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15 Reasons Canada Is WAY Better Than The United States

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15 Reasons Canada Is WAY Better Than The United States

Neighbouring countries that attract most of the immigrants from around the world, both America and Canada have managed to make their mark in the global landscape, but for different reasons.

Canada ranks 7th on the Worlds Happiness Report, published in 2017, compared to The United States of America at 14th place. But that’s only one of the many reasons why Canada is a much better country to live in as compared to The United States of America.

The US has garnered increasingly negative popularity and a controversial image over the past decade or so while Canada has been able to win over many hearts, those of citizens and non-citizens alike. While the popularity of the American “green card” decreases day by day, that of Canadas has become a hot commodity. Google searches have changed from “How to move to America” to “How to move to Canada permanently”. That in itself is defining of what rapport both countries have established with the world.

Not denying that both countries have strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons, Canada has, very subtly, been able to outweigh the US in many aspects, ranging from domestic to international. Below is a 15-reason listing out of the numerous reasons why Canada is way better than the USA.

15. Canada is Polite


If there’s a country that still has etiquettes and the decency to say sorry when it’s wrong, it’s Canada.

While the American self-consumed culture has led to much lesser morality in its people, Canadian people remain gentlemen at heart. American chivalry evaporated with their previous generations while Canadas’ got better with the years. There’s so much love and empathy in Canada that many Americans’ will feel culturally shocked as they cross the border. Only because everyone is so genuinely nice and polite.

Granted that there’s good and bad to everyone, you’ll definitely find more people holding doors for you and giving you a friendly smile in Canada than the US.

14. Canada has Great Food


What does American food have to offer? Probably pizza, burgers, hot dogs and lots and lots of junk. If that gets monotonous, you can visit Toronto in Canada to give your sense of smell and taste buds the time of their lives.

The number of immigrants in the second largest country have brought with them a myriad of cuisines to add to its richness. So, you will get a variety of Asian, Jewish, Portuguese, Caribbean, Filipino, German, Ethiopian and Chinese foods to name a few. It’s a foodies’ dream to be in Canada, and never anything you’d get tired of eating because of the assortment of cookery available for your money.

13. Canada is Politically Progressive


There is nothing modern about the US when it comes to issues like gender equality, universal health care, and gun laws. On the contrary, numerous public and political mindsets and ideologies of the American community are rigid and backward.

In comparison, Canada has been far more progressive and active. Ensuring that all citizens enjoy equality, freedom, and safety at all costs. Canadian politics may have its cons, but it’s proven to be much more empowering for its public than American politics.

Which is sad since the US has taken up an active center role in all world forums regarding issues like these, while its own masses suffer.

12. Canadians are Attractive

Via: Youtube

There’s a reason why the demand for Canadians has increased twice fold over the past few decades. Canada may be famous for poutine and hockey, but it also houses some of the most swoon-worthy celebrities in the world.

Among them a few names are of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Actor Ryan Gosling who stole all the ladies’ hearts worldwide, Singer and songwriter Drake who went from being a teen idol to an international heartthrob, Actor Ryan Reynolds who is hot, funny and currently stars as Marvel hero Deadpool, Actress Rachel McAdams who decorates the cinema screen with her girlish charm, and Justin Bieber, the devilishly handsome singer who has taken American teen hearts by storm.

11. Canada is Safer


Whether is mass shootings, homicide, traffic accidents or robbery, Canada is a much safer country to live in as compared to the US. Statistics put the US at 5 times more dangerous to live in as compared to Canada.

Mass shootings since 1982 for both countries are 45 in the US and 2 in Canada. The homicide rate in Canada is at 1.73 per 100,000 as compared to 4.7 in the US. Fatalities resulting from road accidents are at 8.8 for 100,000 in Canada as compared to 13.9 in the US. Robbery in Canada is at a rate of 86 per 100,000 while the same stands at 144 for the US. Canadian youth also has a rate of less than 40 per 100,000 as compared to the US 60 per 100,000 in terms of mortality.

10. Canada is Fit


While the people in Canada live up to 81.16 years, Americans die at around 78 years of age. which puts Canada at 8th highest average life expectancy world over as compared to the US at 46th.

According to a report published by the U.S. National Research Council, Canadians outlive Americans because they are healthier and in better shape. The health care system in Canada is more effective and affordable as compared to the US, smoking habits and obesity are lower than what US faces and mothers in Canada make active efforts to breastfeed their babies as compared to the US, which puts their children on a better start.

Pieces of evidence from various research conclude that Canada is much better in its lifestyle and health habits.

9. Canada Dominates Hockey


Look, let’s put the Stanley Cups aside for a minute and focus on the fact that hockey is pretty much still Canada’s game. While the percentage of Canadian players in the NHL has declined quite a bit since the 80’s, the fact still remains that around more than 50 percent of currently in the league are Canadians. The Americans here, account for only one-quarter of the player population in the NHL. This proves that no matter what their neighbors across the border do, the Canadians have and will continues to dominate hockey.

