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15 Of The Worst Drivers Ever Caught On Film

15 Of The Worst Drivers Ever Caught On Film

Driving is a skill that we learn as teenagers, most of the time. But videos and photos have provided an endless amount of evidence that some drivers need refresher courses. We all share the roads with each other and have to deal with the distracted, sleepy and oftentimes drunk or impaired drivers that seem to think they are immune to disaster. Evidence proves otherwise.

I can’t help but feel bad for the innocent victims in these motorized disasters, but that does not include the clueless troublemakers who cause the problems. I find myself staring at the videos and photos as I try to narrow down who I am going to list as the world’s top fifteen worst drivers. The problem isn’t finding examples, but with only picking fifteen. Join me as I try and point out the most dangerous and dimwitted drivers I have found. Maybe we can find them and have the ability to avoid them. Let’s clear the roads of those who obviously have forgotten the basic concept of common sense so that the rest of us can get to our destinations safely. We don’t want any more statistics being added to the list of victims that they have claimed.

15. Nodding off at work


We’ve all had those days where we have trouble staying awake at work. For one reason or another, we have to fight the urge to close our eyes and sleep at our desks. For most of us, the worst thing that could happen from this is that the boss catches us and we get fired. But, there are some jobs that could generate far more dangerous results. For instance, here is a tram driver who fell asleep at the controls on his route in Croydon, London. He was only three stops from the location of a derailment the year before when another operator fell asleep. This is a horrifying thing to consider when you have to rely on public transportation.

14. Showing off on the road can backfire on you


We all understand the desire to show off a new vehicle, especially if it’s an expensive one. You don’t buy a vehicle like a Lamborghini and not want to push it to the limit. But, no matter how good a driver you are, you are never above the laws of physics. When you try and take a corner and turn too fast, you can lose control of your vehicle. The driver of this yellow Lamborghini found this out the hard way. The witnesses to the spectacular fail were recording when the driver in front of them tried to take a left turn at high speed and lost control. The car spun across the highway into oncoming traffic. Thankfully the cars were all waiting at a traffic signal, so the end result was more embarrassing than disastrous, but the driver of the lovely car ended up wedged between two other cars.

13. Which way do I go?


We’ve all gotten turned around while driving if we’ve been behind the wheel for long. It happens. But we quickly try to correct the mistake when we do. At least, most of us do. But there are always those people that refuse to admit when they messed up. We see mistakes ranging from running lights and signs to going down streets the wrong way. Some of the worst offenders of the wrong way driving are found on freeways. This backward driver in Pennsylvania certainly wins an award for one of the dumbest stunts that I’ve seen. The driver of the Toyota Camry drove south in the northbound lanes of I-83 near Harrisburg and hit a tractor trailer rig. Luckily, no one was seriously injured, but after he hit the truck, he backed up, turned around and took an exit off the freeway. I guess we need to remind people that the direction signs on the roads aren’t just suggestions.

12. Toll booth takes a big toll On These Drivers


Every major city has obstacles for drivers. Some of the biggest traffic snarls occur at toll booths. Despite every attempt to provide enough booths and lanes, traffic will always snarl during these bottleneck nightmares. Drivers have to show an infinite amount of patience and tolerance to get through these gates and back on the move. But, obviously, someone forgot to tell that to these two drivers. No one on the scene was quite sure why this happened, but it looks like the two drivers were determined to be the first in the toll booth. Apparently, neither won the race. It took over an hour to get these two goofballs out of their cars.

11. Which lane is your lane?


I know it’s tricky changing lanes on crowded roads at times. Views can often be obstructed by larger vehicles and you have to make quick decisions. Accidents will happen. But there are times when stupidity takes over. People get impatient and lose their ability to reason. These poor judgement calls lead to some seriously stupid moves. This driver truly made an irrational move as they tried to force their car into a space it shouldn’t have been. Three vehicles were damaged in a wreck that shouldn’t have happened. The other two drivers that were caught up in an impatient maneuver are stuck dealing with a financial setback because someone didn’t think things through.

10. This Truck Driver Was A Little Too Ambitious


I know driving big trucks is hard. I have enough friends and family members that drive them to be aware of the skill it takes to move these behemoths safely. Most of the time, these unbelievably skilled drivers successfully get the truck and trailer safely to their destinations, but there are always exceptions. I cannot even begin to understand how this happened, but for some unknown reason, this driver seriously misjudged the height of the bridge and of their rig. It’s always a good idea to err on the side of caution when approaching any overhang. If you’re not sure, don’t do what this person did.

9. Teens and speed levels


As a new driver, many teens take reckless chances. We’ve all experienced the thrill of getting behind the wheel of a car and taking off on a joy ride. And most of us have at one time or another driven faster than we should. Luckily, most of us make it through each day without any major incident despite our carelessness. But not everyone is so lucky. This teen was driving too fast and was obviously not paying as much attention as he should have been. If he had, he would have noticed the guy-wire connected to a safety sign before he ran his SUV up it far enough to bring all four wheels off the ground. I can only imagine what happened after the police released him to his parents.

