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15 Reasons MacBooks Are Overrated

15 Reasons MacBooks Are Overrated

There is no doubt about the fact that Apple invests a lot of thought when comes to the design of its products. From the iPod that Steve Jobs launched which could fit in your jeans pocket to the iPhone’s touch screen which was then copied by every other smartphone company, we cannot deny that Apple’s products look really good. But are they are really at par with their competition when it comes to their performance?

MacBooks are one of the most successful products by Apple. Now, it might not be the most successful product in history like the iPhone, but it is definitely something. Every year, Apple releases a new version of the MacBook and every year Apple lovers are obliged to buy the new products because of how amazing they look. But with few options to customize them and even fewer ports, we can’t help but wonder if MacBooks are really worth the extensive price tag they come with.

You can probably get a Windows laptop with the same features at almost half the price.

Here are some of the many reasons we think MacBooks are overrated:

15. Ridiculously Overpriced


Just close your eyes for a moment and ask yourself – Can you really justify paying $2249 for a top-of-the-line MacBook when you can easily get the same configuration for less than half of the price if you bought a Windows laptop?

I get it, the MacBook is sleek, and it looks oh-so-good, but still paying that much for a laptop that is going to get old after a year as Apple launches a newer version and removes more ports is just not worth the time or money.

Maybe you could save money and get a 13.3 inch i5 MacBook at $800, but getting just 128 GB storage even after shelling out that much money only makes you a fool.

14. You Cannot Customize It


Apple is notorious for not allowing users to customize their MacBooks. They might give some very technical explanations for that, but here is the deal – Almost all the other laptop companies in the world can provide customers with customized laptops, then why can’t Apple?

Maybe you don’t need a higher core processor but are looking for a bigger storage space. But Apple will force you to buy a higher core processor model because that is the only way you can get more storage. Of course, you could buy more storage as an extra, but that is also way more expensive than PCs.

13. Directly Copied From Linux


You probably do not know this, but when Steve Jobs was running his very short-lived company called NeXT, he stole the OS base for that PC from the open source BSD Unix (which is free, by the way). This same base OS was then resold to Apple and became a proprietary OS and is now known worldwide as the OS X.

So technically speaking, OS X and a Linux based OS like Ubuntu are essentially based on the very same concepts. All in all, Mac OS X is a special kernel with a good-looking GUI placed on top of UNIX.

12. There Is No Right-Click


So, there is no right click option available on MacBook. If you have always been a MacBook user and you have forgotten what it was like to have an extra mouse button with you, try using a Windows laptop for a week and then go back to the MacBook. You will be pulling your hairs because you will have to do everything the long way.

Without right clicks, you cannot create a new file or folder directly, you cannot give a print command automatically, and you cannot preview files. In fact, there is so much a simple right click can help you with and MacBook is stripping its users from that very pleasure.

11. Macintosh Finder Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Windows Explorer


So, the Macintosh looks great, but is it really as amazing as it looks? The short answer to that is no.

The long answer to that is even after several major releases of the beloved Mac OS X, the Macintosh Finder still does not allow users to do even the most basic things like resizing the window by dragging the edge or corners, renaming files with a file requester, or even use cut and paste to move files around.

Forget all of that; it doesn’t even allow you to maximize the entire window.

No matter how great the Macintosh Finder might look, the truth is, it could learn a lot from the Windows Explorer

10. You Cannot Choose Between The Hardware Or Software


The great part about other operating systems like Windows and Ubuntu is that you can choose your hardware and then install your own operating systems on it. In fact, many laptops also allow you to install both Windows and Ubuntu on one system (Though, not legal, it’s possible).

So whether you want a lighter laptop or a heavy-weight one, you can get it the way you want and install the OS of your choice.

But then there is MacBook which gives you no choice. The only way you can run OS X is by buying a MacBook, and there is absolutely no legal way to run another operating system on it as well.

9. Getting A MacBook Repaired Is A Pain In Itself


You could have the most expensive MacBook out there, and you would still only get Apple’s standard warranty with 90-day telephone support and one year return to the base guarantee. You could choose to extend your warranty, but that would again cost you.

