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15 Of The Worst Proposal Fails Of All Time

15 Of The Worst Proposal Fails Of All Time

They say relationships only look good from the outside. Watching your friends fall in love could be one of the most interesting things to experience, and to be honest, it warms our hearts. It’s a tough world out there, and every day one more guy comes up with a brilliant proposal idea, leaving the rest of us clueless and with less romantic ideas left. Men for thousands of years have proposed to the ones they love, melting the hearts of billions of lucky women. So, how important is proposing to your true love? What if she rejects you in public?

Well, unfortunately not all wedding proposals go as planned, someone could get rejected in front of a large on looking crowd, which is pretty embarrassing if you ask me. Makes you question why the fella decided to do this kind of thing in public. He must have been pretty sure he was getting a ‘YES.’

When someone gets rejected, and especially in the middle of a basketball game, it’s usually one of the most gut-wrenching experiences you could ever watch. No one paid to see this kind of rejection and heartbreak live. A piece of advice to the fellas: don’t do it! Don’t pop the question unless you are 200% sure she’s going to say yes. And avoid public places! Here are 15 of the worst proposal fails.

15. No Scrubs


This is a heart-wrenching story that was posted on Reddit. Well, this college couple had been dating for more than three years. They came from the same town, and even went to the same high school. Since the guy was sure he was going to get a yes, he decided he would propose to his college sweetheart when she got home after class. Well, she said no, and called him cheap after accessing the ring. He dumped her, brought back the $400 ring and bought an Xbox. At least the guy was clever enough not to do this in full view of the whole campus (would have earned himself some fame).

14. Failed Public Proposal

This is an unwritten rule of the 21st century, do not propose in public! And you better not try this if you are not 100% sure she is going to say yes. What most people don’t understand is that the situation gets embarrassing for everyone present when they get rejected. In a way, proposing in public feels like you are trying to force someone to say yes. You could always say “yes” and later say “no” just to calm down the situation when you are surrounded by strangers; you don’t want to look like a jerk in front of everyone. It’s hard to tell what made this woman reject the proposal, too bad it was also caught on video.

13. Let’s Talk About this Later, Babe

Your buddies are going to have a field day if your girlfriend of 5 years tells you this when you propose. Let’s talk doesn’t sound like a yes, and it’s definitely not something you can feel confident about. This is the kind of proposal that is hard to watch; you end up watching it a couple of times hoping it has a better ending. Well, it’s saddening how he walks up on stage and starts talking about their love only to get the “let’s talk later” answer. Her face tells it all. She wasn’t expecting this, and she clearly didn’t want any of it too.

12. Basketball Halftime Proposals are a No No

Why is Jupiter’s name would anyone do this? Even if you were pretty sure about it, why would you risk embarrassing yourself for years over a proposal? Well, true love clearly does exist, and we do not see the last of these rejections. What makes private proposals so sensible? Well, if you get a “yes,” we get to celebrate it with everyone later, in case you get a “no,” that’s a bummer and less painful and traumatizing than getting a definite “no” in front of a huge crowd. This proposal is sad, and it’s obvious how much she is freaking out inside.

11. Grand Gesture? Grand Fail!


Grand gestures are better left for Hollywood films and superstars, and to be honest, they never work. One woman shared her awkward proposal story on Vice. She broke up with her boyfriend, but he went ahead and called her dad and arranged for a surprise meet at their local cathedral. She was hungover and completely unaware of what was going on. Well, when she finally got there, he proposed to her and handed her a necklace. Yes, a necklace, NOT a RING! Marriage is not a solution to everything! While this was a grand gesture, it was a complete fail! Why on earth did you have to involve her poor old man?

10. Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

This is actually a great proposal video to watch. It looks like the couple had visited an iconic place (but it doesn’t make sense to propose at a freaking waterfall). The proposal is well planned: no crowds, just the guy holding the camera and the couple. He looks pretty sure of what to expect. However, he didn’t expect the ring to fall into the waterfall after the “YES.” While this was a complete buzzkill, and they probably had to go back to the jewelry store, it makes for a hilarious story. I hope the couple keeps visiting this place; they could actually get their ring back.

9. Mall Proposal Fail

It breaks my heart to watch men’s heart get completely destroyed in public. But seriously, a mall? Here’s a tip: do not propose to someone you deeply care about and love in a mall! It doesn’t matter if it’s in Paris or Dubai, malls are for shopping! Proposals need to be done in an isolated location, where the both of you can have a moment together. You don’t want people cheering and shouting so hard you can’t hear what your loved one is saying. Well, this guy got slammed hard! Plus it’s only three months you’re together; you don’t want to go public with that in a mall. Oh… and the music, well, this is the perfect example of why you should never try anything you see on TV at home.

