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15 Reasons Upgrading to iPhone 7 Isn’t Worth It

15 Reasons Upgrading to iPhone 7 Isn’t Worth It


Every year Apple comes out with new products. They have a ton of fans that scoop them up as soon as they hit the market, even if they don’t need them. You have to give the company a lot of credit because they sure do know how to market their products. However, when you put out a product that is very good, it’s pretty hard to top it in just a year’s time.

When the 6S version of the iPhone was released, Apple unleashed a product that was nearly perfect. In the world of electronics nothing is ever perfect but this thing came about as close as you can get. So here we are a year later and the 7 is out and everyone needs to decide if they want to get it. The bottom line though, is that it’s not really worth it. The basic reasoning for that is that the 6S was so good, there really isn’t anything to improve upon.

There are some minor improvements with the 7, but the big picture shows that 90% of these improvements aren’t really needed. A faster processor, a slightly better screen and more storage space are nice things to have. However, everyone is so happy with the 6S that it just shows you that these improvements are more of a cosmetic thing to sell you a new phone.

15. The 7 looks the same


The 6S and the iPhone 7 could be twins. They look exactly the same so why pay all of that money for an upgrade that really isn’t one at all? The only thing that is visibly different is the antenna stripes. They have been redesigned and are a little bit less visible. Other than that they look exactly the same. Is it really an upgrade if you can’t tell you upgraded?

Keep this in mind as well; if you are one of the countless users that insert your phone in a protective case, you won’t be able to see those redesigned stripes anyway. More people use those cases now than don’t.

14. The price


If you bought the iPhone 6S Plus after it was released to the public, you easily paid more than $800 after taxes were tacked on. It wasn’t all that long ago that it came out so why would you want to spend the same amount again on a new phone? If you haven’t yet upgraded, don’t consider it as that. You can consider it as saving yourself over $800 more.

Sure it’s a tad newer and it has a few new features on it, but why shell out that money again? Did you even finish paying off the one you have yet? Either way, unless there is something seriously wrong with the phone you have now, you probably have better things to spend that money on.

13. The camera in the 6S is just fine


One of the selling points for the iPhone 7 is that it got a big upgrade in the camera department. It offers a dual lens camera where the 6S does not. The zoom works beautifully and it doesn’t lose any quality when doing so. That’s a very nice addition but wait a minute… there is nothing wrong with the camera on the 6S!

Sure it doesn’t offer that dual lens but it still works awesomely. There is no need to go out and spend another eight hundred plus dollars for a new camera when the one you have right now works perfectly.

12. There’s nothing wrong with the 6S


If you have the 6S and it works normally for you, there is no real need to upgrade to the 7. The bottom line is that the 6S is a very good product that works just fine. It is very similar to when computer users didn’t want to upgrade to what Microsoft was pushing on them back when Windows XP was popular. XP worked fantastically so why upgrade to something that might not work as well? Right now there just isn’t a need to upgrade to the iPhone 7 because the 6S is a great product. In terms of wanting its customers to upgrade, Apple screwed themselves by putting out a product that works perfectly.

11. Androids are getting better


If you are one of those Apple users that wear blinders to avoid seeing what other companies are up to, you might have missed the fact that the Androids are getting better with each day. They offer pretty much the same things now and in many cases they work better than their Apple counterparts’ apps do. Of course there are still the proprietary apps that only Apple can offer you, but in the overall scheme of things the gap between Android and iPhone has decreased considerably over the last several years.

There aren’t too many Apple executives that haven’t noticed this either. They are hard at work trying to put some more distance between them and their biggest competitor.

10. It’s just a button


The new home button on the iPhone 7 is actually quite cool. It’s a capacitive button that doesn’t need to be physically pressed. It has a very modern look and feel compared to the 6S. Plus how cool is a button that doesn’t even have to be touched?

But is that alone worth dropping eight hundred bucks? It’s highly doubtful. Sure it’s a cool new thing but it certainly isn’t that important in the everyday use of your phone. If you have to actually press a button or not, that doesn’t not really matter. All that matters is that it brings you to where you want to be on your phone. Buying the 7 just for that feature isn’t worth it.