8. Multi-Tasking While Driving 


We’ve all been guilty of driving distracted at one time or another. We eat, talk on the phone, play with the radio or chat with our passengers. When you spend enough time in a car, you end up doing something that isn’t necessarily safe. But this Aberdeen citizen takes it to an insane level. It’s bad enough that he was using his cell phone, but he also had earbuds in and his laptop on his lap as he was driving. I don’t know what this person was thinking or why he thought he needed to bring his work on the road with him, literally. But this idiot needs to be reminded that work belongs at work, not on the highway. And he needs to be reminded before he hurts someone. Nothing is so important that you have to endanger yourself and others this way.

7. Too many things to hold onto and not enough hands


Bus drivers have to work hard to stay on schedule as they run their routes. Many of us have had jobs that don’t really allow for lunch times to be taken. But there are some things you just don’t do. Bus drivers cannot be eating while they drive, especially the way this lunatic was. A passenger on the TTC route got a video of this fool driving a bus with his wrist. He was eating a bag of chips with one foot propped on the dashboard. This takes relaxing on the job to an all new level of idiocy. I can only imagine what the passengers were thinking as they saw him take their lives into his very full hands.

6. Pay attention to the weather


Accidents happen in even the best of weather. But we all know that inclement weather brings out the worst in people. For some reason, the moment that it begins to rain or snow, people just lose their common sense. I’ve seen it myself. People don’t take the extra time and distance for the car to be able to stop on slippery roads. Accidents do happen, but there are those people who just don’t think and just go on like they are just out on dry, sunny roads with no one around. This driver paid the price when they didn’t slow down on icy roads. They became the victim of black ice because they were driving too fast. When the weather goes bad, slow down.

5. Rain keeps trying to fall on me


Convertibles are wonderful cars. You can put the top down and enjoy the wind and the sunshine as you drive along. But they are not designed for rain. When the sun disappears and the water starts dripping in, most average car drivers would put the top back up to make sure that they don’t get wet and that it doesn’t rain inside their car. But not this one. I can’t even begin to comprehend why this crazy driver thought this was a good idea. A passing motorist caught footage of this nut driving with the top down and trying to shield himself with an umbrella. Dude, just put the top up!

4. Your car is not a proper flotation device


Rain plays havoc with drivers. Coastal cities don’t fair well when they get sudden and severe rainstorms. Many of these cities face flooding problems due to low lying areas and heavy populations. Every year, people make the mistake of driving into deep water. We have all heard the warnings about not driving under overpasses or into low lying areas when it rains. But for some reason, there are always people who ignore it. Stories appear on the news regularly of people having to be rescued from their cars. Luckily, most of these people are rescued, like this driver. I have one piece of advice; slow down and turn around when you see standing water. It’s not worth the risk.

3. Pay attention when you’re on the road


We have all made mistakes while driving. We drive too fast and miss turns or exits. The rational thing to do when you miss is to keep going to the next exit or turn. You may lose a few minutes on your drive, but you’ll still get where you’re going and do it safely. But not everyone is going to play it safe and smart. They see their exit coming up and instead of taking their time to change lanes or waiting for the next one, they blindly shoot across multiple lanes. This doesn’t usually end well. This driver shot across too many lanes and slammed into the back of the truck at a very high rate of speed. Somehow this driver survived after spending several weeks in a coma.

2. Leave the drinks at the bar


I’m going to make this simple. I’m not going to make jokes about this one. If you are going to drink, you don’t need to drive. Have a designated driver or call a cab. Too many people go out with friends, have a few drinks and get behind the wheel. These selfish people are not only endangering themselves, they are putting others at great risk. I have no issues with adults going out and having a drink or two, but do it responsibly. This driver didn’t think it through. He and three of his friends got in a car after a party and drove away. The police at the crash site said the driver had to be going at least 120 mph at the time of the crash.

1. Texting and driving Is Never A Good Idea


This horrible habit has become a total nightmare that occurs on practically every road in the world daily. I know I can look out the window of a car and see at least one person with their phone in front of their face while driving every time I go anywhere. I’m not saying I’m completely innocent about using my phone while driving, because I have taken calls. But I see way too many people with their phones right in front of their eyes. If the text is that important, pull over. This is sound advice that this driver didn’t bother to take. The driver of this white pickup admitted to texting and driving as he crossed the yellow line and hit a church bus. Twelve people died from the collision. No text is worth that.

I could go on and on with this list, ranging from lewd sex acts to reading newspapers while driving down the freeway. I’ve used the examples above since they not only did something dumb, they got caught on tape doing it. I’m not going to advise trying to hide from the cameras. I am going to recommend paying attention to the laws and the people around you when you get behind the wheel.

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