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15 Professions That’ll Most Likely Lead People To Call A Divorce Lawyer

15 Professions That’ll Most Likely Lead People To Call A Divorce Lawyer

Pretty much everyone enters into marriage with the expectation that it will last forever. After all, if you envision that your partner isn’t right for you long-term, why on earth would you bother to tie the knot rather than just date for a while? You’re supposed to stand by your spouse’s side through sickness and in health, for better or for worse. However, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy — life can be incredibly stressful, and there are plenty of marriages that are under a ton of strain.

Your job is an incredibly significant part of your life — even if you simply have a job and not a career, if you’re doing something you’re not passionate about solely to pay the bills, you’re still clocking in hours and hours every single week there. So, whatever you do has the potential to bleed into your personal life. That’s why couples where someone works in a certain profession have an even higher divorce rate than the average — there’s just something about some of these professions that is the perfect cocktail for marital misery.

Here are 15 professions that are most likely to lead to you needing to call a divorce lawyer (so you may have to work twice as hard to combat job-related tensions if you’re in one of them!)

15. Dancers/choreographers


According to a Statista survey, dancers and choreographers top the list of professions heading for divorce with a divorce rate of over 40%! That means nearly half of marriage involving a dancer or choreographer don’t end happily — that’s insane! Now, if you stop to consider it, it makes a little more sense. First of all, many dancers and choreographers are constantly on tour, travelling with the production or artist they’re supporting. They’re frequently in fairly risque clothing designed to allow mobility and for others to see the lines of their body while they do their moves, and they’re surrounded by gorgeous dancers. Now, there are obviously plenty of dancers and choreographers in happy marriages — but the statistics show that this is a pretty risky profession if you’re looking to stay hitched.

14. Bartenders


Okay, we have to admit, this one doesn’t surprise us one bit. Now, there’s the odd bartender who is truly passionate about mixology and turns it into a career. However, the vast majority of bartenders are just individuals looking to make some decent cash in the service industry who are night owls. They spend every evening surrounded by inebriated patrons, likely getting hit on, and are constantly surrounded by a kind of party atmosphere. We can easily see how that may lead to some temptation, arguments, and a visit to the divorce lawyer. After all, even if it’s their job, we can’t imagine it’s easy to see your spouse coming home in the wee hours of the morning after getting hit on for hours on end!

13. Gaming service workers


This one is similar to the bartender professions — a job where you’re working late at night, often surrounded by people having a great time. From casino dealers to individuals who work in the gaming cage, divorce rates are notoriously high in the gaming service industry in general because, well, it’s a tough industry. You work late hours, you’re surrounded by temptation and by people throwing all caution to the wind and having a great time, and that mixture can be intoxicating at times. Plus, unless you’re married to someone with a similar schedule, there’s a chance you may be like passing ships, barely seeing one another due to your clashing schedules, and that kind of lack of quality time can also have a hugely negative impact on your marriage.

12. Entertainers/performers


If you follow celebrity gossip whatsoever, you’ll know that it seems there’s a new divorce every week. Celebrity marriages that last more than a year or two are incredibly surprising, and that should tell you something — it’s a tough industry to sustain a marriage in, even if you’re not quite on the A-List. And, though there certainly are entertainers who can kiss their co-star and manufacture that kind of chemistry on stage or on the screen while still remaining devoted to their spouse, the fact that many individuals fall in love on set indicates that sometimes those manufactured sparks turn into real life sparks. Entertainers and performers are also often away from home, either touring or filming somewhere on location, which is another factor that can impact a marriage for the worse.

11. Factory workers


A lot of the professions with an unusually high rate of divorce are in the entertainment industry or in industries where you have to work late at night, but this one proves that even certain blue-collar workers can be at a higher risk of divorce. Factory workers have a divorce rate of nearly 30%, which is surprising. Many of them work at the same factory, day in and day out, seeing the same people in unflattering uniforms. It doesn’t exactly seem like the type of atmosphere where sparks would be flying. However, the fact is, that kind of repetitive labour definitely has an affect on you, and many factory workers may just be looking to find some more excitement in their personal life after clocking in endless shifts doing the same things day after day.

10. Baggage porters/concierges


Individuals in the hospitality industry spend all day meeting new people, and often meeting guests who are in vacation mode or on business trips away from their normal lives. Baggage porters and concierges in particular form a bit of a closer connection with their guests, as they’re literally helping bring their bags to their rooms, helping them find out where to go for dinner or where to take care of a pressing errand, etc. They’re kind of your alternate husband or wife while you’re out of town! We’re not sure if it’s just the fact that individuals in this profession don’t want to help their spouse when they get home after helping other people all day or what, but the divorce rate of nearly 30% is definitely surprising.

9. Waiters/waitresses


While there are definitely career waiters and waitresses out there who work in the industry their entire lives, the majority of waiters and waitresses are younger individuals who are using waiting tables as a way to generate income while they pursue their dreams. I mean, the idea of an aspiring actress or musician waiting tables is a stereotype for a reason — so many of them do it. Depending on what type of spot you work, waiters and waitresses are often being flirted with by patrons, they’re on their feet all day, and they work irregular shifts that often stretch into the night. All those things can have an affect on a marriage, not to mention that many in the industry are young and may not have been fully ready to make a commitment like marriage.