Laptop companies like Dell and HP, on the other hand, provide one-year onsite warranty, which means if there is any issue with your laptop, they will come to your home and fix it. Even if your warranty is over, you can easily take your Windows laptop to a local shop to get it fixed for a steal price. The same repair shop might not be so willing to open a sealed casing of a MacBook.

8. MacBooks Are A Marketing Gimmick


MacBook ads make it seem like it is the thinnest, sleekest, and the most lightweight laptop available in the whole wide world. It will make you feel like if you don’t have a MacBook, you don’t know what style really means. But, is it really true?

Take a look at HP’s new Envy series. Comparing the 13-inch models of HP’ Envy series with MacBook’s, you will find that HP is thinner with a thickness of just 13mm, while MacBook has a thickness of over 12 cm (120mm). In the same way, HP’s Envy weighs just 1.3 kg, while MacBook weighs over 1.6 kg.

Which costs more? You already know the answer to that.

7. No SD Card Slot


You know, we understand when Apple decided to remove the CD slot from their laptops, but SD card too? That was completely uncalled for.

While it might make no difference to you if you don’t work with a lot of cards on a daily basis, this small change has become a nightmare for photographers who constantly have to copy data from SD cards. Now, they either have to buy a separate card reader or connect their cameras and then keep on changing the SD cards in it.

And all of this just because someone in Apple’s design team thought the MacBook would look cooler without the SD slot. (Maybe that same person decided to remove the headphone jack from iPhone 7 as well?)

6. No Cheap OEM Versions Available Like Windows


Though it might not be legal and may be breaching Microsoft’s terms and conditions, it is possible for Windows users to buy much discounted OEM versions of Windows online or from their local computer shop. Some even get it for free. Of course, these OEM versions come without a retail packaging, and Microsoft does not provide any support for them. But at least they are still useful. With Mac, there is no way for a customer to buy the operating system from any other source.

5. Macs Are Not Immune To Viruses


Apple does not stop us from making all the fuss about how MacBooks are completely immune to viruses, but news flash – They are not.

Yes, when you look at historical data, you will realize that Macs are less vulnerable to viruses when compared to systems run on Windows. But to think that MacBooks can never be affected by a virus and Windows are a breeding ground of them is preposterous.

To avoid viruses and malware, keep your system up to date and use a reliable anti-virus software. That’s what really takes to make your computer safe from viruses.

4. You Have To Dig Really Deep For Freeware


One of the major reasons why many students use Windows computers instead of MacBook is because Windows provides a wide number of freely downloadable software. No matter what software you are looking for, chances are you can either find it in the Windows store or as a third-party download online.

Mac, on the other hand, might have a few shareware available, but the number is very less when you compare it with the free software available for Windows. For instance, the file repository has over 55,000 pieces of software for Windows and just 5,000 pieces of software when it comes to Mac.

3. Most Users Have Macbooks To Run Non-Apple Software


So, you have a MacBook, but what tool do you use when you need to create a text document or maybe open a spreadsheet? Let us guess, Microsoft Office?

If you don’t use Microsoft Office on your MacBook, then you probably use Google Docs. But we are pretty sure you don’t use any of Apple’s own text or spreadsheet editors.

Also, while we are on the topic, what website browser do you use on MacBook? Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox? Because let’s be honest, Safari isn’t worth the time. The only time Mac users open Safari is when they need to install Chrome or Firefox.

2. Delete Key Doesn’t Delete Files


Yes, there is a delete key in a MacBook, but that doesn’t mean you can delete just about everything with it. When you select a file and hit the delete key, nothing happens. Literally nothing happens.

Apple apparently wants you to be very sure before deleting your files, and that is why just hitting one single key won’t do. You have to hit two keys together to actually be able to delete a file – Command Key + Delete Key.

But why two keys? When someone wants to delete a file, they should be able to do it with a delete button – That is literally the only purpose of that key.

1. Macbook Isn’t Built For Gamers


Most of the games today require high configuration both in terms of the system’s RAM and the graphics card you use. In fact, ask any gamer, and you will find that their laptop is custom built to suit their requirements.

But since MacBooks cannot be customized, they end up being expensive and utterly useless for games. For the price of a just-okay MacBook, you can easily get a high-end laptop with the hardware and software you need. By the way, even if you can afford the most expensive MacBook it might not help you since many games aren’t compatible with the Mac OS X.

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