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15 Reasons Why Your GF Is Avoiding Freaky Time

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15 Reasons Why Your GF Is Avoiding Freaky Time

Everything in this world has a balancing force. Yin has Yang, Matter has Anti-Matter and Man has Woman. A balancing force is something that can be used in perfect sync with the other. A man and a woman are born partners, and when they unite in perfect synchronization, the results are miraculous. From countless generations, humans are in existence just because of reproduction. Even software engineers created the pen drive using the same concept that God used to create men and women. The USB stick is known as the male part and the USB port is known as the female part. No data can be transferred unless the pen drive ‘penetrates’ the port. And when that happens, a connection is achieved which enables the access of data. Don’t we humans work it out in the same way eh?

The concept of hanky panky is overhyped in today’s era when what it generally describes is the unimaginable pleasures you experience with your partner. The world acknowledges it as a natural thing to indulge in and it’s a very common thing at that too. When one gets in a relationship, making love dons a stature of paramount importance. That is because a person can feel two different types of hunger. One that is experienced above the belt, and the other which is experienced below the belt. It is essential to satisfy both of them otherwise a person is bound to feel unsatisfied. Now if you have a girlfriend, it’s natural that you’d want to satisfy your sexual cravings with her. But even on repeated requests from your end, she is not giving her consent to enjoy some freaky time with you. There must be a reason for that, right? Here are 15 reasons why she may be doing so. Try to analyze your life and sort it out. And anyways, it’s always worth the wait, isn’t it?

15. It’s That Time Of The Month

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Being a man, you can’t estimate the struggle a woman goes through during her menstrual period. It’s disgusting! Some women encounter severe body pain whereas some suffer from bloating, irritability, stomach pain, dizziness etc. And yes, mood swings are at their peak when a girl is menstruating. During those painful days of the month, women usually avoid having sex, because neither do they feel comfortable nor can they please their partner. Women keep their partners away from their bedroom for at least 4-5 days. Generally, girlfriends tell their man about their ‘date’ and the problem it brings. But certain women feel embarrassed sharing such personal information with their boyfriend. And in this case, he might misinterpret her actions. When your girlfriend is menstruating, comfort her and cope with her mood swings. She really needs your presence and love at this point in time!

14. She Has Found Someone Else


For you, your girlfriend is the only person who can satisfy your sexual needs. You will never allow another woman into your bedroom because you are sincerely committed to your lady. But is she? Now if your girlfriend is avoiding sex, it doesn’t mean that she is not loyal anymore. However, it might be a possibility. If there is someone who pleases her more than you in bed, she may not turn to you for sex. Dig out the reasons for the sudden change in her behaviour, and brace yourself, because you may confront a shocking fact. But one genuine advice for you-rather than doubting her, have a face to face talk. Because if she is an innocent woman, she will be devastated when she comes to know that you don’t trust her. Be frank and put the facts down on the table. If she’ll be sensible, she’ll listen to everything with a clear head and clear your doubts too.

13. Physical Love = Emotional Love?

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Sex is a part of love, but not a synonym of love. Your girl just expects love from you, and that’s everything for her. Small things like cooking food together in the kitchen, helping her clean the house, looking after her health when she’s ill means a lot to her. In her opinion, making love is a way to express love to one’s partner, but not ‘the’ only way. And when she realizes that you have become addicted to sex, things will not be the same in your relationship. Though she’ll never confess her thoughts, because it will hurt your ego, it will be reflected in her attitude when she’ll be in bed with you. A true girlfriend can’t have sex with a guy for whom she is just a sex machine. You are damaging her self-respect and also your relationship. Time to bring love into the frame.

12. Things Are Too Rough In The Bedroom


Usually you are a pleasant person who always maintains a calm attitude. But you go wild when it comes to having freaky time with her. What drives you insane? In fact, you have no idea too, but yes, you are a bit harsh sometimes. And because you cause too much pain to your girl during freaky time, she has developed a phobia in her mind. Of course, your intention is not to make her cry in bed, but something else grips you and you drive out of control. Whenever you have sex, keep in mind that she is a delicate angel and deserves to be treated with care. To see her writhing in pain is not a sight you’d want to see, right?

11. The Biggest Misconception


There are multiple reasons that make her feel inferior when she hears the ‘s’ word. The media has created a false notion that only hot women can seduce and satisfy men. She keeps comparing herself to other women who have big ‘assets’ and ends up feeling a hatred towards her own bodily features. For example, a women with a flat chest will rarely be featured in a hot bedroom scene in a Hollywood movie. All of this conveys a wrong idea that such women are not hot or sexy for men. Your girlfriend has also been affected by such myths. Though you have no complaints, she believes that you are not really happy with her since she has unattractive body features. And even if you say the truth, that you really love her the way she is, she’ll think that you are consoling her.

10. You are Falling Short in the bedroom


As a man who is extremely proud of his ‘potentials’, you may have a little difficulty in accepting the fact that you might not be able to satisfy her. She may expect you to stay afloat for a longer period of time but perhaps you can’t. Some men lack the capacity whereas some men consider sex as a mere physical activity. Remember, physical love is an art and with experience you can master it. She needs you to stimulate her feelings and make her feel comfortable in your arms. Praise her beauty before moving forward and also be very gentle while releasing your energy. If you can make her happy, your sex life will be awesome.

