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15 Reasons Android Destroys iPhone

15 Reasons Android Destroys iPhone


The iPhone is a monster on the cell phone market, which sadly means that the Android counterparts are often overlooked. But there are many surprising ways the Android easily outperforms the iPhone.

For one thing, there are simply more devices to choose from, while your options are severely limited with the iPhone. They’re also way more affordable than the pricey Apple iPhones, with some recent models hitting the four figure mark. You can get some top shelf Android products for as low as $150 – which outdo even the lower priced iPhones.

Androids feature more of a variety and customizable widgets than the iPhone. It’s also a lot easier to multitask on the Android – a whole lot easier, with the multi window options making it easier to switch back and forth between tasks or even do them all at once.

Android devices even have better Google Integration that iPhones – which is exceedingly helpful given that Google is massively used by all mobile device users. Speaking of Google, the Android’s Google Now and Google Assistant is better than the iPhone’s Siri in ease of use and command. You’ll even find more free apps on the Android than the iPhone.

Keep reading for all the ways that Android handily destroys the iPhone.

15. It has more devices


Unlike the iPhone, in which you’re stuck with the one device for the phones. But Android makes a crazy variety of smartphones for you to choose from, coming from varieties of manufacturers from Motorola, HTC, Samsung, ZTE and more. Want a smaller phone? Or perhaps you want one that comes with a stylus? Maybe you want a phone that comes with a larger touchscreen. There are even models that come with a physical keyboard if that’s more you’re style, like the one included with the Blackberry Priv. So when it comes to sheer variety alone, Android has the iPhone beat – handily.

14. It’s more affordable


We all know that iPhones aren’t necessarily cheap. So if you want to save some cash but still have a top notch phone, Android is the place to go. While iPhone implies high price with quality, Android’s range of prices suggests the same quality – only at more affordable price points. For example, there are low cost models lie the Nexus 5X and Moto X Pure Edition. You can also choose from the BLU devices, the One Plus X, One Plus 2 and more. Essentially, you can pick up a quality Android phone for $150. You can’t necessarily say that for the iPhone.

13. It has better widgets


Let’s face it— the widgets you find in iOS are pretty dull, and Android has had a leg up on those for awhile. If you’re on your iPhone, you have to open up an app versus looking at your home screen on your iPhone. You can adjust your Android’s home screen using a variety of widgets — from Amber Weather Widget to Dashclock Widget and more. For your music listening needs, there is the Music PlayeR (Remix) widget. Apple’s widgets are relatively limited when compared to the Android’s. This is another area where Android trumps the iPhone.

12. You can multitask easier


We’re not suggesting that you can’t multitask on the iPhone, because you certainly can, but you have to switch back and forth between the various apps that you want to use. On Android phones — it’s a whole lot easier. On one Samsung phone, you can view multiple apps all at once with its multi window format. The same option exists on LG phones. You can chat on one app while reading a document on another and even watch content — all on your one phone. Impressive for one relatively small phone screen. Try doing that on an iPhone — not so easy.

11. It has better Google integration


This is another area where Android has the iPhone beat pretty handily. Android devices smoothly melt with Google’s various options. Most of us agree that Google is the king of the internet, and the web service finds a place on most people’s phones. It’s just so much easier to use on Android devices. There’s the big one — Gmail, but there’s also Google Music, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Chrome… the list goes on. The Google Play store also works seamlessly on Android apps. And opening a Google Maps on an Android phone is truly a thing of beauty.

10. Google Now is better than Siri


Speaking of Google Integration, have you heard of Google Now? It’s the Android device equivalent of Siri and yep, it’s better. On your Android device, you simply say “OK Google” or some other command of your choice — no need to press a button or have it connected to a power source, just use the power of your voice. You can choose the app you want Google Now to utilize — for example, any music app will do if that is what you want, it won’t force feed you Google Music. The pixel device includes Google Assistant — which provides a similar service that Google Now offers.

