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15 Online Challenges That Prove Humans Are Dumb

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15 Online Challenges That Prove Humans Are Dumb

Whether you call it a blessing or a curse, there is no doubt about the fact that social media has played a very important role in revolutionizing the modern world. We’re here to discuss the latter part of this revolution, however, the one with the curse. Ever since websites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram came into existence, they brought with them this desire that forced people to look for ways that would make them famous on these platforms. You no longer had to appear on TV to be famous.

The only problem with this is that the internet is quite unforgiving and it only seems to like the stuff which is crazy and even downright insane. This can result in various trends that show up every once in a while, making people participate in hopes that they might become internet famous and get a lot of likes or views. Not only are most of these dumb but also quite dangerous. Here we have put together a list of some of these challenges that will make you seriously doubt the survival of the human race for the future.

15. The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge


Back in 2015, someone had the brilliant idea of recreating the famous bee-sting look of Kylie Jenner. For those who are not familiar with what that it, let us enlighten you. These are basically swollen lips which can be achieved by an expensive procedure.

For the people on the internet, however, this was the perfect opportunity to recreate the entire concept by using a glass and then using it to create a vacuum around your lips. The results, as you expected, were pretty horrifying and it was impossible to even look at some of these. This wasn’t all though as this challenge also left most people with bruised and messed up lips.

14. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


The ice bucket challenge was perhaps one of the most viral challenges in the history of the internet and it gained popularity in a very short amount of time. While the original concept of this challenge was to raise awareness about the Lou Gehrig’s disease by the ALS Association, it quickly got out of hand.

The challenge involves dumping a bucket of cold water over a person’s head. As simple as it may sound, many people went ahead and did this with large amounts of water and ice in an effort to outdo each other which resulted in all sorts of injuries, essentially ruining the entire purpose of the challenge.

13. The Duct Tape Challenge


You can probably guess how stupid some of these challenges are by simply reading their names. In this case, this challenge involves literally covering a friend with duct tape. This is done in a way which makes them unable to move and their task is to free themselves.

As you’ve probably guessed, most of these attempts end in catastrophic failures where the person ends up hurting themselves in an attempt to get free. Not only this, it can cause some people to have panic attacks, especially those who already have phobias related to being tied up. In one particular case, a teenager fell and hit his head on concrete, resulting in a skull fracture and brain aneurysm.

12. The Pass Out Challenge


Have you ever tried to make yourself pass out on purpose? After all, what could be fun about restricting the blood flow to your brain? This is something that most teenagers don’t seem to think about when trying to attempt the pass out challenge.

By this point, you’re probably thinking that we’re trying to come up with these weird challenge names and we really wish these weren’t true but unfortunately, that is not the case. Kids basically compete against each other to see who is able to pass out first by either hyperventilating themselves or by restricting their blood flow somehow. This can result in all sorts of nasty injuries but that doesn’t seem to be stopping them anytime soon.

11. The Cinnamon Challenge


At first glance, the Cinnamon Challenge seems like a harmless little dare, something you can do when you have a bunch of friends over to see who is the bravest of them all. It involves putting a spoonful of pure cinnamon powder into your mouth and then swallowing it without any water or anything else.

Things quickly took a wrong turn as many teenagers tried to attempt this since the cinnamon powder is extremely dry and spicy. Once the mouth is coated, it forces the person to inhale, entering the lungs as a result. This can make it very difficult to breathe, damaging the lungs as a result along with the risk of choking.

10. The Ghost Pepper Challenge


Man has always been on a quest to find the best in everything and a similar search led to the creation of the ghost pepper. For those who are unaware of the world of peppers, a ghost pepper is basically 100 times hotter than a jalapeno pepper.

It is also known as the ghost pepper specifically because of the reason that it is impossible to tell that you’ve swallowed one of the hottest peppers in the world until it is too late. This particular challenge involves eating one of these on camera and the results are never too pretty. A lot of people end up having one of the most unpleasant experiences of their life during this challenge making them wonder why they even tried it in the first place.

9. The Fire Challenge


This is probably the stupidest challenge that you will get to see on this list. We’ve been taught since we were children that fire is harmful and that was for a good reason because not only can it cause serious injuries but also pose a threat to everything around it.

