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15 Ridiculous Celebrity Tweets That Were Deleted Within Seconds

15 Ridiculous Celebrity Tweets That Were Deleted Within Seconds

We all love the Internet, don’t we? It is a place of endless possibilities. But do you want to know the ugly truth about it? Once you post something online, it is there for good! You can delete it, you can try to pretend it didn’t happen, you can even deny the whole thing, but it won’t help you much because somebody somewhere has seen it, shared it, and possibly has a safely stored screenshot.

Numerous celebrities have learned that the hard way after posting some regrettable content on their social media. Twitter, for example, is a great thing for stars to stay in touch with their fans and to try to connect with them on the more personal level. However, while that can be a big plus, it can also put our favorite celebs in some pretty uncomfortable situations if they don’t choose the content they post very carefully.

Weird tweets such as drunken rants, unintentionally shared naked pictures, inappropriate comments etc. usually get deleted in a matter of minutes, but somebody always catches them just in time to share them with the rest of the world. Let’s take a look at 15 celebrity tweets that were deleted within minutes:

15. Mary J. Blige About Her “Intelligents”


You know how some people may seem really stupid when they try to prove to everybody how smart they are? Well, something like that happened to Mary J. Blige when she posted a tweet that was supposed to express how puzzled she was by the fact that people try to underestimate her intelligence. Unfortunately for her, that was not what she actually wrote in the tweet. It was around the time when she was caught lying about being accepted to Howard University and she wanted to let everybody out there know they should never “understand estimate her intelligents”. Wait, what? As soon as people started making fun of that tweet, Mary deleted it, but it was already too late because by that time, people who obviously did “understand estimate her intelligents” managed to capture screenshots.

14. Kim Kardashian And Politics


When it comes to politics, you should always be careful about the stuff you post on the subject, and especially if you are a celebrity and you don’t know that much about the political situation to begin with. Kim Kardashian really made a lot of people angry when she tweeted her support and prayers both to the Palestinians and to the Israelis during the Israel-Hamas conflict. Basically, what happened was that thousands of Palestinian soldiers, as well as civilians, have been killed in Gaza by Israeli air forces, and people were shocked and very offended by Kim’s ignorance. When her followers started responding with really negative comments, Kim deleted the tweet, and later posted an official apology on her webpage. It is safe to assume that she learned a lesson or two from this experience.

13. Do You Have Denise Richards’ Number?


When it comes to your personal information, you can never really be careful enough – especially if you are a celebrity because you can never be completely sure who your fans out there are and if there is a freak or two among them. That being said, Denise Richards did the exact opposite of that – she tweeted out her private phone number to thousands of her followers by mistake. She wanted to DM the digits to her friend, but she ended up posting it for everybody to see. A mistake like that can’t be fixed simply by deleting the existing tweet so she had to get a new phone number if she wanted to avoid unwanted calls and messages from her fans around the globe. She blamed the whole thing on her poor multitasking skills.

12. Lindsey Lohan’s Fake Pregnancy


We are pretty used to fake news and scandals about our favorite celebrities published by paparazzi and journalists who want a bit of public attention, but what we don’t see so often are celebrities faking their own little scandals to get in the spotlight. However, Lindsey Lohan did pull one of those publicity stunts when she posted a tweet about her fake pregnancy. At that point, many people were really concerned about the health of her baby since she was spotted partying in Brazil just a week before she informed the public of her pregnancy. Luckily for the baby – there was no baby, but when the news of her faking the whole thing spread, people started to call her out for trying to get media attention in such a tasteless manner. Lindsay just deleted the tweet and pretended it had never happened.

11. Justin Bieber #legalizeweed


Justin Bieber got really angry when his fans called him out for smoking marijuana after he got caught in the act by the authorities. Apparently, he thought he was doing nothing wrong and he decided to share that opinion with his numerous followers on Twitter. Not only did he write it wasn’t a serious drug, he also wrote he wasn’t planning on stopping smoking it anytime soon. Obviously, Justin is pro legalizing marijuana, but he probably realized that wasn’t really the best way to go if he wanted to keep all of his fans, so he eventually deleted the tweet. However, once you post something like this online, it won’t get forgotten anytime soon and nobody would be really surprised if Bieber got caught with a joint behind a corner again.

10. Lee Ryan – A Modern Day Socrates


If you follow Lee Ryan’s Twitter page, you are bound to stumble upon some pretty confusing tweets from time to time. In fact, Lee has proven himself to be quite the philosopher. For example, he wrote that the love stories are “fabrications of scenarios that interlink with the light and the shade to synergies that unravel with captivating twists and turns.” Confused yet? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. However, when one of his followers made a joke about him being a modern day Socrates, Lee managed to surprise everybody by his ignorance as he obviously didn’t know who Socrates was. One must admit that is quite embarrassing and Lee must have realized that as well because he decided to delete the tweet after a while. But who knows? Maybe people simply don’t get him.

9. Maria Fowler’s Regrettable Comment


During the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in 2012, Maria Fowler tweeted something that caused a wave of rage among her followers. She probably didn’t mean anything wrong by it, but her question about Muhammad Ali and why couldn’t he stand during the ceremony really shows that you should maybe just Google some stuff before you post them online. The whole world knows about Muhammad Ali and about the fact he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease back in 1984, so people were truly surprised by Maria’s tweet. While some of them probably just quietly shook their heads in disbelief, hundreds of people attacked Maria and called her names. She quickly apologized and tried to explain the whole situation, but it didn’t help her much since she continued to face Internet bullies after the incident.

