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15 Places More Mysterious Than Area 51

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15 Places More Mysterious Than Area 51

Beyond Area 51, there are many mysterious places in the world that defy logic. Weird places that look strange, incidents that are impossible to explain or define because the mysterious world wants to keep the things secret and sometimes our governments want to keep them hidden.

Even in this age, it is really hard to find out the real story behind some rare occurrences. Whether it’s a UFO sighting or leaked information about some secret military bases where humans and aliens are apparently working together on highly advanced technologies. There are mysteries in this world for which there are no real answers available.

Even the greatest researchers, astronauts, UFOlogists, cryptographers, archaeologists, environmentalists, and paranormal investigators have encountered mysterious things and the incidents remain unanswered. And probably, we are never going to get the answer.

Among the world’s most mysterious places, there’s Area 51 where the alleged crashed alien spaceship and alien bodies are kept. But there are some places which are more mysterious than Area 51.

Here’s a list of the 15 places even more bizarre, and creepy than Area 51. Some of these places are being kept secret from everyone and no-one is allowed to visit them, while there are some places so strange that you wouldn’t visit them anyway even if they were open to the public.

15. Dulce Base in New Mexico


Dulce Base is located in a New Mexico town Dulce, and is known as a 7-story under facility that accommodates humans and aliens under its roof. Theorists believe that the aliens and humans work together here. Several reports about this mysterious compound suggest that inside the Dulce base, humans, human-alien hybrids and human-animal hybrids are kept and the government is aware of all this and it works on advanced technologies.

The initial reports came from a businessman Paul Bennewitz who built this place. He claimed that he was intercepting alien communications and later it was confirmed by a UFOlogist John Lear.

The mysterious death of Philip Schneider, a man who claimed that he was a part of the government’s operations and one of the three people who survived an alleged firefight between aliens and the Delta Force, still remains unexplained. The base is still a mystery and the government doesn’t openly talk about the Dulce Base.

14. Mount Kailash in the Tibetan Autonomous region of China


The unclimbed peak is one of the most mysterious places in the world, and is located in the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China. The Chinese government has banned all the attempts to climb the mountain as it is considered the abode of a god from several religions.

But this is not the only reason that makes the Mount Kailash a mystery. Those who tried to climb it reported that the mountain changes its position and the routes get changed unexpectedly.

Those who attempted climbing Mount Kailash even reported that it causes rapid aging. Many people say that those who are near the mountain can see rapid growth of their nails and hair. According to several reports, when you are near Mount Kailash, the growth of your hair and nails in 12 hours will be equal to the growth you normally achieve in two weeks.

13. Zhitkur/Kapustin Yar Underground Base in Russia


It is unbelievable that Russia also has its own Area 51, but it does exist. One of the strangest places on earth, Zhitkur is an underground facility from where the rocket development and launch takes place. It is said that inside this underground base, there are alien spaceships available and that alien autopsy was also done here.

The government has never clarified or shared any specific details about the area, but many UFOlogists believe that there are chambers and tunnels 400 meters under the ground and in those chambers, pieces of alien spacecrafts are kept and researchers use alien technology for military and space related programs.

Initially the area was kept a secret as it was not shown on the maps and the Russian government also banned visits from unofficial persons. The government has in fact established a secret city near the location from where the supply of things for researchers is made.

12. Kongka La Pass between India-China Border


Kongka La Pass is one of the most mysterious places in the world, and famous for UFO sightings around India-China border. Both the Chinese and Indian government do not allow their citizens to visit this place and the officials have even signed an agreement that their military forces will not be patrol this region.

According to people living in nearby villages, there were many instances when they saw unidentified flying objects in this area. Locals say that they have seen lights flying above the mountains and many UFOlogists believe that there’s a bunker used by aliens and the governments are trying to keep these things hidden as a part of their mutual agreement.

11. Sedona & Jerome in Arizona


Arizona is full of mysteries and there are claims about underground bases in this area, especially in Sedona. The land has 4 vortexes and it is said that these areas are located strategically as the earth creates energy here. Many visitors have reported that they have felt healing energy here. UFO sightings in Arizona are common in this area.

There’s a nearby place called Jerome, an old mining town. The place is said to be full of supernatural powers including ghosts as well. Some of the parts of the town are developed, but the area is sure to give you chills down your spine when you visit.

The presence of many secret military bases in the areas has also been associated with several UFO sightings and abduction incidents.

10. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio


The airbase is known for UFO studies, but the air force never allowed anyone to get access to the most secret area of the base. In 1949 and 1952 Project Grudge and Project Blue Book took place here. The core idea behind these studies was to investigate unidentified flying objects (UFO) reports.

The reports of the studies were sent to the National Archives and Records Service in Washington, DC. The air force never revealed anything about what happens in the facility, but a curious senator by the name of Barry Goldwater tried to get access to the UFO room where the secrets were kept.

It is also said that the body of an alien was kept in a room at the Hanger 18 of the base. Goldwater asked his friend Gen. Curtis LeMay to get access to the secret room, but his requests were refused and LeMay, in anger, said, “Not only can’t you get into it but don’t you ever mention it to me again.”

9. Mount Shasta in California


From Bigfoot to UFO sightings, Mount Shasta is more mysterious than the Area 51 in many ways. Local people report that there are many tunnels beneath the mountain and the picture of the two doors at the ground level fuels the reports claiming that the mountain is the hiding place of many mythical creatures.

