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15 Reasons Men Prefer Hot Women Over Smart Women

15 Reasons Men Prefer Hot Women Over Smart Women

It’s all about the looks. Whether we admit it or not, this is almost always the case for men and women. When we meet people for the first time and know nothing about them at all, we secretly gauge whether we like them or not via their appearance. This is also predominant among men. Hence, oftentimes, men really prefer hot women over smart women. Upon hearing this, most women will get their pitchforks and shout something about feminism. However, this may be a sensible choice they make. To understand why we listed and discussed below the reasons why men choose hot women over smart women.

Let’s not resort to hypocrisy, even women usually choose this way. This just mean that both species can be stupid so we make stupid choices, but not all the time. There is some rationale why we make these choices and why we try so hard to be chosen.

Let’s start.

15. It is the science of attraction


The simplest explanation why men fall for hot women is because of the science of attraction. From way, way back, human beings tend to choose a partner based on how healthy they are. This is based on thousands of years of human instinct. The rationale is you’d want a healthy partner who will want to be with you for a long, long time. When it comes to being healthy, having a flawless complexion is key. Hence, fast-forward to today, anything that makes a woman look healthier (clear complexion, nice set of teeth, great body, and more), men will most likely fall for them.

14. Men have the Darwinian mindset


We all know that the reason we go through the tedious process of getting attracted and falling in love is to procreate. When it comes to procreation, men have the Darwinian mindset, which also follows that they have this mindset from the start, from the point of attraction.

To procreate, we have to have sex. For men, it is just easier to do the deed with an attractive partner. Hence, they choose to have a beautiful and hot girl in bed with them because of our purpose of procreation. Also, a hot woman is usually considered a healthy woman, so she would be able to get pregnant and give birth to healthy children.

13. Men value beauty


It’s as simple as that. When it comes to selecting a partner, whether for a short-term or long-term relationship, beauty is the topmost consideration. Men put a huge value on beauty above anything else. Moreover, since finding a partner later on means building a family with them, beauty is taken as a sign of fertility and having grade A genes, which every man likes if they were to produce offsprings.

Still, some men value other characteristics but the most apparent is beauty because that is the first thing people see and judge you with. If men plan to have children, of course, they want them to be the most beautiful.

12. Appearance is first thing people notice


Let’s face it, the face (and the body) are the first things we notice when we see someone. Hence, seeing a girl who is beautiful and with a rocking body, it is almost inevitable for a man to not notice. Also, how a person looks is the top reason why a person would take a second glance at a stranger, right?

It may sound shallow but that is the reality. Not everyone has the luxury of time to get to know everyone so if a man needs to make a quick judgment, it will certainly be based on how hot and attractive a girl is. As they say, first impressions are made in a split second, so if a woman is not deemed “attractive” then she won’t get the kind of attention other attractive women receive.

11. Men are very physical


Men put more emphasis on the physical aspect of things rather than on the emotional or other aspects they deem not as important as physical appearance. Unlike women who try to understand something or someone inside and outside, it is easier for men to settle for the superficial. Hence, when it comes to choosing a partner, it is inevitable that they will go for hot women.

For men, it is easy for them to like someone they have a physical connection with. They rarely show something on the emotional connection standpoint so the result is they go for looks rather than brains or character.

10. Intelligence can be improved, looks not so much


Unless you are filthy rich, you can work on improving your intelligence but your looks are almost always what you have as is. To be smarter, you can work hard at studying in school, gaining more experience at work, becoming more street smart, etc. However, when it comes to beauty, if you don’t have a lot of money to undergo beauty surgeries or even just to buy makeup, you are who you are.

So, men see looks as a reliable indicator for a good partner. Having amazing looks can signify that she is healthy and have good genes. Hence, men would go for hot women because they see them as suitable partners from the onset.

9. Hot women turn men on


Since men are very physical, they need a trigger to get turned on and that involves a physical trait as well – being hot. Seeing a sexy woman with a pretty face pass by will definitely ring all bells and has already preliminarily pushed all proverbial buttons on a guy. Getting turned on is how they appreciate that beauty.

