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15 People Who Should’ve Checked The Background Before Taking A Selfie

15 People Who Should’ve Checked The Background Before Taking A Selfie

Welcome to the dawn of selfies, where everyone takes selfies anywhere and anytime because this is a very easy thing to do in today’s modern era! People seem to have a habit of snapping every moment in their life, including bathroom selfies, and they tend to forget to check their backgrounds before snapping and uploading the selfies on social media platforms.

Back in the golden days, taking selfies were not easy when there were only cameras without screens. A tripod was needed if you wanted to capture your own picture and the timer should be set exactly because you needed to get to the spot you wanted to be. Flipping the camera back was already a trend; however, it wasn’t great because people didn’t really know if they were perfectly caught inside the frame. Thanks to the J-Phone (SoftBank Mobile today), they introduced the first camera phone in 2000. As the years passed by, phones and cameras evolved dramatically, matching the needs of the public.

Yes, Virginia, selfies are real these days! With just one click, everything will be able to circulate the Internet. However, some people tend to forget how to take a proper picture, unlike the old days when people were so concerned that they would waste the film, so they would do their best to have a proper, perfect picture. Unfortunately, those golden days are already over and a lot of people are now carelessly taking selfie anywhere they feel like it.

Here is a list of the people who should have checked the background first, before snapping a selfie and uploading it on the Internet.

15. Time Travel


Albert Einstein will be happy because time travel is real! This photo just proved that this man was able to snap a selfie with his future self. On second thought, they only have a matching shirt. So no, Einstein’s theory is not yet proven and this is just a mere coincidence.

Speaking of time travel, there are people who are still obsessed to know if time travel is real. Movies and shows, including The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Star Trek, and Back to the Future are continuously influencing people’s perspective about time travel. Even Einstein said that time travel can be real, but this can also include paradoxes. How about you? Do you believe in time travel?

14. “What Are You Doing?”


Bathroom selfies are really the trend nowadays. Even in public restrooms, there are people who enjoy taking bathroom selfies. This is supposed to be fine, but the old man beside him seemed to be so confused about what he was doing. Hopefully, the man in this bathroom selfie learned his lesson – don’t take bathroom selfies publicly, especially with other people who are just a few inches away from you.

According to surveys and other websites, bathroom selfies should say goodbye to our modern world of selfies and pictures. What is the reason? First, some people think this is embarrassing because of the background – the toilet and sink. Also, bathroom selfies can go wrong in many, many ways, including this selfie.

13. Cannon Baby


This is a literal photobomb! This picture went viral, not because of the cute mother or the daughter’s smile, but because of the background that looked like they’re stuffing a baby inside the cannon. At first sight, people can actually say that they are so sorry about the baby. However, on second thought, this looks like a popular tourist destination and maybe the baby was not stuffed inside the cannon at all. The parent must have just wanted to have a picture-perfect memory, so they decided to do this next level selfie. There were no news and updates about the family in the background and the outcome of the situation – was the little angel harmed or not? Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that the baby is doing great.

12. Mama’s Big Buff Boy


This bodybuilder is surely soft-hearted because he is mama’s big buff boy! Contrary to the belief that mama’s boys are immature, baby-like boys who just want to spend the rest of their life living with their mom, mama’s boys are actually mama’s men and a woman should definitely date one. Here’s why.

Studies suggest that a mama’s boy is actually a man in terms of respecting ladies. Respect is what women need. A mama’s boy knows how to value a woman and their sentiments, because that is how he looks at his mom. He also knows how to show his emotions and he will not avoid conversations regarding feelings.

What’s the lesson? This mama’s boy can actually be a good date.

11. Photobombed by Dad!


If moms are so loving and caring, then dads are awesomely hilarious and cool! They surely had a great laugh after she snapped this selfie and found out that her daddy dearest photobombed her. If being a mama’s boy is good, then being a daddy’s little girl also has benefits. Dads are awesome and funny and their love is also fun, especially during selfies like this.

Dads are the ones who will make you feel like you are a princess, because they know how to make you feel special. Dads are also your own personal bodyguards, which means no bullies will ever get near you and you will feel secure. Of course, daddies are fun and adventurous; they will never run out of new activities.

We can conclude that this selfie shows a good father-daughter relationship.

10. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


Poor girl! She pretended to have a boyfriend snapping a photo of her while in the bathroom. This could have been a good shot, but unfortunately, she forgot to check her background. It is the mirror that will definitely get the blame. She should learn her lesson from this epic fail selfie – pretenting will never yield any positive results. Next time, stop posting fake selfies that you are living the best life.

Perhaps she really needs a boyfriend right now. Alright, here’s what girls should always take note – there is no problem with being single! Yes, you need a boyfriend, but don’t flaunt it on social media. All you need to do is be yourself and abandon the world of fantasy. Love will come your way at the right time.

9. Bae Caught Her Sleeping


This is another selfie gone wrong. Why did she pretend that she has some company who played a trick on her while she was sleeping? We don’t know the answer, but we all know that the mirror is the one that will be getting the blame. Social media is full of people pretending that they are fine and that they are living a wonderful life, surrounded with friends and family. This is not good, because deep inside these people are lonely and they feel that they still lack something in life – maybe a lover and friends.

