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15 Reasons Why Women Only Want Older Men

15 Reasons Why Women Only Want Older Men

It’s not hot news that Hollywood casting agents are fond of pairing attractive young ladies with obviously older co-stars. Most of them look like a match made in heaven anyway. All these marvellous examples of love couples feel as though they totally reflect the truth. Can you think of a celeb couple that could exemplify all of it pretty decently? What about George Clooney and his gorgeous wife or Jennifer Lawrence and the renowned movie producer Darren Aronofsky?

These couples are actually more than eccentric ones. Not only are these gentlemen extremely successful and talented, but they managed to settle down with fabulous ladies. Aren’t they lucky, right? Surely, most guys would probably say that these attractive women are nothing but gold diggers. Perhaps they’ve got a point there as well. But in truth, there’s something special about dating a more mature man. He’s more connected, honest and loyal to her. Why? Because he’s done “playing the field” any longer. What’s even more, he’s more likely to be through with such games. Therefore, an older man has a better potential to catch her attention and…heart later on. With that being said, it’s time to see which of your mistakes could absolutely push her away.

15. Not connected to her

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The older the man, the better. There’s no second opinion about it for sure. Indeed, some men are just like the fanciest wine varieties: they simply get better with age as opposed to the majority of guys out there. A real man is absolutely aware of what a classy lady truly wants. Thus, she will not feel worried about it all. Guys often complain how their girlfriends always snap at them because they feel insecure, misunderstood or totally neglected. Why is that so? You’re simply not connected to her. You’re only physically there. You rarely talk about your own feelings, let alone hers… Well, this is absolutely a well-grounded reason why she’d seek for a compassionate man who’s twice your age.

14. You don’t respect her

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It’s said that “love is like a mirror that reflects back the kind of image you cast”. In other words, your disrespect and cruelty towards her are very likely to hit you twice as hard. How could you ever imagine that your ill-tempered personality will go unnoticed? Hopefully, there’s no physical cruelty since this would be a really serious situation for you. Meanness, discourtesy or any other kind of misbehaviour towards your wonderful lady is deeply frowned upon. So, you had better change your attitude before she trades your “place” in her heart. You see, love can be harsh and mellow at the same time. It’s your actions that define which side you’ll have to deal with later on.

13. You’re ill-mannered


Are you a total stranger to more elegant phrases, such as “thank you” or “please”? Are you? Women are absolutely stunned to hear the “beauty of speech” even when talking to strangers. Witnessing how wonderful, well-mannered and nice you are will absolutely make her knees feel weak. After all, she’s got her eyes laid upon you. Thus, don’t give her a chance to drive you in the dark corner and lecture you about your ill manners. Otherwise, this would be your first and last date with her. So make it all worth it! After all, she really deserves a wonderful guy by her side.

12. Not really “experienced in bed”

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If you wonder what crosses a female’s mind when she’s asked to picture the perfect image of the “dream guy”, here’s what he has to look like. There’s no doubt that any woman longs for a well-read, highly-experienced and confident counterpart by her side. As a matter of fact, there are other great personality traits that ladies look for in a guy, but let’s stick to the core of things now. Fundamentally, if you’re 2 levels below her standards, then you’ve got to work harder on these substantial points. Otherwise, you’ll have to comfort yourself after seeing her in the embrace of a more “adventurous” and “skilled” man. Are you okay with this?

11. You’re not loyal

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Oh, that’s the most painful truth of all times for sure. Needless to say, there are more unfaithful people than faithful ones walking down the streets. As a result of that, lovely families and cute couples get torn apart by a greedy homewrecker every single day. But in truth, everyone makes their own choices. Surely, you have to live with the consequences as well. Loyalty is like a desert rose – you don’t get to find it every step of your way. Therefore, disloyal and two-faced guys don’t really exist in the world of any classy and bright lady who’s worth the chase. You see, it’s the lady who gets the final word, but it’s your game that defines her choice.

10. You’re lazy as a toad

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What’s your purpose in life? Are you still looking for it? Where? At the bar? Well, if that’s your story, then you had better focus your attention on somebody else. Perhaps you would find the lady of your wildest dreams precisely where you’re sitting at right now. Frankly, it’s totally fine if you’re down with this. But just in case, you’d love to find and experience something that’s 100 % out of the ordinary, then walk out of the bar. You’re not very likely to meet a brilliant and a successful woman in there. Besides, your lady’s got more important errands to run anyway.  Now grab a chair, open your laptop and find a real JOB! Maybe you’ll meet her at work, right?

9. You want to “change her” from A to Z

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What for? Aren’t her little imperfections simply…perfect? Aren’t they exactly what makes us humans? Surely, everyone’s got their terrible days every now and then. Same applies to both genders. You’re not scared of a little drizzle down the road, are you? If you’re not willing to hold her hand during the storm, then you don’t deserve to be there at all. Indeed, if something doesn’t feel right, you should discuss it all at length. Snapping at each other won’t get you anywhere for sure. There’s no point in doing it. Indeed, getting used to each other’s “weird” sides is tough in the beginning. But regardless of the challenge, you should respect each other’s desires, interests, and opinions no matter what. Otherwise, this relationship will be at death’s door very soon.

