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15 Reasons Why Men Love Women Who Wear Leggings

15 Reasons Why Men Love Women Who Wear Leggings

Ask any man (or boy for that matter) what their thoughts about leggings are, and they will not hesitate to tell you that leggings completely rock their world. Every guy loves a girl wearing a pair of leggings, and if you pay close attention, you will notice that they can’t help but ogle at her.

Just think about it for a second, leggings on girls are pretty amazing outfits, and the ladies love them because they are comfortable, easy to put on and versatile enough to wear them anywhere. The guys, however, love it for completely different reasons. To be a bit more specific, for a guy it’s all about what they do to a girl’s appearance, and nothing to do with how comfortable a girl might feel in them.

So how did the leggings craze reach full peak? Well, they started out as a comfortable way to wear skirts in colder months. Over the past few years, they have become fashionably acceptable, thanks to celebrities donning them. A lot of people have questioned the classiness of this new fashion wave, but for most part, these outfits can be pulled off quite decently. They are exceptional when accompanied with a longer shirt or sweater, but the guys love it with a shorter or tighter top. In case you are wondering why men are fascinated with this new fashion trend, here are 15 Reasons Why Men Love Women Who Wear Leggings.

15. Leggings give a nice lift


For some funny reason, leggings have the right combination of lycra and spandex, which give a woman’s behind the right support. The result of this is a perfectly looking curvaceous backside, even though half the time it doesn’t really look like that underneath. Trust me, if you feel your behind is too flabby or sagging, try one of these, and you will spend all day ignoring catcalls! It’s like getting a quick and painless lift without going under the knife. In a line, leggings are a miracle worker. What leggings do to the backside of girls is heaven sent; Lord knows we have seen enough horrible backsides!

14. Leggings support the Perfect Shape


Well, we totally get that it’s hard to work out for the perfect body, that’s why not every man has a 6-pack either. The leggings somehow manage to give the ladies who are super skinny curves, while at the same time offering those who are a bit chunkier a slimming effect. The guys can’t get enough of that, simply because there isn’t another garment on the planet that can pull this off. What’s more puzzling is how the leggings have the ability to create curves on a girl who is as flat as a board. But as long as it somehow works, nobody’s complaining!

13. Leggings bring out the legs


Now breasts and booty have always been given first priority when it comes to what guys love about girls, but there is a third ‘asset’ that doesn’t get enough credit. This is an easy one, but I’ll let you in on the secret: guys love legs! They could stare at them for an eternity! This explains why leggings would be a guy’s favourite piece of clothing on his girl; they bring out a girl’s legs, making this garment a miracle worker and a favourite for the guys. Words simply can’t explain the miracle behind it, since leggings leave very little to the imagination. Wondering why guys are queuing behind you at the gym session or while you are having your morning run? I think now you know why!

12. The behind looks great with Leggings


To be honest, it’s pretty magical how leggings are able to make a girl’s behind look so great. And regardless of how shapeless or flat a girl’s rear side looks like with other garments, leggings have a way of turning that around and giving you the best. It’s hard not to find a girl checking out their behind on the storefront window after rocking a pair of leggings, it’s almost like they just got a brand new butt. In case you are the flat bum girl in your block, it’s probably time you tried out a pair of leggings, you won’t regret it.

11. Leggings have the ability to help almost everyone


Leggings have the ability to make second-rate behinds look pretty decent, and decent behinds look gorgeous, elevating the gorgeous behind into the league of legends. There’s simply nothing to say, by just putting on a pair of leggings, a girl’s rear end can be elevated to an entirely different level. Leggings are like butt makeup when you put them on, you are someone totally different. No wonder they are so common with celebrities nowadays. And leggings also don’t discriminate when it comes to body size. Doesn’t matter what size you are, just about every girl out there can rock a legging. There’s something quite universal about the fit of a legging, and girls of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of that.

10. Leggings encourage girls to be fit


This might come off as a myth but think about it for a second. You had a second rate behind, you put on a pair of leggings and you are on another level! You look slimmer, curvier and more attractive. Well, I guess you will be hitting the gym now! If a girl was the boring type, she will tend to be more active, there’s nothing bad to hide anymore (your behind looks great, your legs look awesome). Whether it’s taking a jog or playing a game of basketball, leggings have the ability to bring out the self-confidence in girls. And to reiterate, leggings looks good on just about everyone!

