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15 Reasons Why She Is Obsessed With Guys Like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

15 Reasons Why She Is Obsessed With Guys Like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Why is my girlfriend so crazy about Dwayne The Rock?! I just don’t get it!” Well, we know you don’t. After all, you’re a guy for God’s sake! It wouldn’t be possible even if you really want to unmask the truth itself. With a little help, however, you’ll be able to peep into your girl’s mind and get to the core of things. Be sure that she won’t be able to resist your charming and charismatic nature afterward.

All joking to the side now. What does Dwayne Johnson have that you don’t? How does he make it feel as though everything is so perfect? Not only is he a renowned actor, but he’s absolutely the dream guy of any girl out there. It’s pretty obvious that there’s a whole lot of gorgeous ladies who’s got a major crush on him. How is that so, hmm? Don’t you see his dazzling smile and snow-white teeth? Well, it’s such an intoxicating image, isn’t it? Indeed, no matter how much we cherish him, he’s not perfect though. As a matter of fact, nobody is really that flawless. But still, there’s a wonderful array of lovely personality traits that ladies drool over. And guess what, The Rock has got them all! Honestly, he seems to be fitting the bill so perfectly well! Dwayne is just a charming example of what ladies really want in a man.

15. He Is A Very Passionate Man


Have you realized how driven and passionate Dwayne “The Rock” truly is? Well, his source of inspiration and motivation must be absolutely inexhaustible. We can’t really recall a moment when he’s been less vigorous or inspired to achieve great things. Indeed, we don’t know him off-screen but we’ve got a feeling that he’s even more charming, high-spirited and amusing when’s he’s with his gang. Honestly, this must be such a spectacular feature about him. And just take a random guess: girls are absolutely crazy for guys who genuinely love what they do. Therefore, you had better quit playing around and find your own source of inspiration.

14. Well-disciplined. Clearly.

via Zimbio

#Fact 1: Well-disciplined people always catch the eye right off the bat. Why is that so? They respect your time so the chance is that they’d hardly waste it for nothing. What can Dwayne The Rock say about that? Well, we’re pretty sure that you’re aware of how keen he’s on his fitness regimen. After all, he’s a sportsman, and as such, he’s developed a strict schedule which needs to be followed no matter what. This, however, may really sound like child’s play to you, but it’s got a whole lot of benefits that you could enjoy. Besides, we can totally bet that this feature has helped Dwayne become a deeply respected celeb who knows how things should be done in this industry.

13. Goal-achiever and dreamer


There’s no doubt that Dwayne The Rock has come a long way since the very beginning. We’ll never forget his years as a World Wrestling Federation superstar though. After all, he’s won the WWF Heavyweight title at least 6 times. An interesting fact is that he’s had other ideas of what his life might look like in the near future. Thankfully, he’s left his old days behind with the sole purpose to live a better life.  Today, he’s one of the greatest action movie stars. How has he done it? Well, he must have invested one hell of an effort to do so. Guys, you had better make a note of this. Bottom line: there’s nothing more attractive than a man who follows his dreams and makes it all happen.

12. He’s got a heart of gold

via Glenn Beck

Dwayne has always been known as a sweet guy who respects his phenomenal fan base, which, by the way, has grown tremendously. There must be a well-grounded reason for it, right? Otherwise, it’d make no sense at all. In truth, he’s thought as a super soft and delicate man who’s got a heart of gold for sure. Indeed, there are many stories that could prove our point. There’s been one specific case that will absolutely make you love him even more. A cancer survivor has been really stunned to meet his movie hero and ask him for an autograph. Needless to say, he’s been more than kind to him. As a matter of fact, Dwayne’s been really moved by his fan’s story that he’s also hugged him before leaving. Such a sweetheart, isn’t he? It’s said that real success is measured by your discipline and inner peace. Well, this explains why ladies respect him so much.

11. A perfectly charming gentleman

via Quickmeme

It’s said that it’s your energy that introduces you even before you start talking. Do you agree? The more charming you are, the more likable you get. It’s 100 % true. When you smile and ooze positivity, people will instantly start feeling more comfortable in your presence. What’s more, they will need your company because it lifts their mood and helps them make it through the day. This also explains why Dwayne’s presence is so strong every time he shows up somewhere. He’s like the Sun that shines down on you. So why don’t you try to be a little more cheerful as well? Be sure that there isn’t a single lady who would push away such an enjoyable person.

10. He’s in his prime years


Well, we can’t really deny Dwayne’s attractive personality that gets even better with age. Honestly, he’s such an adorable example of a successful and ambitious guy who’s absolutely in his prime years. Surely, Dwayne is hardly the only one celebrity whose looks cannot be challenged. Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Chris Hemsworth are just gorgeous instances proving that some guys are just like a fancy wine – they get so great with age. Besides, classy ladies are heavily attracted to this type of guys. All in all, the hottest men out there must be ambitious and dream-chasers to get the attention of a classy lady.

