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15 Of The Worst Netflix Original Drama Series Ranked

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15 Of The Worst Netflix Original Drama Series Ranked

Netflix is an on demand video streaming service that users access by paying a monthly subscription, or using the account of a friend. So anyways, Netflix offers basically everything; movies, television series, documentaries and they even have a kid section! But Netflix should have probably just stuck to providing a streaming service based on rights it accessed from the shows’ producers, rather than producing their own original content.

Not that we hate all their shows. They do have some good original series like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and of course some of the Marvel superhero series. But they probably should have just stuck to their regular programming because sometimes it feels as though they have more bad shows than good ones. Some shows are just painful to watch and come on, every Netflix subscriber uses Netflix with the intention of binge watching. If a show is not binge-worthy, then it needs to be removed pronto!

So, if you continue reading, you will see the 15 worst Netflix dramas series. These drama series ranges from political dramas, family dramas, science fiction dramas, friendship dramas and even superheroes have dramas too. Ranking in descending order, the worst will be closer to the end of the list.

15. The Crown


After watching Reign, watching the historical drama The Crown would be a painful step-down. Yes, it’s closer to our time, but how many documentaries have we seen about the Royals of Great Britain and the United Kingdom? Whilst it is good to honor the Monarch when she is alive, some felt the show unnecessary. The acting is good and so is the plot, because most of us would have read about the life of Elizabeth II and followed the tragic deaths in the royal family. So despite winning at the Golden Globes, the show is on this list because its plot is slow and it is difficult for the audience to have a favorite character. Then because we lived through some of the historical events, we anticipate how the show is going to end, with Elizabeth II alive! Long live the Queen.

14. Sense8


Sense8 was not as terrible but it wasn’t good either. It was basically in a limbo. You would have expected to be wowed since The Wachowskis, who directed The Matrix, were behind this sci-fi drama. It was a very futuristic, where each of the main characters were able to communicate with each other through telepathy. Maybe that’s how we’d communicate in the future. The show’s plot was sort of bizarre, and it lacked a bit of coherence. However, the characterization and cast helped the show survive till its second season before it was canceled. Some fans were devastated but that’s just the way television works. It’s too bad though, the show had some potential and the critics’ ratings were good. If you followed Sense8, don’t be alarmed, they promised a two-hour finale that would be available sometime in 2018.

13. Four Seasons and Havana


This is a Cuban produced crime drama, which contains a mystery and thriller element to it but the show is pretty intriguing and is also 90 minutes long! Each episode in the series could be considered a four-part movie. Yup, that’s how many episodes there are in season 1. If you want you can call it a shoot-’em-up show, although it’s more of an investigative type of drama, but whatever floats your boat. Anyways, it may not be your first choice to binge watch because you only see 4 episode! in a six-hour period. There are some cool aspects to it. The plot is okay. It’s a bit slow and it makes victims of crimes more comfortable knowing that the main detective prefers to be a writer.

12. Bloodline


What makes this show painful to watch is that it is a family drama that borders on being a soap opera. There are some good family dramas, like Green Leaf, and Oprah even makes some appearances in it! The storyline is confusing and moral lines are blurred. Blood is thicker than water apparently has no place in this family, and loyalty too seems to be a foreign concept. The Rayburn family are hoteliers in Florida and as always, every affluent family has its black sheep. The show was all hype and people probably just watched it see to Ben Mendelsohn on screen. It was nominated for some Emmy Awards, and if you still want to watch the show even after this, three seasons are available on Netflix. You were warned what to expect.

11. A Series of Unfortunate Events


When you watch a show like A Series of Unfortunate Events, you expect to feel as lost and as broken as the children did. The movie wasn’t that great, and we all hated Jim Carrey as Count Olaf (how could he be so mean to those poor kids?). So, when you bring such a big series to television, the expectations are really high for it and Netflix failed to deliver a bit. The cast leaves much to be desired, but having the writer of the books on set has helped the show. The events are a tragedy, but as told by Snicket, there is a bit of a dark humor to it. So season 2 will air soon and season 1 covers four of the thirteen books so it is likely that Netflix would see this series to the end.

10. Easy


The show has a star-filled cast and can be described as a romantic drama and comedy. There are too many things going on in this show, mainly too many stories. Can you imagine Orlando Bloom acting in a romance? After his roles in Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Kings, The Hobbit, Kingdom of Heaven and even Troy, it is hard to watch him on television in a role that is not serious. The show features eight couples, each with their own thirty-minute episode so it is sort of frustrating to watch. The frustration is going to continue into season 2 (it seems each season only has eight episodes). There are some good episodes and some bad ones. So, the comedy-drama definitely deserves a place on this list.

9. The OA


The OA is a mystery and science fiction drama. The show has managed to survive though because Brit Marling is a splendid actor and a treasure to watch on screen. The show’s effects are also captivating, so maybe that’s why it got a season 2 despite its insubstantial viewership. The show’s premise is based on a blind woman who disappeared for a few years and when she surfaces again she can see. That is itself should make for an interesting plot but the writers have not done much of a job building on that plot, and it seems as though they are at a loss. Hopefully, something better is done with the writing of season 2. If Netflix insists on a second season for the show, they should at least give us our money’s worth.

8. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Of


When you resurrect a prized family drama like Gilmore Girls, anticipation is high, especially when years have passed. Netflix intended the series revamp to be a standalone but how could they not expect fans of the show to binge watch old episodes before the release? The reviews for the show were mixed, and some fans suffered through it just because they liked seeing their favorite cast on television and for old times’ sake. The episodes were long and the season was short (thankfully). However, there are talks about a season 2. Some things just need to be left where they are, Netflix. We like the old memory of the Gilmore Girls and it ended almost ten years ago. Yet, ten years later, the characters are exactly where the show ended.

7. Fuller House


Netflix, it seems, has a tendency to revamp old shows, maybe it is because they hope to increase viewership. However, sleeping dogs need to be left to lie sometimes. The series is focused on the next generation of Full House but it seems sometimes like a musical. It actually got a third season, maybe because it had enough viewers. Netflix should take a page from Disney’s books. When they created the spin-off like Girl Meets World, it was actually appreciated. Whilst it’s nice to see the cast all grown up, it was an unnecessary revamp unless Netflix just wanted to give some aspiring actors a job and someone a paycheck. Fuller House has some big shoes to fill because at present, it is just a shadow of the show that was.

6. Marseille


If you like House of Cards, you are not going to like this because it hits too close to home. Of course, it is set in Marseille, France and was designed for a primarily French audience, but they hate the series. It has only one season thus far and was carded for renewal but nothing has happened yet. The political drama has some sexual humor and conversations that people would deem highly inappropriate. Maybe it would not be renewed because if the French who it was designed for hate it, then why continue the series? Anyways, don’t be surprised if Netflix airs the second season because they have a thing for torturing their paying audience. Their attitude towards a poorly rated show is more a “take it or leave it” type.

5. Marco Polo


Marco Polo was a historical drama that aired on Netflix. The series had a big budget of about $200 million. It is a terrible show but people claim that if you want something to tide you over until Game of Thrones resumes, you can give it a try. There are no dragons or living dead but the show was inspired by historical events and follows the adventures of the young Marco Polo. The show’s viewership was not terrible but it could have been a bit better considering the amount of money that was spent. It did make two seasons, because after all if you don’t succeed, try again, right? Anyways, Lorenzo Richelmy was really good to look at, so maybe that kept people watching the show.

4. Iron Fist


Iron Fist was expected to be good because of all the hype that surrounded it, and Marvel had been doing some good work in theaters and Netflix. The three other Defenders’ shows were good, and the acting was not terrible. What disappointed in Iron Fist was that Danny was supposed to be a trained warrior but his girlfriend’s skills looked better than his. His story is similar to DC’s Arrow; billionaire heir presumed dead for years who return to civilization only to become a vigilante. Of course, everyone is surprised by the skills they acquired. Okay, so plot similarities aside, the show still sucked and was terrible. However, the writers did better with The Defenders series and it was good seeing him get his butt kicked by Luke Cage, but we do not want more of Danny Rand alone.

3. Hemlock Grove


Hemlock Grove lacked staying power. Initially, the science fiction drama was well received by viewers, but then it became so painful to watch that fans of the book stopped watching the series. The characters were poorly developed or rather not developed at all and the show was very graphic and gory. There were too many subplots within the main plot so, after a while, everything just became really confusing. Hemlock Grove could have possibly had all the characters of horror and supernatural films packed into a three-season series and of course, there were secrets and themes of the rich versus the poor. How does a show that started with more viewers than House of Cards turn out so horribly? Thanks for the offer Netflix, but no thanks. We’ll pass on Hemlock Grove.

2. Between


Between was too much of a cliché for lack of a better word. A typical small town teenage girl gets pregnant and wants to leave the town because she is embarrassed and determined to get a fresh start in life. A bit realistic there, but what was not so realistic is that the entire town she tried to flee from was quarantined as everyone over twenty-one was dying by the plague. At first, you would think that the show was a regular drama but it was actually a science fiction drama. The acting was terrible, and the only saving grace for the show was former Nickelodeon child star, Jennette McCurdy. A second season is still in the air for this show. Hopefully, it does not happen.

1. F is For Family


So, this is a family comedy-drama (if you want to call it that) and a Netflix original series. Several things go wrong when you try to copy Family Guy or even The Simpsons and set it in the 1970s. It could be interesting as it deals with some issues family face and taboos of society. However, Netflix, we did not ask for an imitation of the more popular family animated series that we already enjoy. Thank God that there were only six episodes! If you’re a binge watcher and exhausted all your options, then we wouldn’t blame you for watching this show. But F is for Family deserves a big fat F because it lacks originality. Bojack Horseman is one you should consider and is actually some good work by Netflix.

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