8. Long Video Alert!

We all hate those long videos that have to end before you understand what is going on. It’s just like a long joke, a pretty boring one at that. Well, if you are enthusiastic about watching this video, please don’t. We will sum it up for you. Save your time for the next post! This guy decided that he was going to propose to the love of his life at White Castle, White Castle. Really? I guess that is the first big mistake he made. The interesting bit about this proposal is that another guy gets down on his knee and proposes before our guy could, making that two proposals in one day at White Castle.

7. Balloon Fail

I wouldn’t call this a fail; it actually makes for a good story to laugh about, but only with time after the wounds have healed. Well, here’s another hilarious story of how a clumsy guy lost his engagement ring during a proposal. This story is quite similar to the waterfall one; the only difference is that in this specific story, the ring flies away. In this video, the man decided to tie the engagement ring to a balloon and proposed to his girlfriend. She was so excited about the proposal she lets go of the balloon only to realize the ring was attached to it. The poor fellow tries to retrieve it but, it’s too far gone. The best man already has a story for the bride and groom’s wedding.

6. Mr. Fix it gets into a Fix

No one wants to hear “Can we talk later?” after a proposal, and we definitely don’t want to hear, “You can’t fix this.” It seems this couple had been fighting over something and the boyfriend decided to make up for it by proposing. Wrong move! To make it more embarrassing, the guy in the video decided to belt out a song, but she is clearly unimpressed by his advances. It’s clear some people cannot read a woman’s body language. She’s not having any of this guy’s nonsense, and she tells him like it is.

5. Stopped in his tracks


Well, here’s yet another proposal fail story from Vice. This is a classic story of a guy who loves a girl more than she loves him (it happens all the time). Well, this guy’s girlfriend booked a trip that would last for an entire year at sea. Clearly, he wasn’t for it but accepted just to be supportive. After she leaves for the trip, the guy books yet another trip for himself to Tahiti, where he plans to propose to her, but before he leaves, his girlfriend’s cat he was taking care of dies. When he finally gets to Tahiti, he buys tons of glow torches and starts making a big love heart on the beach. She stops him before he is done and breaks up with him. It’s a pity!

4. Time Square Proposal Fails Miserably

I guess there is no way you can stop a guy from making a public proposal. No matter how many people get rejected and heartbroken, these guys won’t just give up. If you are going to pull a public stunt, why not pull it in one of the greatest cities in the world? And while you’re at it, why not think of minimizing the chances of getting rejected? Clearly, most of these guys didn’t think of the consequences of their actions. When he finally went on his knees, everyone stopped to witness this cute occasion. But she didn’t say “yes,” she took off like a Rocket Plane!

3. Morning Show Proposal


Proposing on TV is a big risk, bigger than your current mortgage. However, it seems like the guy in the video really had his hopes up. His girlfriend was interviewed on the Today’s Show to talk about her business. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, had better plans according to him. When the interview begins, the guy immediately appears and proposes to her. She is clearly not impressed by the interruption of her presentation but accepts. He clearly messed up her big moment. To add salt to the injury, they don’t KISS, which is a bummer if you ask me. We hope they live happily ever after.

2. iPhone Proposal Fail


Ever thought of making an iPhone love heart? Well, it’s going to cost you about $50,000 to make one out of iPhone 6s. One guy in China figured this wouldn’t be too hard of a task for him. It apparently took two years’ worth of his salary to afford this stunt. Well, he got rejected. It turns out 99 phones can’t buy a wife. It’s baffling why this guy decided to go with iPhones instead of flowers that were a cheaper and better option. It turns out it was a single day in China, a day when all single people shower themselves with gifts to give their lonely lives something to be happy about. Well, that’s two more single people on Singles day!

1. Half Time proposal Fail

There are so many things that are wrong with this video. First, the woman is blindfolded. It’s hard to understand how anyone could accept to get blindfolded and run around the court at halftime so that they can be able to find a mascot. Well, it turns out her boyfriend was the mascot the whole time. He reveals himself and proposes to her. She starts crying, and everyone gets all emotional and happy, but she’s crying because she is sad and not happy. She runs off the court and leaves him humiliated. Dear readers, you should never propose in public. Hear us out this time.

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