8. Is That You, Katy Perry?


When it comes to the famous, deleted celebrity tweets, this one is really legendary. Although it was deleted within minutes, so many people have seen and shared it that the fact it was removed from Russell Brand’s timeline didn’t matter at all. It was the time when Russell and Katy Perry were happily married and, one day, he snapped a pic of Katy wearing no makeup and tweeted it out. The world’s female population probably instantly felt better about their looks because if Katy Perry can look like this without makeup, everybody can! Katy was beyond embarrassed when she saw the pic and Brand ended up deleting it after all. However, she could have probably claimed that wasn’t even her in the picture and many people would definitely have fallen for that since she is really unrecognizable without her makeup on.

7. Reggie Bush


If you are not a big sports fan, you might not be familiar with the work of Reggie Bush – an American football running back who spent most of his career playing for the New Orleans Saints, but he’s a free agent today. Back in 2012, Bush tweeted on the subject of the UEFA Champions League final game between Chelsea and Bayern Munich. When Chelsea player Didier Drogba shot a goal, Reggie posted a tasteless comment about the soccer player “hitting a Nazi chick” after the game. When people started calling him out on that, he deleted the tweet and posted a new one making fun of his followers, calling them “cry-babies” and suggesting he would send them some tissues if they gave him their addresses. Probably not the best apology approach.

6. 50 Cent’s Tasteless Tweets


Sometimes, it is easy to overreact when somebody is calling you out in any way. If you are a celebrity, you should have at least a little bit of self-control when it comes to posting offensive and insensitive stuff online as a comeback to a fan. So what happened here? Back in 2012, one of 50 Cent’s fans tweeted that he should release a new album or he’ll get shot again. It was probably just a joke, but 50 Cent took it way to personally and he responded to the guy that he looked autistic. Ok, so 50 Cent is not really familiar with autism – let’s not get into that right now. However, he didn’t stop there and a couple of moments later he posted another tweet saying that he didn’t want any “special kids” on his timeline. Of course, the tweet had to be removed.

5. CeeLo Green Should Have Thought Twice


CeeLo Green had issues with his Twitter page multiple times since he is prone to posting stuff he really shouldn’t. One day, he decided to share his thoughts on the concept of (non)consensual physical contact and he wrote multiple tweets on the subject. According to him, if someone is not conscious during the act, they aren’t really with you so it “implies consent”, and “women who have been r*ped REMEMBER”. His career really took a hard hit once those tweets spread and, even though he ended up deleting them and posting an apology, it was too little too late. His TV show on TBS was canceled, he was booted from upcoming music festivals, etc. Also, he got 3 years of probation for doing it with a woman to whom he had given ecstasy before the act.

4. The Time When Rob Kardashian Went A Bit Nuts


Rob Kardashian was obviously going through a rough patch when he broke up with Rita Ora and he went on and on about it on Twitter. First, he went on a rant about Rita cheating on him with 20 different people and claimed how disgusted he was by the fact that a woman could sleep with so many different guys in just 1 year while also having a successful career. And the tweets like that just kept coming for about half an hour, one after another. His sister Khloe tried to calm him down via another tweet (seriously, what happened to real-life conversations?), and when he finally cooled off a little bit, he deleted all of his crazy posts about Rita Ora and replaced them with one about loyalty.

3. Drake Bell About Caitlyn Jenner’s New Identity


Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, is one of the most famous transwomen on the planet. She was the American champion in the men’s decathlon and she won the Olympic gold medal in that discipline back in 1976 in Montreal. Since the whole world knew her as a man competing in a male sports discipline, everybody was pretty surprised when she announced her transition in 2015. Drake Bell also had something to say on the subject and he couldn’t help himself but tweet about it. Once his followers stood up for Jenner, he didn’t want to get into a further discussion and he deleted the tweet. He didn’t actually apologize, but he posted another tweet saying that he finds Jenner to be the greatest athlete of all time and he didn’t want to forget HIS legacy.

2. Amanda Bynes Probably Shouldn’t Have A Twitter Account


There are people who post regrettable things on social media by accident, there are people who post something stupid once and then learn their lesson and never do it again, and then there is Amanda Bynes. We’ve all become quite used to seeing crazy stuff on her feed, but she can still surprise us – like that time when she accused her father of verbal and physical abuse when she was a child. People were pretty shocked and worried about her for about one hour and then things went back to normal when she deleted the tweet and replaced it with another which was also pretty insane, but in a different way. She tweeted that her dad never actually did any of those things and she blamed the previous post on a microchip in her brain that makes her say and do crazy things.

1. Alison Pill’s Naked Selfie


When it comes to posting stuff on social media, you can never be too careful. The naked selfie that Alison Pill tweeted to her 13,000+ followers is proof of that. As soon as Alison realized what she did, she deleted the picture and made a joke about having some technical issues, but it was too late. The pic was already out and it was there for good. It is unclear whether she wanted to send it to someone via private message and she simply chose the wrong option or if the selfie was just lying there on her phone and she posted it by mistake. However, it doesn’t really matter why and how. All that matters is the fact that a bunch of people got to see her bare chest because she wasn’t careful enough.

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