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15 Real Near Death Experiences That Will Haunt Your Dreams Tonight

15 Real Near Death Experiences That Will Haunt Your Dreams Tonight

There are people on Earth who had some of the world’s most amazing near death experiences in life. Their revelations will probably scare you or they may enlighten your soul.

From Christianity to Hinduism and Buddhism, life after death is experienced by many people. Many of us always ask questions like, ‘Who we are?’ ‘What happens to our body when we die?’ or ‘What happened to our deceased family members?’

If you look at most religions, you will find different opinions about the afterlife and reincarnation.Science doesn’t always entertain such claims, but there are some real near death experiences that led even doctors and researchers to admit that what happened to the person was a miracle. There were instances where people who were declared clinically dead and suddenly came back to life. Some of them were even kept in freezer vault at the morgue for three days before they returned to life.

Where science fails to answer all our questions about our origin and death, people with near death experiences have revealed some shocking accounts about what may happen after death and whether God exists or not.

If you are a seeker and want to know about some real near death experiences, here is a list of 15 experiences which will help you learn more about what happens when we die.

15. Plato


A Socratic dialogue written by Plato features a report claiming one of the earliest incidents of near death experience. Plato in his texts catalogued a near death experience more than two thousand years before science. The famous philosopher and mathematician wrote about a soldier named Er in conclusion to the “Republic” who was slain in battle.

According to Plato, even after ten days, Er’s body did not decompose, while the other corpses were in the state of decomposition. The body was later carried away home and on the twelfth day, when the body was placed on funeral pile, Er regained consciousness and returned to life. Plato wrote about the afterlife Er experienced and mentioned details about many planets and worlds no one else has ever witnessed.

14. Mellen-Thomas Benedict


In 1982, after suffering from terminal brain cancer, Benedict died. But after almost one and half hour, he came back to life. When he returned back to his body, doctors reported that his cancer was gone and they called the event spontaneous-remission. What Benedict did during those 90 minutes is unbelievable. Here’s everything he shared about this near death experience.

When he was lying on the bed and was declared dead by the doctors, Benedict felt that he was standing up and looking at his dead body. He also saw darkness around him. Soon after that, he was able to see everything around his body, including a house. He visited this house and revealed shocking facts.

“I could see every room in the house, I could see the top of the house, I could see around the house, I could see under the house,” said Benedict.

He said that there was a light shining and he went toward the light. With that light, Benedict explored other worlds and also revealed what exactly heaven is, what religions are, and what humans are. According to Benedict, God is exploring his self through all of its creations and God is on a never ending exploration.

If you think that his near death experience is nothing but a self-made story, it should be noted that many well-known researchers and healthcare experts have validated Benedict’s claims. His experiences have helped many scientists and researchers find the answers of many scientific and life related questions.

13. George Rodonaia


George Rodonaia was pronounced dead in 1976 after he was hit by a car. His body was taken to a morgue and was left there for three days. When doctors were about to start an autopsy, Rodonaia returned to life and shocked everyone. Later he shared his near death experience revealing that just like many other people who have had a glimpse of afterlife, Rodonaia was also left in darkness from where he went toward a light.

According to Rodonaia, he was able to see his family during his near death experience. He even communicated with his neighbor’s newborn baby. Rodonaia said that once he was out of his body, he was able to communicate with baby, but not with adults.

After seeing the outer worlds when his body was kept in freezer vault for three days, Rodonaia returned to life. He started studying spirituality and even pursued a Ph.D. in the psychology of religion.

12. Dr. Mary Neal


An orthopedic spine surgeon from Wyoming, United States, when Dr. Mary Neal experienced a near death experience she was told by God that her son will die in the future. This incident occurred when Neal, along with professional kayakers, went to Chile to kayak. During her visit she drowned and found herself being taken to a heavenly place. Neal revealed that she was surrounded by spirits, angels and people, but at the same time, she was able to look back at the river where her friends were trying to save her life.

In her near death experience, Dr. Neal explained that she was guided to a place with a dome like structure. She met God and came to learn about life. She was told that it was not her time to be in that place and that she should return back to Earth.

