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15 Reasons Why China Beats The US At Everything

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15 Reasons Why China Beats The US At Everything

The global super-power, US, is about to fall and Americans are almost clueless, as China is taking over in all possible areas. There are so many ways in which China is beating the US and emerging as a super power and if you want to experience this transformative period you all need to learn Chinese. China is progressing by leaps and bounds, where the hard working Chinese have proved them selves to be the best. China’s economic progress has set an example for the rest of the world. China is now in the limelight for innovation because of its huge population and impressive workforce. Chinese people save a lot and these savings contributes a lot in building infrastructure. The good policies and decision-making ability of China as compared to the US has also helped them to progress. China is beating the US in many sectors and we are here to discuss 15 reasons why China beats the US at everything.

15. China has become the number one trading nation


Go to a market today and you will see everything with a label ‘made in China’. In the last few decades, China has become the number one trading nation. When we say that China is beating the US then it surely is as according to statistics. For instance, the U.S sold 110 billion dollars worth stuff to China and China sold 425 billion dollars worth of stuff to the US and it was the largest trade deficit that a country can hold. China has the most foreign currency reserves than any other nation on this planet. I know it’s surprising but the new world trade center in the US is going to include a glass that is being imported from China. China has gone so far in the import business and it is very difficult to export goods to China because of their tariffs.

14. China is a nation with the largest manpower


China is the world’s most populous country with an estimated population of 1.379 billion and they have made this huge population their strength. They have a huge number of labourers and educated graduates that work day and night. Due to a large population it produces a large number of doctors, engineers, scientist, teachers and military personnel’s therefore they do not need people from other countries. China has 2,260,000 active military personnel and is considered one of the biggest military in the world. There is also an army of workers that are playing an important role in advancing the economy, as the pool of people makes sure that there are enough people working in factories.

13. China is the number one gold producing nation


The best part is that China produces gold and Americans buy that gold in huge bulks. It is also the number one nation gold importer in the world and produced 463.7 tonnes of gold in 2016. Most of the China’s gold is transformed into jewellery. Chang Shan Hao gold mine is the country’s largest producer. Gold mining in China has grown to a large scale. China is the fastest growing gold producing country. Many of the mining companies in China are privatized. China has about 1.1% of gold natural reserves. Many foreign companies are investing in China because this industry has a promising, bright future. China is also emerging as the major player in the global gold market and it is also being suspected that China is stockpiling gold to increase its foreign reserves so that they do not had to rely on the US dollar.

12. China is offering a large number of jobs


According to statistics, US has lost an average of 50,000 jobs per month since China has entered The World Trade Organization. It’s amazing that china’s unemployment rate has never surpassed 5%. In China it is very easy to find a job even if you don’t have enough education because you can find an average job. China has become a dynamic job market as it offered three million jobs last year. China is offering jobs in all possible fields, like marketing and advertising, journalism, finance, engineering, sales, education, management, consulting and many others. China’s high rate of graduates flood the job market every year.

11. China has the biggest car industry


China is producing twice as many automobiles as US. No one has ever seen such an amazing, impressive and huge industry in the world as the China’s car industry. It is known to be the biggest passenger car industry in the world. It also has the most brands and models, a vast range of brand s and models are available for the Chinese car buyers and local as well as international brands all are available. The automobile industry of China is considered to be its main pillar of economy and government pays extra attention for its expansion. The acceptance of local brands and low export rate has contributed a lot to the well-being of China’s car industry.

10. China is now the leading manufacturer of goods


China has become the top goods producer of the world as it has become the manufacturing power house. China is producing goods for the western world from around thirty years; it produces cheap, medium and high quality goods. It will take very long for the world to meet the expertise of Chinese manufacturers. It has a large manufacturing ecosystem; it also has three deep sea ports which make it possible to export goods around the globe, it has the population and capacity to manufacture large number of goods, working conditions in China are way better than other countries. The world has to go a long way to compete with the work standards of China. China is also producing twice as much beer as US and people of US drinks that beer.

9. China has more opportunities for education


Higher education in United States is becoming expensive and unattainable day by day whereas higher education in China has become very affordable and today China is awarding more doctoral degrees in engineering as compared to US. China is doing a great job in providing quality education for its citizens and other individuals from around the world. Nowadays a large number of students are coming from all over the world to China for pursuing higher education. The Chinese policy for education is, “If you manage to be accepted by a university, you will, by any means, finish it and very few people graduated with a small debt, it is basically nothing.

