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Traveler’s Diarrhea: 15 Popular Destinations That Will Keep You In The Bathroom

Traveler’s Diarrhea: 15 Popular Destinations That Will Keep You In The Bathroom

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Diarrhea is perhaps one of the most common traveler’s sicknesses, and it’s often unavoidable. It really hurts to be on vacation and spend half the time nursing a running stomach; it’s actually a waste of your time, money and vacation.

While it’s generally unavoidable and no matter how careful you are about the food you eat, it could be sprinkled with thousands of bacteria that could cause catastrophic damage to your system. The reason most people suffer from diarrhea when they travel is because, when you are at home, you are constantly exposed to local germs, and you become immune to them. However, in other parts of the world these bacteria are new to your system and will be ready to cause havoc.

In case you are thinking of traveling to Spain this summer, you better look for a really good bathroom book. While this might be surprising to many, a new study that was conducted recently suggested that the European country has one of the highest rates of food poisoning in the world. And according to statistics, if you are planning on traveling to this budget location, then there is a 30% possibility that you will suffer from diarrhea.

While Spain tops the list, there are more budget destinations that will make you belly rumble and give you countless trips to the loo. We compiled a list of 15 budget destinations that are known to give their visitors diarrhea.

15. Thailand


When it comes to exploration and traveling, two words are more dreaded than anything. Food Poisoning. And if you are planning on visiting Thailand soon, then you better be careful, since it’s one of a few budget locations that have a high risk of tourists and visitors getting diarrhea. According to expert travelers, if you are planning a trip to Thailand, ensure you only eat food that is made to order, avoid ice made from tap water, always drink bottled water and always wash your hands before you eat. While this might not guarantee you a disease-free vacation, you might as well enjoy your vacation while it lasts without spending the majority of your trip in the bathroom.

14. Puerto Rico


While things are starting to change and the government health organizations have started taking stricter measures over food vendors, it’s still a good idea to be wary of the food poisoning concerns in Puerto Rico. Tourists are advised to be careful when eating food from the local vendors and especially from the kiosks found on the streets. We all like to sample some local delicacies, they are always the best, but it’s never that interesting when you can’t sit down for 5 minutes without having to run to the bathroom. Puerto Rico is a magnificent destination, and especially for budget tourist, however watch out what you eat!

13. Belarus


This is an amazing tourist destination to visit, especially if you are a budget tourist. However, you need to be careful about what you eat in Belarus, as half the time tourists have complained of cases of food poisoning, particularly when eating food from the local vendors. While tasting some of the local cuisines is exciting, you need to think about the hours you will spend nursing your stomach. Travelers are also warned against tasting “Samahon” which is a local potent alcoholic brew. Alcohol is big in Belarus, and you might be tempted, but by all means, avoid “Samahon” or you could suffer a catastrophic bout of diarrhea. If that’s not enough, you could also have a problem with the local authorities, since the brew is outlawed.

12. Greece


Greece gets more than 13 million tourists every year, and the main attraction is its endless sands and centuries-old history. Its sugar cube towns are a marvel for tourists who visit this great place. However, this isn’t always the case, as there is grim side to Greece, and a lot of holidaymakers have had their fun filled trip cut short by illnesses. Although there are food safety guidelines, a large number of holidaymakers that travel to the location still fall ill with unsanitary conditions causing severe stomach illnesses to many travelling families. IF you are planning a holiday in Greece, better watch out for the food because if you don’t, you’ll regret it.

11. Argentina


Travel advisories have reported a lot of cases of food poisoning in Argentina. While Argentina is one of the most visited tropical locations on earth, and a haven for low-budget tourists, you need to be extremely careful when you travel to this location. According to travel advisories and food health experts, tourists have had their vacations cut short due to stomach-related illnesses that crept into their travel budget. If you are craving for a holiday in Argentina, you won’t be enjoying the sandy beaches long enough before you are headed to the ER. There’s a 7% possibility you’ll get food poisoning.

10. Morocco


If food poisoning will happen anywhere, then it’s bound to happen in Morocco. You better be aware, and there’s a 6% chance that if you travel to Morocco, you will get food poisoning. A third of diarrhea-stricken budget traveler who went to Morocco said that they spent most of their holiday in bed, and one out of 20 tourists had to cut their travel short due to food poisoning. A lot of travelers admitted that it has totally wrecked their holiday while half complained it had ruined the break for their companions, with about one in six having to go to the hospital.

