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15 Outrageous Vehicles You Will Want To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

15 Outrageous Vehicles You Will Want To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

What if there really is an imminent zombie apocalypse? How do we escape? What vehicles do we need to survive?

There is no harm in trying to prepare for an outbreak such as this. Although it might not be close to reality, preparing is half the battle. As we have seen from most pop culture shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Z Nation,’ it is close to impossible to defeat or even escape brain-eating zombies by foot. You will need a sturdy car, a vehicle that is fast and bulked up to help fend off these scary monsters. If money was not an object, you should get your hands on these outrageous cars as they can help you escape zombies.

Save up now so you can be ready when the undead start to walk the earth. You will have to run anyway so having any of these cars will surely be a big help. Go for something tough, agile, and adaptable. To start off, here are 15 cars you can pick from. So far, these badass vehicles are your best options to survive flesh-eating monsters in case they start infiltrating our world.

15. Local Motors Rally Fighter


Fast and furious – the Local Motors Rally Fighter is designed to conquer the desert. In a way, this is a great thing because zombie apocalypse usually looks like that – a never ending chase on the desert. According to the website, this outrageous car has a Corvette engine underneath, which ensures that it is powerful. It has a Ford truck rear and an F150 steering wheel to make it very tougher. Essentially, the Local Motors Rally Fighter is a work of art that will help you get ready when the outbreak happens. Unfortunately, it rides only one to two people so you have to tell your friends to prepare as well because they cannot hitch a ride with you.

14. Hyundai Zombie Survival Car


If this car is good for the Walking Dead crew, then it is possibly good enough for you as well in case of the zombie apocalypse. The Hyundai Zombie Survival Car was used by Rick and his gang on the said show.

In this car, Hyundai outfitted one of their Elantra coupes with a lot of security features. This includes a zombie plow so you can escape the brain-eating monsters. It also has massive spikes and armoured windows for added protection. Moreover, the Hyundai Zombie Survival Car has spiked tires so you can drive with ease even on the roughest terrains.

13. Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6


The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is a 6×6 truck that can let you escape fast even on the most rugged of terrains. It is a road monster that can let you escape the flesh-eating zombies. It is a fully-capable means of transportation. In addition to that, it adds a bit of entertainment. This huge vehicle weighs about 8,400 lbs and carries a 5.5-liter AMG V8 engine. This powerful engine allows the 6×6 truck to be fast and furious.

Another reason why you can rely on the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is that it is designed based on military vehicles. Still, it acts more like a truck and not a tank.

12. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport


If you need to be fast so you can escape quicker, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is your best bet. With a top speed of more than 250 mph, this outrageous car will let you drive past even the fastest of zombies. It boasts an acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. Therefore, even if you just started this car, zombies will not be able to catch up on you.

As one of the fastest cars in the world, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport will definitely keep you safe from zombies.

11. Chevrolet Silverado Black Ops


A solid truck, the Chevrolet Silverado Black Ops is a practical choice in a car when the zombie apocalypse happens. This truck was designed for almost any type of emergency. Even if we say that a zombie apocalypse is unlikely, it does not hurt to be prepared. The Chevrolet Silverado Black Ops is a 4×4 truck with a 5.3-liter V8 engine. Hence, it has a lot of power to let you drive fast and on almost any type of landscape. Moreover, as detailed in the website, this truck comes with “lower body armor, raised suspension, solar power pack, generator, military First Aid Kit, gas masks, and a crate of food.” You definitely will never go hungry while trying to escape zombies.

10. Triumph Rocket III Roadster


Even with a looming zombie apocalypse do you prefer going solo? The Triumph Rocket III Roadster is the perfect ride for you. This tough motorcycle is pretty loaded with power to let you pass fast zombies running after you. It is a tough bike so you can drive it even on unpaved terrain. Escaping through the woods is also possible with the Triumph Rocket III Roadster as your ride.

You can customize this bike so you can have a latch for your shotgun and ammo – you know, for when have you to fight back.

9. Gnarboard Trail Rider


Another tough vehicle you can have when you want to go solo during the zombie apocalypse is the Gnarboard Trail Rider. This thrill ride is designed to let you escape fast while it allows you to be in close combat with the brain-eating monsters. It is electrically-powered so you can go faster than just running on foot. Make sure that you have equipment like a gun or even just a bat so you can fight back zombies chasing you or those you come across along the way.

During the apocalypse, having a car might be better but the Gnarboard Trail Rider is not all bad.

