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15 People Who Did Seemingly Innocent Things (But Had Tragic Endings)

15 People Who Did Seemingly Innocent Things (But Had Tragic Endings)

No matter how smooth other people’s lives may seem, everyone still has to face some ups and downs in order to live a balanced life. Life is a topsy-turvy journey that is full of thrill and adventures and no one knows what the next minute holds for them. In addition to this, everyone wants to keep a balance by adding some fun to their lives in order to have a change in their monotonous routines. During some moments, however, things that may seem innocent can lead to disaster and regret.

The reason behind this article is also to highlight some of the things that people did out of goodwill or pranks just to have a little bit of fun and adventure but ended up in tragedy and having regret. The entries below highlight this so here are 15 people who did stuff which might’ve been innocent but the consequences of those actions ended up being tragic.

15. Covering The Stop Sign Ends In Tragedy


Two Ohio teens loved to pull pranks and they would often post those on Facebook. One of these pranks didn’t really go according to plan though. On a random day in August, 2011, they decided to cover a stop sign in a plastic wrap in a way that it was only barely visible. On the same afternoon, two elderly women who were sisters decided to go out for a drive. They were 80 and 85 years old. The one who was driving drove straight through and they got hit by an SUV. Old and fragile that they were, one of them died instantly and the other died later in the hospital. Both the teens were charged and the judge in the case called their action childish and juvenile.

14. Don’t Mess Around With Guns


Sleepover at a friend’s place became the worst nightmare for Nicholas Bell. He was staying with Charbonneau in a mutual friend’s place on a Thanksgiving weekend. While Charbonneau fell asleep, Bell decided to play a joke on him with an air rifle. In an attempt to scare Charbonneau, Bell shot at him with the rifle. Unknown to him, the air rifle was a real .22 caliber-hunting rifle. It hit Charbonneau in the chest and he died on the spot. Bell couldn’t believe that his joke killed his best friend. Authorities found him guilty and he was imprisoned for a year and given seven years deferred for manslaughter.

13. A Simple Toilet Roll Prank Goes Wrong


In Alabama, a group of bored teenagers decided to go out and toilet paper houses just for fun. When they were done with a couple of houses, they moved to a house of a 34-year-old man named James Luther McRae. He saw the teenagers while they were about to break in and called 911. Meanwhile, the teenagers drove away and McRae decided to chase them so that he could get the license plate number. Sadly, he lost control of his truck and was ejected out of the vehicle when it overturned, as he was not wearing his seat belt. McRae died on the spot and the police interrogated the teenagers.

12. Egging A Car Gets Teenagers Into Trouble


An eighth-grader Danny Crawford along with two of his friends were egging cars when accidentally one of those eggs hit a Jeep that was owned by Michael Sr. and Michael Shane Gross Jr. They had been inside the Jeep when the event occurred. The old man chased the teens as his son got out and started firing shots at them with a 9mm pistol. A bullet hit Crawford and the young boy died at the scene. The bullet had hit him in the shoulder and exited his jaw. It took months for the police to find the murder weapon. They couldn’t identify the shooter through fingerprints. Later on, the story came out and Michael Jr. was sentenced to prison for 15 years.

11. Scavenger Hunt Gone Wrong


A simple act by a furniture store owner to scare kids turned into a tragic ending. Service High School in Alaska had arranged a long-standing tradition – the scavenger hunt for the kids and in the list of items that had to be collected was a helium balloon on the top of a Lo-Mark furniture store. Thompson and his friends climbed the store in order to get the balloon when the store owner caught the attention of the boys. He wanted to scare the kids so he began firing warning shots in the air but one of them hit Thompson and he died on the spot. The business owner was not charged with his death as he maintained that he did not intend to kill any of them.

10. Halloween Prank Doesn’t Go According To Plan


A hard working honor student at Fern Creek High in Kentucky, Jordan Morlan, always dreamed of being a Marine and loved Halloween. He used to tease and scare his little sister. One day when Jordan was decorating the family yard in anticipation of Halloween, he hung a noose from the tree. The little sister saw Jordan and rushed to her mother shouting that Jordan was hanging from the tree and was not moving. Nobody believed the little girl as they thought that he was playing a prank on his sister but as soon as the mother heard that he had drool running down his mouth, she ran to the yard. Unfortunately, she couldn’t get him down. Jordan was declared dead when he reached the hospital, and his death had been due to organ failure.

9. Simple Chase Ends In Tragedy

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Sgt. Daniel Figgins, a very respected and well-liked member of the police force, was chasing a group of teens when he suffered a heart attack. He had been chasing them because every year, seniors of St. Charles East High School would break into the school and steal a golf cart which they would drive in the school’s retention pond. The school’s janitor called the police when he saw the students breaking into the school center. Two of the boys came back to retrieve the bolt cutters. The rest of the teens ignored the repeated orders of Sgt. Daniel Figgins and while chasing them, Daniel suffered a heart attack. He was unresponsive and died a short time later at the hospital.