9. Exhaustion and Sex don’t make a good combo


Your girlfriend loves to have sex with you, but not every time. There are some days when she is extremely tired and in desperate need of rest. On such days, she may not approach you for sex or accept your appeal. As you know, sex sucks your energy to the last drop. Perhaps, it’s not really advisable to have freaky time when the body is already tired. Just like all other human beings, your girl falls sick, and of course, sex will adversely affect health. Don’t force her on such occasions. It might leave her thinking of herself as being used and that you don’t love her.

8. Physical beauty doesn’t last long


In the beginning of your relationship, you were a handsome hunk in her eyes. However, she doesn’t have the same thought now either because you have gained weight or lost the features that attracted her. It’s obvious, no woman will share her bed with a man whom she doesn’t like. It’s a painful truth for you, but most of the women unknowingly start hating sex when their partner turns ugly in their eyes. Your girlfriend is having a different image about her partner and you are opposite to that, for example, she is not happy with you since you don’t have a muscular body like her bestie’s boyfriend.

7. Her Past Is Still Haunting Her


Multiple studies have revealed a shocking fact that women who have been the victims of sexual abuse during their childhood, which may result in a lifelong phobia of sex. That’s sad, but there are hundreds of women who are experiencing it. For a good partner, understanding his girl and bringing her round from the world of fear is not really a tough task. No doubt, an effective counselling is the best method to solve the problem in such cases. Some women may develop a fear of sex due to a horrifying relation she might have had in the past that still drives chills down her spine. Your girl will never reveal to you the reason behind her fear of sex, but you must find it and also bring out the best solution.

6. Filthy, Dirty and Sleazy!


Of course, an unhygienic person can not expect a girl to spend hours with him in bed. She pukes if she sees someone’s armpit hair and then there is her boyfriend, with foliage all over. There is a possibility of your girl running away due to the same reason. Just imagine yourself, kissing a girl whose mouth smells like a dead rat! It’s disgusting, don’t you feel that? Your girl expects you to be hygienic when you are getting cozy with her. Henceforth, avoid having sex with her when you are not feeling fresh, and also make sure that you will buy a couple of deodorants and never skip the shower. It’s time to correct yourself. Personal hygiene really matters!

5. No Hanky Panky Before Marriage


There are many people all around the world who believe that they should not have sex before getting married. For you, this thought may sound strange. Why do they avoid premarital sex? Sex is a beautiful thing that everyone wants to experience. First time sex is very precious and some women want to make it a memorable moment of their life, so rather than losing their virginity without a prior thought, they wait until marriage. A woman’s religious beliefs and culture also play a dominant role in molding their attitude towards sex. For most religions in the world premarital sex is a big no-no. It may be the reason why she is making you wait before she allows anything beyond cuddling in the bedroom. Don’t worry, it’s worth the wait!

4. She Is Scared To Become Pregnant


She is aware of the birth control measures that are available, but still, she finds them very risky. There is a possibility that the contraceptives may fail, and she knows of that and moreover, in such circumstances, it will be the woman who will be more affected. An unexpected pregnancy may ruin her career dreams and perhaps that is the reason she keeps postponing the D-Day. Some men hate using contraceptives during sexual intercourse because they feel that contraceptives prevent them from enjoying the pleasures of the flesh to the fullest. Are you one among such men? If yes, then your girlfriend never wants to put her life at risk because she doesn’t want to become preggers.

3. You Don’t Care For Her Desires


Sex is mutual, and both people must satisfy each other in an equal measure. But in some relationships, men become too selfish and reserve all the pleasures for themselves, regardless of what their girl desires. It would be the perfect reason why she hates to share a bed with you. You might be one of those who believe that a woman’s sexual desires are less compared to a man. It’s completely wrong. Your girlfriend has some naughty things on her mind and she longs to try them but she never gets a chance. Do not deprive her of her needs, she needs it badly!

2. Poor Libido


Just like men, women too suffer from poor libido or a low sex drive. Such women rarely want to have sex and their partner has no other option other than to live with unsatisfied sexual needs. In fact, in such cases most of the men come to the conclusion that their girlfriend is purposefully keeping them away. No, that’s not true. Though your girlfriend knows the importance of sex in your relationship, she is still not able to give you what you are looking for. Forcing her for sex may break your relationship. So rather than taking such a risk, you must consult a doctor along with your girl, as you know medical science has a solution for this problem.

1. Exposure To Too Many Adult Films


Did you hear that? It’s a fact.  Some researchers have claimed that addiction to adult movies may alter the sexual behaviour of women. Few women expect the real life sex to be as good as what they have seen in these dirty videos, and they start their sex life with loads of false expectation. Of course, they may get disappointed and start losing interest in sex. Masturbation is also harmful when it replaces sex forever. If your girlfriend is addicted to adult movies or masturbation, you must try your best to remove these habits from her mind and make her enjoy a healthy sex life.


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