Neal revealed that she was aware about her son’s impending death as she was told by God that her son would die. When her near-death incident took place, her son Willie was 9-years old. Willie was eventually killed in a road accident in 2009 at the age of 19.

11. Mickey Robinson


Skydiver Mickey Robinson is one other lucky person who experienced near death experiences and returned back from heaven. After a plane crash, he sustained serious burns and injuries. He had a brain injury and he found out that his right eye was blind.

The shock from the airplane crash and cuts on the body were life-threatening, but surprisingly Robinson survived and witnessed something which is beyond scientific explanation.

During his out-of-body experience, Robinson found himself seeing the future. He saw himself and people around him doing many things. He even wanted to stop himself from doing certain things, but he said that he was only able to watch and had no control over his future actions. After his near death experience, Robinson explains that he regained consciousness and entered into his body again.

After getting treatment for several months, Robinson returned to his normal life. He said that he experienced many marvelous healings since his accident. He regained the ability to walk, run, and he also got his eye sight back. He now enjoys a normal life with his family.

10. Betty Eadie


Betty Eadie at the age of 31 was recovering in the hospital from a partial-hysterectomy surgery when she had a real near death experience. Eadie’s experience is considered to be one of the most detailed and complete near death experiences in the world.

Eadie on her hospital bed was almost lifeless, but suddenly she found an energy and was released from her body. She was than told by three angels that she died prematurely and she will have to return back to her body. Eadie claims that she traveled to many places after she passed through a dark tunnel and saw the light which was Jesus, she said.

Eadie revealed that in heaven, she found a library of mind secrets where all the knowledge about the world is available. Eadie’s story sparked controversy, as many people claimed that the story she told is completely similar to many other stories shared by people who supposedly experienced the afterlife. But according to the doctors, Eadie was clinically dead for long time.

9. Anita Moorjani


In 2002, Anita Moorjani was working in Hong Kong. After a visit to the doctor, she found that she was suffering from lymphoma, known as lymphatic cancer. According to Anita she fell into a coma, and doctors told her husband that her body refused the supporting treatments and that all of her organs were shutting down. 

Doctors and Anita’s family realized that it was the end for her, but Anita said that during those hours, she was exploring other worlds.

In her book, she reveals that after being in a coma for three days, she unexpectedly returned to life and shocked the doctors with a surprising recovery. According to the doctors, her tumour started to shrink just within the four days when she came out of coma. She also started responding to treatment well.

According to Moorjani, she visited the outer world where she was greeted by a fatherly figure. Anita was asked to return by angels and was told that it was not her time to be there.

8. Julie Papievis


Julie Papievis, at the age of 29, was sent into a coma after a car accident. The injuries to her brain left her body comatose and doctors also didn’t find her brain functioning after she was rushed to the hospital.

Papievis remained in coma for several weeks, but her family didn’t give up hopes of her survival. Surprisingly after six weeks in coma, Julie regained consciousness but with a very limited control over her body.

Later she revealed that she died at some moment and she found herself in a vast world. According to Julie, there was no beginning or end point of the world she visited. According to her, even after realizing that she was dead, she was not afraid and wanted to stay there. Julie even met her deceased grandmother and was asked to return back to the body. Julie said that her grandmother told her to go back and assured her that after reaching her body she will be recover soon.

7. Colton Burpo


When Colton Burpo was four-year old, he slipped from consciousness during a surgery and claims he was able to visit heaven. In 2002, Burpo was visiting Colorado when he suddenly felt really sick. After visiting a doctor, it was found out that Burpo was suffering from some kind of flu. Soon after the family returned home, Burpo started feeling sick again and his health declined quickly.

Burpo was eventually rushed into an emergency operation. Unfortunately, his appendix burst and the infection started to spread quickly throughout his body. Burpo was fighting for his life when he entered into heaven. When he returned back to consciousness, he revealed that he met Jesus and many other angels.

His family didn’t want to believe what he revealed, until Burpo made a shocking revelation about his sister he had no knowledge of. He said that he met his sister, a child his mother miscarried a year before Colton was born.

