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15 Real Serial Killers Whose Crimes Are Worse Than The Movies

15 Real Serial Killers Whose Crimes Are Worse Than The Movies


Hundreds of spine-chilling stories about ruthless murderers have been circling around for what feels like an eternity. Gruesome clown killers and butchers, rapists and mass murderers – the world has been infested with remorseless humans whose last words will surely make your blood run winter-cold. Frankly, it’s almost unbelievable to reveal such hair-raising horror scenes which certainly send us on a trip down memory lane only to recall of all those epic Hollywood mysteries and dreadful plot twists. After all, if you reflect deeply on this one, you’d probably arrive at the conclusion that even the best movie directors are sometimes in need of inspiration.

In this regard, is there actually a better way to spark the inspiration than with a terrifying slew of hideous serial crimes committed senselessly by merciless slaughterers? Maybe we’re right about this, or maybe the most epic horror scenes have only been pictured in someone’s creative mind before coming alive. Who knows what it truly is, but outside of this, the realistic side of today’s spooky narrative is that these heartless humans seem to have enjoyed hurting others. Thankfully, they’re no longer among the living, but at least you can get to know more about their heinous and bloody personalities.

15. The Hillside Stranglers


In case you’re wondering who the hell there two lunatics were, let us present you with the ultimate mentally disturbed and monstrous creatures who were actually cousins. The names of the Stranglers were Kenneth and Angelo – these two wicked people would enjoy kidnapping, raping, torturing and bludgeoning young girls to death. Usually, their favorite locations were the hills above Los Angeles. Thus, such dreadful nicknames would follow their heinous personalities. Before getting caught, the cousins would lure the girls typically aged between 12-28 and strangle them to death after enjoying whatever they liked doing to them. Naturally, both of them were sentenced to life and thrown like animals behind bars. One of them couldn’t serve his punishment following his death from a heart attack back in 2002.

14. Pedro Alonzo Lopez AKA The Columbian Rapist


The mysterious and hideous Columbian criminal named Pedro may be anything but the typical killer you’d read about in the newspaper. This lunatic person was accused of raping and eventually killing more than 300 African girls somewhere around 1980. Can you believe it? Indeed, Pedro did use specific methods of murdering those young girls as his most favorite and trivial option was strangulation. Prior to putting an end to their young and blossoming lives, the cruel Columbian serial killer would harass them mercilessly as he would often pick quite secluded and deserted areas, such as abandoned and demolished buildings, factories, etc. Precisely there, he would commit all these senseless and awful crimes.

13. Katherine Knight


If you think that the most brutal criminals are only men, you’re immensely wrong. What’s more, guys often tend to tease their girls by calling them a bit crazy. But truly, this woman named Katherine Knight is probably a worse and more dreadful killer than the infamous Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre! The seed of lunacy seems to have been planted in Katherine’s mind since the very beginning. For some reason she decided to strangle her husband to death on their wedding night, but thankfully, she had no success doing it. Later on, her wicked personality tricked her into kidnapping a boy she bludgeoned almost to death. With this, her lunatic rampage didn’t come to a halt. She even forced a female stranger to drive her to some kind of a service station. Eventually, Katherine ended up with a wide scope of brutal crimes she’s accountable for. How crazy, indeed!

12. Edward Gein

via YouTube

Meet the infamous cruel serial killer who’s become a pretty fine source of inspiration when it comes to the broad Hollywood world. Believe it or not, Mr. Edward Gein has actually created the Leatherface character from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre horror production. Naturally, it’s not like other crazy and realistic villain characters have been skipped in the process of making the movie. However, Ed seems as though he made it all up following his brutal slaughters. Allegedly, he murdered his own brother in cold blood alongside two other ladies. Another interesting yet horrifying fact about him is that he would dig up his victims’ bodies only to turn their organs into “useful” objects. So creepy, huh?

11. The Beast of Birkenshaw

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Who was the Beast of Birkenshaw anyway? Well, with such psychopaths on board, it’s hardly easy for you to go to sleep at night, right? The real horror, however, instantly fills up the room with the presence of a guy who was once known as the Beast of Birkenshaw. Sure enough, this nickname would be a fine match for some of Stephen King’s brutal characters regarding his next horror narratives. The painful truth is that the Beast of Birkenshaw was a real monster who not only harassed his victims but also raped them like a ferocious and wild “beast”. Eventually, his bloody scope of crimes reached about 7 people, and presumably, his last words to each of them were “turn up the sound, I’ll go slowly” – pretty spine-chilling, huh?

10. Timothy McVeigh AKA The Oklahoma City Bomber


Have you ever heard of this insane human being? Well, if not, then let us break the enigma floating around behind his evil character. This creepy guy, named Timothy McVeigh, was actually accountable for the Oklahoma City bombing back in 1995. We can hardly disclose the details for you regarding his motives for such a senseless and brutal act. However, the truth is that hundreds of innocent people got savagely killed during the bombing in 1995. To be perfectly exact, Timothy was the reason for the untimely deaths of 168 people. Eventually, this wicked monster was executed by lethal injection as this happened 6 years later.

9. Robert Pickton AKA The Pig Farmer


Once upon a time, there was a man who just killed people and then fed them to his pigs. Frankly, this sounds like the creepiest line that one could ever read. But indeed, if we must stick to the truthful details of his horror narrative, then we shouldn’t miss out on mentioning how mad and evil this “pig farmer” must have been. Surely, this is only the beginning of such wicked stories. Actually, this guy seems to have been really wealthy, to say the least, since he lured prostitutes with money and drugs to his place. And guess what – in most of the cases, he was quite successful in his “bloody mission” of getting them hooked on this idea and then brutally getting rid of their body parts, such as bones and intestines. Actually, he didn’t feed all their organs to the pigs since he wanted to get them processed into absurd everyday “things” like cosmetic and makeup products. Oh, dear, what the hell has happened to the world?

