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More Than Meets The Eye: 15 Shocking Facts About Ronda Rousey

More Than Meets The Eye: 15 Shocking Facts About Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is a name familiar to the fans of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. She is an MMA fighter now, however she is also trained in Judo. In fact, she has won many Olympic medals for USA in Judo. For those who don’t know about the fame that Ronda has achieved in UFC, she was the former Bantamweight Champion and had an almost undefeated streak throughout the tournament. Standing at 173 centimeters, she strikes awe into the heart of her opponents by merely glaring at them from her corner in the cage. She is a ferocious fighter who completely demolishes her opponents, but deep down, she is only a woman. She too has some stupid goof-ups to be ashamed of, as do all of us normal people, a thing too normal to be not true.

All that many people know of Ronda is generally about her fight statistics, or her fighting style or her aggression in the arena. But fans are never satisfied with little information about their stars; they want to know more about them, including her personal life. The same goes with Ronda, the scourge of female MMA fighters in the cage. Did you know that Ronda could not speak till she was 4 years old and that she could not speak a single sentence till she was 6? Got you intrigued, right? Read on to find even more interesting facts about Ronda ‘Rowdy’ Rousey.

15. Ronda’s peculiar childhood problem


There are millions of people around the world who love Ronda’s way of expressing herself. She is clear with her viewpoints, dang straightforward and optimistic. But seldom know that the person who can punch one’s dentures out and render them unable to speak was herself not able to speak when she was a kid! During her birth, her mother’s umbilical cord wrapped around her neck and she suffered from hypoxia; her brain was deprived of oxygen and unfortunately it caused a learning disability and a speech impediment. In an interview with FOX411, she revealed that she didn’t speak a single word until she was 4, and no sentences till 6. But today, she looks at the situation with a positive spirit. According to her, that hard phase of her life made her strong, because she says she became able to take big risks in life.

14. Yo, Fight Time’s coming up!


This information is not from a rumor mill, it is true! Ronda herself has agreed to this in front of the world that she loves to be sexually active before a fight. “For girls, it raises your testosterone, so I try to have as much sex as possible before I fight actually. Not with like everybody, I don’t put out like Craigslist ads or anything, but if I got a steady I’m going to be like, ‘Yo, fight time’s coming up’”, Rousey said. In fact, she is not the first athlete to share such a viewpoint, there are many physicians too who support such claims.

13. She Lost Her Dad When She Was A Kid


When Rousey was 8, her father committed suicide. Ron Rousey was diagnosed with a blood disorder and that made him end his life. He killed himself in the garage while Ronda and her sisters were watching Nickelodeon at home. She was very much connected to her dad and his tragic death had a huge impact on her and her family. “For some reasons I lost my father to suicide at eight years old. I had so much bottled up grief and anger and self-loathing and for some reason I found an outlet that saved me,” she mentioned in a new column for an Australian newspaper, the Herald Sun. Her grandfather had also committed suicide.

12. Ronda loves Pokémon!


Who doesn’t love Pokémon? It’s one of the most entertaining games that stole a million hearts with its success saga, which is still going on. UFC legend Ronda is also not untouched by those cute little critters! She revealed it on Reddit AMA. “My favorite Pokémon is Mew and I used to moderate a Pokémon forum,” Rousey mentioned in her AMA introduction and fans were on cloud nine after hearing their superstar’s craze for Pokémon. Once she disclosed that when she was a child, Pokémon was her favorite game and her first Pokémon was a Charmander, a fire-spewing salamander! “I’ve gotten every single version of every single generation of the game,” she told the media. Well, it can sufficiently be concluded that she is a die-hard fan of Pokémon!

11. Ronda is married, folks!


Sadly, this charming woman is already taken. That lucky man is also a UFC fighter who goes by the name Travis Browne. They started dating in 2015 and tied the knot in August. He proposed her under a waterfall when they were on their New Zealand tour. “What an amazing day!! She is so perfect in every way! She makes me so happy! She is my other half! I Love You!”, Travis captioned his beautiful wedding picture on Instagram. In 2015, Travis Browne’s ex-wife Jenna Renee had accused him of domestic violence and on Instagram, she shared the pictures of bruises on her body. On Twitter, Jenna had criticized Ronda for dating a man who allegedly beat his life partner. Those claims could not be proven.

