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15 Ridiculous Examples Of Cartoon Logic That Make Us Face Palm

15 Ridiculous Examples Of Cartoon Logic That Make Us Face Palm

We all understand by now not to take cartoons seriously; they are solely created for entertainment and to elicit humor. While it’s obvious that cartoons aren’t the closest depiction of the real world, some of the logic detours that are taken are more bizarre than others. And there is a big chance you haven’t noticed them either.

According to the famous animator Art Babbit, animation usually follows the laws of physics, unless of course, it’s funnier otherwise. The logic that cartoons are created to behave differently from the real world is almost as old as animation itself.

You probably noticed that the Powerpuff Girls have no fingers and they use chopsticks while having Chinese food, or how Tom and Jerry are always hanging out naked in the house but wear clothes to the beach. When you scrutinize closely, these characters aren’t governed by the same laws that we follow or even the norms of any rational society.

If you weren’t keen enough on this while growing up as a kid, then your mind will be blown by some of the cartoon logic we will reveal here. In case you are wondering, here are 15 ridiculous examples of cartoon logic that will make you face palm.

15. Please Explain this


Well, in this cartoon, something weird is going on. If you are a cartoon lover, then this might probably pass without you noticing how peculiar it is. The cartoon character in this picture is wearing a pair of headphones, but the weird part of this picture is that the headphones have not been directly placed on the characters ears but far down below. It defeats the purpose of the headphones. How is he able to listen to music in the first place? The cartoon character is also wearing glasses, but they are not being supported by the ears but are hanging midair next to the earphones.

14. Three Little Pigs’ Father’s Portrait


Well, the animators here clearly knew what they are doing, and for the avid watcher this is actually part of the comedic aspect of the animation. It’s a pity most people didn’t get to see it until now. Did you notice the picture in the frame is a sausage roll? Well, that’s supposed to be their dad, and it’s part of what makes this scene funny for adults. Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t get it as a kid. At that point, you probably did not know your favorite morning snack (bacon) actually came from pigs, or that Santa isn’t real (Sorry to burst your bubble).

13. Christmas before Jesus was Born


Ever wonder how life was without Christmas? What did people celebrate at that time before the coming of Christ? Well, you wouldn’t know unless you go back to the history books, and there’s really not much information about that period unless of course, you can read hieroglyphs. Well, if you are a fan of The Flintstones, you might have noticed that they celebrated Christmas. It’s weird how that happens yet Christ was born after the Stone Age, and long after the Flintstones were gone. So which Christ is this? Pure cartoon, logic I bet. Don’t overthink it though.

12. Cinderella Prince Dummy?


When you look back at some of the Disney classics, it really puzzles your brain how the scriptwriters and producers came up with some of these things. Like for instance the story of Cinderella. According to the fairy tale, she was the prettiest girl in the Kingdom, and the prince felt she was the love of his life, but the weird bit is, he forgot what she looks like after spending a whole evening with her. What’s worse is the only way he could identify her was with the shoes she left. Really? It’s as confusing as it is annoying.

11. Stuck in the Cage?


The Smurfs is an all-time favorite, and if you ask me, it’s still as interesting as it was when we were kids, and the movie couldn’t have come at a better time. However, when you begin to scrutinize this cartoon, you start to realize some of the weird bits. Could the Smurfs have been dumb? Look at the picture above where they appear to be trapped in a cage, but the spaces are clearly big enough for them to escape, yet they are still unable to. Either the Smurfs are really dumb or the cartoonist really wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing.

10. What Kind of Human Species is this?


There are two things here folks; it’s either the Powerpuff Girls are aliens or the cartoonists just got lazy. I mean, how hard could it be to draw fingers? We did that in kindergarten, and it was fun. I bet I couldn’t get a three year old to draw a person without fingers. Well, the producers here felt it was too much work to put fingers to their cartoon, and it makes it a little bit odd when they eat Chinese food using chopsticks without fingers. I mean, what kind of science is this? They should probably should choose one: either have the fingerless palm or avoid the Chinese food, it really is that simple.

