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15 Photos That Caught The Most Awkward Woman At The Wedding

15 Photos That Caught The Most Awkward Woman At The Wedding

People go through a lot of trouble to prepare a perfect wedding. They spend months planning all the details such as the venues, the caterers, guest lists, photographers, and the official that will join the bride and groom in holy matrimony. The bride-to-be has to go through the whole process of finding the right wedding gown and making sure the wedding party is appropriately dressed. It definitely isn’t cheap and there is always a great deal of stress for all parties involved.

After the long and arduous process of preparation, it’s time for the big day. The bride is accompanied by her bridesmaids as she gets dolled up, puts on her dress, and hopes that her future husband shows up on time. Meanwhile, the groom tries his best to keep a cool head as he prepares with his groomsmen. Before they know it, the groom is waiting at the altar and the bride is making her way down the aisle. That’s assuming that neither party has decided to make a sudden dash for Mexico. They exchange vows and then leave hand in hand with all the hopes and dreams that newlyweds have. Now it’s time to shake loose and celebrate their new union at the reception. Delicious food is consumed, many beverages are pounded back, and plenty of laughs are had. People awkwardly deliver various toasts, there’s a lot of dancing, and then the bride and groom leave amid all the fanfare to start their honeymoon and embark on their new lives.

A little while later, the bride and groom get copies of the pictures that were taken over the course of their wedding day. There are always loads of great memories but then there are a few of those photos that are a little weird. Here are 15 of the creepiest women at the wedding.

15. The Sniff Test

There are many things that a bride needs to have come together if her big day is going to be the way she dreamed it would be. Her dress needs to look awesome, her bridesmaids should all be present and relatively sober, and she’ll definitely need her groom-to-be waiting for her at the altar as she walks down the aisle. It really adds to the fairytale when the weather’s nice, her makeup is perfect, and her hair is great. Perhaps the other big things are remembering the wedding rings and being absolutely certain that she doesn’t stink of body odor. That is why it is important for her trusted bridesmaids to be constantly monitoring the bride’s BO index. The easiest way to keep tabs on this is by performing regular sniff tests.

14. Where Now?

One effective way to make yourself look a little less creepy is to surround yourself with other creepy looking people. It’s much like the way fat people hang out with even fatter people in an attempt to make themselves appear a bit thinner. Liza Minnelli was never what you would describe as a stunner but she was rich enough for David Gest to marry in 2002. Now, Gest had an odd enough appearance himself but when you add the likes of Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor to the wedding photo potpourri you have an all-out freak show for the ages. The creepiest thing of all is the fact that Minnelli is, for once, the least creepy looking member of the wedding party. That in itself is rather creepy.

13. What On Earth?

If a picture is worth a thousand words then this weird wedding photo screams out every word in all languages past and present. There is more than one thing that crosses that fine line between comedy and horror in this shot. Admittedly, the waterfront scenery is quite charming and love appears to be in the air but this is either the unholiest of unholy unions or some kind of sick and twisted internet prank. They say you can have your cake and eat it too but this bride would definitely inhale the entire cake before you could even reach for a slice. We should still wish them our best but we should encourage them to avoid having any offspring. That young man should also be awarded a medal for his unflinching bravery.

12. The Corpse Bride

It was a tragic love story that led to one of the most bizarre weddings in the history of mankind. Chadil Deffy and Sarinya Kamsook were a young Thai couple that were deeply in love with each other. The pair met in university and they proceeded to date for about 10 years. They wanted to get married but his busy schedule prevented them from doing so. Instead, they decided to wait until he had completed his studies. Well, their plans fell apart when Kamsook was killed in an accident. This unfortunate event would put an end to most weddings but Deffy wouldn’t let this small inconvenience ruin his plans. Shortly after Kamsook’s sudden passing, a heartbroken Deffy married her anyway. There is no word on whether or not the marriage was officially consummated.

11. Open Wide!!

Guys love women who have special talents. It could be something as simple as making those amusing flatulent sounds with their armpits or something a little more sophisticated like cutting onions without crying or being able to tie their shoelaces with their tongues. Most women have some kind of talent that they can delight and amaze people with and this bridesmaid certainly has hers. She can cram the bride’s forearm into her mouth. Now, we’re not really sure if there are any practical applications for this skill but it is strangely stimulating nonetheless. Maybe she can find a side job in a circus as a sword swallower? It’s also handy to know that if she is ever choking you can simply reach down her throat and pull out the obstruction.

10. Spot the Real Creep

Sure, sometimes the creep is pretty easy to point out. The fat old man in a Speedo obliviously photobombing an otherwise nice wedding photo is a pretty obvious choice. The world would definitely be a better place if we didn’t have to risk having our eyes assaulted with such horrifying and distasteful imagery. The truly creepy component to this photo actually lurks in the background. The guy in the background on the right, presumably the groom, seems to be truly amused as is the bride and the guy on her right side. Now let’s take a good look at the woman on the left side of the screen. That look on her face? It’s not quite amusement, shock, or even disgust. She appears to be genuinely attracted by what she’s seeing. Now that’s one creepy woman!!