The mere fact that something like this turned into an internet challenge should certainly concern us about our collective future as the human race. This challenge involves pouring a flammable liquid over the body and then setting yourself on fire while recording the entire process. This led to numerous burn injuries among teenagers but despite this, it remained as one of the most popular internet trends throughout 2014.

8. A Nice Game Of Choking


Don’t you just wish to sometimes choke the life out of somebody? Often times that is used as a metaphor to describe hatred for somebody but the internet seems to have taken this all too literally.

Look, we won’t be judging here even if choking is the sort of thing that excites you in the bedroom but with all of the kinky stuff aside, choking turned into an actual internet challenge. It basically involves two people trying to choke each other with the intent to make the other one pass out. The first person to do so is the winner and quite honestly, this is one of the dumbest things that we’ve come across on the internet in a long time and the list isn’t even over yet.

7. Jumping In Cold Water Challenge


Okay, so this challenge is more location specific but the concept behind this one is quite similar to that of the Ice Bucket Challenge. While the goal behind the ice bucket challenge was to create awareness about the ALS Association so that more money could be donated to them, the race for more likes led t the creation of the cold-water challenge.

This basically involves leaping into a frozen lake or river without any clothes on. Apart from some of the obvious injuries that can happen as a result of attempting this, the challenge serves no purpose and doesn’t do a very good job of helping the original cause either.

6. Car Surfing Challenges


Car manufacturers put seats and more specifically seat belts “inside” the car so that the passengers can stay safe in the event of an accident or better yet, while simply driving. They, of course, did not account for the many dumb teenagers who would be attempting various forms of car surfing.

The challenge basically provides a teenager with the task of surfing on the roof or hood of the car. This obviously is very dangerous and has resulted in the deaths of multiple teenagers while gravely injuring many others. The trend still seems to be continuing, however, as evident from the countless car surfing videos on the internet.

5. The Back Pack Challenge


While this challenge certainly has to do something with back packs, it is with such a unique twist that you probably would’ve never imagined something like that happening in the 21st century.

The challenge is quite simple, a person has to run through a group of people, the goal of whom is to hit the person in the face with back packs filled up with all sorts of heavy stuff. Most of these competitors end up being simply knocked out and on the floor while the group of people continues to lob back packs at them. This has resulted in many head injuries for a lot of students and is one of the most dangerous internet challenges to come out in recent times.

4. Pouring Vodka Into Eyeballs


Vodka eyeballing originally started as a myth, one that claimed that a person could get drunk much quicker by pouring shots of vodka directly into their eyes.

This myth, however, quickly turned into reality as hundreds of videos of people pouring vodka into their eyes started surfacing on the internet. The media was blamed for providing unnecessary attention to this challenge which gave it a lot of exposure and resulted in people trying this out. Needless to say, the damage was quite real as well with a lot of people developing eye injuries and some even losing their vision.

3. Planking In Stupid Places


The simple act of planking doesn’t seem to have anything wrong with. In fact, it seems like a harmless little prank that people were playing by planking in a spot and then posting a picture of it.

The trend quickly caught on, however, and turned deadly in a matter of months. You must be wondering at this point how a plank can possibly cause the death of somebody. Well, in order to outdo each other, people started to plank in some of the craziest and weird location around the world. It wasn’t long before a man fell seven stories to his death while trying to plank on the wall of his apartment. Another person ended up with a fractured skull proving that even the most harmless trends can be turned deadly just for some internet fame.

2. Burns With Salt And Ice Challenge

Via: SOS Safety Magazine

You might’ve read about the combination of salt and ice in one of your science classes. What actually happens when you add some salt to ice is that the salt lowers the freezing point of the whole solution, making it as cold as -18 degrees Celsius.

This is much colder than the original freezing point of ice. According to the challenge, a person must put some salt on their skin and then put a piece of ice on top of it and then keep it there as long as possible. What they do not know, however, is that this can result in injuries similar to a frostbite which can be extremely painful and eventually cause nerve damage.

1. Snorting A Condom Challenge

Via and youtube,.com

Snorting things is generally a bad idea and it is something that is often associated with people who do drugs. Still, snorting cocaine makes much more sense than hearing the phrase “snorting a condom”. It seems as if teenagers are willing to go to great lengths to gain a few extra likes and for a chance to get some internet stardom.

As the title suggests, this challenge involves the process of snorting a condom through your nose and then pulling it out through the mouth. The risks of choking with this challenge are pretty obvious here and this can easily lead to death.

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