8. 4WD Gibbs Quadski


Need to escape zombies on water? There is a solution for that – the 4WD Gibbs Quadski. Aside from its capability to drive on water, this vehicle has sturdy tires that can take on any terrain. Although many say that zombies cannot swim, there might be an instance where the only route to escape is on water. The 4WD Gibbs Quadski can easily tuck its tires to run on water. Under the hood, the 4WD Gibbs Quadski has a 175-horsepower engine that is potent enough to hit the land speeds of 45 mph. This is quite fast, however, it can only cater to a single rider.

7. Pal V One


This vehicle is something you want to have in case the zombie outbreak happens because not only can the Pal V One drive on land, it can fly too. Although zombies may not be able to fly, this vehicle can help you escape faster. According to the website HiConsumption, on the ground the Pal V One acts like a sports car with acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in just 8 seconds. It boasts a top speed of 112 mph.

In an instant, the Pal V One can transform into a gyro-copter. It can fly to altitudes reaching 4,000 feet. It has a reasonable fuel tank size that can store up to 300 miles worth of gas for flight. However, this vehicle is still under development so a little bit of waiting is required.

6. Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon LAPV 6.X


The main advantage of the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon LAPV 6.X is that it offers a high ground clearance to be on command when escaping the zombies. This massive vehicle has 18-inch wheels, which will let you drive high on the road. Hence, you can see better when driving so you can plan ahead your strategies when escaping.

In addition to this, the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon LAPV 6.X is a tough vehicle. It is so durable that zombies will not be able to easily penetrate its thick outer shell. This car is something you would want to be driving if you want to come out alive from a zombie infestation.

5. Sportsmobile 4WD Vehicle


The Sportsmobile 4WD Vehicle is a huge vehicle where you can load all the supplies you need to survive a zombie apocalypse. While you try to escape zombies, you will need some basic necessities with you. You will also need ammunitions, in case you need to fight back. This car has enough space to put almost anything you need. Additionally, it offers space to bring your crew in.

Moreover, the Sportsmobile 4WD Vehicle is designed to traverse almost any type of landscape. It can drive even on grim and rocky terrains. It is 4WD so you can rely on it even when driving on the harshest of road conditions.

4. Mercedes-Benz Unimog


The Mercedes-Benz Unimog offers absolute road supremacy because this truck is absolutely reliable and can be driven on almost any road condition. The rear of the truck offers ample space to put all your essentials when escaping the zombies. You can also let your friends hitch a ride. Meanwhile, the front of the truck is so extremely flexible that it can adapt even to rugged road conditions. The truck can even drive on rocky terrain.

At present, sans the zombie apocalypse, the Mercedes-Benz Unimog is used for disaster emergency response. This dependable truck is used especially in areas that are hard to reach by regular vehicles.

3. Ripsaw EV2


The Ripsaw EV2 is a tank-like vehicle that you will want to be in when the zombie apocalypse strikes. This car offers durability, dexterity, and comfort. It is one of the fastest dual tracked vehicles in the world. It carries a 600-horsepower diesel engine so it can certainly move fast and crush anything in its way.

The Ripsaw EV2 has zombie-squishing treads. It also has 12-inch suspension travel so it can easily move through obstacles on any terrain. The truck has thick armored walls to completely protect you from the outside. Inside, it has a nice cabin with leather seats, a touchscreen, and attractive LED lighting. This tank is not your regular tank but something you can trust against a zombie infestation.

2. Conquest Knight XV


Rough and tough, the Conquest Knight XV is the flagship car of Conquest Vehicle Inc. This luxury car is handcrafted to be fully armored. It is a one-of-a-kind vehicle that you cannot easily get anywhere.

Under the hood, the Conquest Knight XV gets power from a 6.8-liter V10 engine that runs on bio-fuel. This rugged SUV was created based on military vehicle designs. Moreover, it features security features that are unmatched by any other car. Unfortunately, production of this car is limited to only 100 units so you have to fight hard in order to get your hands on one. Well, it makes sense since a lot of people want to survive the zombie apocalypse.

1. Paramount Group Marauder


One of the most badass cars on Earth right now, the Paramount Group Marauder can withstand virtually anything you throw its way. This truck is armored so well that it can destroy anything in its path. According to The Survival Place Blog, features include long range fuel tanks, the ability to survive TNT explosions, ultra modern climate control system, run flat tire that can be pierced by 12.7mm bullets, and anti-blast seats.

The truck has a top speed of 120 kph. Although slower than others, the reason behind this is because of its heavy armory.

The Paramount Group Marauder has a fording depth of almost half the entire car. Essentially, this truck can also swim.

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