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15 Reasons Guys Don’t Want To Work For A Female Boss

15 Reasons Guys Don’t Want To Work For A Female Boss

Close your eyes and think of your female celebrity crush…now imagine her in the hottest (but work appropriate) outfit you’ve ever seen. Take a moment and  imagine she’s not just someone you work with, but if you’re a guy, she’s your boss, and if you’re a girl, your boyfriend/husband’s boss!

The women reading this are probably thinking of a Jessica Alba looking boss gliding through the office while their boyfriends are mindlessly staring at her and getting no work done, however, the men reading this article are drooling at just the idea of it. While for a split second it may seem like the best thing that could happen to you, think again! While it may seem that this is the very thing you need to make your job more interesting, you may have to look a bit closer at why that is exactly what you don’t need! All you can think of are the short skirts, amazing perfume, [insert R-rated thoughts here] and the beautiful tan and glow you can spot a mile away!

Can’t think of a reason why having a hot boss would be a bad idea? Here is a list of 15 Reasons Guys Don’t Want To Work For A Hot Female Boss.

15. Men Don’t Want To Deal With A Jealous Girlfriend/Wife

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You spend more time in the office than you do at home sometimes, and the last thing you need is a jealous partner when you have to stay late at work. After a long, hard day at work, no man wants to come home to, “What were you doing all this time?”, “Is there no one else to do overtime but you?”, “Was she there in the office?” Or worse than all these questions is the silent treatment…unless you enjoy the silence. Remember though, that’s usually the calm before the storm. Your significant other may not be ecstatic if you’re working overtime, but she may not be as annoyed if bald Jim is making you stay late instead. Even if you don’t have a jealous partner, everyone can be a little bit insecure, no guy wants a headache about something he can’t avoid.

14. Office Drama


Raise your hand if you work somewhere that has zero office drama. If you’re raising your hand you’re one of two: either a male who is oblivious to any drama (in that case good for you) or you’re just lying. Whenever you put a group of people together in a room for 8+ a hours a day, problems are bound to happen, now throw a hot boss into that mix and it probably won’t end well. Drama and gossip are just in some people’s nature, so Suzy from accounting may not be able to resist, whispering about the boss’s new outfit or how much she prefers Tom from HR rather than Emily. As we all know, gossip gets around and what happens? D-R-A-M-A!

13. Distractions Everywhere!


Tight skirts, leggings, open blouses….and now your mind is wandering all over the place! All guys check out the hot girl passing by (yes, girls are fully aware of that), even if you’re married or in a committed relationship, it’s ok, we get it. Cool girlfriends and wives won’t make the biggest deal about it (if the guy isn’t being disrespectful obviously.) The last thing you need is someone catching you checking out your hot boss on her way to her yoga class at lunch! What’s even worse is if she catches you doing it… talk about awkward! It’s hard enough to concentrate when you’re doing the same task for a long time, now add long legs and a perfect tan to that!

12. Awkward Work Outings


When you’re at work you have tasks to distract you. Now if you add booze and no work, we just do stupid (for some of us extra stupid) things! Now think of this formula: Booz + Hot boss = ? I’m willing to bet it equals awkward moments! Let’s say you keep it together and manage not to do or say anything stupid, but who’s to say one of your coworkers won’t either? Our lips are a lot looser when we drink, so imagine the lightweight coworker who talks about the time you were checking out the boss, or the hot pink dress she was wearing last Wednesday.

11. Rumours Everywhere!


People talk, even if there isn’t much to talk about. Think about the last time a new girl was hired in the office and all the whispers that came with that. You have colleagues left and right guessing where she’s from, where she lives, if she has a boyfriend, if she’s married, what’s her favourite food and most importantly if she’s opposed to dating a guy from the office! People start talking and guessing and rumours start flying, now multiply that by 10 if you have a super hot VP, especially if she’s very “liberal” with her outfits or doesn’t really keep her private life very private.

10. Guys Will Always Wonder If She Was Promoted Based On Competence


We always question if our bosses deserve the position they’re in. If you have an incompetent boss you find yourself wondering, “Who decided to promote him? He doesn’t know anything!” As much as we hate to admit it, unfortunately, not everyone is promoted based on merit; now just imagine how many times people will question the competence of a hot female boss and the actual basis of her promotion. Generally people accept a female boss less, so you could spend your days questioning every task your female boss gives you rather than actually getting work done.