9. The main screen is very similar


On the 7 your main screen shows up a little bit brighter. This allows it to show colors a little more vibrantly but not enough to warrant dropping another eight hundred bucks for it. Both the 6S and the 7 have the exact same 3D Touch features on the screen and even the size difference isn’t that big of a difference. One quick look at the front screen and you’ll wonder why you would want to drop that kind of cash for something you already have. Unless your current phone is broken in some way, there is no real need for the iPhone 7.

8. There is no headphone jack on the 7


The iPhone 7 doesn’t have a headphone jack. That’s a major problem for those people who don’t use a wireless set of headphones. That’s not the only thing that the jack is used for though. It’s also used by those people who conduct business away from home or the office and use The Square. The credit/debit card machine plugs into the headphone jack of a phone to allow vendors or mobile business people to take credit/debit card payments on the go. Those people will not want to upgrade their phone because it will be a major blow to their business.

7. You don’t really need it


The bottom line is that if you have a 6S you are probably very happy with it. It really is a great product that works perfectly for most of the world. So why spend another eight hundred dollars for something just because it’s there? That just doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you have too much money in the bank and are looking to blow some on something that you don’t really need.

It might be a better idea to wait until the upgrade to the 7 comes out and see what it has to offer. There just aren’t that many new features on the 7 to warrant trading in your 6S for it.

6. A waterproof phone doesn’t affect most people


The new waterproof technology for the iPhone 7 is a cool new feature. However, the 6S doesn’t absorb water like a sponge so it’s ok for those that might get a few drops of liquid on it from time to time. It’s also a good fact to know that most people don’t drop their phones into water. Sure it does happen, but it’s not a major problem in the world. That’s more of a once in a while thing and that makes it a feature that’s not really worth upgrading for.

If you work around pools or lakes or large amounts of water it might be a good investment, but overall it’s not a major issue for most people in the world.

5. The faster processor isn’t needed


The iPhone 7 has a better processor in it and there is no question about that. That’s one of the main features that are new. It makes use of the A10 Fusion chipset with the quad or six core GPU. The performance increase rates at around 40% to 50% better.

The Dual Core A9 that is in the 6S however is just fine for a phone. Sure the faster speeds are a nice thing to have but it’s not really needed. This is another case of a great previous product that was released not long ago and still works perfectly. Unless your current phone has something really wrong with it, you wouldn’t notice that increased performance anyway.

4. It’s even bigger than before


People are growing tired of the gigantic cell phones. Back when they first came out the goal was to make them as small as possible because let’s face it, the first ones looked more like bricks. Things went a bit too far as they eventually became little tiny things and then they started getting bigger again. All the consumer really wants though is a normal sized phone with a good screen.

People bought the 6S because the SE wasn’t out yet. When it came out it was a huge hit because it was smaller yet still as good as any other product on the market. Now the 7 is out and it’s even bigger. If you’re looking to carry around a small television it’s a good choice. Otherwise it’s better to not spend the money right now.

3. The additional storage isn’t needed


Another selling point of the new iPhone 7 is that it has more storage space. That’s fantastic but the 6S offered plenty to begin with. So it’s not really worth upgrading for more space when you more than likely haven’t even filled up what you currently have.

One of the biggest space fillers has always been music. Now with everything that is cloud based or streaming, there really isn’t a need to have all of those songs on your phone physically anymore. Apps don’t take up a lot of room at all and it’s doubtful that you could fill an entire phone’s storage space with apps alone. While the additional space is nice, it really isn’t worth upgrading for the money that it will cost you.

2. $800 more with less than that in improvements


If you are one of those people that have a two year contract on your phone, you’ll want to hold off on the 7. It just doesn’t offer enough to justify the addition cash that you’re going to drop on it. If you put the 6S and the 7 side by side, you’ll see very little differences. If you turn them both on you’ll see the same thing; very little differences. The fact is that while the 7 has some minor improvements, there is no single standout improvement to make it a must have for anyone that already has the 6S.

1. The anniversary edition is coming


The iPhone has a ten year anniversary edition coming out soon and the rumors that surround any upcoming iPhone products are usually pretty accurate. The current ones are saying that there is going to be a complete redesign to this anniversary edition. All of the rumors say that the phone will be completely different (in a better way) so you’re better off saving your money right now and waiting for that. If you spend the money now on minor upgrades, you’re just going to spend it again next fall when this edition comes out.

If you are one of those people that is absolutely in love with your iPhone, there is no question you’ll be standing in line for the anniversary edition. Don’t spend the money twice, just have patience.


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