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15 Photos Of Redneck Inventions (That Are Actually Smart)

15 Photos Of Redneck Inventions (That Are Actually Smart)

Redneck inventions are actually quite genius. No, really! As a group of people, they’ve managed to provide solutions to problems that don’t need solving. Their inventions have created a whole new bunch of ways to severely injure rednecks and anyone unfortunate enough to get close to them. On a positive note, rednecks have also created some seriously lolworthy images in the process. So, what’s not to like?

Sure, rednecks might not approach problem solving in the most sophisticated fashion, but you have to hand it to them: some of these inventions are just plain brilliant. Best of all, redneck inventions are really cheap. You can live as a hillbilly and still enjoy luxuries such as hot tubs, swimming pools, out door decks, air conditioning and hybrid cars. Though, obviously each and every one comes with its own redneck hack that makes it a borderline deathtrap.

Each one is an insight into what it’s like in redneck heaven. Basically this seems to comprise of bacon, some sort of pool and strangely modified cars and engines. Sounds good to us! Check out our list of redneck inventions and see which ones you’ll be attempting to cobble together in your yard.

15. You Get A Hot dog, Everyone Gets A Hot dog!

Via: ImgFlip &

Hosting a fancy get together at your trailer? Need to feed a bunch of people fast? Just sling some hot dogs onto your garden rake and you’re good to go. Hot dogs for every redneck in town, in ten minutes. Bonus points to you if you bother to clean the rake up first. Or after, to be honest. Whichever redneck came up with this borderline genius cooking hack needs a medal. And perhaps a voucher for a course in safe food handling. Everyone loves a cook out, but hot dog based food poisoning? We’ll pass, thanks.

14. It’s Getting Hot In Here, So Please Don’t Take Off All Your Clothes

Via: Runt of the Web & Pinterest

You’ve got your catering sorted out for your redneck shindig, but what about your guests? Are they expected to stand around or are you going to lay on some luxurious hot tub action for them? Of course you are. And really, what could be more relaxing than lying in some possibly tepid water, with a blazing inferno roaring perilously close to your long and luscious redneck mullet? So there’s no danger of these rednecks opening a 5 star, high end spa any time soon, but they are definitely living their best life.

13. This Redneck Owned The Rotisserie Game

Via: StarPulse

If hot dogs aren’t meaty enough for your redneck jaws to chow down on, there’s only one other option. Get your carnivorous chops around some rotisserie hog meat. But who really wants to stand around for hours turning the spit when there are beers to drink, redneck women to leer after and more genius redneck inventions to be conjured up? No one, which is precisely why this self-turning rotisserie was invented. Less turning, more beer and as much coronary heart disease as your redneck arteries can handle. The American dream just got super-sized, super-lazy and super-calorific. Just as god intended.

12. The Deck Redneck Dreams Are Made Of

Via: BrainJet

Redneck life goals surely include owning their own mobile home or trailer. Whose goals don’t have those lofty dreams? But what happens when you achieve that lifelong quest? You need to pimp out that trailer with the mother of all decks, of course! Just one problem. If one day you need to move your home in a quick pinch, your glorious deck is left behind. This redneck has the answer: a mobile deck (also known as a truck trailer, but let’s not shatter their hillbilly dreams). As you can see, they’ve added all the essentials. Basically a grill and a picnic table. But really, what more do you need?

11. This Redneck Fire Alarm = Snack Goals

Via: Runt of the Web

Even rednecks appreciate the need for some health and safety equipment around the home. But, being rustic genius types, they can’t just have a standard fire alarm. Hell, no. Rednecks have found a way to turn a fire in their home into a snack opportunity. How? By installing a packet of Jiffy Pop popcorn to sound the alarm. Presumably as the fire rages through their trailer, they’ll grab the (now cooked) corn from the wall on their way out. Maybe they’ll pick up some others essentials too like kids, pets or possibly a six-pack? Still, with your cooked Jiffy Pop, you’ve got something to eat while you watch the fire crew dampen the flames.

10. Hold My Beer …

Via: Runt of the Web & Know Your Meme

Actually, don’t hold my beer – I’ve got this, said every redneck ever. Because can anyone be trusted not to drink your beer while you’re attempting to build another genius invention? Duh, no! So, a redneck invented the belt buckle that holds your beer. No longer do you have to entrust your buddy with your beer while you crack on with important tasks such as eating your bodyweight in chicken wings or driving your truck to the liquor store. Though the real question here might be what self-respecting redneck has beer left to hold? Surely you down the beer in one gulp before undertaking any kind of activity.

9. A Redneck Take On A Griddle Iron 


We’ve learned a lot on this list so far. We’ve also delved right into the redneck stereotypes and it seems rednecks do love their food. Nothing proves this more than yet another redneck invention that takes cooking to the next level. This time we’ve moved the gourmet cuisine indoors and we’re frying some bacon on the stove. So far, so suburban America. Look again and you’ll see that a brainiac redneck has come up with a far better use for a clothes iron. Yep, that’s right. Park it upside down on your stove and you’ve got a smoking hot griddle surface. You’ve also got a grease fire just waiting to happen. Plus, possible third degree burns and an iron that will forever more make your clothes smell like pork fat. But right now? You’ve got bacon and redneck life is good.

