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15 Relationship Confessions That Will Freak You Out

15 Relationship Confessions That Will Freak You Out


It has been agreed upon and proven by different experts, that romantic relationships with boundaries are the healthiest. According to Gary Gilles, who is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and has been in private practice for over 20 years, these boundaries define ownership and responsibility. He further breaks it down by stating that each individual in a relationship is responsible for their body, values, attitudes, emotions and preferences. His thoughts are reiterated by Dr. Ryan Howes, a clinical psychologist in Pasadena, Calif.

This means that for example, if you don’t want to be touched, you have the right to say no. If you physically abuse your partner, you must take responsibility, apologize and cease that behavior. Clearly, romantic relationships are for the emotionally mature.

On that note, different couples have different levels of boundaries. What could be gross to one couple, could be daily business to another. In another angle, some individuals completely disregard boundaries and go overboard in their requests or demands. While breach of boundaries is usually catastrophic in most relationships, some have been strengthened by it. It sometimes takes a breach to realize how much closer you could be.

Here are 15 relationship confessions that show the disregard for boundaries or almost lack of boundaries.

15. Blackmail


When a relationship is new, we are all lovey-dovey with our significant other, to the point of doing stupid things that would cost us later. In the honeymoon phase, you can pretty much do anything for your significant other, just to stay happy. After this stage, comes the reality phase where you have to stay in love, but realize that you need to call it quits. What happens?

As one girl found out, one person gets too hurt and resorts to blackmail. Lisa* confessed that her ex threatened to post nudes she sent him when they were together, on the internet, if she didn’t keep sending him more nudes. The ex was ‘gracious’ enough to give her two options. Send the nudes or have a threesome with him, and his new girlfriend.

Lesson: Think twice before sending nudes, especially with your face on them.

14. Threats


Women are not the only ones who suffer when a relationship goes bad. Men have also been victims, facing threats on their reputation. A guy confessed on whisper that after their relationship went south, his ex demanded that he pay her, or else she would accuse him of raping her two years before. Well, even if the guy would win the case, his reputation would be destroyed.

We don’t know what happened next, but the guy no longer trusts women, and is happily celibate.

Lesson: Always know your partner’s crazy side, analyze it, and make a conscious decision whether they are worth the risk or not.

13. Sabotage


Usually, people get into relationships for companionship or sex, among other reasons. In the early stages, we flow with the tide, as we learn more about our partners, then make a conscious decision to remain with them.

This is not the case for others. A lady confessed that she starts planning sabotage as soon as she gets into a new relationship. She is so afraid of getting her heart broken that she would rather end it before she gets too invested.

Lesson: Don’t get into relationships unless you are emotionally mature to do it. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

12. Insecurity


Ever listened to the song ‘Case of the Ex’ by Mya? She asks a very pertinent question that scares most insecure partners – what you gon’ do when she asks you back?

In one of the whisper confessions, a lady confessed that when she’s in a new relationship, she gets scared that they guy will not love her like her loved his ex. In her mind, what he gon’ do is run right back to her.

Lesson: An ex is usually past-tense for a reason. Focus on being your best, as opposed to comparing yourself with his past partners. Otherwise, you will find that you have unconsciously sent him back.

11. Chronic Cheat


This next confession could be the reason Breezy said that ‘these girls ain’t loyal’. A girl confessed that she was a chronic cheat, having cheated on all her ex-boyfriends. She was now in a new relationship, and wasn’t sure if she was strong enough. Basically, she did not have self-control. If she liked it, she had to have it. Let’s just hope that she was ‘safe’, when cheating, otherwise, she could have the mother of all diseases.

Lesson: The next time you meet someone you like, do some basic research on them. Try to find out as much as possible and make an informed decision.

10. Could You Please Scratch My A**hole?


How close are you with your partner? Do you have boundaries? Are there things that you consider gross? Some couples seem to be closer than we can imagine.

In her confession, she said that her boyfriend complained of an itchy and irritated asshole. She switched on her phone flashlight, got on her knees, spread his ass cheeks, and examined the opening. He got so much relief when she grazed his hemorrhoid, so much that she allowed him to lie on her laps, while she scratched his ass for 20 minutes. Gross, right?

Lesson: If it’s your cup of tea, go right ahead and drink it.

9. Tick On Balls


One of my favorite humorous proverbs of all time is. ‘It takes a lot of carefulness to kill the fly that perches on the scrotum’. This gets worse when a tick is stuck on your balls, right?