Moreover, hot women turn on men because they serve as a challenge for them. Most men don’t want women they can have easy, they want those who they can work hard for. Hot women who recognize that they are hot know that they have more options, hence, men compete for them.

8. Men are simpler than women


When it comes to choosing a partner as to any other thing that people need to choose, men are a lot simpler than women. Men don’t need to write down stuff and make a checklist to make a choice. If they like what they see, more often than not, they will already choose that over exerting effort at finding something better or contemplating whether or not someone better will come along. Only women do things like that. Therefore, most men will just easily fall for hot women. They like what they see so what can go wrong from choosing her as a life partner, right? Then, men will just cross the bridge when they get there.

7. Beauty is a key reason for men to be attracted


Although not all men are attracted to hot women, we can dismiss the fact that beauty is a key attractant. When we first meet a person, we look at their face and even with just that data, we can already make decisions whether we like them or not. Therefore, beauty is a key ingredient for any man or any person to be attracted. However, some men who try to dig deeper and get to know the person sometimes put into consideration other characteristics aside from looks. Yet, we can’t deny that beauty is the first thing that is noticed by most people.

6. Men who have options, options, and options


When men have a ton of options, they will most likely choose beauty over anything else. It is not a matter of who they choose but it is more of a way to prove a point that they can make those choices. For most men, appearance is the top criteria while intelligence just comes in second or third (sometimes, the second criteria is being good in bed or being an amazing wife).

If you want proof, check out the girlfriends or wives of men who have a ton of options. Most of these men are professional athletes, men in show business, businessmen, and even men in the booming tech scene. Most of them have trophy girlfriends or wives.

5. Opposites attract


Sometimes the reason why men, especially the smart ones, go for hot women is because “opposites attract”. Smart men who are not very good-looking tend to find satisfaction in getting a very good-looking partner. Hence, they choose beautiful women to date. Meanwhile, other guys who are not very smart but are quite okay in the looks department will sometimes go for the smart but average-looking girl. It seems that the “opposites attract” theory is to complement one another. Often, it works well since whatever one lacks, their partner makes up for it and vice-versa. So, the old adage is true after all.

4. Men want a trophy


This reason may make men appear too shallow but most men want a trophy girlfriend or wife. They want a mate that they can proudly show around and brag to their friends. They want a girl who they won’t be ashamed of so they choose hot women over smart women who dress sloppily or have no sense of fashion.

For most men, having a mate is like a competition. In any competition, the goal is to win. For a man to win, he should have the trophy already that will easily help him earn the “respect” of his peers.

3. Like I said, most men make stupid choices


Keep in mind that the keyword in this reason is the word “most”. Most men do make stupid choices but not all. There are instances that a super smart guy will choose a super hot lady while a not so super smart guy will go for the one with the brains. Have a clue why? It’s because that’s what they want to choose. The ideal scenario is that a super smart guy will go for a smart girl as well because they can discuss things on the same intellectual level. However, this isn’t always the case because they are just not attracted to the person or because of some other bizarre reasons that even the person making the choice cannot explain.

2. Men want validation


We used to think that only women want some sort of validation from other people. Apparently, men want this too although they won’t be very vocal about it. However, this shows in their choice of hot women over smart women. They get attracted to hot women because these women are the ones they can easily parade around. Hot women can easily get men validation from their friends, family, and other people. Moreover, the mere thought that a hot woman went for that certain guy is already a validation of that man’s value. We all know that if a hot girl has lots of options it says a lot about you if she chooses you in the end.

1. The brain is just wired that way


Most men are attracted to hot women because the brain is just wired that way compared to women. The male brain is designed to be very visual, unlike the female brain which can easily process emotions and can have empathy. For men, beauty is a primary criterion because it is easier for them to process visual cues instead of having to invest more time and effort with interaction and intimacy.

Hence, from the get-go, men easily feel attraction to beautiful women. It is pleasing to their eyes, which sends all sorts of crazy signals to the brain in order to get them hooked.

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