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15 Places On Earth That You Are Not Allowed To Visit

15 Places On Earth That You Are Not Allowed To Visit

People will tell you that the “world is your oyster” and you will believe them. However, when you embark on seeing the world, you will discover that it is a massive and complicated oyster. It is super difficult to see the entire oyster or be completely immersed in it. Moreover, even if the world is your oyster, there are parts of the oyster that you are forbidden to ever go.

Then, people will tell you that “you are your own limits” and you will believe them again. So, when you find places that you are forbidden, the curious cat in you will want to go to these places more. However, don’t make stupid decisions and push those limits because some of these places are forbidden because they are dangerous or borderline deadly.

Since you can’t visit these places in real life, you can just visit them virtually below.

15. Snake Island in Brazil


The Snake Island in Brazil is dubbed as the deadliest island in the whole world. Unlike other “snake islands” in the world that are called such because the island is shaped like a snake, this one is aptly named because it serves as the humble abode of over 4,000 venomous snakes. It’s like seeing snakes slithering in almost every square foot of the island. Moreover, the island is also home to the golden lancehead viper, a venomous snake that can melt human flesh. Yikes! The dangerous island is located 20 miles off the coast of Sao Paolo.

You or anyone else is not allowed to visit this island, and I bet, you wouldn’t want to anyway.

14. Room 39 in North Korea


Room 39 in North Korea is more than just a physical location. It is also called Bureau 39 and is a secretive organization in the service of the supreme leader, Kim Jong-un. There is little information available about Room 39 and almost no actual photo of the place is ever seen. Still, it is known to run on a massive budget of up to $1 billion annually. There are rumors that state that Room 39 may also be involved in certain illegal activities like money counterfeiting, production of illegal drugs, and insurance fraud. It is a place you will never be able to visit and maybe that’s okay. Who knows what really happens inside that room, right?

13. Bohemian Grove in California


Located “somewhere” in California, the Bohemian Grove is a 2,700 acres campground that will require some form of exclusivity before you can visit it. Apparently, the property is owned by a private group called the Bohemian Club.

Some past presidents including Richard Nixon and Herbert Hoover were able to attend ceremonies in the Bohemian Grove. There have been rumours that a lot of bad things happen during these secret ceremonies. Some even say that the Bohemian Grove is a place where the filthy rich can misbehave without repercussions.

Also, women are not allowed entry in this place. Are these real men or are these boys with a fort?

12. Lascaux Caves in France


The Lascaux Caves is an intricate network of caves that could have been a bucket list destination for a traveler with a massive appetite for adventure and who truly appreciate the arts. The cave contains iconic prehistoric cave paintings that were created by ancient human beings. There are over 600 paintings on the walls of the cave that show large animals, plants and flowers, and even fossils. The Lascaux Caves is located in southwestern France.

Unfortunately, since 1963, the cave is declared a no visit zone. The cave suffers from the infestation of while molds, which also threatensd the integrity of the cave paintings.

11. Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway


The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a high-security vault located on the isolated island in the Arctic Svalbard Archipelago. It serves as a home for many plant seeds to protect the world from absolute seed loss in case regional or global crises should happen. Although storage of seeds in the vault is free for users, the vault itself has very limited access. Since it is well protected and they want to keep it that way, it is virtually impossible to visit the seed vault without proper clearance. Also, it is difficult to get to since it is located somewhere in the frozen desert.

10. Google Data Centers


Google Data Centers are spread out all over the world. As they say when keeping files on your computer, “if you have three then you have three, if you have two then you have two, but if you have one then you have none.” Hence, to ensure the integrity and safety of all Google data, they have duplicates among duplicates of data centers. There are 8 in the US, 1 in South America, 4 in Europe, and 2 in Asia. However, none of these data centers allow public access. So, you can access Google’s data online but you can never ever physically see the inside of a Google Data Center.

9. Royal Air Force Menwith Hill in England


Surrounded by peculiar structures, the Royal Air Force Menwith Hill is a secretive base located in New Yorkshire, England. The massive complex is used for communications and intelligence support in both the UK and the US. It has many technology infrastructures around and beneath the area that it was named the “largest electronic monitoring station in the world.”

