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15 Real Confessions About What Women Want In A Guy

15 Real Confessions About What Women Want In A Guy

Have you ever wondered what all women want? You sure have. Indeed, there’s barely any guy out there who hasn’t. There’s no point in lying to us, is there? Seriously, what does it really take to impress the girl of your dreams? Well, let’s be honest here – women are the more complicated and emotional gender. And as such, they are often misled by their own feelings. Do you remember that “awful” week of the month that’s painfully destructive for both of you?! Of course, you do. In this case, you’re probably aware of how “hangry” your girl regularly gets. Yes, you didn’t get it wrong: women get both hungry and angry or simply “hangry” at times. Surely, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s your fault for her mental breakdown. It’s just that women’s desires are usually quite hard to decipher. Nevertheless, there are some universal truths about what a girl truly wants in a guy. And if you follow our short list of great personality traits that women are crazy about, then you’d get pretty successful in the Game of Love. With that being said, let’s just dive into our hot roundup of sexy personality traits women always fall for!

15. A Man Who Is Smart


The ideal man has to be smart. Let’s put our hopes high that he’d be extra kind and tender as well. All in all, her “dream guy” definitely lacks negative qualities, such as arrogance and stinginess. Sometimes people think that they’re more important than others as a result of a better social position, a reputable profession, etc. Therefore, such guys are prone to being a bit arrogant and unoriginal while chasing their crush. Sadly, they often forget how ridiculous they look. And no, her dream guy doesn’t sit on top of the world. Rather, he’s an ordinary man who’s smart enough to win her over. Well, that’s her type for sure.

14. Open-minded and welcoming



Treating others equally can’t be that easy in the judgemental world we live in. You can count on it for sure.  However, broad-minded people always find a way out of this maze. When you’re liberal and responsive to other people’s suggestions and ideas, she’ll notice it for certain. Besides, is there anyone who genuinely likes judgemental people? Yes, we’ve thought so too. Now you understand why it’s so crucial for her to know that you’re not prejudiced. Also, she’d totally love how clearheaded, nice and open-minded you always are. Indeed, this won’t go unnoticed by her. You can rely upon it.

13. Adventurous In The Bedroom


Finally, we’ve reached a very curious personal trait all women are crazy about. Adventurous thoughts are always welcome as long as they happen in the right place at the right time. The mood is set, the glasses are full and now it’s time for some “romantic action” between the sheets. Well, don’t get us wrong, but women also love adventurous stuff in the bedroom. Indeed, if you happen to be her “hero”, then you’re surely going to set the bedroom on fire. It’s true that a classy lady should follow some certain “rules” and “standards” in front of the society. But generally, what happens in her bedroom is another story. Therefore, don’t be too “worried” about her reaction to your “adventurous bedroom ideas”. Just go for it! She’ll love your spontaneity for sure!

12. Open-hearted and sensitive


What exactly does it take to be an open-hearted person? Frankly, it doesn’t take that much of an effort for sure. Neither do you need some specific set of skills to be the guy of her dreams…First and foremost, you should remember that being superficial, impolite or phony won’t take you anywhere near your goals. Thus, playing nobody but yourself is the best and most effective strategy. Besides, if you’re the more sensitive type of a guy, then don’t be shy to give way to this pleasant side of your personality. Remember, women are crazy for candid talks and open-hearted guys. Try out it and see where it takes you!

11. Curious about the world


The ideal man is also pretty curious and eager to learn new things. Are you surprised? After all, you can’t say that such a personality trait is an unattractive characteristic at all, can you? Regardless of what your best pals would want to say about it, our advice is to ignore it all. It’s true that social media has changed our communication skills to a certain extent. As a consequence, we’re slowly but surely losing an inch of our emotional intelligence to understand one another. But don’t sweat it. Any smart, well-educated and emotionally intelligent person would get it. It’s just what our modern and super high-tech world looks like now. Therefore, both genders need to switch off their modern apps and technologies and explore the colorful world together.

10. Selfless and generous


Honestly, there’s nothing worse than being with a selfish counterpart. It doesn’t even matter whether it’s the guy or the girl who’s “sinful” at all. Self-centric individuals are the worst type. Actually, what does it mean to be self-centered? Egotistical people hardly care about what’s going on in the world out there. Therefore, don’t expect him to be your soul mate and best friend. Nothing would work with a self-absorbed person. You can totally take our word for it. Bottom line: the more egotistical he is, the worse the relationship. Well, we’re truly sorry for being that straightforward, but in truth, it’s 100 % true!

