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15 Reasons She’s Still Single According To Her Zodiac

15 Reasons She’s Still Single According To Her Zodiac

Being in a loving, strong, lasting relationship is one of the best ways to navigate the  journey of life. Having a partner that is there to be a crutch when needed, a lover, and a best friend for life is an amazing feeling. But what about the perpetually single ladies out there that simply can’t find a relationship that will last for more than a few months? With the rise of social media and everyone being able to peek in on another person’s life, there is an insurmountable amount of pressure on people to get settled and lock down a relationship. After a certain age, it can seem like there is an invitation to a wedding, baby shower, or bachelorette party every other week. People are finding their loved ones and locking them down. But, for the ladies that are single without an expiration date, it can feel like torture. Why can’t they find their dream guy to put a ring on it? When will they get to send out their wedding invites with cheesy fonts and cute phrases? After overthinking for hours and not coming up with anything, the true reason to endless singleness may lie in the characteristics of our zodiac signs. While our zodiac signs aren’t the be-all end-all of why we can’t keep a spouse, it can certainly explain some of the quirks that could be shoving them in the opposite direction.

15. Aries Is Overly Independent


Being an independent woman is a quality that should be cherished. It says a lot for a woman to be able to stand on her own two feet without the help of anyone else. However, when it comes to being in a relationship, a spouse needs to feel needed just as much as they feel wanted. Aries women are fiercely independent. No matter what happens, they can figure out how to get things done on their own. Whether she is buying her first home or starting a business, the Aries woman’s determination and drive will fuel her independence and ability to complete any task. That same independence that is an amazing quality is the reason why she is single. She has a hard time letting go of a portion of that independence to allow her spouse to nurture her and give to her. Her spouse may feel inferior or not needed, leaving her in a relationship with her independent spirit.

14. Taurus Is Too Clingy


New relationships have a way of making a woman feel warm, loving, and like she wants to be with that other person all of the time. For the patient and devoted Taurus woman, new relationships are her weak spot. Taurus women are naturally patient and loving which seems like essential qualities when jumping in a relationship. The problem is that the Taurus woman is also quite possessive, which leads to them being way too clingy. This means constant texts, calls, popping up, and simply smothering her potential spouse. Everyone likes to be wanted, but no one likes to feel like they can’t breathe in a relationship. The Taurus single woman drives away her potential spouse with how clingy she is. There are very few people walking this planet that can handle a clingy partner.

13. Gemini Is Totally Inconsistent


I can’t think of one person that doesn’t want consistency in a relationship. That is a part of being in a relationship essentially: consistency and loyalty. For the Gemini woman, that can be much more difficult than it sounds. The Gemini woman is witty and charming, which will initially attract all of the potential suitors. They will be attracted to her ability to be social and flourish in just about any environment. The problem is that all of that light and fun that is so attractive is not consistent and also it’s not exclusive. When the Gemini gets into a potential relationship or dating situation, her wannabe lover will start to get frustrated with the inconsistent attitude. On Monday morning, the Gemini woman can be friendly and bubbly and all over her potential boo, but by Monday night she will suddenly be cold and irritated by everything. This attitude will leave the Gemini woman single for much longer than she wants to be.

12. Cancer Has A Negative Attitude

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This water sign is well known for riding on their emotional wave. Women born under the Cancer sign are sensitive, sentimental, and care about the people around them deeply. Being emotional can be a positive aspect of being in a relationship. Having an emotional connection to a spouse can be the difference between a lasting relationship and a quick fling. The issue, however, is that the loving emotion that draws potential spouses in is the same exact thing that pushes them away. It’s not that a Cancer woman is overly clingy. Instead, her raging emotions can make her quite pessimistic at times. She may have difficulty sorting out her emotions and expressing them in a positive way, which can be difficult for any spouse to deal with. Just as things seem to be going well, the negative Cancer will make it clear why she’s been single for so long.

11. Leo Is Incredibly Stubborn

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One of the most common things people say about relationships is that it is all about give and take. Each person has to be willing to compromise and be understanding of the other person as relationships require being able to work together. The Leo woman, however, is strong willed and has no problem showing it. This fire sign has a strength that is almost electric. The problem, though, is that she can be quite stubborn and unwilling to compromise on anything that she does not readily agree with. If she is interested in a guy that is a vegetarian and she is a complete meat lover, she will not be willing to go on a date to a restaurant that caters to both. She will want it her way or absolutely no way. This attitude may be tolerable in the beginning, but it will become annoying really fast and drive any guy the Leo woman is dating away.

10. Virgo Is Too Conservative

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All relationships are different and what each person is looking for can also differ. However, it goes without saying that most people want a partner that is at least willing to try out new things every now and then. The Virgo woman is not that person, though. This earth sign does not like to live with anything that is unknown. She is methodical in her actions and is not up to take any risks. Her life is about coloring inside of the lines at all costs. While there may be someone roaming the planet that likes being in predictable relationships that are based on calculations to avoid unnecessary risks, there aren’t many. Even if the Virgo is attractive, smart, and has her life on the right path, her unwillingness to try new things or go on adventures will quickly leave her single and alone.

9. Libras Can’t Make A Choice


There is nothing wrong with going through life and allowing it to unfold, however it does without making a choice either way. It’s what makes the journey fun and interesting. However, for the Libra woman, making choices of any kind is an issue that will haunt her throughout her dating life. Most people want a spouse to be sure about the big things in their life together. Decisions like whether or not to have kids, the kind of career to pursue, and when to get married are big choices that should have definitive answers to them. However, for the Libra woman, she will oftentimes flippantly jump from one choice to another without any regard for the person that she is in a relationship with. This can be irritating and annoying for any partner she attempts to be with. She may feel like her current partner is the love of her life and then, just like that, decide that her ex is really the one that got away. Before she knows it, all of her options will have moved on and she will be in a house full of cats watching reruns.

