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15 Photos You Can Only Find In America

15 Photos You Can Only Find In America


Only in America.

That statement is one that is heard time and again to describe the no apologies, head on, and straightforward attitude of this vibrant and unique country. But it’s not always a good thing.

We have a different way of doing things that often baffles people from other countries, ranging from strange foods, sports and celebrations to the exuberance with which we proudly but often overtly display the flag on everything.

I love the country I live in, but we truly approach life in a way that could only be described as American. The unafraid and unapologetic approach to what we do is amazing, but it can lead to some crazy results that could only be described with the statement; “well, that didn’t go as planned.”

I celebrate the ingenuity and creativity that we use on a daily basis, but I also sit back and giggle when I see the cringeworthy results of an activity gone very wrong. But, these results don’t stop the zeal that we have for everything we do. Luckily, we enjoy the silliness that often comes from these over the top attempts to live life to the fullest. We live on in photos that catch some of the crazy results of things that didn’t go as planned. We will always live up to the approach of “only in America!”

15. Breakfast With a Twist – the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich


One thing I have seen repeatedly is the baffled and sometimes disgusted reaction people have to some of the food combinations that are eaten here in the United States. One combination that is a classic example is the glazed donut breakfast sandwich. Only in America would this crazy concoction be considered an actual meal. When visitors get one look at this gastric nightmare, the reactions range from confusion to sheer astonishment that someone would not only create this, but that people actually eat them. No other country would push the envelope this way and try to combine a sweet pastry with a small breakfast in one sandwich. 

14. A Meal For the Whole Table

Via businessinsider.ocm

Another strange thing that has been pointed out about American eating habits is the overly large portions. Restaurants serve portions that could be two meals. These over the top sizes not only apply for fast food, but can be found in our nicer restaurants. While it’s nice that our country is prosperous enough to have an amazing array of food choices, the portions that are put on our plates can be overwhelming. Watching kids and adults try to make a visible dent in the piles of food in front of them can be entertaining. When you go out to eat, make sure you’re hungry.

13. Shopping Large


I’ve talked to a lot of people from different countries over the years. One thing that gets pointed out to me is the unbelievable size of our stores. We have superstores and warehouses everywhere. The ability to buy in bulk is something that confuses a lot of people that don’t live here. We have stores that allow you to purchase everything from food to toiletries and always in huge amounts. Going to these gigantic warehouses can overwhelm almost everyone. Rows and rows of racks reaching to the ceiling can leave you feeling lost. Who needs to buy enough toilet paper to last the average family a year? Apparently, Americans do.

12. What is This Advertisement For?


Americans are known for being larger than life about a lot of things. It shows in everything we do. We eat large, play large and of course, advertise large. We like big and obvious and it shows. Walking through any store in America and you’ll see it. The displays at the end of each aisle and in the middle of the walkways. We make sure that every shopper knows what’s on sale and what is available for them. The huge displays proudly show each person who walks in the door the things that, according to the store, will make their lives better. Advertising, as with everything else, is bigger and brighter. Only in America.

11. Pajamas in Public


One of the most ridiculous things that commonly seen now is people wearing things that aren’t actually meant to be worn outside. Shopping in their pajamas is one of them. What makes a normally rational adult decide it’s a good idea to go anywhere in their pajamas? I see it everywhere. Comfort is one thing, but it’s being taken too far. When you’re sick or just getting back from an overnight shift and you just need to pick up something, it can be overlooked, but why is it acceptable to shop in your pajamas? It’s not pretty. And it seems to happen; only on America.

10. Flags, Not Clothing


Only in America would you find the national flag on clothing to the level that it is. Old Glory has become a regular sight on everything. Patriotism is a wonderful thing, but only Americans would think it was necessary to place it on every article of clothing possible. And making it into swimwear; why? It’s our flag, not a bikini top. I fly my flag proudly, but I don’t fly it on my chest. It’s meant to be waving proudly in our sky, not bouncing across someone’s boobs. Let’s keep our flag proud, not stretched out across a large American butt. Only in America.

9. More on Flags…


Americans and their flags. We fly them proudly. But it’s been noticed by people from many different countries that we tend to go beyond what is considered normal. We put them everywhere. Most countries fly their flags only on certain days and for certain celebrations. Americans, on the other hand, have them everywhere. We fly them on our houses and on our cars. We have them painted on our cars and use them as decorations. We definitely do it big about our patriotism. We share our pride in our country in typical obvious American ways. I’m proud of my country and I stand behind it, but I can see how it would be confusing to someone who isn’t raised here.