9. Loyal to your woman

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We’ve finally reached the most painful truth of all time – loyalty. Actually, this short word has been such a pain in the neck for so many couples out there. Undoubtedly, it’s much more than a word. Loyalty lies at the fundamental base of every romantic and truthful relationship. It’s the core of every genuine friendship as well. The lack of faithfulness in both can cause damages beyond repair. Would you like to take the risk? We doubt it. After all, trust is like an eraser that gets smaller and smaller after every mistake. Thus, you had better make things right at the very start of your friendship.

8. Nice to strangers


If you really want to get this charming girl, you need to get things rolling. Strategies are your best ally now. Note that your attitude towards the server at the fancy restaurant speaks volumes about your true colors. So, if you think that she’ll hardly pay attention to that, then you’re totally wrong. Next time you decide to dine out, make sure you’re as nice and kind as possible. Besides, there’s no better way to show her what a real gentleman you truly are. After all, you’d be treated the same way you treat others. So keep this in mind when feeling a bit gloomy in public.

7. Emotionally stable

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Are you emotionally stable? Are you 100 % sure? Well, emotionally unstable people are the worst type for sure. Surely, we don’t need many reasons to prove this point for you. Drama queens, pesky and capricious girls are often pretty nuts as well. Same applies to men too. Just stop whining about the place, the hour and the date. There are far way more important things to discuss than the hot weather or the annoying flies. Emotionally stable men are able to ignore all of that nasty background while enjoying their wonderful company. Basically, this is the guy who’ll steal your girl right under your nose unless you get her first!

6. Sets Goals And Achieves Them


Naturally, the line between go-getters and goal-achievers is quite thin. Why is that so? Well, a go-getter is often described as an excessively aggressive entrepreneur who’d give their right arm to achieve it all. Unlike such people, a goal-achiever is somebody who chases their own dreams without reaching levels of irrationality and workaholism. Now you get the idea. Women should be on the lookout for goal-achievers. This totally works for both genders. So, guys, you can see that ladies are easily impressed by reliable men who chase their personal and professional dreams. Also, such men hardly cross the line and become extreme workaholics. Bottom line: go-getters will lose this game once again.

5. A Bit Of A Daredevil

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Every girl wants a man who’s affectionate, caring, devoted and…a bit daring. Showing yourself as a bold person proves several things. First and foremost, you stand up for yourself and your beliefs that way. Also, guys who are self-confident and unwavering are the most attractive ones for sure. At least, this is what happens in a girl’s mind when crossing paths with such a wonderful guy. It’s said that the right amount of everything does wonders. So don’t be scared to reveal your soft personality in front of her. After all, if you don’t do it, somebody else will…

4. Easy-going

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Have you ever noticed that the most easy-going people are actually the life of the party? Well, that’s some food for thought. Don’t worry, you can thank us later for the enlightenment. Seriously, the more friendly you are, the more likable you get. In truth, it happens almost immediately. The physical attraction towards these individuals is also a logical consequence of their lightheartedness and openness. Besides, who would not want to be in the company of a positive person who always smiles and respects others? That’s the point. Be friendly and open to more casual conversations and she’ll grow fond of your company sooner than expected!

3. Entertaining and fun

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Her list of traits that a guy should possess definitely includes some fine entertainment skills. Before you call us totally nuts, allow us to tell you why “her ideal” guy has to be a bit of a clown now and then. Everybody has their bad days and your girl isn’t a rare exception to the rule. This is why it’s quite essential for her to know what YOU can do about it. Make her laugh, buy her an ice cream bar, or play a clown every now and again. Believe us, she’ll absolutely appreciate your efforts to lift her spirits at such times. Also, this is how you’ll let her know how much you care about her.

2. One Must Always Be A Gentleman

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He has to be gentle. No matter how girlie all of it may sound, her “ideal image” of a guy absolutely includes a bit of gentleness. Frankly, we tend to believe that our mutual efforts in a romantic relationship are enough.But in truth, it takes even more than expected. You just can’t capture her heart by being phony or downright witless. Same goes both ways. Therefore, a gentle and kind guy is more likely to sweep her off her feet. What about you? Are you cool and nice enough to make her want nobody else but you? Well, now is your chance to shine! It’s time for your best “magic trick” in the crazy game of Love!

1. Good Looking

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Well, the perfect guy needs to be quite attractive too, right? Don’t try to put the wool over our eyes by saying that you “love her for her beautiful smile and soul”. Such ready-made pick-up lines don’t work here. You love her for her sexy curves, flawless face, and ladylike manners, don’t you? Indeed, her “beautiful soul” is also an essential detail as well. But all in all, good-looking people attract one another like #magnets. Your personal mission is to make her believe that she’s your special magnet and you’re hers. It’s pretty much like child’s play, isn’t it? Now show her how charming and daring you can get. Good luck with her!


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