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15 Reasons Men Prefer Silicone Dolls Over Real Women

15 Reasons Men Prefer Silicone Dolls Over Real Women

You have probably heard about silicone dolls before, if you haven’t heard of them, then don’t worry, it’s not the sort of thing that people would be comfortable enough talking about if they had them. Well, like most people, you probably think that silicone dolls are owned by creepy old perverts who hide them under their beds and pull them out when they are ready for a good time. Well, that’s what Matt Krivicke thought 5 years ago before he quit his job to start making these adult dolls.

The silicone doll industry is currently a multi-billion-industry company, with one doll selling close to $25,000 in LA. If you thought only the crazies were into spending quality time with a lifeless life sized human looking doll, then you are wrong. These dolls have gotten so popular that a 45-year-old physiotherapist shares his bed under the same roof as his wife and daughter in Tokyo. This man has grown so fond of his doll Mayu that he takes it for dates and dresses her in expensive clothes and jewelry.

So, why would men prefer a silicone doll to a real life woman? Well, if you are itching to know why men can’t get enough of these new age husband stealers, here’s 15 Reasons Men Prefer Silicone Dolls Over Real Women.

15. They will never nag you


While it’s granted that silicone dolls are not as warm as an ordinary woman, but according to men who love these lifeless toys, they aren’t nearly as cold either. According to a book by Dr. Marguard Smith: “ women are cruel, superficial, venal, and break the hearts of men, and that on the contrary, dolls are reliable, compliant and loving.” Therefore, in case you just got off an abusive relationship and would want to try something less warm and nagging, you better check out one of these dolls (if that’s your kind of thing). Just don’t get upset when she doesn’t get a joke you say or completely forgets to get the groceries you asked her to get when you left the house in the morning.

14. Silicone dolls are great listeners


If you are man and have been in a relationship before with a real life woman then you know things can get hot so fast, and that it wouldn’t take much effort to get your girlfriend in a grumbling mood. Well, sometimes you just want to get off work, have your beer, eat some dinner without having to listen to some whining. While the non-responsive relationship you get out of a silicone doll isn’t enough to make a long-lasting companionship, men would rather have that, than a whining nagging girlfriend, just be ready to do all the house chores alone while she stares into the air.

13. Silicone Dolls never get Jealous


Women often feel that jealousy is a sign of care or love. That’s why they will get so emotional and think it’s cute when you get jealous over her. When a woman gets jealous over something you did, it’s not the same old ‘cute’ affair, things will normally get dramatic very fast just because your female colleague sent a good night text. When it comes to a emotional, silicone doll, they really don’t care where you have been or who you were with. Instead, they will be seated where you left them, waiting for the next time you want to spend some quality time with them. No questions asked!

12. No Excuses and no Mood Swings


All guys understand that the only time things can get interesting in the bedroom with a woman is when you have been a good boy. And things can also get pretty nasty when the Ol’ Aunt Period comes visiting each month at a specific time. So what makes the silicone doll such a convenient option during these times? Well, for starters sex dolls don’t have monthly periods, meaning they will never have mood swings or act up during that time of the month. But what makes them the perfect option is that there’s never going to be an excuse when it’s time to get dirty. Doing the nasty will always be an option!

11. Low Maintenance


It’s hard to find a woman who is attracted to broke guys. This is not a quality women love in their men. In fact, if you want to keep a woman long enough to have grandchildren and still be together, you need to have your life in check. Silicone dolls, on the contrary, don’t care how much money you have in the bank, what car you drive or even if all your credit cards are maxed out. They don’t care that you did not get them anything for their birthday (if they have one) or for your anniversary. With a silicone doll, you won’t have to spend any money on jewelry or clothing unless of course, you are trying to spice things up in the bedroom.

10. She doesn’t need a lot of attention


The average adult doll only gets a few minutes of attention in a day, and most of the time, it could go completely forgotten for months, especially when the family is visiting. Women, on the other hand, need a lot of attention. If you do not surprise her with a bouquet of roses at work, then it’s the little emails, texts or notes that will get her spirits up. Unlike women, men aren’t wired to be overly emotional, and it wouldn’t be hard for a man to forget to send the daily “I love you text.” Silicone dolls don’t need any attention; you just need to store them in a secure place to avoid wear and tear, and embarrassment.