8. China is offering more opportunities for research and development


China was home to more than 200 foreign companies for research and development that were investing more and more. This is of no surprise that many foreign scientists get settles id China because of large number of opportunities. As china is rising as global innovation leader and many multinational companies have start working in China, they are becoming part in science and technology knowledge of the country to pursue fundamental research and these companies are working in chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive and IT industries. China now has the leading research universities, modern science and technology parks and innovative startups; these are not only beneficial for foreigners but also for the locals as they have all the opportunities at their door steps.

7. China’s industrial reforms


After the rapid increase in population the industrial development in China begin to speed up and the development was twice as fast as the rest of the world. It is the leading sector of China; it contributes a lot to gross domestic product of the country. The improvement in Chinese industry is due to increased competition and financial pressure; they are also putting a lot of capital, workers and material for the production purposes. The government is also putting great efforts in appointing managers and in strategic decision management. High rate of exports ahs also contributed in the betterment of this sector.

6. China is number one supplier of defense systems


Chinese arms are highly competitive as compared to their western counterparts, these arms include aerial vehicles, anti-ship cruise missile, shouldered fired surface to air missile and light weight trainer jets, every other country wants to these amazing weapons. China has become a very successful arm exporter and most of the export consists of light weaponry. China has sold tanks and armed drones to many Asian and western countries, among them Pakistan is the biggest client in past five years. The world is selecting Chinese arms over US. China is using a great deal of its capital in weapon industry to make advanced arms manufacturing industry; they have spent billions to develop their self made weapons.

5. China is making economic reforms


Their economy has grown seven times more than US and it is made possible by their economic reforms. China’s GDP has been growing double every year and the best part is that they never had a financial crisis. There is a shift from state capitalism to private capitalism. It has been said that China’s economic performance is as remarkable as great wall. China’s economic reforms are very fast paced as compared to western countries. In the case of air pollution China has cut down its coal consumption by 8% in just four months while western countries are still finding ways to cope with this issue. China has become the centre of world’s economy.

4. China is more socially stable


Peace and stability insures the success of any nation and China being the most populous country provides its citizens with a sense of security and peace of mind and therefore they are contributing so much for the success of their nation. If any of you ever visited China you can easily travel anywhere at any time, women are walking un-harassed, children walk to streets without the threat of being kidnapped, there is almost no street crime record. The credit of social stability goes to their old fashioned government. Economic growth or overall development, they both totally depend on the nation’s social stability.

3. Power production in China


China has become the number nation in producing wind and solar energy. China is producing three times more coal as compared to US. Its mind alerting that China is producing 90% of global supply of rare earth metals, as China has large industries and to run these industries China needs to purchase power. China is now building high performance solar cells that will be used in satellites. China is also the world’s largest electricity producer, there are massive hydroelectric resources. China has also mastered long distance power transmission, the Chinese power engineers have now become the world leaders in ultra high voltage power transmission systems they can connect far way power resources with area which do not have electricity.

2. China has a better infrastructure


Being a future oriented nation they are extra focused towards building strong, reliable and long lasting infrastructure and they are miles ahead as compared to western world. They are spending billions of dollars for building new infrastructure and for accommodating their huge population. They focus on the long-term benefits and not one the short term; their high speed rail is one of the examples which will benefit them in near future. China wants to do big their projects like new cities on deserts, large wind power base, huge and advanced airports and other amazing examples of infrastructure is the world’s largest telescope, The Shanghai synchrotron radiation laboratory, the Guangzhou opera house, The Qinling tunnel and the Baltic pearl project is China’s largest foreign-development project. There is long list of amazing infrastructure that is contributing to the success of China.

1. China has a high investment rate


The investment rate in China has become very high, not only private government but foreign companies are also investing in China there is seen a shift of investment from US to China. The government of China is investing in other countries and establishes institutions like Asian infrastructure bank and massive infrastructure projects like the silk route and the Maritime silk route. The capitals they get from exports are invested in different sectors of the country and a balance is maintained. The Chinese people save more and they invest in real states, Chinese people are buying a huge rate of real estate in United States. As high saving rates results in essential investment for sustain GDP growth.

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