8. Confusion Leads To Track Star’s Death


Hiding in a closet and making noise is fun but not when you have a gun enthusiast around. It is a story of the Lal family who moved out of their home in Longmont, Colorado and had moved to nearby Niwot. Premila Lal and her cousin decided to play a prank on her brother and a friend named Galley. They decided to hide in a closet and make a bit of noise. When her brother and Galley entered the house, they thought there was an intruder in the home and Galley being a gun enthusiast, opened fire as soon as someone from the closet screamed and jumped out. It was then that he realized he had killed Premila. She was taken to the hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

7. Another Prank Goes Horribly Wrong


A group of friends including Adrian Broadway went out for a movie and dinner and later decided to play a revenge prank on a friend who had earlier pulled a prank on the group at Halloween. They went to his house and slathered his parked car with everything they could come up with. It included eggs, leaves, mayonnaise and toilet paper. The seven teens piled into the vehicle as they heard their friend’s father coming. The father began firing at the teens. A bullet hit Adrian in the head since she was in the passenger’s seat and she later died from the injuries at the hospital.

6. Bullying Ends In Total Disaster


Expressing love and gratitude to others can sometimes become the reason why someone would end up getting bullied. Seventeen-year-old Sergei Casper was a very hard-working guy, loved art and performed so well on stage that he earned the reputation of being a good guy. This gave his peers a reason to ridicule and bully him. The fellow classmates not only covered him with plastic wrap in the hallway but also dragged him into the bathroom and dunked him into the toilet. He was then dragged back to the classroom where he lost his balance and fell on the desk, damaging his esophagus. The fellows continued to laugh but called an ambulance when they realized it had gone wrong. By the time Sergei reached the hospital, he had passed away.

5. Overdoing The Soap Causes Washing Machine To Overflow


Whoever caused this mess probably didn’t know how to do laundry and was probably doing it for the first time. Anyone who has been doing laundry for a few years knows that overdoing the soap is almost never a good idea since it not only ends up ruining all the clothes but also makes a huge mess. This guy, it seems, poured the whole container of soap into the machine because he was probably unaware of the consequences. The soap bubbles took over the entirety of the yard. On one hand, it made the hard floors into a super fun slip and slide and on the other hand, all of the furniture in the house was probably ruined.

4. DIY Painting Doesn’t Go As Planned


Where all the other pranks and innocent things had a tragic ending, this one is tragic in a funny sort of way. No matter how old the car was, the value of the car went down pretty significantly. This poor soul thought of saving some money and painting the house on his own without having to hire a professional. Sadly, the confidence cost him dearly as the entire can of white paint was spilled inside the car. We’re sure this wasn’t the way that the driver had thought of spending the afternoon. Since the entire rear seat of the car was painted white, it must have taken the guy a lot of time to clean that awful mess.

3. Being Stuck On A Roller Coaster Sucks


The kind of tragic ending here is what nightmares are made of. All they wanted to have was a little fun but it turned out to be one horrible experience. The people on the roller coaster got stuck when the ride was going up on a 90-degree climb. They had no clue if the ride was going to start back up again so all they could do was to grab the seat handles. It could have easily sent them plummeting back to the ground. What added more danger to the whole scenario was when the theme park workers asked them to somehow get up from their seats and shift into the nearby crane. Due to this tragic incident, these people will never go near a theme park again.

2. Funeral Home Driver Who Will Have Nightmares For The Rest Of His Life


The family of a deceased person is already in a lot of pain and misery and in this case, the family must have been mortified. Here, the car was most likely being driven by someone from the funeral home who had no idea of what the next minute was holding for him. Due to a bump in the road and a minor accident, the coffin box dropped out on to the road from the rear window. The person inside the coffin box must have had his whole outfit messed up which probably had to be rearranged before getting buried. Thankfully, the body didn’t fall out of the coffin box, otherwise, it would have become even more embarrassing for the driver.

1. What Could Be Difficult About Transporting Eggs?


Transporting eggs is a very delicate job. It is fairly difficult to transport eggs from one place to another in one piece; it’s a job that requires a lot of balance as well. The workers, in this scenario didn’t really seem to have any of that since they ended up destroying so much of the product. In some jobs, if something is destroyed, one can easily brush it off under the rug so that the boss doesn’t notice anything. Sadly, the employees who carrying the trays of eggs mishandled them and therefore ended up losing the trays and getting all of the eggs scrambled on the floor. The only solution we can conclude after this tragic incident is that they might have begged their boss to let them keep their jobs.

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