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15 People Who Did Dumb Things And Got Instant Karma

15 People Who Did Dumb Things And Got Instant Karma

Bad guys getting their comeuppance is something that always sparks tears of joy in people and cries of hurray from people who have been victimized by douchewagons who also just so happened to be Karma Houdinis…people who commit unspeakable acts of douchebaggery and still manage to get away with it unscathed.

But that doesn’t always happen, of course. Sometimes these purveyors of social misconduct do get what’s coming to them. But sometimes that takes time, years even, and the cosmic punishment they do get is often not enough for them to be paid back for the many episodes of misbehaviour that they committed onto the unsuspecting group of innocent citizens of our planet that just wanted to buy bubble gum and blueberry jam from Walmart. Such is life isn’t it?

However, when people do kicked in the teeth by instant karma, it isn’t just often great, it’s utterly glorious to watch. The sheer spectacle of douchebaggery being punished by their own stupidity or (mostly justified) retaliation from their would be victims is also epic on an mythic level that Hercules and the Greek Gods of Yore would raise a toast and say ‘and thus, he doth has given unto him an ass kicked most righteous!’

So, we’re going to delve into 15 such instances where the annoying (or even potentially dangerous) douchebags of society have gotten their laser-guided karma in a manner most instantaneous!

15. Homeless man had to face the music after grabbing musician’s head


So here we have a simple street musician playing a lively tune in the street to earn money from passersby for his living expenses before a rather annoying douchebag poses behind him in a variety of utterly stupid and mocking poses. The musician is completely unaware of what is happening until said douchebag decides to plant his hand on the musicians head.

What happens afterward is utterly spectacular. The musician decides he’s going to have none of that and he gets up, grabs the man’s arm and body slams him in a spectacular fashion that would make for an action film. He also makes it clear to him to never touch him again. It’s just epic.

14. Smoking Is Bad For You because you might cause an explosion


This one is especially funny because it not only serves as the absolute perfect PSA for anti-smoking, but it also sounds like something Jim Henson did back in the 1960s (for those who don’t know, The Muppets originally were made for TV specials and commercials, and they were completely insane). But here you have an individual walking down the street and smoking a cigarette. Nothing out of the ordinary until he throws the cigarette in a hole in the ground and then…well… just look!

I mean he survives it, but holy mother of god, it must have been the funniest way to tell people that smoking is bad for you… because if you don’t butt out, you will BE butted out!

13. Robber Hits The Wall After Trying to Steal A Lady’s Purse


They say there is no honor among thieves, but there is definitely hilarity. This one will go down the history books as an example of such that’s so funny I’m pretty sure they’ll let the criminal off just because he was so amusing.

Firstly, he tries to steal something covertly from a person filling his car up with gas, and then tries to make a run for it by riding on his scooter before he loses control almost instantly and then crashes into the wall, when the gas store employee and the victim just look on, probably laughing their derrieres off at what just happened.

12. Bike Stunt Goes Wild when kid fails to jump over a Lamborghini


So bike stunts are actually pretty fun, they make for great entertainment and are a thrill for the devil-may-care excitement seekers that perform these feats. Of course most of these feats are normally done in parks or places were the obstacles are setup for them to jump and move around, they’re not done on people’s private property…especially not private property that is already in use.

It must have been interesting being the driver of the Lamborghini, as he would have gone through two completely different emotional states in the space of 3 seconds. The first is the ‘What the hell is this moron doing?’ followed by ‘Hhahahah! Oh hahhaha! You go douchebag!’ when the stunt he tried to pull of jumping over the car failed so epically. Kudos to the Italian gods of automobilia!

11. Drunk Man Tries to Smash Car Window Before Smashing His Own Beer Bottle


So here we have another alcohol induced case of stupidity and douchebaggery. An obviously drunk man (who is still drinking, too) is standing atop someone’s car and is trying to kick in the windshield, he succeeds in doing quite a bit of damage before Karma swings a mighty blow onto him, sending him slipping down the car and hitting his head on a pole. Where just sits back up and probably has already forgotten about what just happened.

To add insult to comedy, the man’s beer bottle is completely shattered in the process. I’m guess that wasn’t the only thing that was smashed…

10. One Amazing Kid Effortlessly Defeats Five Other Kids Solo


Bullies are terrible people, we know that, and bullies who use physical violence are even worse. So it’s always satisfying when we see these people get their derrieres destroyed by the kid they’re trying to bully.

But this one is just plain epic. I mean it goes beyond awesome. It’s like that scene in Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury where he takes on an entire karate school and makes them eat their words… literally. He has the moves, the footwork, and the skill. Just watching this kid defeat a gaggle of five children solo is far better than any action movie I have ever seen…because it is real! Go get em’ kid!

9. Man drives 112 mph…for snapchat


People often speed for the dumbest of reasons. Sometimes they’re in a hurry, sometimes they’re drunk, sometimes they just love driving at super fast speeds and it gives them a rush like no other.