9. Naked all day long but wears clothes at the Beach


Have you had a chance to watch Tom and Jerry? Well, if you didn’t, then you need to look for a copy of the cartoon and laugh your heart out. If you were the type of kid who found amusement when other people got hurt (who didn’t?), then this is the show to watch. The funny thing about this cartoon is that half the time the characters are naked. It’s funny how cartoons view nakedness. But what’s confusing is that they actually put on clothes to go to the beach, which in reality is the opposite.

8. Pluto and Goofy Relationship


Well, this is a funny one; the producers probably had this in mind when they were coming up with this cartoon, but both Pluto and Goofy are dogs. The illogical thing here is one is a pet and the other is the owner (but they are both dogs). This has to be one of the funniest face palming moments in animation. What’s interesting is how the audience will always assume this fact. Not even the kids will question this fact. Well, I guess that’s cartoon logic. But at the end of the day, this is a bizarre thing that can never happen in real life. I wonder what the human equivalent of this would be.

7. Sponge washes the Dishes


Have you ever watched Sponge Bob? Well, if you spend your time around kids or have some then you probably know who he is. This is a fairly new cartoon character, and in case you are more than 25 years old, then you did not watch this cartoon as a kid. The funny thing about this cartoon is the character seems to be washing dishes with a rag instead of using its body (it is a sponge after all). Come to think of it; this comical show isn’t for young kids, because I doubt they would get that. Unless of course, I was a dumb kid.

6. Gravity doesn’t seem to work unless you look down


Well, this is a trend that has been there for a while, and no cartoon show has abused this gravitational privilege like Tom and Jerry. The cartoon character always seems to be doing fine when walking on air off a cliff or a diving board until he looks down and realizes he is walking on air and then the obvious happens, he fall almost instantaneously. I probably should try this soon. I’ll head over to the Grand Canyon, and try to walk off the cliffs. It would probably make 7 o’clock news, and it’s definitely going to come off as a suicide and not a test. Don’t try this at home, kids.

5. World’s smartest Genius can’t lock his Sister out of His Lab


Dexter’s lab has to be one of the best cartoons we watched as kids and especially if you were a nerd, it gave you some sort of power, and you might have looked cooler in school (not a chance in hell). An interesting bit about this show is that Dexter has one of the most advanced laboratories in the world, that’s equipped with time machines and laser beams. However, he is still unable to keep his prying sister out. Come to think of it; she might probably be smarter than him because she is constantly able to bypass his security. Tough luck, Dexter!

4. Language Barrier?


Come to think of it, Tarzan was a scam. He probably just the average guy from Jersey who figured the best way to get an English girl to fall for him is to pretend to be a white ape (He probably went too far, but still). The things men do for love. Either way, it’s interesting how Tarzan learns how to speak English from a British girl but ends up speaking with American English. Or that’s probably that’s how American English started? Well, that’s the kind of talk that sparks a world war. Come to think of it; it’s a weird occurrence, don’t you think?

3. Dressing Nightmare


Well, sometimes the design of a cartoon character is meant to make us laugh. I mean, why the hell are you going to give a character a tetra pack-shaped head? For instance, look at this cartoon character, one tends to think of how he gets dressed, considering the abnormal shape of his head and the sheer size of it. His nanny or mommy clearly has a hard time getting him ready for school, and what’s worse is the t-shirt doesn’t have buttons, meaning there’s only one way on and that’s clearly impossible.

2. Listening to Music with his eyes


Sometimes it almost seems like cartoon characters do things intentionally to piss off adults. Maybe it’s their own secret way of making us bored and inattentive while they brainwash our kids. For instance, this picture looks like Mr. Krab is listening to music through a pair of headphones that are on his eyes. If that isn’t peculiar, I don’t know what is. From the look of things, he seems to be enjoying himself, however. What kind of messed up logic is this? Maybe we need to see our kids do the same before we actually realize how funny this is.

1. Ducks Eating Chicken


I don’t know if this happens for real, maybe those who have lived on a farm can enlighten us, but do ducks really eat chicken? I doubt they do; I have enough National Geographic experience to know that. However, when you look at this picture, it does seem like Donald Duck and his family are enjoying a full chicken for dinner. It could be Thanksgiving dinner, or is it a duck, Gasp! This makes them cannibals, right? I bet it explains why mommy isn’t at the table. Well, if there is any way you could explain cannibalism to a child, I bet this could be the best example to get the message across without scaring the little kid.


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