The place is also known as a UFO base. People have witnessed many strange incidents here that include dancing lights and strange fog and clouds. Mount Shasta has a large number of strange, odd, weird and mysterious secrets that make it one of the world’s most mysterious places on the earth.

8. Porton Down in England


The United Kingdom government built this secret military science park in Wiltshire, England. On maps, the area is presented as a “Danger Area”. The secret area is known for military research, biological, chemical, nuclear and radiological defence research activities.

In 1942, on one of the islands called Gruinard Island was contaminated with anthrax and even today it is not completely safe. There are reports about human and animal testing in this area, which resulted in several deaths including the highly controversial death of an aircraft man Ronald Maddison who died during such testings. There are some reports about people dying here because they were given LSD without their consent.

The famous UFO crash incident known as Berwyn Mountain Incident is also associated with this place. Reports claim that the government found alien bodies and took them to Porton Down after the crash. What goes on here today still remains a mystery.

7. AUTEC: Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center


Built on the edge of the Bermuda triangle, AUTEC is one of the most secret areas in the world where UFO sightings are common. While appearance of UFOs near military and nuclear installations is common, the frequency of UFO sightings in AUTEC is unbelievable. The secret facility has hundreds of meters long cables connected to something which is unknown to public.

Countless aircraft and ships have gone missing in this area and as a result, AUTEC catches attention and makes everyone believe that something mysterious is going on here. The government calls it a research and testing center, but UFOlogists believe that something more is happening deep inside the sea in AUTEC. If not, then what are those cables being used for hundreds of metres below?

6. Pine Gap in Australia


To the world, Pine Gap is a secret, joint defence facility governed by both Australia and the United States. It is also called the joint defence space research facility. The facility controls United States spy satellites and in simple terms, the United States keeps an eye on one third of the globe from here. Many NASA workers have also visited this place and several UFO sightings in the area are alarming.

There have been many protests against the Pine Gap facility and some people were even successful in breaking into the area, but no concrete details about what goes on inside the Pine Gap were found and the place is still a mystery. The government has placed a board that reads “Prohibited area, turn around now.”

5. Perm Anomalous Zone in Russia


Known as M-Triangle, Perm anomalous zone in Russia is home to many mysterious things. Many people have reported strange activities and presence of different energy forces in the area. Strange and mysterious lights can be frequently seen here, and even scientists have no explanation for them.

Many UFOlogists believe that the phenomena is a result of underground fractures or ducts from where strong energy comes up. The electromagnetic energy attracts UFOs and it is also said that the aliens’ connection with electromagnetic fields is something that brings them here and the strange lights are the result of alien presence in the area.

4. Bridgewater Triangle in Massachusetts


Located in Massachusetts in the United States, the Bridgewater Triangle is known for a variety of strange phenomena including UFOs, ghosts, mysterious animals, poltergeists, and paranormal activities. Many reports about the Bigfoot sightings, appearance of giant birds and animal mutilations make this place one of the most mysterious places on the earth.

In the area, there are several landmarks known for mysterious sightings. Places such as Hockomock Swamp, which is known as the house of spirits, and Profile Rock contain various unexplained phenomenons. Many people have claimed seeing a ghost of a man wondering around the Bridgewater Triangle.

3. Secret Bases In Antarctica


If the government is hiding UFOs and aliens from us, what would be a better place than the continent of Antarctica? There are apparently many secrets hidden in the Antarctica and there are many reports claiming the existence of UFOs, aliens and secret bases in this area.

Several times UFOlogists have tried to find crashed UFOs and secret areas through satellite images, but since the area is covered in the snow and weather conditions are extreme, nothing concrete has been found.

Reaching this place is also not easy for everyone. But there are people who worked in Antarctica and revealed that there’s a secret UFO base in the area and that Washington knows about it. Navy engineer Brian Shoemaker claimed that he was appointed at a nearby facility and luckily, he got the chance to fly over the secret UFO base. According to him, there’s an entrance from where UFOs used to fly.

2. Nazca Geoglyphs in Peru


The giant lines and figures created by Nazca civilization can appear quite surreal because we have no real way to find out how an ancient civilization designed such intricate patterns with perfect detail and symmetry. The geoglyphs in this area cover about 450 square kilometres. There’s no answer to questions like why did they design them? Or how were these designs made? At a time when people didn’t have access to satellite images and when there were no airplanes, how was it possible to make designs with this much precision?

The structures have led many people to believe that aliens have some connection with this site. Scientists say that the lines were designed between 500 BC and AD 500. We will probably never understand the meanings and how and why these things appeared.

1. Adam’s Bridge Between India and Sri Lanka


The NASA Shuttle has sent images of a mysterious ancient bridge between India and Sri Lanka. Details about the same bridge are mentioned in the Ramayana and the bridge is also known as Adam’s Bridge. The man-made bridge is 30-km long and is one of the most mysterious architectures in the world.

Archaeological studies reveal the bridge dates back to the primitive age, and was constructed about 1,750,000 years ago. In the epic Ramayana, there is a passage about a man-made bridge, which was built between India and Sri Lanka by the incarnation of the supreme, known as Rama.

The bridge, according to the Srimad-Bhagavatam and the Ramayana, was constructed over 2 million years ago. It is still a mystery how the writers knew about the existence of a bridge without satellites and spacecrafts?


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