But then there’s the people who think it’s great to go over the speed limit just to take a video for Snapchat…that’s insane. In this instance, however, instant karma definitely catches up to him since he does get pulled over by police who probably are a mixture of amused and befuddled as to why someone would try to do something so dangerous to them self and others. But then again, I’m sure that they were probably quite entertained by the fact that he was doing it over something so different. Better a Snapchatter than a drunk or a felon.

8. Torment The Cat…and then Get The Claws


So cats and vacuum cleaners don’t often mix well. I know this, I fostered many cats and I know that they really do not like vacuum cleaners…except for one, she thought it was a new friend. Yes she was the friendliest cat ever and I hope that she has found a forever home with people who love her as much as I did.

I mean she was also a black cat…like the cat in the video, and the torment that is causing this cat is clearly a source of amusement for the idiots holding her, before she realizes that it is the person holding her that is the problem, and she gives him the claws that he so richly deserves. Take that! Kitty tormentor!

7. Bulletproof Armadillo Causes Man To Be Shot In The Jaw


This one is just really bizarre. I know armadillos are naturally armoured creatures, but are they pests to farmers? I have no idea, but either way, this guy, who is a Texan, thought it was apparently a good idea to bring an All-American solution to what is a creature that isn’t really indigenous to the region and actually sorta moved there… shoot them!

But it seems like either nature granted the armadillo an exceptionally strong shell, or the gun he used was really weak, since the bullet actually bounced off the creature and back into the man’s jaw. I’m guessing the armadillo loved to use the phrase ‘I am rubber, you are glue, what you shoot bounces off me and sticks on you’… man that was disturbing. The trigger happy shooter had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital, where his jaw was wired shut.

6. They Don’t Call 911, They Just Start Shooting


So the United States is a country where people are generally quite well known for using firearms in self-defence. In this case you have someone who was shot so many times that if old timey cartoons were to be believed, he would sprinkle water from all over his body due to the sheer number of holes that they put into him.

Of course, it didn’t have to end that way, he just simply refused to go away or surrender even after warning shots were fired at him by the family, before they decided that this guy just isn’t going to listen. I need to make it clear, it wasn’t one person who shot it, it was the ENTIRE FAMILY. That’s just hilarious as it is tragic.

5. Racist Lady Gets Well Deserved Tackle


So here we have a lady, who may or not have indulged greatly in the miracle of fermentation (or the more scientific advancement of distillation. I heard Bacardi Oakheart is pretty good) was spouting racial slurs at people at a supermarket for absolutely no reason whatsoever than she simply decided to drop her guard on her mouth and not only yelled out insults and abuse, but also threw the store property all over the ground, and refused to leave and she was apprehended by store security where she started to sing an entirely different tune. Gone was her tough lady person and she started to beg and plead for mercy from the guard who was just trying to restrain her.

It’s just so satisfying to watch her get arrested, but it’s also a little funny on how the security guard just struggles to put the cuffs on her.



So here we have a classic bully attacking a boy by brutally slamming him onto the ground and punching him. For what you might ask? Ours is not to know why! But ours is to watch him get a bronco kick to the face by a charging proto-superhero! Seriously, a kid in red pants just charges in and kicks the bully across the part with the ultimate drop kick. Is this scene a WWE rehearsal? If it isn’t then someone needs to call the WWE and have these guys go on to be their youngest members, with the gimmick of bully boy and drop kick dude duking it out to save the schoolyard from douchebaggery once and for all!

3. No Respect? No Score


So this is one case that will need some explanation. What is the whole point of showing a Middle Eastern football (soccer for North Americans) where Saudi Arabia is clearly owned by the opposing team? Well here’s what happened. The Saudi Arabian team failed to give the minute of silence for the London attack victims that happened a few months ago, and what happened? The moment the goalkeeper kicked the ball to restart the game did the other team get control of the ball and then it immediately kicked into their goal.

The shameful look they felt should have served as punishment for failing to respect those who died tragically.

2. Drunken Disrespect Equals A Broken Foot


So here is a random video of a drunken man who just doesn’t seem to care for common courtesy. Here is shown, walking past people who have done him no wrong, gesturing them disrespectfully before he just walked like he owned the street and expected everyone to get out of his way.

But attitude doesn’t take into consideration moving cars who come from places where he could have easily seen them, but thought he was too cool for school and to look both ways before he crossed the street. The result of his stupidity (and likely his lack of common courtesy) forced karma to come forward and teach him a lesson he will not soon forget.

1. Pirates Vs Rent-A-Cops…Who Wins?


Shipborne security must be a breeze (no pun intended) I mean the hayday of piracy is long gone and the worst that ships have to contend with is the occasional bad weather and a lack of rum swizzles. But that hasn’t been the case around the Horn of Africa. Somali pirates are still operating there, despite their diminished effectiveness due to increased security.

In this case, it’s just plain funny. It isn’t even like funny as in a cartoon… it almost IS like a cartoon. It’s like the scene from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog where Louis the alligator is forced to flee the riverboat after everyone there just opens fire on him in a specular display of gunnery.

The best part is when they just in, crash into the ship because they cannot steer away fast enough and just flee again. I wonder what the Somalis must have felt like when they thought the ship would be easy prey… I guess they didn’t realize that they would fully automatic weapons aboard.

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