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15 People Who Had One Job And Completely FAILED

15 People Who Had One Job And Completely FAILED

It is said that making mistakes is human, but there are people who proved to be complete Neanderthals with such mistakes they made in performing simple tasks. There are people who, instead of doing their simple jobs well, it seems that their goal is to do the opposite; in many cases it is difficult to understand what their apparent little brains ended up doing.

Here are some cases in which people took the only job they had to do to another level. The most incomprehensible thing about these cases is that those are not tasks for nuclear physicists or rocket scientists, but quite the opposite: something easy, mundane, basic stuff, but in any case these fellas managed to fail it. They even do it so well (to fail) that it’s hard to believe they didn’t notice. Fortunately, when you’re not the one who makes those mistakes, it can be quite funny.

It must be made clear that this is not the first time we have encountered these geniuses, because, after all, these guys are masters of error, and it will certainly not be the last time. The world is full of people who had only one job yet still fail miserably, revealing that apparently, they don’t have opposing thumbs. Although there are other theories that affirm that what has really happened here is these individuals hated their work to the guts, and that’s why they execute it in the worst possible way.

15. The trick of splitting a woman in half

Via: archive

Right, left, upwards, upside down? Who cares. Everything seems to be normal at first sight in the advertisements and billboards on the streets of the city, but suddenly a sign of a beautiful woman makes her less stunning when her head is apparently attached to her waist. Well, perhaps the employee had problems with his left hand and his right hand, and they were exchanged while he was fixing the fence: the left one was placed on the right side and the right to the left. The best thing of all is that with the advantages of technology any passer-by could capture this precious moment, and share it on the web. And as always, the beloved Internet did its thing.

14. Cutting-edge design

Via: boredpanda

A matter of common sense? Perhaps, but there are those who think it is the least common of the senses. In the manufacture of articles, pre-established processes must be followed so the final product achieves the desired objective. The vast majority of people at the time of ingesting their meals have been taught to give the corresponding use to the objects where the liquids and food are deposited. But in this case someone dared to make a cup of coffee (or tea) leaving the hole to take it with the finger inside the cup. It should be a cutting-edge design because now the finger will go directly to the fluid, being able to detect the temperature before the drinking process.

13. An asphalt oasis

Via: ctvnews

What a beautiful white Kia! The contractor who did the work to repair the avenue, adding a new layer of asphalt, surely to repair or to cover potholes, did not have the delicacy to make move that beautiful white Kia of the road. There may be two theories about this masterful case of how to do a job well. On one hand, the beautiful white Kia shuddered the contractor, leaving him in love with the naked eye, and so he did not want to move it, because he wanted to feel its presence close; and on the other hand, that beautiful white Kia was the contractor’s, and he did not find a place closer to his job place, since he wanted to avoid the fatigue of walking streets from his car to the working site.

12. Record it, I said!

Via: ebaumsworld


−Quickly, record what the player is going to say!

−Boss, but I didn’t bring my tape recorder!

−Record it, now, I said!

−No more saying

When it comes to genius, this sports journalist has managed to hit a home run with full bases. It’s incredible how brazen or shameless someone has to be by replacing the functions of a tape recorder with a TV remote, whether it’s the traditional ones used by journalists or the one built into a smartphone. The athlete’s face when he sees that he’s being recorded with a remote control must be magical, as well as those of the colleagues of this intrepid reporter when they realize how interestingly the athlete’s testimony was being recorded by the guy on the upper right.

11. It’s a boy

Via: funkyjunk

It’s a boy, yes; the doctor already confirmed that he was a boy by performing an ultrasound yesterday on my beloved wife. I think we’ll call him Archie IV, like my grandfather Archie I and my father Archie II. And from this very moment we will begin to buy him all the things that are going to decorate his room. We even want to have a party in his honor. My son will be very macho, like me, like his grandfather Archie II and his great-grandfather Archie I. Archie IV will like very manly things, that’s what I’ll take care of personally. Everything that this child is surrounded by will teach him to be a true man. I swear it on the grave of my grandfather Archie I and my father Archie II.

10. Scarface

Via: funnyjunk

‘Scarface’ was one of several films that immortalized actor Al Pacino. Antonio ‘Tony’ Montana, better known as Scarface, was a Cuban smuggler exiled in Miami whom eventually found the long-awaited American Dream through drug trafficking. But in the world around him, Montana was visibly recognized by the scar on his face, which practically divided his face into two parts.

And that’s what this sewer looks like. It seems it has a big scar that cuts it in half. But no. It was the lightness of some building contractor who had to repair the street and did not have the delicacy to remove the cover of the sewer, but rather built on top of it, leaving at public light a trifle worthy of mockery. Unfortunately, this sewer didn’t meet the glorious fate that Tony Montana once had.

9. Is that a Rhinoceros?

Via: lostateminor

Just like the Pegasus, which is a horse with wings, the unicorn is a horse with a sharp and spiral-shaped horn on its forehead. While both are mythical and fantasy animals, the Pegasus and the unicorn have enjoyed great popularity due to the stories and legends in which they have been included. For its part, the unicorn is quite popular with little girls, as its modern representation has been of a beautiful and tender animal, ideal for girls to fantasize about riding on their back and arriving at her great castle where they will find their charming prince.

