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15 Reasons Why Kids Can’t Be Left Alone With Dad

15 Reasons Why Kids Can’t Be Left Alone With Dad

Dads, you have to love them. They are the reason mothers are able to birth kids, but just because they have the sperm driving factor doesn’t always make them the best parent.

It can get quite strange when we leave kids with their fathers. Some dads are not really cut out to be fathers, and others, well they just never really give up. There have been complaints as long as things have been documented about the way that dads parent their kids. Some are too laid back, some just never really grew up themselves, and well others are not even capable of getting themselves dressed to go out and about, let alone being left with the task of having kids to get ready and be responsible for.

You know dads can dance in discos, and do the whole Superman kind of thing. Many fathers just want to prove to the world that they are still cool, and can relate to kids. A lot of them really can never grow up! So, when mothers leave their kids with the father figure, it can go wrong. Terribly wrong, as this article demonstrates.

So, ladies, if you are considering leaving your baby with his or her dad while you head of out for a night out on the town, or try to enjoy yourself for a change, think twice. This article could very well put you off wanting to leave the house and leave you child alone with their dad! It has some really weird styles of parenting, and well, if you want a laugh for a change instead of all the hardcore sad media stories on offer right now, read this instead to bust a laugh or two. Here goes.

15. Dad Tries To Be Funny


There was a father that thought he was so funny that he tried to make a point of his baby’s head looking like a kiwi fruit. Now, as a mother you may not find it so funny that the dad tried to stick a sticker on the child’s head as the baby was asleep, showcasing the baby’s hair in all of its fine glory. It is very embarrassing when dads get carried away, and a lot of them like the chance to show off to their peers. Females however, prefer to keep this type of antic well under wraps, you never know when child services may lodge a complaint! A weird dad if ever there was one had an idea to use the sticker from the kiwi to take a funny photo. Poor kid. This dad must have felt like he was the funniest guy around. Maybe men do suffer with hormonal mood swings, who are we to judge?

14. Dad Dressed The baby As A Biker!


One unsuspecting mother decided to go out and have a little bit of a break. Unbeknown to her she was leaving her son with a husband that well, let’s just say hasn’t matured yet. He decided that it would be fun to dress the baby like a biker, he drew on a full-blown moustache and put on a bandanna, compete with a Harley Davidson t-shirt, and a pair of jeans. The poor boy thought it was hilarious and was ready to ride off into the night on a motorcycle to hit the town. He sat posing for pictures and the mother had no idea, until she got a shot of the picture.

Dads can sometimes try to live out their fantasies through their kids. Perhaps he had wanted to be a tall dark biker dad when he was a little bit younger, and never got the chance. Perhaps he even had a vision of riding off on his weird motorcycle into the night with the little boy as his sidekick, who knows what was going through his mind when he did it! My guess is that mum’s makeup got manhandled as it always seems to be the makeup that dads experiment with for face paint substitutes.

13. Bath Time Woes


Well, some daddies can take things a little bit too far; perhaps when they age a little and their hair starts to fall it makes them insecure. When they see their kids have a lack of hair for the first few years, they try to relive their nightmare by adding bubbles to their heads! This dad decided that it was time to address his kid’s lack of hair, so therefore hit the bath bubbles and made up a unique way of showing that his son had not only a full head of hair, but an abundance of beard thrown in there as well. Luckily the baby liked the idea, or there could have been a few tears if bubbles had got into his eyes. He did look a little bit stunned though and perhaps sat wondering what dad was thinking when he did this weird act. What can we say? Daddies are not always as responsible as we may initially think. We wonder what the profession of this guy was. You never know, it could be the local professor taking out his inner nerd at home!

12. Dads Cannot Get Kids Ready For School


Those mothers out here that have girls will know just how hard it can be, particularly if you have a child that hates to have the brush put through their hair. It can be so annoying, and let’s just say as parents that the house is not always as organized as we would like it to be. It can be a huge hassle looking for hairbrushes and bobbles when kids have been running around the house making a mess. Well this dad was clearly phased out by having a daughter that needed her hair brushed, so he cleverly decided not to let it put him off. This father was likely rushing to get his kids off to school and couldn’t be bothered to find a hair elastic for his daughter. He found an acceptable substitute with a tie wrap instead. Whatever it was that sparked this little invention, it was a good one as his daughter’s hair was tied, and she looked presentable! Beats knotty hair, that’s for sure. Not so fashionable though.

11. Daddy Ties The Baby Up


Some dads are a little bit thick to say the least. This father decided that his baby boy was not allowed to go anywhere. Too small to understand the realms of discipline, he must have decided to tie him up instead. The thing that gets me though, is why did he decide to do it when there was clearly a cot next to the child? In fact, he was a little bit thick, so much so that he tied the baby to the cot legs. Most of us that have common sense would think it is a good idea to put the child in the cot, as opposed to tying him to it. I guess not all of us have the same brain wavelengths though. What can we say? Just really try your best to never ever leave babies with dads! A little bit of immaturity really does not go a long long way when dads are around.

10. Vacuum Dryer Hairdressing


Some fathers are real extravert when it comes to parenting. This guy must have not been able to find the hairdryer and instead of looking any more, he chose to use the hoover for cleaning the floors to get his kid’s hair dry. It is a form of child cruelty and lord knows what the girl must have been thinking at the time. Perhaps she didn’t want to be left alone with dad again? Or maybe she even decided to do her own hair instead of asking mum or dad in the future. I guess some dads are just really not fit to be left on their own, to their own devices. It is time to make sure that you lock up the vacuum cleaner before you go out, ladies – or you could be signing yourself up for a path to hell. Daddies have let the team down here for sure! Do note though, I guess there is a majority when it comes to dads as well, to be fair. Some may not be so bad.