6. Dean Braxton


Dean Braxton died of cardiac arrest when he was suffering from kidney stone problems. Clinically, the man was dead for almost two hours. According to Braxton, he stepped into heaven during that time and met with long departed members of his family, and claims that he met God as well. 

When he was transported to heaven, he saw his grandmother and his aunt. Braxton describes that  God is full of love and nothing is bad in that place. When he came back to life, he spontaneously recovered from 29 serious health problems.

Dean’s doctors from St. Francis Outpatient Center called the incident ‘a miracle’ because the doctors lost their hopes. According to one doctor, what happened to Dean was beyond scientific explanation because he was dead for so long.

5. Ian McCormack


Ian McCormack was diving for lobster in Mauritius one night when he was stung by a highly venomous jellyfish. He was then taken to a hospital and was clinically dead for almost 20 minutes. Ian said that he didn’t realize that he is dead, but he went to a huge place full of darkness but not in his body. He sensed that there were people like him around. Ian revealed that although he didn’t ask any questions outright, the questions he was thinking about were answered through his thoughts. 

McCormack said that after being in the darkness for sometime, he was then pulled toward the light. Ian said that he was asked by the God whether he wants to go back to life, which he declined first after seeing the glory of heaven. Later he realized that he always mocked his mother’s belief and overlooked the love she had for him. He told God that he wanted to return for his mother and then God showed him the way to do so.

Ian came back to life after this incident. He didn’t choose to write a book, but he shared his out-of-body experience with several news outlets.

4. Betty Bethards


Betty Bethards was a famous spiritual healer who was known for her extremely amazing near death experience. One night, when Bethards returned home with a burning sensation in her chest, she went to bed and after sometime, she found herself hovering over her body. She was told by a ‘voice’ that she is going to be sick with pneumonia.

The lady then visited a doctor, but things didn’t help. Again Betty had a near death experience and was asked to make a choice between going back to the Earth or not. She chose to return back.

According to Bethards, leaving the body is nothing different than going to sleep because at during time your soul explores different levels of the world. She said that going to heaven is like a celebration because you will meet everyone there and they will be celebrating your arrival.

3. Daniel Rosenblit


Due to sickness, Rosenblit died in 1978 and was shown the true reality of the afterlife. About his near death experience, he said that he was tutored by God. Daniel returned to his body and was asked to teach people the right way to follow the path to heaven. He said that people have misinterpreted the teachings of God and after his near death experience, he found the purpose of his life. He said that his mission was to first practice the teachings of God and then teach it to others.

If you feel that Rosenblit imagined everything and concluded it as a near death experience, the proofs he gave will probably change your thoughts. He backed up all his claims with scriptures and showed them as proofs that his entire experience was authentic.

2. Jayne Smith


In 1952, when near death experience was not a commonly used term, Jayne Smith had a near death experience when she was in a hospital delivering her second baby. Smith deeply inhaled anesthetic that led her to experience death. She didn’t know what happened to her and later she shared the story through a movie called ‘Moment of Truth.’

According to Smith, she was standing in a white light which she called the “carrier of love.” She saw a man there and asked him about her sins, as she was afraid of hell. She was told that sins are not the way you think of them. In that world, there are no sins and the only thing that matters is what a person thinks. Jayne returned back to her body after exploring the new world.

1. Dr. Dianne Morrissey


Dr. Dianne Morrissey was 28-year old when she had a near death experience soon after she was electrocuted. The experience transformed her life in a great way. She found herself in a transparent form surrounded by darkness. Soon after realizing that she is not in her body, but that her soul was travelling, she found white light and her soul was glowing. She saw a spirit which she called God and was sent back to her physical body.

Morrissey revealed that she was able to see everyone and everything. She saw her family members and according to her revelations, she was accompanied by an angel with no wings. The angel spirit asked Dianne to look at her own life and she did. Dianne saw her entire life and also met her superior self.

According to Dianne, she was thrust back swiftly to her body. She cried as she didn’t want to come back, but then she realized that she has a purpose. She decided that she will touch the lives of others and will make people feel better about dying, she said.

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