8. Because Every Redneck Knows How Big A Beer Can Is …

Via: RedNeckJokes247

How many times have you been out in the wilderness and caught something of unknown size in your squirrel trap, fishing net or elaborate man-trap? Exactly. All. The. Darn. Time. You’ve caught your game but how can you tell everyone how big it is if you’ve left your measuring tape at home? If you’re a redneck genius, you’ve got the perfect answer. Measure it in beer cans. Because who actually knows what 6 inches – or any other measurement, looks like? But we all know exactly how long a beer can is. At least, EVERY self-respecting redneck does anyway. For reference, The Clever’s latest catch measured 9 beer cans. We couldn’t be more proud.

7. No Air Conditioning? That’s Not Cool


Without air conditioning, red hot American summers would be unbearable. Soaring temperatures are made tolerable by the a/c chugging away in the corner. But if you’re driving around in a vehicle older than your redneck uncle, chances are you’re not rolling in the cooling breeze of automobile a/c. Time to come up with yet another bit of redneck engineering and pimp that ride! But how? Instead of driving to the nearest auto-repair shop and having some air-conditioning retro-fitted, why not just sling an a/c unit on the side of your truck? Seems perfectly reasonable.

6. No Pool? No Problem …

Via: Pinterest

When you live in a mobile home or trailer park, chances are you haven’t gotten around to building a pool area. Indoor pools aren’t an option and we’ve seen that redneck hot tubs tend towards the tepid side. But it’s 100 degrees outside and everyone wants a pool party. Redneck invention to the rescue! Sling some tarp in the back of your pick up, get the hose flowing and you’ve got an instant swimming pool. Depending on the size of your truck, you’re not going to be beating Michael Phelps’ world record, but what’s a redneck going to do? Bros and beers optional.

5. Rednecks Use All The Lawn Mowers

Via: StarPulse

Lawn mowing. Not exactly the most fun activity in the world, right? Wrong. Why? Because rednecks have invented a way to make it more fun and get it over quicker. Perfect combo. How have the hillbillies fixed this one? Basically by just adding a fleet of lawnmowers to your existing mower. Like your original mower has spawned tentacles of grass-munching minions, ready to do its evil lawn mowing bidding. Too far fetched? Fair play. But let’s face it, this is grass cutting. How else were we going to spice up this list entry. The picture speaks for itself. Mowing x more mowing = better mowing. That’s just basic redneck math.

4. Wheel See About That


Next time you get an irreparable flat, lose a wheel or fancy adding a touch of danger to your next car journey, crank out this awesome redneck invention. So simple, it’s almost obvious. Almost. But with the cost of auto repair rising and most of your pay check being spent on fast cars and loose women, what other choice do you have? Exactly, none. So strap this to your car and wheel around town until you’ve saved up enough money for a new wheel. Or until you’ve been pulled over by the cops. Whichever comes first. Just don’t tell them you saw it on The Clever. We’re too busy grilling burgers on a clothes iron to be dishing out legal assistance.

3. A Redneck Hybrid

Via: StarPulse

Presuming your car now has all four wheels intact, so you might want to think about going green. Let’s not even get started on the whole climate change debate. Whether you believe in it or not, you just can’t have your neighbor rollin’ in the hood with a Toyota Prius, making you look like you’re still peddling around in a Flintstone car. You’ve got to get the latest tech. And if you’re a redneck? Well that means getting an electrical socket in your vehicle, apparently. We have questions though. Is this for charging an iPhone, charging the engine or for running that burger-grilling clothes iron?

2. When A Redneck Gets Their Bake On

Via: StarPulse & BuzzHunt

Who knew rednecks love to bake? Not us… Until we saw this invention. Now, let’s all be honest. Who didn’t see this image and think “I really want to try this invention out”? We’ve got a couple of office interns out shopping for a drill while we type this. Redneck cupcakes in the office later! Get a drill, add a mixer attachment and get whipping up some cookie dough, cake mix or get real fancy and whip up some pavlova. There could be the slight risk of choosing the wrong speed and wearing the cake mix instead of eating it. But we’ve always thought that what baking really needs is an element of risk to elevate it to the next level.

1. Flat Out In Your Flat Bed

Via: StarPulse

Inventing stuff is really tiring. Between thinking, half-assed attempts at cobbling things together and trips to the ER when it all goes horribly, horribly wrong, it’s not easy. So every redneck inventor needs a place to chill out. Maybe catch some sun and plot some more hair-brained schemes to solve problems that really don’t need solving. That could be a quiet corner in a den, a remote spot in the great outdoors or, better still, just stick a sun lounger in the back of your pick-up and you’ve got a mobile sun spot, because you never really know when the mood to chill is going to grab you.

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