8. Scorpio is Over-The-Top Jealous

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There is something to be said about a partner wanting to lay claim to the person that they are into. It feels nice to be wanted and for someone to not be ashamed to let the world know that they want you. But there is a thin line between showing off and showing jealousy. Women born under this water sign are naturally suspicious, distrusting and completely jealous. One of the major turn-offs in any potential dating situation is a person that is unreasonably jealous. Sure, if you see the person you like holding hands with someone else, it’s only natural that the feeling of jealousy starts to sizzle in your chest. However, flipping out over the person you like being chatty with the waitress during dinner is a bit much. All of the Scorpio woman’s alluring qualities will go straight out the window when her jealousy takes over.

7. Sagittarius Is Constantly Breaking Promises

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There is nothing more annoying than broken promises. Ask any human being and they will tell you that broken promises are annoying and disheartening. The philosophical and optimistic Sagittarius woman will be the one to make big, lofty promises that she simply can’t keep. She is the kind of woman that will promise a grandiose vacation with absolutely no way to follow through with making it happen. The first time it happens, her potential lover may forgive her. But, by the fifth time, it’s clearly a habit that the Sagittarius cannot break. Every partner wants to feel like the things their spouse tells them or promises them are true. It is important to feel like a priority in a relationship and making promises a reality is one way of doing that. By letting down her spouse over and over again, the Sagittarius woman will have a hard time holding on to any lover for long.

6. Capricorn Thinks She Knows Everything

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Personally, there is nothing more annoying to me than a know-it-all. This is especially true in a relationship. I appreciate people that are knowledgeable and have a lot of interests that they are excited to share. However, when a person is a know-it-all, they leave little to no room for conversation, growth, and exchange in ideas. I mean, they apparently know it all already. The Capricorn woman is that person. If the person she’s into wants to talk about their backpacking trip through Europe, she knows everything about every country. If her love interest is an expert in ancient Egyptian art, well so is she, except more so. The constant disregard of the other person’s knowledge and expertise will become overwhelming and start to feel like they are a bystander in their own relationship. The know-it-all Capricorn attitude will drive any potential lover straight out of the door.

5. Aquarius Is Emotionally Unavailable

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Being single does not automatically mean that a person is emotionally available in the least bit. Women born under the air sign, Aquarius, are naturally guarded when it comes to expressing their emotions for another person. This can become quite problematic as the Aquarius woman won’t be able to even throw the hint that she is trying to get to know someone better. It takes more than some good looks and a bright personality to get this woman to break down the fortress of emotional protection that she has built up. For many people that are interested in her, it will feel like a war without a cause. Why try to break down the walls before you’re even sure you want what’s on the other side. By the time the Aquarius woman is ready emotionally, her potential lovers will be too exhausted to even put forth any more effort.

4. Pisces Is Not Down To Earth


Women born under this water sign are known to be in tune with their emotions, intuitive to a point of being psychic and dreamy. They are quite selfless and giving to those that they care about. However, their dreamy and psychic abilities make them unattached to the actual world around them. Potential partners may start to become irritated and frustrated with their strange viewpoints and lofty ideas that seem to come out of nowhere. While they are loving and giving people to a point that it could even start to hurt themselves, their partners won’t like how unattached to reality they seem. Relationships still require people to navigate day to day life together, and the Pisces woman will push away the things she doesn’t like as if they aren’t there instead of addressing them. She’d rather live in her dream world. If her partner isn’t into fantasy lifestyles, she will be living in that dream world alone.

3. Scorpio Trusts No One


When a woman is getting in a relationship, whether it’s casual or serious, there needs to be some level of trust. While it’s true that people need to earn trust as it shouldn’t just be handed out like a play thing, for the woman born under the Scorpio sign, trust is a hard thing to come by. Scorpio women are naturally assertive and clear on their intentions. This means, when she is into a partner, she makes it known and will pursue them openly. But, once the honeymoon phase has worn off and it’s time to get serious about creating a life together, the Scorpio woman might feel that sense of pause creeping up in her chest. It will be incredibly difficult for her to let go and trust that her mate is in her life for real and is not there to screw things up. The lack of trust, constantly, will drive potential partners away.

2. Aries Are An Emotional Roller Coaster


Women born under this fire sign have the reputation of being hard, stern, and serious. They don’t take any mess from anyone and have no issue molding life into what they want it to be. While it is true that the Aries woman is strong, determined, and enthusiastic about life; she is also an emotional roller coaster. That hard and tough attitude is just an exterior and she really can be quite emotional underneath. But, unlike most people, she will express her emotions in random spurts that will seem to come out of nowhere, totally throwing her partner off. She will seem like she is handling the relationship and life just fine but, in a split second, she will be riding an emotional wave of ups and downs with no end in sight. There is nothing wrong with dealing with changes in life through showing emotions to your mate. But, taking them on a never-ending roller coaster of happy, sad, mad, and angry is not healthy for anyone involved.

1. Leo Is Incredibly Arrogant

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The courageous and strong lioness born under this sign is creative and deeply passionate. She is warm and loving and naturally makes friends wherever she goes, which may be the first thing that attracts a new mate. On the surface, she can seem like she is the full package and has it totally together; because she does. So what could be the problem? Aside from insane jealousy, the Leo woman is totally and utterly into herself more than any mate could be. There is nothing wrong with tooting your own horn sometimes but the Leo takes that to a whole new level. For her, she is the smartest, most beautiful, and best thing to ever happen to her mate. That sort of outlook can be overwhelming when considering settling down with someone until the end of time.

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