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15 Real Jobs That Will Make You Say ‘WTF’

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15 Real Jobs That Will Make You Say ‘WTF’

You go to school, you finish it, and then, you dream of landing the best job in the world. That is the ideal process. However, not everyone gets to have the best job. There are certain situations when the need to earn money may be higher than the need to fulfill a dream. In that case, people tend to go for almost any job, even the oddest jobs they can find. Hey, it pays the rent, right?

With the job market being as tight as ever, some settle for jobs with the least competition. Yet, it does not mean that these jobs don’t pay well. They may be strange but they can be very rewarding. You may scratch your head when you hear that these weird jobs exist, but they are someone else’s means for a living.

Let’s take a look at some of the oddest job you thought are only figments of the imagination.

15. Snake Milker


In a laboratory or serpentarium, a snake milker oversees the reproduction and extraction of venom from death-defying snakes – certainly not your typical milk. He or she can choose between two ways to squeeze the poisonous yellow fluid out of the snake: by hand or electric simulation. After doing so, the venom is freeze-dried and distributed to pharmaceutical companies. It will be used for a variety of drugs that can aid in treating snake bites, blood clots, tumors, strokes, and heart attacks.

To be an official snake milker who earns an average monthly salary of $2,000, you must possess a degree in Herpetology, Biology, Chemistry, or Biochemistry and of course, you should be fond of snakes.

14. Music Thanatologist


Soothing the ears of the dying and their family members, a certified music thanatologist brings the patient to a certain level of meditation by playing the harp and singing. It is believed that the music can clear out the physical and emotional injuries. Thus, the music thanatologist plays a song for a specific medical procedure to meet the needs of the patient, but being one is no joke. There are competencies that include personal, musical, medical, clinical, thanatological, and professional. However, you must truly love this profession because the average salary that you may receive is around $21,700.

13. Water Slide Tester


A water slide tester ensures the safety of individuals who are always up for the ride of their lives. Apart from being the first to try the slides, he or she also needs to enjoy it. The tester will then report his or her findings and the safety hazards to the boss or manager.

Indeed, it does get better since the company also takes care of the travel expenses of the water slide tester. Because of that, he or she could travel to the world’s famous tourist sites and hop from one hotel to another, without a doubt, pampering himself while getting paid an average salary of $30,904 yearly. The only requirements are a certificate degree and the pleasure of trying out new things.

12. A Professional Mourner


While most dread the thought of losing a loved one because of the memories that hit them, professional mourners make a living out of it. They are hired by family members who want to fill the room with sad people during the funeral, or the dead person was so unpopular during his or her lifetime that professional mourners need to be hired in order to fill up a funeral parlour.

The mourners pretend to have been a part of deceased’s life and make sure that they convince the other visitors. To make it even more believable, they dig deeper into the life of the departed and absorb their interests. In short, they are also actors or actresses who get paid at around $16 to $20 hourly.

11. Professional Snuggler


Have you ever had that sudden rush to cuddle with someone? Have you longed for that sweet caress but everyone’s too busy with his or her own life? Fear not, there are professional snugglers for that. At $40 an hour, they accompany and offer you their warm embrace, which can release oxytocin or love hormones. Nonetheless, clients pledge not to engage in sexual activity. As for professional snugglers, who are usually female, they don’t discriminate against the clients that hire them. They are also required to have a strong social and communication skills. Aside from the $40 they get in an hour, they can also demand their clients to pay their travel expenses.

10. Vomit Collector


Yes, there is such a thing as a professional vomit collector. Dedicated to one job, which is to clean up vomit in amusement parks, vomit collectors generally take home $25,000 yearly regardless of how much vomit they need to dispose of. They wait until the ride’s over and collect the vomit of the seemingly excited riders.

As stated by the official vomit collector of Thorpe Park in England, “I am up for taking on the chunder challenge.” He is also given the privilege to try out the roller coasters for free. It may be one of the grossest jobs around but it helps pay the bills.

9. Pet Food Tester


As the name suggests, pet food testers first assess the nutritional value of the dog or cat food. They guarantee that the product shall also satisfy the palettes of our loveable pets.