9. Brings out a better attitude


Have you ever noticed that girls who wear leggings are much more pleasant to be around than those who don’t? When a girl is wearing something tight, they tend to be snappy and irrational, and really, you can’t blame them. Since the leggings are much more comfortable and free, they tend to be laid back, and have an improved demeanour. Guys love a girl who is easy to be with. Well, now you know what’s behind your attitude, maybe you should head out to the store and get yourself a pair of comfortable leggings; it does make life (both yours and his) a whole lot easier.

8. Guys like being teased


What do leggings offer? Well, you can put it this way, its almost like you can actually see it all, and at the same time not see anything. It’s a bittersweet experience. Girls’ leggings are normally designed to be tight enough, and sometimes see-through enough as well. This gives the guys a better chance to have a glimpse of what she is hiding behind them, while still leaving a lot of room for the imagination. No skin will show, after all. Let’s call it a win-win situation. So, go ahead ladies and start teasing your man with your leggings. You know you want to!

7. It Provides Easy access


Well, you remember the mini skirt era? The reason they rocked so hard back in the days of our granddads is because of easy access, nothing else! Don’t be fooled, this is the reason they are still common in the red-light district. Let’s face it, leggings are pretty easy to get out of, and there’s simply no reason to beat around the bush. When the time is right, they are the simplest garments to pull off. There’s nothing that kills the buzz like trying to yank off a pair of pants for 25 minutes. It’s an immediate turnoff! The versatility of leggings is truly endless.

6. Dreams are made of leggings


Most guys fall asleep thinking about the girls they met, this is a fact, and there is no better way to drift off to sleep than by dreaming of a girl in a pair of leggings. Okay, lets get real here, the best way to fall asleep would be next to the girl with a pair of leggings. But when that is not an option, at least a guy gets to dream. Hence, if you want your new paramour to think and dream about you then go and fish out those leggings! As explained earlier, they offer a real effect and leave enough room for imagination, that’s a lot to dream about, ask any guy! *Wink*

5. Leggings are for all types of weather


Well, we all like to think that the only thing guys do is stare at a woman’s chest and backside all day, every day. You’re damn right, that’s what we do. And since the leggings, we can do that through all seasons; leggings for summer, leggings for spring and my personal favourite? Knit leggings for winter! Nothing beats that. Leggings have revolutionized fashion, you can wear them to the gym and they fit just like yoga pants, or to the office with a nice suit, or to school with your skimpy, coloured dresses. I bet you can wear them to the moon!

4. Tummy-tuck magic


It’s really disappointing to see a really pretty girl from behind, with everything going right for her until she turns around, and you have a full view of the not-at-all-flat tummy. It was hard enough for jeans to hide that error, but luckily enough the high-waisted leggings came through. This definitely does the trick! While you will still get to see the overbearing tummy at the end of the day, it’s always a little consoling if your buddies see you leaving with a 10. Well, if you have a tummy problem, you know what to do. And for all the ladies who may be a little self-conscious of their tummies, leggings will do the trick.

3. An Out-of-this-world feeling


It wouldn’t be farfetched to say that the leggings are a new generation sex garment. I bet young teenage boys can’t get enough of them and have posters of models rocking them all over their bedrooms. Older guys just can’t get over the feeling of yearning to touch them. Here’s the thing, with leggings, you can’t resist the urge to take them off, but at the same time, you still want them on. Their ability to bring out the sexiness in girls is out of this world. But the girls must be feeling great in them as well. As mentioned before, leggings are extremely comfortable, which explains why they have become so incredibly popular as of late. The ladies must be enjoying an “out-of-this-world” feeling when they choose to wear leggings.

2. Leggings are fashionable


You might not know this, but guys appreciate a girl who has a taste for fashion. This explains why all girls with a heightened sense of fashion are popular. Leggings seem to fit with every pair of shoes in a girl’s closet, even her trainers. You can wear them for a Netflix and chill session, for a hike, to the movies, or with your favourite sneakers, and they will look super trendy. They are easy, comfortable, versatile and most important; they bring out the best in every girl. Just because you are comfortable doesn’t mean you have to compromise on fashion.

1. Leggings are super seductive


There’s nothing guys love more than to be seduced, not to worry those who already have boyfriends, this does not mean he will give in (unless of course, he’s a douche). It’s almost impossible not to stare at a girl with a good pair of leggings; why do you think so many guys go to the gym? She might not say a lot, but the leggings will speak for themselves. Whether they are striped, dotted, or multi-coloured, leggings are perhaps one of the most lethal seduction garments in the world. If you are looking to seduce a guy, and you are wondering what to wear, just get a pair of nice leggings. Just make sure you don’t come off looking desperate because of trying too hard, let the leggings do all the work!

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