8. You’re totally phony

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Honestly, two-faced people are such a pain in the neck.  But anyway, we still have to find a way to deal with them, right? In most of the cases, such individuals get so lost in their own lies that it no longer feels like “fake news” to them. But guess what, they can only pull the wool over the eyes of those ladies who are more naive or downright brainless. Are you fake too? Well, we can totally bet that you don’t possess a super fast vehicle or 3 fancy villas. Perhaps you don’t lead such a lavish life either. What you do possess, however, is a bunch of personal issues stemming from your childhood. Otherwise, why would you lie to her about materialistic things that you obviously lack? It simply doesn’t add up. Ultimately, real men don’t rely on their assets to impress worthy women.

7. You’re not a challenge

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Life Rule N2: if you’re really that easy to get, you’re not worthy at all. Sorry, pals, but the truth is always a tough pill to swallow. The greater the effort, the sweeter the reward, remember? So if it’s exactly her that you deeply want, you need to play it cool for a while. Make sure she notices that your life doesn’t depend on dating with beautiful ladies. Be sure to make her feel as though her extremely hot dress doesn’t make you feel less comfortable. And that’s the catch of it all. She’ll start falling for you harder and harder until she gives in to your charming personality. Surely, all of it sounds like child’s play. However, only the smartest men out there can play it masterfully. And that’s the point: the more experienced the man, the more challenging the game.

6.  You’re scared of change

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Do you still live with your parents? Are Mom and Dad still taking care of you? Can you cook and do some laundry? Welcome to adulthood. You thought it wasn’t this boring, right? Well, we can’t say that it’s too pesky. It’s just another stage of life that requires more responsibilities. This includes landing a prestigious job that will motivate and inspire you to do great things. Also, finding the woman of your life to share your bed with is a special moment as well. Do you think you’re already in this stage of life? Maybe you’re not. So you should probably go away. But hey, don’t worry about her at all – the successful guy over there will take her breath away in less than a minute.

5. Your hobbies aren’t really impressive

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What do you love doing in your spare time? Are you fond of playing video games? What do you think of creativity-driven activities? Perhaps this is not your specialty at all. You shouldn’t feel less attractive or intelligent though. Maybe there are other ways you prefer to keep yourself occupied. It doesn’t have to be her way. Nor should you try to blend in with the crowd and feel like sheep following its shepherd. But anyway, playing video games can’t be the only activity that grabs your attention, right? Your lady won’t be thrilled to see you like this. Besides, what’s her position on your life goal list anyway? Is she actually there? Perhaps you’d want to prioritize your life goals and interests in order to keep her by your side.

4. You’re a poor listener

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Here’s a secret as old as the time itself: women love feeling protected, cared for, respected and spoiled from time to time. Also, ladies are obsessed with gentle guys who are romantic gentlemen at heart. If you can provide for her and treat her like a Queen, then she’ll be yours. Indeed, women love with their ears while men love with their …eyes. But all in all, you need to make sure that you’re a good talker and a great listener. If one of these crucial points is missing, then the whole plan will fall through as well. You can now see that the road leading to her heart is quite a slippery one.

3. You’re A Party Animal

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Immature guys seem like they are constantly trying to get laid. It’s hardly like they mind the location at all. This is why you’d often see them at the local bar totally wasted. No, wise and mature men are through with all those college parties. Rather, they’re more interested in finding their gorgeous opposite that will make them feel complete. Therefore, it’d be safe to say that real men would choose a bonfire night over any other bar no matter how fancy it is. Same applies to all the independent ladies who are totally worth the chase. “Life Rule N1: it’s the quality that counts, not the quantity. ”

2. She needs a daring man


It’s said that “looks always come first”. Hmm, how is that so? Frankly, there’s barely a charming, ambitious and bright lady who wouldn’t throw a glance at a handsome and confident man. Indeed, you won’t even understand when and how she’ll manage to do it without being caught. But in truth, women also check out the best-looking guys. The tiny difference, however, is that they won’t do anything about their subject of desire if he’s only “charming”. Real women need more than looks, folks.  They need daredevils who will make them feel more adventurous and curious about the world. Now you know what sides of your personality need a bit of “polishing”. And so, it’s time for some action, isn’t it?

1. You’re immature

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Guys often think that women are easily impressed by one thing only: fat bank accounts. No, you’re wrong, fellas. Well, young girls may get mind-blown by $1000 but real women are hardly amazed at all and let us tell you why. First and foremost, independent ladies are kind of used to paying their own bills. Regardless of what’s at stake, they will always find a way to get out of a bad financial situation. Real women believe in themselves and they barely need your appraisal at all. This is what a confident woman looks like. So if you can’t take care of your own problems, then you had better walk away.

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