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15 Really Weird Images From Walmart In China

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15 Really Weird Images From Walmart In China

If you live in the US, there is no doubt that you have visited a Walmart store at least in the past month. Matter of fact, statistics show that on average, a US family spends about $4,000 a year in Walmart stores. That’s an awful lot of money. Now put in the Chinese, and you got to admit Walmart’s income is certified to be huge.

But there is something to the Chinese Walmart stores, that you won’t get at any other Walmart store. Looking at the exterior, there is really nothing much to set apart the Chinese stores from the American ones. But once you get inside, your jaw will fall to the floor and certainly not for the most pleasant reasons.

Chinese Walmart stores are progressively moving towards being one of the most disgusting Walmart stores in history. We know the US ones have had their own share of “eeeew”, from the pork cruelty saga triggered by a video released by Mercy for Animals to many others, but the Chinese stores take this game of disgust a notch higher. These are some of the things that will just put you off, the moment you enter a Chinese Walmart store.

15. Customers pick the raw meat they want to buy with their bare hands

Via: Business Insider

There is nothing more disgusting than having your meat handled by close to a billion bare hands before it reaches your dining table. That is the disgusting state of the meat sold at China’s Walmart stores. The thousands of customers that visit the stores daily are allowed to touch and pick meat, with their bare hands, as they select which one will suit their dinner plans. What’s worse is that the meat is sold in large bins in open air, where all the picking is done; which is right in the path of elements you might not want in your meat.

14. Live turtles and frogs are sold together

Via: YouTube

A small pond and a beach are not the only places you can find live frogs and turtles. You can head to a Walmart store in China and see live frogs and turtles on display. Now, the Chinese are known for possessing one of the weirdest tastes on earth, and Walmart management decided to feed their customers with what they love.

For the rest of us, live turtles and frogs are not ideal in our shopping carts, and rarely do we love them on the dining table. This is one shelf you must pass, if you must shop in Walmart stores in China.

13. Customers have a tank where they literally fish for seafood

Via: Arizona Daily Star

It is weird to find someone with a fishing rod in a store, but that is what you have to put up with in a Walmart store in China. Customers are literally allowed to fish for their seafood, and the management has even provided fishing equipment for the same.

There is a dedicated net for fishing, and a tank large enough to store a good count of fresh seafood. The animals in the tank are also well taken care of and fed, so that you always have a fresh catch whenever you go fishing. In as much as this is weird, it is also a little bit funny.

12. Dead crocodiles are sold on the frozen meat section in whole

Via: TrendingFeeds

The Chinese food taste goes far and beyond the ordinary. So does their presentation of their meat, specifically crocodile meat. Chinese Walmart stores sell crocodiles in whole, in the frozen meat section. If you do not love crocodile meat, this must be very disgusting and even if you do, you have to admit this is a weird mode of presentation.

The crocodiles are usually arranged in rows, covered with ice. Right next to them, fish has been displayed, probably to keep sea animals close together. You can’t help but think one of these days a crocodile will awake out of the blues and start terrorizing innocent shoppers simply looking for meat.

11. Rice is stored in large open vats where customers can scoop and smell them


There is literally no food handling policy in the Walmart stores in China. Apart from the meat which free for all to touch, the rice is also left in the open for any and every hand to scoop, smell and select. Customers are given the liberty to scoop and smell the rice being sold, as they look for the specific aroma of their rice of choice.

You can only imagine the number of times you have to wash the rice you have bought from a Walmart store in China. If not careful, you can end up eating rice with unique bacteria per grain. Now that is a lot.

10. Frozen sharks are also on display

Via: The Richest

It’s not only crocodiles that come in a full package. Sharks are also sold in full in the frozen meat sector. Sharks are not the friendliest of animals and seeing them in full glare in some large tray, out in the open, is not soothing at all.

The Chinese however find this as a great marketing tact by Walmart. Being the all-time Kings of freakish food, it is no wonder Walmart has gone to this extent just to sell shark meat. By the way, the sharks are also on open display so anyone and everyone can touch it to decide which one will have the juiciest bite dinner time.

9. There is also frozen donkey meat

Via: Only A Gaijin

Wow. The list of weird foods in the frozen meat section is just endless. Walmart China used to sell donkey meat to its esteemed customers, who are huge fans of the delicacy. Yuck! Apparently, China slaughters millions of donkeys in a year, with statistics showing in 2011 alone, 2.4 million donkeys were slaughtered. Some of this meat, was supplied to Walmart stores. The number of people eating donkey meat is not that huge, but still a significant portion of the Chinese population.