8. Canada is Accepting and Proud


It doesn’t really matter what sort of pride you refer to when talking about Canada. It’s proud and accepting of everything as a nation.

Whether it’s nationalistic pride, sexual pride or any other pride, Canadians are merry about it all.

On the contrary, the USA struggles with accepting anything that goes even an inch beyond its traditional and native cultural boundary. You can’t love the country you were born in and love America at the same time, they just won’t take it.

Safe to say, there’s no arrogance and nose snubbing in Canada. You are free to be who you are and love what you believe in, no reservations.

7. Canada has the best Poutine


Poutine is a popular dish in Canada that is made of French Fries topped with cheese curds and a light brown gravy. Although the US has Poutine, it’s a much cheaper spin off compared to the divine one made in Canada.

No article about Canada would be complete without mentioning this amazing culinary creation. And while in the global village of today people have access to almost everything, only people who visit Canada will be able to savor this delicious delicacy in all its glory.

6. Canada is Richer


According to statistics, Canadians are on average richer by $40,000 as compared to the average American. While USA’s economy has suffered from the numerous wars it is and has been a part of, and the great recession, Canada has been silently building up and stands at 10th place in the world’s economic ranking according to The World Bank.

Canada’s exports have grown significantly, which in turn has improved the Canadian Dollar price by 42% as compared to the American Dollar. This means more purchasing power for the Canadians. Add to this the increase in full-time employment rate and lower interest rate, Canadas people enjoy much more wealth as compared to the US.

5. Canada has Free Healthcare


Universal free health care is the strongest point for Canada. While the public pays a tad more in taxes, Canadas health scheme is mostly preventive and people get the best treatment possible at much lower charges as compared to Americans. That’s probably why Canada takes #1 spot in the world for life expectancy according to the WHO, while America sits at #35.

Canada cuts the random health costs for its people, making it easier for patients and their families to afford hospital trips and treatment. Whereas, American people frequently feel the need to setup fundraisers and media campaigns to gather charity and help from others during health crises situations.

Add to this the one-year maternity leave scheme Canada provides to new parents. Making it easier for Canadians parents to look after their little one properly in his/her tender year, while American parents are required to dump their newborns in daycares.

4. Canada celebrates Cultures


Amidst the growing hate, violence, and unrest throughout the world, it’s refreshing to know that peace and love exist somewhere. That somewhere is Canada.

America didn’t learn from years of intolerance and prejudice (racism to be exact). Ever since President Donald Trump took the office, a wave of racism, discrimination and hate crimes has taken hold of the States. On the other hand, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has extended his arms and Canada’s to shelter people from all such vices. Canada is truly a multi-cultural country, where people live in harmony, own the land they live in and every person who makes it their home.

Which cannot be said for the US.

3. Canada loves Nature


If there’s something that Canadians relish en masse, it’s the beautiful land they have been blessed with. Canada houses some of the most beautiful natural sights including water falls, lakes, the northern lights etc. And they want to preserve and enjoy as much of it as they can. Most people know Canada as a “cottage-country”, people know people who have cottages and spend a good part of their summers enjoying the country side. If that sort of retreat isn’t possible, they will take the time out to enjoy dinner on the patio. Not something you would see commonly in the USA.

While the country hasn’t compromised on progressing as a nation, they’ve taken care of everything around them too. Compared to America, where the industrial development took a huge toll on its natural scene.

2. Canada celebrates different Languages


While the US egocentrically focuses on everyone adopting English as an only language, much of Canadian population is bilingual. Everyone learns English to communicate, but French is also taught widely and immigrants freely use their native language in public without any fear of discrimination or backlash in Canada. There’s no insecurity amongst Canadian people as far as language is concerned. They embrace all.

The United States of America, however, don’t provide this sort of freedom to its citizens. Maybe it’s because of the insane amount of racism that has infected it, but masses feel threatened while using a language other than English in public. There’s a high chance of being attacked in some form by a person who stands by the “You’re in our country, Speak our language” ideology.

1. Canada is Smarter


Here’s the score for Canada’s OECD scholastic tests held by The Program for International Student Assessment, as compared to America.

Reading: 4.8% better, Math: 8.2% better, Science: 5.4% better.

Safe to say, Canadian kids, are off to a better start than the average American kid.

That being said, Canadians foster a greater love for knowledge than Americans. They know more about themselves and the world than Americans do. While the American public focuses on everything and anything about themselves and themselves alone, Canadians try to understand everything else too. There’s a reason why they’re much more accepting than Americans of other ethnicities, nationalities and the world in general.

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