9. Intimidation or Shyness


Attraction is and will always be a mystery! We’re not always attracted to the “appropriate person”, it just happens and we can’t explain why! Now imagine if you’re attracted to your hot boss, and you start blushing when she says good morning, stuttering in meetings when she asks you a question, or looking down when she says “awesome job on that project!” Whatever it is, you don’t need to be on edge for 8+ hours a day, with your heart racing every time you have ask her a work question. It would be much easier if you had a fat or bald boss who doesn’t make your palms sweaty!

8. She Will Probably Be Extra Neurotic Because She Feels Like She Has Something To Prove


Let’s face it, a female boss has something to prove always, especially in a male dominated industry, so your hot boss could be an extra neurotic, micromanager which will drive you crazy. If you like to work independently, you won’t be able to work with a bossy woman who wants things done her way only, and asks about every tiny tasks she gives you. It doesn’t matter how hot she is, she will eventually get to your nerves. Doesn’t matter how much you love your job or your company, if you’ve experienced a bad boss, you know that it could cause you to quit that job and never look back.

7. Lack of Productivity


So many reasons why there could be lack of productivity! Let’s start with the fact that people in the office are always going to be whispering about what she’s wearing, where she’s going after work, what she said in the last work outing, and of course gossip  leads to rumours! If you’re in an office with nosy rosys you’ll definitely find yourself getting sucked into conversations about things that keep you from working! What’s worse is that you could be making mistakes here and there as you’re trying to work that could be catastrophic! Work for bald Jim instead of hot Anita, you’re better off in the long run!

6. Too Focused On Her Looks


Humility could not be one of her traits, making it annoying to talk to her about anything. Imagine a boss who has a mirror on her desk, who checks her makeup every twenty minutes, who’s online shopping while you’re trying to ask her questions about the latest project. Your boss could be used to getting compliments and the fact that you’re not flirty with her could upset her; eventually you will lose motivation, and find yourself looking for another job, or just enjoying slacking off until it all comes down on you. If you’re serious about your job, you definitely won’t last there for long.

5. She Won’t Be Focused On Work At All


Your boss could be competent, but she could also have gotten by on her good looks all these years, making her nothing but a pretty face! A boss should be a leader, someone who guides and supports, but if your boss knows nothing (much like Jon Snow) then all the weight falls on you, making your job that much harder. Now imagine you do all the work and she gets all the credit (ouch!) You will find yourself relying on her for performance evaluations, budget questions and career advancement support, and of course with every question you realize that she’s clueless, leaving you to depend on yourself!

4. Favouritism – Who Will She Promote?


When it’s time for a promotion, who will she choose? The competent sales guy? Or mediocre Betty because they get their nails done together? We all have our biases. When it comes time for your advancement, your hot boss may pick the less competent person because she’s going to be working with her more closely, and it’s a lot more fun to work with Betty rather than the boring sales guy. How motivating is that? To work with someone who promotes based on who she’d rather go drinking with and not on merit! You find yourself working hard all year long for nothing, the promotion was given to someone else and it had nothing to do with competence.

3. Easier to Connect With A Male Boss


When you have a male boss you can go golfing together or talk about your favourite sports teams, but it will be a lot harder for a man to connect with a female boss. What do you talk about? Having a good relationship with your boss is a big part of your job, if not everything! Sometimes a good laugh, a funny youtube video, or a random joke can help make the day go by a lot faster, but if it’s awkward to talk to your boss, days will be much slower and a lot more boring. Imagine all you can actually talk about is the weather…awkward much?

2. Boss Has A Jealous Husband/Boyfriend


Let’s say you have a cool and confident girlfriend/wife who loves you and doesn’t really care that you have a hot female boss. Now  you have to deal with another issue, the crazy boyfriend or husband who’s used to everyone hitting on the hot boss. Now imagine he’s a huge Jason Mamoa looking guy who does not want her interacting more than she has to with her male co-workers. Now imagine again that you’re at a work Christmas party, and he’s standing next to her, while no one else dares to approach and talk to her. Everyone stands in one corner while the hot boss and her hubby is awkwardly chatting away.

1. Business Trips Will Be Hella Awkward

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Going on business trips is already exhausting, so having a fun travel colleague could be what you need. Travelling can be a fun way to explore new cities! In between the conferences and long meetings you can go visit landmarks or restaurants; but that may not be as fun with a hot boss you have crush on, or one with a crazy spouse who keeps checking on her when she’s away for business. Now add to that a 9 hour flight with someone you don’t have anything in common with and have nothing to talk about….oh the horror.

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