9. India


You are probably wondering what kind of food people eat in India. Well, when most travelers go to India, it becomes apparent that their lifestyle will revolve around good food and worship. Every town in India has its rare delicacy, and while you might be tempted to have a pick of each, travel advisories warn that 7% of tourists that visit India end up having cases of diarrhea. India has a great food culture, and you would definitely loose out if you were too cautious about what you eat. Most expert budget travelers advise first timers to avoid eating from vendors on the streets and only eat from the classy restaurants. Also, ensure you wash your hands and only drink bottled water.

8. America


You probably won’t believe this, but America also tops the list of budget locations where tourists are prone to getting diarrhea. If you are not used to the diverse food that the US offers, including the famous Mexican and Chinese cuisine, then you probably need to steer clear of these delicacies. Mexican food can be very appetizing to a first timer. However, you need to be careful about what you eat when you visit some of the cities that are famous for their cuisines. While getting sick at home might not be such a huge drawback, having to cut your summer vacation short due to diarrhea isn’t fun either.

7. Italy


Italy is the country to visit if you are a food lover, and for the budget tourist, this location is paradise. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that each unique dish you eat out of this tourist location is worth writing home about. It’s very easy, and really easy to get crappy food while in Italy and it’s often because most travelers often believe that they know Italian food already. However, if you decide to travel to Italy, travel experts advise against ordering a Cappuccino after 11am. Mass produced gelato, and fettuccine Alfredo are also foods to avoid. Heed this advise and your stay in Italy might be worth remembering.

6. France


France is one of the best countries that Europe has to offer, and Paris being at the center of the art scene. Everyone dreams of going to France and especially those who believe in love, art, and passion for life. However, you are advised when you travel to France to be wary of the food you eat. According to recent reports, travelers have a 12% chance of suffering from diarrhea when they travel to France. If you are looking to have a memorable honeymoon, or you are just looking for inspiration about life, France can be the best city in the world to visit. Just make sure you watch what you eat.

5. Egypt


Egypt is one of the most exciting budget locations for any tourist. However, what’s scarier than meeting a mummy is the full blown media stories about Egypt and food poisoning. It’s hard not to forget that Egypt is still a developing country, and tourists need to take great extra care to be able to avoid getting an upset stomach or worse. Most of the cases are usually caused by infections that are a result of poor food preparation practices; sometimes the meat is undercooked, other times infected farm produce is to blame and just plain old poor hygiene could also be to blame. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to the land of the pharaohs, you need to watch out for the food.

4. Turkey


While a great value package holiday in a hot country like Turkey can be very exciting, it is only second to Egypt when it comes to cases of food poisoning, and British tourists have reported massive cases of outbreaks of food poisoning among tourists. This crisis has been around for quite some time, and if you are planning a holiday in Turkey, then you better be prepared for the worst. According to reports, there is a 15% possibility that you will suffer from food poisoning in Turkey. If you haven’t packed a great bathroom book, just book a short holiday, because you won’t be staying there for long.

3. Dominican Republic


If you are budget traveling freak, then you probably have wanted to go to the Dominican Republic. It’s one of the best tourist destinations that has a lot of wild beaches and space to enjoy your holiday. However, apart from security concerns, you might also have to watch your stomach. The Dominican Republic is known for its food poisoning cases. You might need to avoid the local food vendors and stick to processed and imported food. Also, avoid drinking tap water and always resort to bottled water. Wash your hands before you eat. IF you follow these simple steps, you might just be one of the few lucky ones who comes home from their vacation with a healthy stomach.

2. Peru


Peru is an exciting destination even for the average traveler, and one of the reasons it’s frequented a lot is because of its diverse culture and history. It’s also budget friendly making it one of the most preferred locations for tourists around the globe. However, there is a growing concern; reports suggest that tourists need to be very careful about what they eat when in Peru. Travellers are advised to stick to well-known hotels and to avoid local or street food. The water isn’t good either, and if you have a sensitive stomach it’s advisable to take bottled water with you everywhere you go. Always make sure to wash your hands before you eat as well.

1. Spain


Everyone wants a piece of Spain, and this is because it’s one of Europe’s most visited countries. If you are a travel freak, then you know that you have to cross this country off your list of places to visit before you die. However, there are concerns about traveling to Spain, and these concerns are serious. While this country might be the best for a budget tourist, it also poses the risk of food poisoning. Spain is at the top of the list for food poisoning, and sadly, some tourists have actually died due to this. 40% of those who still visit this tourist location chose a self-catering holiday since it’s safer to cook for themselves. Well, if you are planning a trip to Spain, tread wisely, or you might just book a free ticket to the ER.

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