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15 Pictures Of Emma Watson That Are Mind-Blowing

15 Pictures Of Emma Watson That Are Mind-Blowing

There’s no doubt that Emma Watson is best known for her phenomenal character as the mousy studious Hermione in the legendary Harry Potter film franchise. Surely, the cute Hermione Granger wowed us with her witness, ladylike manners, and sheer creativity so many times. As a best friend of the immensely popular Harry Potter character, Hermione didn’t really need much to take our breaths away right off the bat. It’s also true that the successful British actress started her acting career at the very tender age of 11. Well, you didn’t expect that, did you?

And still, you may only remember her as the know-it-all Hermione, but you’ve got no idea what a wonderful young lady Emma Watson is today. Also, the Brit star proved her unique talent and skills while climbing the ladder of success. Thus, it’d be safe to say that Emma definitely got off to a pretty good start back in the day. As a result, Emma became a phenomenal and well-known Hollywood actress whose undeniable charisma will never fail to make us love her even more. Frankly, Emma Watson’s unique beauty and charm is simply another reason to cherish her great personality! Check out our wonderful roundup of Emma’s most glamorous photos which will leave you totally speechless. Enjoy your ride through her best shots!

15. Always elegant on the Red Carpet

via YouTube

Wow! Isn’t she lovely?! Indeed, Emma Watson is one lucky day whose worldwide fame didn’t seem to take a toll on her nice and charismatic personality. Saying that the shiny world of Hollywood isn’t a dangerous game sounds hypocritical. Also, it’s not rare to see how many great Hollywood movie stars simply give in to drug or alcohol abuse. Surely, Hollywood has its dark corners as well. Thankfully, all of these sinful things are simply beneath our beautiful and smoking hot actress. Today she simply shines like the genuine star she truly is. Besides, she absolutely deserves her fame and success.

14. And so classy

via Elle South Africa

Well, we know how celebs always try to look their very best even if that means putting on a ton of makeup. Also, many are the cases when celebs show up on the Red Carpet with such a heavy makeup that they hardly look like themselves.  “Less is more”, remember? Apparently, Emma Watson followed this unwritten makeup rule every time she walked the magnificent Red Carpet. As classy and stylish as she is, Emma Watson always appears dressed to the nines. Indeed, her mind-blowing looks on the Red Carpet just meet no rivalry. After all, it’s just another reason why there are so many young girls looking up to her.

13. Emma can be a bit …”playful” as well

via YouTube

Oh, the playful Emma! If we must be completely honest with you, Emma’s phenomenal character as Hermione in the Harry Potter blockbuster was a truly unforgettable one. Surely, she was a cute little girl when she impersonated her witty character back in the day. As a matter of fact, she was only 11 years old when she started filming the epic franchise. In truth, her potential to become such a cherished and loved actress didn’t go unnoticed by the fancy and lustrous world of Hollywood. Today, Emma is no longer that little girl, but a fabulous lady who’s also a bit playful every now and then. Well, she’s still a human being at the end of the day, right?

12. Or she can be your Fairy Tale Princess

Via: Youtube

Frankly, Emma Watson was absolutely the best actress who could impersonate the beautiful character of Belle so wonderfully well. Actually, we can hardly think of another Hollywood actress who can play it better than our gorgeous Emma. Besides, the musical romantic fantasy film became an absolute phenomenon that simply captured our hearts. Certainly, Emma possesses all of the needed personality traits to play the role of the beautiful, smart and good-hearted Belle. Also, she’s absolutely like a fairy tale and a wet dream of so many guys out there.

11. Oh, so casually beautiful!

via Elle

It’s true that Emma Watson is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses of her time. And as such, it’s pretty obvious why she’s always in the limelight. Besides, her skillfulness and charming nature are quite hard to neglect as well. And in truth, she doesn’t even have to try that hard. Her casually beautiful wardrobe picks alongside her natural hairstyles add a special touch of fabulousness to her lovely personality. Generally, Emma’s looks are so classy and feminine that there’s simply no way she would ever look less glamorous. She’s just beautiful the way she is!

10. …and effortlessly stylish


When talking about Emma’s unique movie roles and experiences, there’s one question that instantly arises. How well do you think you know Emma anyway? What exactly do you know about her acting career or personal life? Well, our great movie star’s full name is actually Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson. Honestly, her middle name is absolutely adorable. Additionally, Charlotte sounds so classy and stylish, doesn’t it? From the look of things, it definitely seems like we would hardly find an unattractive feature about her. Actually, she’s just way too cute, nice and gifted! Emma, why are you so perfect?!