8. Maids/housekeepers


To be honest, we’re not totally sure why this career has such a high rate of divorce. It’s not exactly the most glamorous profession, but in most cases, it’s not the most stressful either — you never take your work home with you, and your expectations are fairly clear. And, though a maid uniform is at the center of many individuals’ fantasies, the type of uniform that most maids and housekeepers wear on a daily basis to do their job isn’t exactly X-rated. However, it seems like maids and housekeepers are getting divorced left, right and center — perhaps they just don’t feel like cleaning up after their spouse at home after spending an entire day cleaning up after other people?

7. Nurses/health care aides


You might assume that all nurses and health care aides are virtuous and never tempted — after all, they’re in a profession where their sole purpose is to help other people! However, that isn’t always the case. The reality is, they have incredibly stressful jobs that often include shift work which clashes with a spouse’s more regular 9 to 5 schedule. They’re on their feet all day, attending to their patients’ needs, and come home utterly exhausted after a long 12 hour shift. Plus, while not every hospital is like the hospital on Grey’s Anatomy, the fact is that many healthcare professionals are surrounded by gorgeous people who work similar shifts that they do — and after a long day, the temptation may just overtake them.

6. Telephone operators


Okay, in this case, we’re talking about actual telephone operators — not individuals who speak with clients on more risque subjects and charge their callers by the minute. However, for whatever reason, telephone operators have a divorce rate of nearly 30%. We’re not sure if they just have a sultry voice that sounds great over the phone, if they simply have great communication skills, or alternately, if they’re so tired of talking on the phone all day that they don’t want to put in the time to communicate with their spouse because they’re just all communicated out by the time they come home. The fact is, this is a seemingly mundane, stress-free profession that has a surprisingly high divorce rate. I mean, who would have ever guessed?

5. Military personnel


Okay, this is one you might have seen coming. Military personnel, across positions, have a startlingly high divorce rate, and that’s partly just due to the nature of the job. First of all, they’re under a tremendous amount of stress, particularly if they’re in combat situations — and their spouse is under a great deal of stress as well, wondering if they’re okay and if they’ll come home safe. And, many military personnel face deployment, which can mean months on end of not even seeing your spouse and only being able to communicate in short bursts. Finally, military personnel often have to move around a lot, which can have a big impact on a marriage — your spouse essentially has to be okay with either staying home with your family, or finding a new position in a new city whenever you have to move. That’s tough on anyone.

4. Machine operator


This is kind of similar to factory workers — machine operators make their living by working on an assembly line, doing the same tasks, day in an day out. Unlike many white collar professions, they don’t have to take the job home with them and respond to e-mails once they get home or clarify any projects on the go. Once they’re done at the factory, they’re pretty much done for the day. However, the high divorce rate in this profession definitely says something about the unique nature of this job. Perhaps after doing the same types of things day after day, they’re looking for a little more excitement in their personal life — who knows? The point is, if you’re a machine operator, it seems you should put a little extra effort into your marriage in order to fight the statistics.

3. Commercial divers


Okay, the one reason we can think of that commercial divers have a surprisingly high divorce rate is that they must love risks — and a safe, stable marriage may not give them that thrill that they’re seeking in their personal life. Risk takers are likely more drawn to intense, often toxic relationships that give them that kind of high stakes vibe they’re craving. After all, they spend all day suiting up and heading into the depths to procure things or fix things or whatever their particular specialty is. It isn’t easy, and it takes a fair bit of guts to do that day in and day out without freaking out about your equipment malfunctioning or something. There are certainly commercial divers out there who are happily married, but it seems that these risk takers just don’t love being tied down in general.

2. Professional athlete


I mean, you had to see this one coming. It seems that at least once a month, a professional athlete is making some kind of apology statement about cheating, and that’s because their jobs are a perfect storm of marriage stressors. First of all, professional athletes spend a huge portion of their time travelling for away games, and they’re often away from their families on important occasions such as holidays, anniversaries and birthdays. And second, many professional athletes are surrounded by fans who would do just about anything to get a few minutes with them. There are certainly professional athletes who are happily married and devoted to their partners, but for a large majority, the temptation is just too great and they end up being unfaithful or just not treating their spouse well, and soon the divorce papers make an appearance.

1. Massage therapists


This one is kind of tough because there are plenty of massage therapists who are true professionals, and who may as well be massaging a mannequin. They’re only paying attention to the muscle groups and to doing the best job they can do, not even really thinking about who it is they’re massaging. However, the reality is, massage therapists essentially spend all day rubbing their client’s bodies. All it takes is one client who really sparks their interest to lead to temptation, and then the rest is history. The fact that massage therapists have a divorce rate of nearly 40% would suggest that those drool-worthy clients may be walking in more often than you think. And we’re talking about legit massage therapists, not just professions where massages are on offer.


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