8. Daniel Camargo Barbosa


Meet the infamous criminal who genuinely disturbed society back in the 80s. Not only did he prove himself as an extreme and ruthless murderer, but he really seemed as heartless and cold-hearted as a stone. Honestly, it’s unbelievable to read about such stories which did occur between the years 1980-1990. But yes, the heinous Daniel Barbosa is still thought to have raped and tortured more than 100 young girls. Actually, the gruesome killer did admit to slaughtering over 70 girls after raping them savagely back in the 80s. Fortunately, this evil person was caught shortly after and he was charged with 25 years behind bars, which was the cruelest sentence in Ecuador. Later on, somewhere around 1994, the rapist was ruthlessly murdered by a victim’s relative.

7. Russell Williams – Served in the Army

via YouTube

Again, this is without a doubt another extremely twisted story about a man being once a representative of the army, and becoming a mentally ill individual who had taken a liking to torturing and eventually killing innocent people. Alongside this, Russel seems to have bottled up his unmatched lunacy all his life before going on a wild and red-painted spree, to say the least. Not only has he become accused of savagely murdering his victims, but he has also admitted to kidnapping a woman and masturbating in the presence of young girls as well. The craziest moment of his rampage is believed to be the secret message he put on one of the girl’s computers in which he’s expressed his gratitude for “allowing” him to masturbate all over her room. How sick!

6. Jeffrey Dahmer – The “Milwaukee Cannibal”

via Haiku Deck

Have you heard about the ruthless Jeffrey Dahmer, known as the Milwaukee Cannibal? Well, you may not believe this, but this is actually another extremely dangerous and heinous human being who is accountable for the savage deaths of more than 17 young individuals in total. Why the “Cannibal”, you may ask? Jeffrey was actually an irrational creature – not a human being for sure – who had probably thought of succeeding in his own wicked and gruesome plans. Presumably, he had been on a bloody mission of creating the perfect chain of sex slaves he planned on “using” whenever and however he wanted. The spookiest details come with his heinous ideas of having his victims’ heads drilled. Naturally, and logically, the poor victims didn’t endure the twisted procedure, speaking in medical terms. Thus, he dined on their body parts instead. As simple as 1, 2, 3.

5. Dr. Harold Shipman

via NY Daily News

Well, honestly, this sounds like the perfect plot line that could fit wonderfully well with the creativity of the phenomenal director Ridley Scott. As dreadful as it is, the British doc is certainly not a movie title or another Stephen King horror novel. The infamous medic named Dr. Harold Shipman is nowadays an excellent example of one of the cruelest murderers of all time. Only God knows how many Hollywood mysteries he has inspired. The creepiest facts surrounding the English doc’s name are his savage and overly brutal serial bloodsheds. Reportedly, his senseless acts have put the untimely end to more than 150 lives; and this man was a general practitioner. Frankly, this is wrong on so many levels.

4. Nannie Doss – The Giggling Granny

via YouTube

Who was the crazy giggling granny? And why was she dubbed “giggling” back in the day? Indeed, this frightful case may the oddest one on our top list. To put it shortly for you, once upon a time there was a decent looking lady and a seemingly good-natured granny who slowly but surely became a hardcore villain given the numerous murders she had committed in the first place. Alongside a major part of her family tree, she murdered 3 of her ex-husbands back in the day, and yes, she had been married a couple of times! Most of her victims had been quite effortlessly killed with the help of a few drops of arsenic, which was the granny’s most favorite thing in the world. Eventually she got caught, but the craziest part comes with her lunatic “reasons” for killing them. “I did it for no goddamn reason whatsoever”. Seriously?!

3. Leonard Lake


Frankly, there are vibes of terror floating in the air every time you look at his photos; and certainly, it does feel like this guy can really spread disturbing feelings around as if only through these pics. Actually, Leonard Lake is believed to have been overly obsessed with pornography following his heinous crimes. With the help of a close friend, Leonard would take nude photos of his older siblings as his grandmother would support his acts! How crazy!

Later on, his mania fixed on porn and nude graphics got out of hand to such an extent that he actually became an example of some of the cruelest and most brutal serial killers of all time! He would track, rape and murder his female victims sooner or later. Gladly, this mentally ill person committed suicide which basically helped the police disclose his numerous crimes.

2. Leonarda Cianciulli

via YouTube

Meet Mrs. Leonarda Cianciulli or the woman who was once a traditional female and a housewife taking good care of her family and husband. Well, she truly did until her wicked mind got in charge of her life, eventually affecting everyone else’s lives as well. This Italian lady named Leonarda would bake cakes and brew tea for her family until she started adding a quite different and untypical ingredient. She started cooking what seemed to be human flesh. Presumably, what might have awoken her wicked personality followed her son’s enlisting in the army. Yes, it may sound like perfect nonsense, but it is the honest truth. All of it made her go after strangers and hurt them with an axe, and then used her victims’ organs to make her delicious pies and homemade desserts!

1. Dennis Nilsen

via The Independent

Rumors have it that Dennis Nilsen was primarily attracted to individuals of the same gender, as the typical locations he picked for murdering them back in the day were in and around London. Of course, this hardly goes nearer the creepiest details in the big bloody picture. He would dissect his victim’s body into distinct parts with the sole idea of getting away with his ruthless crimes by flushing them down the toilet. Well, eventually, he got sentenced to life behind the bars back in 1983. Of course, he was charged with what seemed to be “attempted murders” in prison.


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