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15 Reasons Why American Women Always Prefer British Men

15 Reasons Why American Women Always Prefer British Men

Attraction comes in various forms—from physical to auditory and even olfactory. We fall in love using our eyes, nose and ears. It’s the reason why some of us are attracted to people with accents, regardless of what their background is. And out of all the accents out there, the British accent is often regarded as the sexiest in the world and more and more people are beginning to understand that the way someone sounds plays a role in one’s attraction towards them. For example, many women are often attracted to men with deeper voices because it makes the men seem more masculine, while men are more attracted to women with higher-pitched voices, because it makes them sound more feminine, and according to a 2003 study, younger and slimmer. But it’s not just the accent that makes British people attractive, or specifically in this case, British men. While it does play a huge part, it’s not the only thing that matters. Here, we compiled a list of the reasons why many American women prefer dating British men over their fellow Americans.

15. The accent is really beautiful to them


Did you know that vocal attractiveness factors in largely to physical attractiveness? As humans, we get attracted to someone’s looks and how they sound, and research from 2011 has shown that people perceive men and women with appealing voices to be more attractive physically. Another study has shown that people perceive those with an attractive voice to have a more pleasing personality. So for British men, dating American women may be easier as they sound a lot more pleasing to the ears of their potential partners. Another reason why the British accent may sound sexier to some is that British English is perceived to be smarter, NYU researcher Emily Nguyen explained to Cosmopolitan. And whether you’re a man or a woman, you’re more likely to find someone more attractive if they’re smart.

14. They’re more open to dating people of all shapes and sizes


We are all physically attracted to different people with different skin tones, eye color, height and body type. Just as personalities make a lasting impression, physical appearances do, too. But for British men, they can compromise a little bit more than their American counterparts. Data from dating site revealed that British men are more open to dating outside of their preferred body type, which means they probably wouldn’t mind the extra 10 lbs that their partner would put on during the holidays. They’re more accepting of physical attributes that the media and society in general are more keen to ostracize. This makes British men more accepting and tolerant of different body types, a value which is clearly missing in their rather judgmental American counterparts.

13. They put more effort into grooming themselves


While people do love a manly man who isn’t too sleek and shiny, British men are actually more groomed than their American counterparts. Blogger Elizabeth Marie of wrote that one of her observations while living abroad and working for a UK-based dating site was that British men definitely take more time and effort to groom themselves. You may encounter more British men with straightened hair, well-groomed eyebrows and open chests with similarly groomed chest hair, which isn’t unusual if you’re in the UK. As potential partners, women appreciate that British men are deeply into their hygiene and grooming, which doesn’t only inspire them to be better, but is also something they could be proud of in their partners. It also gives women peace of mind that they think about bodily cleanliness.

12. British men are in touch with their feminine side—and are completely comfortable with it


American men often have to say “no homo” or “I’m not gay” right after saying “I love you” to their bros, but not British men. Guys from the UK are not afraid to show affection to other men or show their feminine side. Blogger Alexie Flook of observed that British men have special bonds with their male best friends and they’re not afraid to show it. They’re also very in touch with their own style and do not fear being judged for their keen fashion sense. Flook shared that British men know how to match clothing and do not hesitate to voice their thoughts on outfits and fashion in general. They’re just too cool to wear socks with sandals. And Flook would know, she married a Brit!

11. British men stick to traditional gender roles of dating

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Sure, the 21st century does enable men and women to share responsibilities at home and at work, but British men tend to stick to more traditional gender roles. According to global data obtained by online dating site, British males are indeed more old-fashioned than their American counterparts. They also found that these Brits are more likely to conform to more traditional gender roles. Such examples include men contacting women first, unlike in the US, where it’s socially acceptable for women to call men first. British guys have also been found to be more down-to-earth and relaxed, enjoying a Saturday night at home just chilling or watching movies instead of spending hours at the club getting wasted, which is great for those who are more into staying in than going out.

10. British men are more inclined to meet up after an online conversation


One thing that’s great about British lovers is that they’re more eager to meet you in person after chatting online, versus their American counterparts, global data from revealed. While Americans prefer taking the time to get to know a person a little more, British men are more likely to meet the potential partner in person, which implies two things. First is that they’re better at trusting their instincts, and two, they don’t like wasting time. If they like a person and that person is equally interested, they meet up. It’s as simple as that. In America, people tend to spend time getting to know the person over lengthy emails or long online chat conversations before diving in and facing the person, which may imply insecurity.

9. They can expertly and graciously apologize for anything and everything

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A heartfelt, sincere apology is always necessary to be able to forgive. British men seem to have perfected the art of apologizing for anything and everything. Apologies should come at exactly the right time, as those that are done immediately may come off as contrived. If one apologizes too late, it may seem like it’s too much of an afterthought. Also, the way one apologizes also comes into play. British men have a way with words and their apologies seem more honest, more raw, and just more true than one would expect. It’s a genuine type of remorse that makes you feel that he was truly sorry for whatever he did (or did not do). Now that’s something any woman truly wants in a partner, right?