9. Don’t forget her hot bikini looks!

via Pinterest

Have you ever dreamed of bumping into a celeb while soaking up the sun on the beach? Well, you may have the rare chance to experience it all! As you can see, Emma Watson is no stranger to sun tanning at all. Surely, her fair skin complexion may not show it all that well, but Emma could absolutely be spotted on the beach this year. Besides, her toned body doesn’t really deserve to be hidden from the eyes of the world, does it? Thanks to her slim figure and gorgeous face, Emma graced the covers of many world-recognized and celebrated magazines throughout the years. After all, she’s also a model who can totally give much to that specific industry as well!

8. Looking edgy? No problem!

via YouTube

Oh, If you think that Emma lacks some basic knowledge about racy poses, flirtatious looks, and smiles, then you’re a bit foolish. Seriously, did you really think that Emma’s still that innocent little girl from the Harry Potter mega-hit franchise movie? Then we’re truly sorry to break your heart, but she’s nothing like this anymore. As a matter of fact, Emma is kind of aware of how things work in this industry. Besides, she’s got a few pretty raunchy photos as well. As for that, you can always type her name in your Google search box and see what pops up.

7. This natural photo leaves us speechless

via GotCeleb

How wonderful! Well, this is definitely one of her best photos that you could possibly find on the web. Indeed, it’s one of her most feminine pictures for sure. Thanks to such photos, we’re able to see the wonderful Emma in such a gentle, soft and intimate way. Besides, her femininity is hardly contestable. She’s not only a greatly cherished celebrity but a lovely young woman with high standards and morals. Undoubtedly, she deserves a round of applause for the great person she’s today. Well done, Emma! You’re simply amazing!

6. We also love her for her wittiness

via PopSugar

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t remember her glorious character as Hermione in the legendary Harry Potter movie franchise. Hermione was a really sweet, smart and witty girl who was also pretty diligent in her witchcraft. Actually, she was shown as one of the best witches, if not the best one. Nevertheless, Emma Watson’s brightness wasn’t one to forget easily. As gorgeous and brilliant as she is, Emma’s public speeches deeply impressed the immense world countless times. Surely, it has got to do something with her Hermione character in one way or another. Do you agree with us?

5. It’s true, she’s smart as hell

via Book Riot

Undoubtedly, Emma Watson belongs to the list of the hottest youngest actresses. But beneath her raw and unrivaled beauty, Emma is a lovely lady who’s got brains as well. Actually, did you know that Emma’s IQ test score is one of the highest in the movie industry? We bet that you had no idea that she’s even featured on such lists. But in truth, her IQ score goes beyond the reported 130 whereas the average score on this specific test is around 100. Well, it looks like Emma Watson is not only smoking hot but quite intelligent as well. How can you not love her, right?

4. ….and so feminine

via Funnyjunk

Apart from her successful career as an A-list actress, Emma Watson is one ordinary British lady whose feminine features wowed the world countless times. And just in case you wonder about her origins, Emma Watson’s got some pretty juicy details to share. Emma may be a British Beauty, however, she boasts Turkish descendants as well. Quite shocking, right? Now that you’re perfectly aware of the source of her loveliness, it’s much easier to explain her rare and unique features, isn’t it? Obviously, she’s the beautiful explosion of the love between Brits and Turks.

3. Oh, she’s inspiring for sure

via PopSugar

Given her fabulous looks on the Red Carpet and official worldwide movie premieres, our charming Emma can absolutely be a fashion icon as well. Who could dispute it anyway? Also, nobody would be able to describe her feminine or strict wardrobe picks as less attractive or colorless. Who would do such a thing anyway? In truth, there’s no reason to diss her at all. As lovely as Hermoine Granger is, it’s really that hard to stop staring at her. Otherwise, it would be more than creepy for sure. After all, we’re fans, not creeps, remember?

2. She’s our favorite role model as well

via Famous People

Emma may be in the limelight, however, there are many curious and little-known facts about her. Did you know that she auditioned 8 times for the role of Hermoine Granger in the phenomenal Harry Potter blockbuster? No, you didn’t. But regardless of her hardships, Emma Watson absolutely nailed it like the real megastar she’s today. As a matter of fact, it’s exactly her role that catapulted her to a worldwide fame. Undoubtedly, she must have won her jury with her immense talent, ladylike manners, and dazzling smile. And as you can see, she’s still as adorable as ever!

1. Yes, Emma’s simply perfect!

via Harper’s Bazaa

Do you remember the time when she stepped on the Red Carpet in her gorgeous Ralph Lauren dress? Yes, it’s precisely the same dress you see in this photo. Needless to say, every time Emma Watson shows up somewhere, she just makes the world stop breathing. Well, it’s easy to guess how she does it: she’s charming, nice, well-educated, unbelievably talented and so stunning! With such a wide array of great personality traits, how could you not love her for the charming person she truly is? Indeed, she’s our glossy and priceless diamond for sure!


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