9. Silicone Dolls make the Perfect Substitute


Let’s face it, you can never really compare what you get from a woman with a silicone doll, same as women can never really get to the same intimate level they would experience with a man using an adult toy. According to Murray, a three time divorced man in Australia, a silicone doll makes the perfect substitute. Murray reveals that he has over the years managed to reach ecstasy with the help of his silicone doll ‘Noni’. And that while anyone would rather have a woman as a companion, it’s not always an option that is available to some people. According to him, this is the best thing, at least for now.

8. She will never Say NO


Well, this has to be one of the best reasons to get a silicone doll. Adult dolls will never say no unless you are a creepy psychopath who thinks they could actually read into their inanimate expressions. One of the reasons why guys would choose a silicone doll over any girl is because these dolls will always be down to get dirty. It doesn’t matter what time, place or situation, they could never say NO. Word of caution, if you are the kind of guy who enjoys the thrill of the hunt, then a silicone toy isn’t the right option for you.

7. She will be there for you 24/7


Unlike other women who are constantly juggling a million things, like their career life, friends, family, and of course, their normal chores and the kids, a silicone doll will always be there for you whenever you need it. They have zero responsibilities other than, of course, taking care of your needs. This means if you left her on the sofa, that’s probably where you are going to find her unless of course someone breaks into your house and decides to steal your girl. Which means you will have to order another one. *Wink.*

6. You Can Dress Her However You Like


All guys will agree about this, most women tend to lose their sexy once you have dated them for a while. She will no longer care about her makeup, or how you see her when she wakes up. She will either be in her PJ’s or that old raggedy sweater-top she puts on while she does the chores in the house. On the other hand, your silicone doll won’t mind dressing skimpily for eternity, she wouldn’t even try to make an effort to dress badly (because she clearly can’t). She will have breakfast in her thong and watch the game with you topless if that is your wish.

5. She is always going to be HOT


Unlike most humans or anything natural, your silicone doll will never age, she could get a few bruises or dents depending on how you handle her, but she will never grow old with you. A lot of men fear they wouldn’t feel attracted to their women once they get older and wrinkly, and it always seems like such an achievement when grandpa and grandma do it. Or maybe it’s actually a very sweet thought that after so many years they are in love…it depends how you look at it. Anyway, the best thing about your silicone doll is that she will always be hot, and in case you get tired of her face or figure you can always send it back to the manufacturer and get an upgrade of features.

4. She looks real


Real lifelike silicone dolls have over the years improved, and look more real than ever. A few companies have come up with silicone dolls with artificial intelligence, meaning that that they could actually fall in love with you. According to the company, adding robotics into the silicone dolls will give them the ability to be as responsive as a real woman would be, especially when you’re getting hot and heavy in the bedroom. While it is quite the task to compare a doll to a woman, you have to admit that the recent silicone dolls being manufactured are almost close to the real thing (minus all the nagging and drama of course).

3. She doesn’t mind you spending time with other Women


Men love women, and more than half the times, other women are the reason most relationships fail in the US. Women are naturally territorial and jealous, its hard to get a woman who would be okay with her husband spending time with another woman especially if she isn’t there to supervise. Your silicone doll will never mind you spending time with another woman, it doesn’t matter if you left her lying on the cold floor when you left in the morning, and she will never bring it up. She would care less if you brought someone with you from the club last night.

2. She will Never Judge your Skills in the Bedroom


Well, if you are the type of guy who is getting poor grades in the bedroom department, then you are not the most confident of men, and you probably get pretty nervous when anything serious happens with a real woman. Well, your silicone doll will never judge your skills in the bedroom, she will just lie down with that authentic factory smile you first saw when you were getting her from the store. Not all women will judge you when it’s time to get dirty, but for most of them, being bad in bed is a deal breaker. In case you are this kind of person, an adult doll could help get your game back on.

1. She will never cheat on you unless of course, you get careless


Just to be clear not all women are cheats, and more than half of them actually want a long and lasting relationship. A man’s worst fear is losing his girl to another man, and worse if it’s someone he knows. Your silicone doll will never cheat on you. Just a small word of caution, make sure she is securely stored out of reach of prying eyes, if not, your best friend might just steal her out of curiosity of the experience and she wouldn’t be able to help it. Your sex toy will never feel anything for your best friend or even you (there’s no need to get insecure).


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