9. Aging Your Son!


Some dads decide to dress up their kids. It must be a male thing, like an egotistical method of letting people know that they have a sense of humour still, despite being fathers. This dad maybe took things a little too far though and he decided to dress his son up as an old man, complete with a bald head and grey hair on each side – and well, a weird looking walking stick and a vest! The poor kid didn’t look very pleased and he was sent off to school looking like a senior citizen. You cannot blame him for not liking the idea of getting all dolled up as an old man, kids are youthful to say the least and it is most definitely not a look that kids like to go with! So, if you have any weird bits and pieces lying around the house, mums, and they could have your sweet child looking like an old fogey before his or her time, hide them before dad finds them! Imaginations can get a little carried away at times.

8. Cash Saving Dads


This is a dad with a very strong sense of being able to save money. He was left playing with his daughter for a few minutes and decided to turn himself into a human swing. Instead of going out and looking for a frame to put the swing rope and seat on, this dad thought it would be a good idea to allow his daughter some bonding time with him, that was literally a little bit TOO close to him. I mean, come on, some kids don’t like the idea of seeing a porky belly as they swing, it could make some people sick! The child looked traumatized and really didn’t seem to see the humorous side of this idea. I mean, can you really blame the poor kid folks? Would you like to spend your leisure time sitting on a swing that is attached to your rather chubby, balding middle-aged dad? I think not! It is time to make sure that dads put an end to this drama, tell them to leave the swings alone!

7. Eyeliner-Clad Baby


Ladies, have you ever wondered what happens to your makeup pencils when your back is turned? Has there been an occasion that you have wanted to draw on some eyebrows or apply eye liner to make a bold expression on a night out, and not been able to find them? Or if you did get them, they were in an unsharpened state? Well this is what happens, you leave dad alone with the baby for a few hours and well, he goes to town with your makeup. You will not be able to get any eyeliner, and have nothing to define your look anymore. Why? Many of us will think that it’s the kids messing around with our makeup stash. That seems like the logical answer, right? Well it’s not. It is actually the baby daddy! This is a prime example of a dad that decided to be funny and use eyeliners to spruce up this kid’s look.

6. Daddy Gets Hungry And Cannot Find The Tray!


This is a father that had been cradling his daughter for hours and trying to get her to settle. It had taken so long, each time he had settled her, she woke up when she had been put down. So, guys, what did Daddy decide to do? He didn’t put her down. He literally carried her with him to get his nighttime snack of cake. It wasn’t that he couldn’t find the tray (or so he claims) or that she refused to be put down. Hell, there was even someone there to snap a pic, so you cannot even say that he didn’t have a helping hand to hold her if he had put some brain cells into action. What he did though was take the safe, lazy option. He used his daughter as a tray as he hoovered up the cake! Yup, sorry this is a true story!

5. Daddy Made Me A Six Pack


Some of us have been pumping hard at the gym. Others have been so annoyed trying to craft those muscles but they just never seem to happen. This dad managed to get a crayon and draw on the muscles that he wanted so badly for himself, and I guess his son. The dad is not pictured in the image, but what I guess happened here is that he was a little bit on the chubby side and had this dream of telling the world that his child was a fit guy. You know, he wanted this kid that was so fit that he would never have to worry about being fat again. Well, you cannot blame him for his enthusiasm, most dads don’t want the worst of their body features being passed down to their kids. He managed to make the baby look fantastic – and well, let’s just say a little bit over age!

4. Dad Turns The Kids Into Slaves


You would have expected that child labour and slavery were a thing that was long gone, and a thing of the past. In this household though, this father decided it was his day off, and he would make the kids serve him all day long. They were obviously respecting him a lot as well because they stood to order, and didn’t take their eyes off of him, even when he sat relaxing with a PlayStation as they continued to solider on. It is a little cruel but some would say that discipline is a good thing to pass on to the kids. I guess it is a matter of personal choice however, as not everyone will think it is a good code of conduct allowing kids to slave around after you! At least dad had some fun though.

3. I Am Hitler!


Some kids don’t like the idea of having facial hair anywhere near them, let alone growing on their face. It is a big shame that this baby’s daddy didn’t know how cringeworthy facial hair was at such a young age. He made the kid endure a job that he felt was funny, a simple drawing of a stash on his finger, placed across the top lip of the baby. Well, Dad needs to be able to get his kicks somehow, and well, if he can get them from doing this, he is seemingly feeling like the world’s best comedian. Perhaps one thing that he missed though, was that he wasn’t as funny as he thought he was, and that not all the other people that looked at the stash would find it as hilarious as he did. I guess the ears at the back of the pic were cute though, but this dad needs to start reading jokes a lot more often!

2. Food Face Leftovers


This dad decided that his food was a little bit too much to go on his plate, so he tried to share the crepe with his daughter, but she wasn’t having any. So, what he did next was supposed to be a joke, but it wasn’t funny! He chose to put the crepe onto her face and bite out the eyes, nose and mouth to turn it into a mask. What he thought was funny, making a crepe face really was not. It was a very sad, cruel act of what some would like to say is tantamount to torture! Then we have to think about all the poor kids in the world that cannot afford food, and here this guy was wearing it! So, dads beware, if you are hungry, eat – don’t use the food as a face mask for your little ones!

1. Face Game Prints!


Some people say never to take a person at face value. Well this father took it literally. The device is meant to be for stressed out people to play with and put their hands on it to make prints. Instead this dad decided to see how his child’s face would look inside it as a print! The kid was smiling though, so it could not have been that traumatic an experience for the baby. The imprint was lovely and it allowed both dad and baby to have some quality bonding time together.

So, the next time you plan on leaving the house, ladies, make sure that you do not leave your toys lying around for dad to play with, or you could very well come back to a big hot mess.

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