknownst to her, she paid excess rent for three years, as her roommate pocketed the cash. Talk about getting creative about where to get your turn-up cash for three years in college.

7. The One Who Doesn’t Take No For An Answer


It is not strange to find two college students of the opposite sex living as roommates, and not dating at all. Normally, this is usually a purely platonic relationship, with mutual respect for each other’s boundaries, and if done right, works perfectly, until one partner decides to go crazy. Blaire enjoyed the relationship with her roommate, until he began demanding her for sex. She turned down his constant advances, and he responded by arm twisting her. It was either she played ball, or the roommate would tell Blaire’s boyfriend that she tried to crawl into his bed, repeatedly. Crazy fool!

6. The One With Explicit Sex Shows


How do you ‘exile’ a roommate who’s ‘clearly’ passed out, and your blood is raging hot, begging for some hammering? You do exactly what Sue’s roommate did- conclude that your roommate is completely passed out drunk, and begin doing really nasty things to your man. While this could work, it unfortunately didn’t work in Sue’s case. She had essentially not passed out, and was forced not to breathe or move, watching the sex show which was raw, and uncut! Well, the roommate was lucky that Sue behaved because in a different whisper confession, the roommate shamelessly woke up and demanded that they have a threesome.

5. The Roommate Who Makes Things More Awkward


This next confession makes Sue in our previous confession the champion of avoiding awkward situations. In this particular case, Matt walked in on his roommate having sex with his girlfriend. Well, a normal Matt would have actually ignored the two, or maybe exclaimed an oops, then walk out immediately. But, he did the complete opposite. He looked at the two lovebirds, said nothing, then got on his bed and stayed there. In this case, was the roommate supposed to pause the steamy session, dress up and leave, or continue hammering that girl like nothing had happened? You be the judge of that.

4. The Secret Hater


What was your experience like with your first college roommate? What were your expectations? Being out of your parents’ house for the first time, you were understandably scared of what college had in store, right? Thankfully, on day one, you got a seemingly charming ad pleasant roommate, with whom, you seemed to get along, only for you to discover later that you were wrong, like Natalie did. One day, as she lay in her bed, probably taking a nap, her roommate joined in thinking she was sound asleep, and whispered ‘I have always hated you,’ in Natalie’s ears. That’s how Natalie ended up replacing her roommate in two weeks.

3. The Pervert


Have you read the famous story of the pervert landlord who left hidden cameras in cushions just to watch his female lodger undress from the waist down? If you think that’s creepy, what about a case whereby this kind of pervert is as close as your college roommate? Jeremy had an awesome relationship with his roommate, but seemed like the roommate had other ideas. One day, while in the bathroom, Jeremy caught his roommate spying on him through the peep hole, while he got ready to take a shower. What was never clear though was how long the guy kept checking out Jeremy’s dangling goods.

2. The Roommate Who Loves Orgies


Walking in on your roommate having sex is okay. Although worse, finding them in YOUR bed, is also okay. Even when it is a threesome, heck yeah, that’s fine. What I cannot fathom is what kind of reaction befits an event whereby you catch your roommate hosting an orgy in your room. I mean all that fluid? Who’s gonna deal with the smell? What’s the body count on your sheets? This is crazy, especially when you were supposed to know nothing, and come back, innocently sleeping on your defiled sheets. Luckily for James though, his roommate misplayed his cards, when he erroneously concluded that James had gone to visit his parents, and hosted a bondage orgy party.

1. The Creepy Roommate Who Smells Where You Sit


This next confession is about a girl who’d live perfectly with the one who sat on the kitchen counter, serving her roommate specks of pubic hair and ‘mustard’. Here’s why. While the other lady sat naked on the kitchen counter thereby disgusting her roommate, this particular creepy roommate had a knack for smelling where her roommate had previously sat. Creepy or not, this must have surely turned her on. In fact, the roommate was unaware of this fetish, until one day, when she went to the kitchen to get a beer, she caught her roommate sniffing the place where she last sat. When she confronted her weirdo roommate, all she received in response was that she smelled good. Oh yeah, that explains everything!

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