8. Shopping or Insanity?


One thing that Americans take to unbelievable levels is shopping. An obvious example of beyond the normal shopping is Black Friday. When otherwise rational adults turn into almost rabid maniacs in search of material items. We celebrate Thanksgiving and embrace enjoying what we have, then turn around and beat each other up for televisions and toys. It becomes a yearly spectacle to see how many people are going to be lined up in a huge huddle, ready to tackle and trample each other in search of the next big savings. This kind of crazy behavior could only be found in the United States.

7. Halloween Isn’t Just For Kids


Halloween is celebrated in multiple countries around the world, but we have put a spin on it that is strictly American. Every year, people all over the United States spend millions of dollars on costumes and candy to turn a holiday into a spectacle that truly goes over the top. You would only find “sexy” versions of what should be cute ideas for children. We have kids of just about every age going from house to house asking for candy that has been stockpiled in huge bowls to be handed out. We have put an American twist on Halloween just like every other holiday.

6. Spring Break


This American phenomenon spills over into other countries. Every year, our college students spend a week acting like drunk children. The partying, the music, the drinking and the inappropriate behavior of young people that spend the rest of the year studying and becoming responsible adults has become a worldwide joke. Photos and videos of this behavior pop up everywhere on the internet. I find it easy to poke fun at some of the more unusual habits of my fellow Americans, but I can only cringe when I see this American behavior that takes over beaches and cities all over the world.

5. Fried Foods Everywhere


One of the most bizarre concepts people struggle with is the American habit of deep frying foods. We will deep fry anything, and I do mean anything. Our fascination with frying doesn’t stop at french fries and chicken. It ranges from standard foods such as chicken to the most outrageous ideas of pickles to macaroni. Nothing is safe from the plunge into the oil. We take pride in the ability we have to turn everything into a handheld fried food.  We’re even willing to fry fruits. We take something that could be healthy and coat it in crumbs and oil. Only in America would the concept of fried macaroni or fried fruit become commonplace.

4. And While We’re At It, Food On A Stick


Americans always like to take things a step further. We take our love affair with fried foods and then put it on a stick. A lot of other countries have food on a stick, but Americans truly take it to all new levels. We have your standard kabobs but we’re also known for oddities such as pickles, cheesecake and even fried Twinkies on a stick. It’s a combination of the ability to eat on the run and the whimsy you would normally only find at a state fair. Our obsession with food has led to some of the craziest and most unique ways of literally having our cake and eating it too, while we’re walking away.

3. Tailgate Parties


All countries have their sporting traditions, but only Americans could come up with the tailgate party. Our love of parties, food and sports combine perfectly in this one activity. Sports fans get together in huge groups to cook and party loudly to celebrate their teams. The rivalries between the fans of each team can become loud and crazy. As Americans, we love these outdoor parties. We get the chance to be loud, cut loose and just be our silly selves. We paint up, cook out and laugh it up as we get ready for the big games. We take pride in our American tailgate parties.

2. Presidential Turkey Pardons


Although the annual pardoning of the turkey started as a joke, it has become a whimsical tradition that our country enjoys every year. In a country that celebrates it’s annual feast with a carving of the turkey, the silliness of watching the leader of our nation take time out every year to pardon what could actually be their next meal gives us a chance to enjoy a laugh and to see someone who carries so much power in our country have to do something so silly. Only in America, would we pardon a turkey on the same day when thousands of them are being cooked to perfection in ovens all around the country.

1. Punkin Chunkin


I couldn’t help saving this one for last. In my eyes, this truly demonstrates the absolute uniqueness of America. Only Americans would come up with a competition that requires ingenuity, skill, and absurdity all in one. Thousands of people get together to build all sorts of contraptions from air driven guns to trebuchet lauchers that all have one goal; to hurl a pumpkin as far as possible. This competition draws engineers, designers and every other type of person from all over the country to try their hand at building the most amazing machine to demolish a gourd. This could only happen in one country.

Although many of these photos look at some ridiculous behaviors, I still tip my hat to the audacity and creativity that can be found all over America. We may be loud, silly and sometimes reckless, but we never give up being true to our red, white and blue American spirit. We definitely are original and can enjoy living up to the statement; Only in America.

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