8. They don’t cat-call or touch women in clubs without their consent

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In line with the chivalry and general respect for human beings that British men seem to have more than their American counterparts, our UK friends have a more keen understanding of boundaries. Blogger Elizabeth Marie wrote that she was shocked to find that British men refrain from cat-calling women on the street, or touching them without their consent in clubs. Their general sense of respect for other human beings enables women in the UK to feel safer to be themselves and wear revealing outfits during dates or nights out. This is definitely a step forward, compared to the United States or other developed countries. For women, it’s so refreshing to know that men still have enough respect for them as human beings to behave properly around them.

7. They are chivalrous and would defend your honor at any given time


Sure, 2017 is the year of feminism, of women (and supportive men) up in arms, but that doesn’t mean that women and men are throwing chivalry down the drain. In fact, women find it so attractive when men are still chivalrous in this day and age. British men are especially chivalrous, most likely because of their history and culture of knights, kings and stories of honor. Whether he’s walking on the side that’s closer to the road, or just opening doors and generally being nice to women, children and the elderly (and other men too!), British men have a certain added charm when they perform such chivalrous, polite, endearing acts without anyone prompting them to. Now that’s definitely one man anyone would like to bring home to their parents.

6. They don’t feel the need to prove their manliness

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Let’s face it: as a developed country and a world leader, America is obsessed with being the best. That’s why American men always seem to be in a competition, whether it be about how many cups of coffee he drinks, or how manly he really is. British men, on the other hand, are not like American males who seem like they always have something to prove. Brits don’t have to show off to land a date with a lady in a bar. Blogger Alexie Flook recalls her first date with her husband, saying that they generally had a good time because the date was very comfortable and not strained by the man having to prove his worth by being too sexy or wanting to sleep with her.

5. They are very chill, but won’t only Netflix and chill with you

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We all know what Netflix and chill means nowadays and that’s just sleeping with each other after watching a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones. Of course, all that adult content will make you want to do it, right? Wrong. For British men, Netflix and chill is just that: watching Netflix and chilling at home on the couch. Compared to their American counterparts, British dudes are actually more laid back. They’re not in a competition to get in your pants, nor are they racing to get there. Flook, who married a British man, shared that Brits have a more casual nature, inspiring a more relaxed atmosphere when you’re around them. There’s absolutely no pressure to be someone you’re not, because they just make you comfortable like a warm blanket.

4. The British-English language makes more sense


To some, British English and American English may sound the same, except for words pronounced differently because of the British accent. However, the differences are actually stark. Sunnyvale, California-based blogger Ivy Lee listed reasons why the British do live better than their American counterparts and one of her most compelling reasons is language. The British make the best sense out of the English language in the entire world. For example, a hamburger is called a “beef burger” in the UK, while soccer is called football, as it is played using your feet. In the end, British English is just clearer than American English, which means a British boyfriend might perhaps be better at communicating with an American, and we all know how big a role communication plays in relationships.

3. They know that humor is hot, and boy do they work it


It’s a universal fact that humor is hot. That’s why British men have a leg up in the game, thanks to their natural ability to understand sarcasm, irony and self-deprecating humor. There’s something unique and comforting in having someone who’s funny yet intelligent to come home to who will help comfort you during tough times. Because British men are on a different level in terms of humor (compared to their American counterparts), expect the relationship to be filled with laughter, joy and just loads of fun. Expect a British man to turn any dark day into one that is more bearable, just enough to get women to tomorrow. British guys know how to make anyone smile and that’s definitely something people need more of in today’s world.

2. They are easily endearing to other men—they’re just that charming


For a woman who has a ton of guy friends, it may be difficult to get into a relationship with a man. But because British guys have so much respect for other human beings and are incredibly secure and confident with themselves that they don’t see other men as threats. In fact, they’ll easily blend into the crowd because they can seamlessly converse and get to know the guy friends without being insecure, jealous or needy. British guys are confident and they don’t need validation from other people, which makes them steadfast in a relationship. They’re charming and can call their woman’s guy friends “mate” and even buy them a pint in celebration of a new friendship. That’s how cool these Brits are—something we should aspire to be.

1. They love to travel the whole world


British men will not only capture a woman’s heart, but also her mind. Their thirst for travel and adventure is inspiring and will definitely open up a woman’s mind to exploring new things. One of the most endearing things about them is that they love to travel abroad. But as his partner, a woman’ll definitely have to remind him to put on some SPF, especially when traveling to tropical countries, to avoid him turning into a lobster. Jokes aside, it’s their desire to explore and travel to new spaces and landscapes that make them more in touch with their soul, a unique trait that’s very attractive to a lot of people, especially to women who are also in touch with their soul and like to travel a lot.

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