Now, it is disturbing to imagine feeding on the beast of burden, but you will be more disturbed when you read what’s next.

8. There was a donkey meat scare that almost collapsed Walmart China

Via: Pinterest

Whenever you are working with anything weird, be prepared for unexpected results. Walmart China found itself in a dilemma when its donkey meat was found contaminated. Apparently, some of the meat had traces of fox DNA in them.

Donkey meat lovers did not have an easy time digesting the graveness of the matter, which saw Walmart China’s local suppliers investigated. You got to admit, buying meat in Walmart sometimes isn’t always a good idea. The saga saw Walmart suspend the sale of donkey meat in its China stores. To those people who couldn’t stand the assortment of donkey meat on display, this was a blessing in disguise.

7. It is one of the most crowded Walmart stores in the world

Via: Business Insider

China is a huge country, and Walmart saw potential when they decided to open stores in the country of about 1.3 billion people. That is good news when it comes to profits, but not good news for a shopper especially when the number of stores is small.

Chinese Walmart stores are one of the most crowded in the world, and you have to fight your way to shelves and counters especially during rush hours and shopping frenzy seasons. There is nothing as inviting as a serene environment as you shop, but sadly China’s Walmart stores are not good in offering this sort of peace. If you find yourself in one of these stores when it is packed and poorly ventilated, things can get a little bit stuffy.

6. There is an orange juice and corn oil combo

Via: boredomtherapy

Walmart is the certified King of cheap stuff and offers but in China, they take it a little bit overboard. There was an odd offer of corn oil and orange juice combo pack in the Chinese Walmart stores recently. It’s hard to think of who would love a mix of the two but something better should certainly have been offered.

The Chinese however did love the combo pack and they were going off the shelf quickly. In America, such a stunt would not have worked well at all.

5. Packaged assorted reptile parts are sold

Via: Traci Bogan

Think of any reptile and Walmart stores in China will have it packaged for you in clear bags, ready for your kitchen. Apart from the occasional frogs and crocodiles which are sold in whole, assorted reptile parts are also packaged and sold in clear bags of different sizes.

It is very hard to get beef in this place. People who can’t buy a whole crocodile can come to this section and carry a bag of croc’s head, or front legs or tail. What’s disturbing is that this section is one of the favorites for the Chinese who shop in these stores. Next time you are eating a drumstick in some fancy Chinese hotel, be sure it’s not a frog’s thigh from Walmart.

4. Mobile testing labs have to move from store to store to test for pesticides

Via: Business Insider

You have to think twice before you buy food from a Walmart China store. Walmart stores in China have been at the center of serious food safety concerns that has seen the store and its suppliers be investigated for certain food mishandling crimes and allegations. The situation is so dire that there are mobile testing labs that move from store to store testing the food for contaminants, one of them being pesticides.

Now, it’s hard to understand how pesticides will find themselves in your food, but if you bought it from a Chinese Walmart store, then you have to be concerned.

3. You will find skinned, dry ducks hung on open display

Via: ihateworkinginretail

Ducks actually taste good, almost like chicken, but you wouldn’t want to buy duck meat when it’s hung all out in the open. Walmart stores in China display their dried ducks hung on wires and trays, out in the open for their customers to inspect and select the best. But that is not the disgusting bit.

Walmart was forced to pay a couple of millions of dollars back in 2011 for selling ducks already past their due expiry date. Now that is really scary. However, even after the lawsuit, the poor birds are still hung out in the open today, waiting for hungry customers to buy them.

2. Assortment of pig faces are also on sale

Via: ihateworkinginretail

Hey, who doesn’t love pork? Well, some people don’t and it gets worse when you find a skinned face of a pig staring at you in a store. That is the scenario in Walmart stores in China. Apparently, the locals have a taste for pig heads thus there is a dedicated section for buying pig heads.

Apart from being very disturbing to look at, these pig heads are very ugly and definitely disgusting. Some of the heads have been mutilated into the specific parts such as the ears and snout. Additionally, you can hand pick the one you want as you shop.

1. You have to fight your way through the crowds

Via: Business Insider

Serving a population of slightly over a billion people can be quite hectic at times. Chinese Walmart shoppers in china are accustomed to fighting through a crowd of themselves just to reach a shelf or the counter. The brawls get heavier during special offers and holiday seasons when shoppers go on a frenzy, not to miss the good stuff on sale. Considering the stuffiness of an overcrowded place, and how everybody’s sweat pores will be wide open at such times, one can only imagine the amount of people you have to rub your shoulders with and against their sweaty shirts before you access a shelf or simply the counter. Yuck!

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