9. Hands Down

They say that the only two things that are guaranteed in life are death and taxes. Well, let’s add a third certainty to that list: This chick will be the creepiest woman at her wedding no matter who shows up. What’s that you say? Michael Jackson’s corpse will be there? Sorry. Not creepy enough!! Freddie Krueger, Leatherface, and that hillbilly kid that played the banjo in the movie Deliverance are invited? Close, but no cigar. There’s really only one person that could give her a run for her money in the creepy department and that would be the poor sap who is taking this excited bride to be his lawfully wedded wife. Either that or she happens to have a twin brother. If so, he’d be perfect for the young lass on the left.

8. Just one More..For Courage…

What does every newly-married bride dream of doing right after she ties the knot? Head off on a romantic honeymoon? Relax in a nice hotel room? How about sit in a corner and get totally hammered while sucking back a couple packs of cigs, like this happy bride? These Eastern Europeans sure know how to party!! It looks like her high heels have made it a little difficult to walk so she has put on a pair of comfy flat-soled boots. Well, come to think of it, it looks like she might have a bit of trouble even walking in those at this point. Nonetheless, it’s her big day and she has the right to celebrate it in any way she sees fit. The groom will come along any minute and give her a refill.

7. Where Does the Creepiness End?

It’s one thing for a wedding picture to have a creepy element to it but it’s a whole different thing when the entire image is loaded with bizarre imagery. Take these two photos as examples. A couple putting their own raunchy twist as they reenact that famous spaghetti sharing scene in Lady and the Tramp and then there are all of those spooky looking masks that all but the bride are wearing. One can only assume that the guy with his alien hands resting on the bride’s crotch area is the groom but we shouldn’t make any assumptions about these pictures. They make some of those scenes in the movie Eyes Wide Shut seem rather tame. We’ll never know if these love stories had happy endings but they look like they both had interesting beginnings.

6. Getting Ready for…

A bridal party stands in front of a barn to pose for wedding photos. Nothing odd there. What might be a little odd is that the bridesmaids are turned around and raising their dresses in order to expose parts of their fairly decent looking rear ends. Titillatingly creepy indeed!! Their dresses match and their hair looks fantastic but you’d think that they would have put some more thought into coordinating their undergarments? The one thing that some could be thankful for is the fact that the bride has decided not to partake in the antics. Of course, nobody can be sure what happened after the photo session was finished and the moonshine began to flow at the ensuing hoedown. We’re sure that a good ol’ time was had by all though.

5. Deliverance

Here comes the bride all dressed in white and a bit of red lace for good measure. Now, these backwoods wedding ceremonies are still joyous occasions. The dashing groom is thrilled to have finally found a woman that can look past his superficial flaws while the beautiful bride is really looking forward to being the first in line at the buffet dinner that will be served up after all of the formalities are out of the way. The guy’s parents are collecting a bunch of money from all the people that bet on the kid never getting married and the lovely lady’s parents are already counting the cash that they will save with their grocery bill being slashed in half. The only question that remains is where these two lovebirds will go for their honeymoon?

4. Hanging Around on Her Wedding Day

Do they have Walmarts in Russia? If not then they must have a Russian equivalent and it’s a pretty good bet to say that these two newlyweds met there. Granted, it doesn’t really matter where these two met. The important thing is that they are in love and dedicated to spending the rest of their lives with each other. A lot of us could only be so lucky. It’s just that there is something a little unsettling about this delicate flower of a bride and it’s hard to place a finger on it. It’s like she’s missing something. Oh well, as long as that young man is willing to give her the support she so badly needs then everything should turn out just fine for the happy couple. Hang in there!!

3. Somebody’s Biological Clock is Ticking Fast

Some people take wedding rituals pretty seriously. Take the part of the ceremony where the bride tosses her bouquet of flowers into a group of women. Superstition has it that the lucky lady who catches the bouquet will soon get married too. The thought of being a lonely old spinster doesn’t appeal to many women so a pretty good battle sometimes ensues during the flower toss. The look of determination on some of the faces is hilarious. It’s like they are catching the game-winning pass from Tom Brady to win a Super Bowl. Meanwhile, we also catch an everlasting image of the pain of defeat. If the dark-haired woman who seems destined to catch this bouquet ever needs a job she could likely earn a walk-on spot as a receiver for the Cleveland Browns.

2. Ghostly Photobomb

Here’s a truly creepy wedding photo that was taken a few decades ago at a church in Shropshire, England. This picture isn’t creepy in an Uncle Eddie eyeing up the young bridesmaid type of way. Rather, it’s creepy in a ghostly way. Allegedly, the two young girls on the left side of the photo felt a cold chill and a sudden feeling of sadness as the photographer took the shot. Nobody could explain why they felt that way until the photo was developed. That’s when they noticed the strange apparition that was standing behind them. The uninvited photo-bomber appears to be a young girl who wanted to be included in the goings-on. Nobody has any idea who the uninvited guest was or why she decided to crash that particular wedding.

1. Ghost in a Tree

Keeping on the topic of the supernatural type of creepy for a moment, this wedding day photo was taken at a wedding in Jasper, Alabama back in 1942. The picture has stirred a bit of debate surrounding its authenticity but nobody is sure whether or not it is legit. Either way, it’s one heck of a creepy photo. If you take a look over the girl’s left shoulder you can see what appears to be a grotesque-looking ghost that appears to be screaming. The human subjects are blissfully unaware of the alleged spirit’s presence as they calmly pose. Of course, there could be other explanations. Maybe it’s just their crazy grandmother screaming because she got herself tangled up in the bushes? You never know. Crazier things have been known to happen.

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