9. That famous Dazzling smile

via Just Jared

Frankly, if there’s a special feature that does wonders with women, it’s absolutely the honest smile. Well, we know that Dwayne’s 24/7 dazzling smile can totally blind the Sun itself but that’s another story for another time. In truth, there’s hardly a better strategy than your fine manners combined with a gorgeous smile. Actually, if you were The Rock, you probably wouldn’t need anything more than that. But unfortunately, there’s only one Dwayne who can hypnotise with his fabulous smile. Well, he’s a Hollywood movie star and a fitness beast for God’s sake!

8. Shredded six-pack? No worries!

via GQ India

If we say that shredded abs and big biceps won’t make a great impression on ladies, we’d come off pretty fake. As a matter of fact, some guys only get laid thanks to a good pair of biceps and a shredded six-pack. Surely, Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” has got the whole package for you. It’s hardly like he attracts women with his wealth. It takes more than a fat bank account to sweep a classy lady off her feet. Surely, it’s not something Dwayne The Rock would be bothered by anyway. Any smart and independent woman needs to feel protected, loved, respected and appreciated. Your shredded six-pack would be the icing on the cake for sure. She’ll absolutely love it!

7. Loving And Caring Father

via PopSugar

The dream guy must be loving…Have you heard it before? If not, then today is the Day of Enlightenment. Regardless of how tough, ill-tempered and sassy, Dwayne’s movie roles are, he’s hardly like this in the company of his daughters and gorgeous wife. In truth, Dwayne is such a great Dad who’s not afraid to show his soft sides as well. Besides, guys like Dwayne aren’t really bothered by how sentimental and emotional they feel sometimes. Actually, you may not believe it, but such types of guys are any woman’s wildest fantasy. After all, this shows them how soft, gentle and sweet he’d be with his lady too.

6. He loves his pets


Have you seen Dwayne’s cut dog? You haven’t?? How is that so? Actually, his dog definitely shares its great owner’s fame as well. Dwayne is not really protective of his family and private life when it comes to social media though. Rather, he’s actually the one who shares personal photos of him and his gorgeous daughters and charming wife. Surely, there’s absolutely no way that he could miss a picture of his joyful dog as well. You may think that there’s nothing uncommon about petting a dog, but you’d be wrong once again. This easily shows the girl that you’re a caring and a reliable person. Also, you totally prove her that you can find the right balance between work and family. Be sure that this won’t go unnoticed too.

5. His List Of Talents Is Endless

via Thrillist

If you have seen the musical fantasy-adventure, entitled Moana, then you know what we’re talking about here. And as you may know, Dwayne Johnson has totally nailed it. Frankly, who could have known that he’s such a good singer? He’s not a professional and abnormally gifted for sure, but his vocal skills are quite decent. There’s absolutely no denying that he’s shown the world how multi-talented he truly is. Well, if you think that multi-talents don’t stand a chance against rich guys, you’d be wrong for sure. Who do you think she’d prefer: an arrogant guy with money or a handsome one who’s successful, passionate and skillful at what he does…

4. Great colleague

via Just Jared

Are you a loyal friend or a good colleague? Every guy who’s known as a true friend will eventually become an amiable colleague as well. There’s nothing more important than being helpful and friendly especially at work. Who would enjoy performing their professional duties in a dead atmosphere? Hardly anyone. That’s about right. The idea is not to lose yourself in flattering others, but to be 100 % honest. After all, your girl wouldn’t be impressed by the negative things everyone says about you, would she? Be like Dwayne and Kevin Hart off-screen: play around but stay true to yourself. That’s the formula to success with gorgeous ladies.

3. Always in a wonderful mood


It’s absolutely true that Dwayne The Rock seems as though he’s always in such a lovely mood. It doesn’t even matter whether he’s about to walk the Red Carpet in less than 2 minutes. Also, he is hardly bothered by sexual and dirty questions while being on late night talk shows. He just doesn’t take it all personally and seriously even when interviewers are on the verge of crossing the line of delicacy. Surely, he’ll put them straight back into the “decent zone” so effortlessly. However, that’s not what usually happens in his presence. You can now easily get why he is often the life of the party no matter the occasions. And yes, girls always fall for entertaining and spirited men. Are you one of them?

2. He’s a real life super hero

via ABC7 Los Angeles

We have absolutely seen Dwayne in badass movie roles where he totally knocks the life and soul out of the bad guys. Surely, this is only a role but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s less of a #hero. It was exactly Dwayne who posted a pic of himself with his two new puppies some time ago. Eventually, he saved them from drowning in his private outdoor pool! Indeed, this is just another reason why ladies would freak out once again. Yes, they need a real-life badass who will be there when they need him the most. Well, Dwayne will forever be that ideal illustration of what the dream guy truly looks like.

1. Not Afraid To Be Emotional


We don’t mean that highly sensitive guy who’s very likely to become an extreme pain in the neck. No, it’s hardly near that. The emotional type of guy is a personality trait that she’ll welcome so warmly. There’s no shame in hiding your emotional sides away especially in front of your significant other. Ultimately, we’re all humans with feelings no matter the gender. Sharing your most sincere thoughts with your beloved one is such a magical moment that’s got its relieving effect for sure. Indeed, emotional guys are more likely to understand what troubles their romantic counterpart. It may sound like child’s play, but most men fail at that. So, you should take notes from Dwayne’s charisma. He fits the bill so well!


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