But apparently this store clerk wanted to be a bit creative and thought it would be more opportune for an unicorn shaped stuffed animal to have a horn on top of its nose, like a pretty pink rhinoceros.

8. Woody Woodpecker

Via: recreoviral

This door seems to have been made by the Woody Woodpecker and not by a real carpenter. It is incomprehensible how the fabricator put the knob to open the door just on the opposite side, on the same side as the hinges to mount it on the wall. But it is even more incomprehensible how the owner of this house allowed such a mistake. It’s extremely funny to imagine how people must open that door to get into the room. Just imagining the situation, I felt clumsy, as if my arms were in the wrong position. But no. It’s not my arms, but the door knob, and maybe the brain of the man who installed the door.

7. Own security is better than the police

Via: imgur

Well, it’s hard to know where to start with this beauty image. We can imagine that the owner of the property wanted to install a pole to keep the vehicle entrance and exit private, but the budget was not enough for something longer. We can also suppose that what failed was the planning stage, and at the time of setting up the rod, things were a little shorter than necessary. After all, the owner of that lot will never have to move the stick up, get back in the car and enter to the property, because due to the tiny diameter of the door, the task of getting in and out doesn’t require much effort. As well as the minimum of effort employed by the person who made the rod, because he did not even bother to ask if the measurements were correct or not.

6. The upside down sound system

Via: recreoviral

Perhaps the person who accommodated those sound speakers was very confused, as can be seen in the picture. Surely this 21st century intellectual thought that if he put the speakers on the floor the bass sounds would have a better bounce and impact to be heard by those attending the event. But that’s not all. I’m sure he also thought that the tripod legs would serve as an antenna to “improve” the reception of the sound system. But how wrong he was, and the worst thing is that the person who took the picture, instead of being a good boy and warning of the mistake someone had made, preferred to capture the moment forever. Surely at the end of the event or concert, the guy who set up the baffles would start looking for a new job at first thing in the morning.

5. Short enough

Via: recreoviral

The same person who installed the door on a previous post is back in a new episode of state-of-the-art doors, apparently. As if the blatant mistake he made before in installing the knob on the wrong side of the first door wasn’t enough, he wanted to prove that his talent reached a new level. At this opportunity the system to secure the door has been exaggeratedly installed far away from the door frame, so that, by moving the small paddle to lock it, it does not reach the slot. We are totally lost of words, but we can assure that this time the problem is obviously a matter of size. And women say size doesn’t matter.

4. Living on the edge

Via: recreoviral

This guy’s got more guts than all the actors involved in the action movie ‘The Expendables’ put together. Yeah, we’re talking about tough guys like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Jean-Claude Van Damme, among others. All these guys, true stallions, have nothing to do next to this industrial worker who smokes without the slightest fear of getting blown to pieces by an explosion. Or the truth may be that the old man hasn’t realized he’s in a flammable area, and that his burning cigarette is like he’s sentencing himself to death. You wanted to see the man without fear? Well, here it is. And it doesn’t look as superhuman as we would have thought.

3. English style

Via: YouTube

British culture is full of very particular things. They like to drive on the left, they have Mr. Bean and Benny Hill as their greatest humorous figures, James Bond solves the problems the Majesty has, among other things. But there is nothing more British than these classic red phone booths set up on the streets of the British Isles. Those booths are more English than a cup of tea. And that’s where our doubt comes from. If they are so popular, so well known, how the person who installed it was able to dare to put the phone outside the booth? Yes, with today’s technology and smartphones those booths may be obsolete, but my friend, don’t be brazen and do the only bloody work you had to do well.

2. Yummy, yummy

Via: reddit

One of life’s greatest pleasures is eating. And the other is to eat very hungry. That’s why there is nothing more annoying than not being able to enjoy a meal, whether it’s fast, prepared at home or in the most exclusive restaurant in town. Ultimately, it’s the same thing for the stomach. Food.

On this occasion, the person who wanted to satisfy his nutritional desire in Taco Bell had to put up with the desire, because the taco served to him evidently was done by someone asleep, who did not notice that the stuffing of the taco wasn’t inside the tortilla, but in the carton. A real disgrace for the hungry one who only wanted to enjoy his taco in the best way possible, but ended up finding a new way to serve food for people with the brain the size of a mouse.

1. CR7

Via: peopledotcom

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese footballer who plays as a forward for Real Madrid of Spain and the Portugal international team, of which he is captain. Regularly identified in the media as CR7, he is often regarded as one of the best football players in history by a large number of people and press linked to the sport, as well as one of the most mediatic figures of today in the world’s most popular sport. And just as he has won the Golden Ball five times, the annual prize for the best footballer in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, or CR7, will also go down in history for the beautiful and identical sculpture that was made to inaugurate the airport of Funchal (Madeira, Portugal) which bears his name as homage.

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