9. It has more free apps


Sure, there are tons of apps on the iPhone, and many of them free. But Android devices offer more free apps and games. Even some paid apps on iPhone are actually free on Android devices. For the amateur photographers out there, you’ll find the Snapped app useful — it allows you to edit filters on your photos. Same with Prisma, a unique app that lets you convert regular old photos into art. There’s BlueMail to help organize your email. Feedly is an incredibly useful app — use it to organize all the websites you peruse. So if you’re looking for more free apps — an Android device is your best bet.

8. …And it has better default apps


No matter what device you have, we’re all stuck with some default apps. Android has iPhone beat in that it’s a trickier with the iPhone to choose different and new default apps. For example — Safari, Mail and Apple Maps. You can change it up, but you have to do a little work in deep linking. Android devices, however, let users choose which default app they’d like to use in order to handle a range of tasks. This includes choosing an app to peruse Twitter, watch Youtube videos, simply browse the web, and much more.

7. It has expandable memory


No one can deny that there are tons of cool stuff to do on your iPhone, but guess what? That takes up space. With your iPhone, you’re out of luck when you run out of space — you have to choose which app to delete, which can be a tedious process. Or you have to upgrade to a device with more memory. Not so with Android devices, most of which offer expandable memory. All you have to do is open the back cover or a slot on your phone, place a micro SD card inside, and there you go. More memory on your phone and no need to delete anything.

6. It has a removable battery


The bane of many iPhone users is how quickly their battery can run out — the frantic need to find a charger or get yourself a portable one when you’re out and about. Now, over time this can drain your battery overall. When that happens, guess what? Time for a new phone. Not the case with Android devices. Many Android devices have removable batteries. Just purchase an inexpensive battery for your model and there you go. The LG model has a cool thing of offering a separate battery with the LG G5. Android easily tops iPhone in this area.

5. It’s easier to free up space


Not only do Android devices offer removable batteries, they also make it easier to free up space in general than the iPhone — much easier. On the iPhone you need to delete and reinstall apps to gain the space you’ve used back. Not so with Android devices. The devices have a glorious option for you to clear the cache — an option the iPhone version does not have. You can also clear the cache of directly in Android software. You can also utilize Android’s storage tool. Or even add the aforementioned SD card and there you have it — more freed up space.

4. It has greater customization


While Apple has increased the ways you can customize your iPhone over the years, it still pales in comparison to the customization options available on many Android devices. For example, with Android you can install a launcher that changes to look of your home screen, while iPhone home screens are relatively stock. There’s the ASAP launcher, New Launcher, Hola Launcher, and more. Android devices also include ways in which you can change and update color themes. You can also update your ROM, a kind of operating system for Androids that changes and customizes the various apps, lock screen and mods.

3. It has multi user support


There is a great multi user mode on many Android devices. You can create various accounts with this option — perhaps you are loaning the device to a friend. Or you want your kid to be able to play games on your phone — you can also create an account with limited access. If privacy is your thing, and it is to many of us, you can even pin a screen so that you don’t have to share more of your screen than you would want a friend (or nosy bystander) to see. The iPhone? It does not offer the same extensive support.

2. It has simple wireless charging


Having to deal with the annoyance of finding an outlet to charge your phone — it can be pretty nerve wracking. Well, enter wireless charging in all its glory. If you want to use wireless charging on the iPhone, you have to buy a special wireless charging case — or build your own. But with Android devices such as the Galaxy and other models — the wireless charging option is already built in. All you have to do is place your phone into a wireless charging cradle in your car, or even simpler, set it down on a pad.

1. You can download entertainment from anywhere


An area where the Android easily destroys the iPhone comes in the area of downloading entertainment. Let’s say you want to add music or a movie or a television show to your iPhone. It’s a bit of a process. You have you download them then inch with iTunes — or purchase them within an app. While there are options to download without a computer, with Android devices all you need is the internet. For example on Android you can download a television show or movie directly to the phone or even a Micro SD card — no need for a computer.

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