It would have been amazing to take photos in this area surrounded by those massive golf ball-like structures. Unfortunately, you will never be able to visit it since it requires a high-security clearance.

8. Pine Gap in Australia


Tagged as a “spy base” in Australia, Pine Gap has the resemblance of the Royal Air Force Menwith Hill with those giant golf ball-like structures. This intelligence base is operated by both Australia and the US.

Like the intelligence base in England, this one is off-limits to average civilians too. The area is a no fly zone and it is extremely difficult to even just get near Pine Gap. Not only because it appears to be in the center of a desert but it is also well guarded with reportedly drone facilities that protect it from perpetrators.

7. Fort Knox in Kentucky


Another army base so it is quite expected that it is off limits from civilians. Fort Knox is an Army complex in Kentucky that houses most of the gold reserves of the US. It is also home to some of the country’s treasures. Hence, the area is well-protected with over 30,000 soldiers and a fleet of attack helicopters. Entry to this place is as difficult as going in the eye of the needle.

According to reports, the gold vault is protected by a 22-ton blast-proof door. However, rumour has it that there really is nothing inside Fort Knox. Is it all just a hoax?

6. Area 51 in Nevada


Who really knows what’s in Area 51 anyway?

The complex is operated, maintained, and guarded by the United States Air Force. Although well guarded and access is virtually impossible, the purpose of Area 51 is still not clearly defined. According to available reports, Area 51 is used as a testing ground for experimental aircraft and weapon technologies. However, due to its secrecy, there have been speculations of UFOs seen in the area but without validation. All the things that happen inside Area 51 are considered highly sensitive and top secret.

If you want to at least get close to Area 51, you can visit the small town of Rachel, which is also called the “Extraterrestrial Highway.”

5. Coca-Cola Vault in Atlanta


The secret to the success of Coca-Cola can be tasted on every ice-cold bottle. The winning recipe was developed in 1891 and has been kept a secret ever since. Although there have been minor tweaks to the original recipe, the essence of this bottled drink remains the same.

Since they have kept the recipe a secret then and now, it is securely placed inside an impenetrable vault called the Coca-Cola Vault. The vault is located at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. Although you can visit and see the vault from the outside, the inside of the vault is off limits.

4. Disney Club 33 in California


Disney Club 33 is a super exclusive series of clubs in select Disney Parks. Apparently, this super exclusive club is available in three Disney Parks only. Moreover, not a lot of people know about it because of its exclusivity. To join the club, there is a long waiting list of 14 years as of the moment. Moreover, once you get in front of the line, there is an initiation fee of $40,000. When you get in the club, there is a yearly fee of $27,000 in order to retain your membership.

The club floor and the details about it are entirely inaccessible to the public. Some of the prestigious members of this club include US presidents, business tycoons, and Hollywood A-listers.

3. Granite Mountain in Utah


If you are a traveler who loves exploring mountains, the Granite Mountain in Utah is one that you cannot easily visit. This mountain is home to the Granite Mountain Records Vault, which is a property of a Mormon Church. According to reports, the vault holds a massive record collection of American genealogy and family history. To guarantee that the vault is protected, it even has a heat-controlled facility installed in it.

Although the vault is open for tours from time to time, it is very rare to get a tour. Moreover, even with tours, a large part of the vault is still off-limits.

2. Vatican Secret Archives


The Vatican Secret Archives is not your typical old library. This place is the central repository of all information about the Catholic Church and all the popes. Hence, it is operated in utmost secrecy to ensure that the integrity of all the files is kept intact. Moreover, to guarantee that the place is secure, only a small number of people are given access to this place.

So if you are a traveler who is also a bookworm and would love to learn more while you explore the world, unfortunately, the Vatican Secret Archives is not a place you can visit.

1. Mezhgorye in Russia


Mezhgorye is an uninhabited and well-guarded town in Russia. This closed area is guarded and protected by two military battalions because it is the country’s secret nuclear missile complex. Apparently, this place has a lot of Russian automatic ballistic missiles that can be remotely activated by the head of the state.The secured town is also protected by premium technology such that air strike is possible via its heat, seismic, and light sensors. Hence, no one can easily access the facility and anyone who is given access needs top security clearance.

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