The idea is if a human being likes it, most likely, the pet will too. However, they do not only taste the food. They also write reports and generate new ideas to enhance the product’s flavour, quality, and consistency. By doing so, pet food testers earn an average salary of $34,000 – $117,000 per year. Most pet food testers even have doctoral degrees, but those with bachelor’s and master’s degrees are also accepted.

8. Condom Tester


What makes this job different is only lucky condom testers get a bonus of $1,000 for participating in the study. And ideally condom testers are couples in committed relationships that have been dating for at least six months. Essentially, the lucky couples will receive a supply of condoms, which promotes safe sex. The woman is also asked to use contraceptive pills just in case the condoms do not work. The couples are required to try the same product five to eight times. Later on, they will review the product so it meets the standards and share the experience with the company.

7. Fire Scientist


Though fire scientists and firefighters have different roles in society, they do possess one goal – to stop a fire from spreading and damaging lives. They just have their own ways to do so. For instance, fire scientists set a house or building on fire to better understand its mechanism.

To be a fire scientist, one must have a master’s degree related to fire science. He or she should also be fearless so that he or she can handle stress effortlessly. Also, if you’re a closeted pyromaniac, this might definitely be the job for you. A fire scientist has an annual salary of $66,150.

6. Whiskey Ambassador


If your dream is to explore new places and promote liquor, a whiskey ambassador is already doing so. With an average salary of $17,000 – $44,000, his or her only task is to lure consumers into buying the said product, pretty much like a salesman. This job is not for the faint-hearted because tours can last for more than six months, but the requirements are simple. First, you must be a high school graduate, but having a higher degree increases your chance of getting chosen, accompanied by a broad knowledge of liquors. You should also know how to convince people to think that your brand is of better quality than others.

5. Professional Kidnapper


This isn’t to encourage you to do start kidnapping people from your neighborhood, but professional kidnappers do exist. They get paid $500 for four hours of economy kidnapping and $1,000 for ten hours of standard and deluxe kidnapping. They offer add-ons too such as video recording, fighting back, and escaping attempt packages.

Why do people want to get kidnapped? According to their clients who need to sign a legal waiver before the thrilling experience, they are after the exhilaration of being controlled and tied up, while others say that they want to know how to act during an actual abduction.

4. Worm Poop Farmer


Also called worm farmers, worm poop farmers practice vermicomposting, which helps crops grow and improves soil quality. Receiving $20 per pound of worms, they supervise the feeding of the worms. The worms are given microorganisms and bits of organic material. Once full, these worms produce nutrients and bacteria that are used for farms in rural and cooler regions. In continents such as Africa and Asia, farmers see them as the saving grace for their harvest, but they need to dig deeper into this practice.

3. Professional Fart Smeller


It takes experts to interpret what the smell of your fart means and here is where professional fart smellers come in. For instance, when the smell is appalling but not eggy, this is because of your disproportionate consumption of meat. Professional fart smellers earn an average salary of $50,000 a year, but they must observe these conditions. Firstly, they must not have any nasal impairment or disease. They should also not be smoking or drinking alcohol. In addition to those requirements, they must undergo trainings and pass the accreditation exam.

2. Odor Judge


From food to household and hygienic products, an odor judge or tester evaluates the merchandises’ efficiency and gives his or her feedback to the company. He or she can go as far as to apply the deodorant on an individual’s armpit and validate its effectiveness by smelling it from time to time. In a laboratory, he or she makes sure that both the producer and consumer are satisfied. Basically, your main investment is your nose and its reliability. From there, you can earn at least $30,000 up to $116,000 in a year if you have a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry.

1. Professional Friend


Others may take their friends for granted, but being a friend can be a profession too. For instance, there is a website called RentAFriend wherein you can sign up and upload your profile. Depending on how you negotiate with them, you can earn $20 or $50 for an hour of friendship. If your interests match such as photography, travel, or shopping, your client or future friend contacts you online and asks for a hangout, which is determined by your availability and schedule. Though you can be your own boss, dating is strictly not allowed since the website is a befriending site, not a dating one.

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