Just be your best self – this is the most effective line that everyone should think of every single time they try to post in social media. She definitely learned her lesson, but we can still hope that this selfie is just a joke.

8. The Curse of the Mirror


The curse of the mirror strike again! At first glance, the selfie is fine – no offensive sights and background despite the fact that this is a bathroom selfie. However, she forgot to check that she has a small mirror that magnified her face, especially her nostrils and lip area. She could have cropped the picture or maybe covered that mirror.

Come on! Photoshop and photo editing are very handy nowadays. With just one click, you can download a photo editing application. Even Instagram and Facebook let users edit, crop, and add filters to the photos before finally posting their dearest selfies on social media.

One more thing – mirror selfies are fine, but be sure to clean the sink before taking a selfie.

7. The Traffic Jam!


Why does she need to pretend that there is traffic? Remember, lenses, especially sunglasses, are like mirrors – these are cursed! So always check sunglasses selfies before finally uploading them, thus, preventing a massive stir on the Internet. Let us go back to the main question – why did she pretend that she was stuck in traffic? She could have just thought of another caption like “Chilling” or “Driving while having a coffee” and added some emojis.

People speculated that she is one of those pretenders who are caught by their own reflections on the mirror, but in her case, on her sunglasses. For the last time, pretending will never give any positive result or any accomplishment. Just be your own true self and show your true colors.

6. I Must Take This Selfie


She just liked to have a public bathroom selfie but unfortunately, mom hit her son with her sandals in the background. This selfie just sparked a great commotion and people on the Internet became so furious about how the mom disciplined her son. Some people instantly became a professional parenting guru and they condemned what the mom did.

Alright, hitting a child should never be tolerated. However, we are really not sure if the kid was hit hard in this photo. Sometimes, a mild pat on a child’s palm is a good disciplinary method to let the kid know that what he did was wrong. On the other hand, hitting a kid in public is not a good disciplinary method because the kid will feel ashamed. To top it all, parents have different parenting styles because kids are different from each other.

5. Voldemort Just Wants to Hang Out


Quick! Call Harry Potter because Lord Voldemort is in this selfie’s background. Voldemort seems to be weak and this is the best time for Harry to confront Voldemort about his parents.

Hey Potterheads! There are some things that you still don’t know about Voldemort. His name is actually Tom Riddle and he was two years older than Rubeus Hagrid. Aside from being a direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin, Voldemort is actually a half-muggle because her mother seduced his father (a muggle). His father abandoned his mother while still pregnant and that sparked his hate towards muggles – the path he followed to be the greatest villain in the wizardly world.

4. Poor Baby


The dog wanted to take a dump, but the father snapped the selfie first. We can all say that this dog actually succeeded in photobombing what was supposed to be a happy selfie that will later be posted on Instagram and Facebook. Instead of the happy scene being noticed, it was the dog that became an instant celebrity.

What we can learn about this selfie is to really check the background, or better yet, look at what’s behind you before taking a selfie, or else it will definitely ruin the shot.

3. Thirsty Dog


This is another reason why bathroom selfies should be prohibited. The dog just wanted a drink but daddy won’t pay attention. That is why this pooch just drank directly from the toilet. Sometimes, cats and dogs do really prefer toilet water with no clear reason at all. Researchers suggest that our little pets just like to drink cooler water and that is the toilet water. Is this sanitary? If the toilet is not clean, then it is definitely unsanitary and very disgusting. If the toilet is clean, then it is safe for pets to drink the water.

There is also one time that you need to prohibit your pets from drinking and licking the toilet water. If you are using disinfectants, don’t let your dogs access the toilet water because ingesting chemicals is very dangerous.

2. What a Mess!


No matter how pretty you are, if you are disorganized and very untidy, you will be unlikeable. Just like this girl – she never thought of cleaning her room first before snapping a cute selfie flaunting her hair, makeup, and her beautiful dress. Some Twitter users even noticed that there was a rat on the clutter. How can anyone live in this kind of home?

As a girl, it is always important that you keep your house clean and organized because this means a lot about your personality. A disorganized home means that you are a disorganized person with no goals at all. Proper hygiene does not just stop at your body, but also extends to your surroundings. A clean home can actually give a positive ambiance and a positive outlook on life, making you more productive and creative.

1. The Spider Selfie


They are besties and they just wanted a selfie together about their sleepover, but there was an unexpected visitor – a spider! Let us appreciate the innocence and the rawness of the pictures that are definitely priceless and very hilarious. The girl took a series of selfies even though her bestie is already screaming for her life. That is a cute, natural, and very raw reaction.

The girl screaming might have an arachnophobia or fear of spiders, scorpions, and other arachnids. This is no joke; some people even fear anything that is associated with spiders like webs. People with phobias often experience panic attacks where they cry, scream, palpitate, and even faint. Professionals suggest that in order to treat phobias, one must undergo relaxation techniques first to reduce health risks.

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