During their honeymoon, Jake* and Anne* went for a hike, had fun for a few hours, and returned to their cabin. Jake headed for the bathroom, while Anne got into the kitchen to prepare a meal. All over sudden, she saw Jake standing right in front of her, butt-naked and soaking wet, obviously freaked out.

Jake had a tick on his ball sack, and the next 30 minutes were spent figuring out how to get the tick off.

8. Taking A Dump Isn’t So Bad


Embracing your partner’s grossest habits takes time, and there are stages. For example, it takes time to graduate from the first burp to the first fart. Such strides are very wide and courageous, putting in mind that the average woman waits for a whole month, before she can allow her man to gaze on her makeup-free face.

While you struggle with this, a lady confessed that her boyfriend had the ‘post-rave poop’, and they were so high. She stood by the bathroom door while he took a dump, and even asked her to sit on the bathroom’s floor, as he did it.

7. Wiping An Adult’s Bare Butt Cements A Relationship


This guy gave us details of a very eventful Easter holiday with his girlfriend. They went to see his girlfriend’s parents, and unfortunately got food poisoning. They were forced to spend the weekend in bed, and by Sunday, he felt strong enough to take a 2.5 hour drive back to their place.

The girlfriend was still not feeling well, so, after just 3 minutes of drive time, she got really nauseated and requested the boyfriend pull over. She rushed out of the car while crying, puking and shitting on the side of a country highway. The boyfriend had to wipe her butt. They were still together a year later, the time he penned this confession.

6. A Pus-Filled Ingrown Nail Isn’t Gross


Her boyfriend had a nasty and painful puss-filled ingrown toe. She empathized with him because she had suffered from the same for a decade, had a dozen surgically removed, while she removed some herself. She therefore opted to help him out, and described it as the grossest thing she has ever done.

Her experience can be compared to that of a guy who had to save his girlfriend who had vomited in the car, and was locked in an upright position by the seatbelt. He had to stick his hand in the vomit to unbuckle her seat and clean her up. They laughed about it later.

5. Qualities Of A Ride Or Die


Before they officially started dating, Ashley* and her boyfriend went for a trip together. The boyfriend took a dump, but it seemed too much for the toilet to handle, so it clogged. Despite the fact that they were not one of those over-sharing couples, who can do anything for each other, she knew she had to handle the issue.

She called the hotel maintenance personnel and asked for a plunger, noticing a sigh of relief from the maintenance guy, when she said she would unclog the toilet herself. She got the job done, and the boyfriend said that’s when he knew she was ride or die.

4. Love Hairy Men? Be Ready To Shave Them


According to research, women tend to prefer men with less body hair, even though there is no evolutionary reason for this preference. Women with this preference have even gone ahead to tell us why they prefer men with hairy bodies. Apparently, they are great in bed, can have more sex, and they all look like Hugh Jackman.

What you don’t hear are gross stories about what they have to go through. A lady confessed on whisper that she has to shave her husband’s back for him. He’s usually humiliated when asking, but she’s always been kind enough to do it for him, since they are best friends.

3. Wisdom Teeth Stink


Every couple has to deal with morning breath. While it is okay, kissing your boyfriend in that situation could be the grossest thing you have done in his mouth. Well, for a particular lady, their mouth business got grosser than that.

Her boyfriend’s wisdom tooth was growing well, until it got an infection. She requested him to buy Oragel to numb his gums, which he did, but forgot to buy anything to apply it with. He asked her to apply it with her hands, and she obliged. She describes it as the worst decision she ever made, since she is still haunted by the pungent smell, blood, spit and pus, that were all over her fingers.

2. There’s More To Breastfeeding


As parents who needed a time-out from their demanding toodler sons, a couple chose to go for a night out of town. As a good breastfeeding mother, the wife made sure a nanny was available, the kids were comfortable, and she expressed enough milk for her sons. Sadly though, she forgot to pack her pump.

Within a short while, the night-out-of-town turned into hell after her breasts became painfully engorged. Frustratingly, nothing she did would release the milk, so she turned to her husband for help.

What do you think happened? He sucked the milk until her flow started, and she released the milk into the hotel sink.

1. A Nasal Rinse Is Essential First Aid


How many people don’t cringe when they see sexual acts of couples sharing mucus? How gross can that be? How do you even get turned on by that?

For one couple, pulling someone’s nasal deposits was a necessity, rather than a source of pleasure. Just a few months into dating, Rachel* came down with a nasty stomach virus. At the beginning, her vomiting was normal, in the usual projectile manner. Sadly, at some point, the vomit came through her nose and huge burning chunks were stuck in her nose.

Her boyfriend had to perform a nasal rinse, pulling out mucus-filled chunks of vomit out of her nose.


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