10. Buffalo wings and Cider beer – Ronda is all game!


Usually, after winning a match, stars party to celebrate the victory, but Ronda is different. She loves to eat Buffalo wings! Once she told a magazine about her love for Buffalo wings. After Ronda’s last fight in UFC 190 in Brazil, one of the UFC owners flew in a private chef from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro just to prepare hot wings for her since that dish was not available in Rio! Something that complements her love for wings is cider beer. While explaining her expectations about an ideal date, she said that if the guy comes up with hot Buffalo wings and cider beer, that’s more than enough for her, as she already has everything else!

9. The Chapter of Snappers McCreepy


In her autobiography, My Fight/Your Fight, Ronda revealed that one of her ex-boyfriends had taken her nude pictures without her permission and that she even caught him. She has named him “Snappers McCreepy” in her book. The fun fact is that he was beaten up badly by Ronda, who broke through his facade. “He wouldn’t move. I punched him in the face with a straight right, then a left hook. He staggered back and fell against the door… I slapped him with my right hand. He still wouldn’t move. Then I grabbed him by the neck of his hoodie, kneed him in the face, and tossed him aside on the kitchen floor,” she wrote. Snappers McCreepy, you messed with the wrong woman!

8. Ronda was a bartender and bouncer


Before becoming the Queen of the Cage, she worked as a bartender and even as a bouncer for quite some time. After coming back from Olympics in 2008, she wanted a job for herself. She got a chance to meet a bar owner at a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game and he gave her an offer to work in his bar as a bartender and bouncer. She worked at the Redwood and a restaurant in Malibu for two years. Redwood Bar and Grill owner Christian Frizzell was very enthusiastic about her fighting skills. “I remember there being a (MMA) fight on (television), one of the first ones with women, and her saying she could do that. I encouraged her to do it and thought she could go as far as she wanted to,” he said in an interview. It’s just an unimaginable thing for an Olympic medal winner to work as a bartender! 

7. Ronda was a vegan once!


Ronda Rousey turned vegan after completing the 2008 Olympics. That was her desire. As of right now, I am a vegan. I put that off until after this tournament. Being an athlete, you try to get protein,” she said in 2008. When she was working as a bartender, she didn’t have much options in her vegan diet menu. Unfortunately, I was working two-to-three bartending jobs at once during that time, and didn’t have many options in the vegan genre besides Jameson Whiskey and sweet potato fries,”, said Rousey in an interview to MMA Playground. Ronda gave up her vegan diet as she had been diagnosed with bronchitis.

6. “How are you, Bob 7?” – Ronda’s Mom


That’s a crazy fact! Ronda Rousey’s mom calls all of her boyfriends “Bob”. This secret was revealed by Ronda’s beloved sister in an interview. “She also assigns completely arbitrary numbers to each Bob to differentiate one from another. For example, Ronda’s last boyfriend was ‘Bob 6.’ And yes, she calls them that to their faces,” she said while laughing hysterically. Ronda’s mom finds that there is no point in learning her daughter’s boyfriend’s name until he is going to stick around. So, if he gets married to her girl, she’d start calling him by his name. Ronda, you have a cool mom!

5. Ronda knocked out Tinder too!


Ronda has enjoyed a stellar career and at the same time, no one can reject the fact that she is a stunning woman. And having this beauty roaming on Tinder was a huge honor for the dating app! A long time ago, with an assumed name Brynn Campbell, Ronda joined Tinder. However, she left Tinder within a short period of time. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, she revealed that her friends forced her to play the hot or not” game; perhaps that is why she opened the fake account on Tinder. But she soon realized it is not so easy for a popular person to be on Tinder. She confessed that even if someone would have asked her to a date, she would have had no time for that.

4. Juno’s Audience got a Live Performance!


Once Ronda Rousey had to beat a few guys in a theatre where people were watching the film Juno. That was a bad fight! “They cut me off and my friends already went past me, but the aisles and the wall made it impossible to get around me so that was kinda good like 300 style,” Rousey said. Ronda had exchanged a few words with some ill-mannered guys and finally she pushed a guy back. She grabbed his shirt from one hand, punching him with the other. The others tried to attack her, but it was not so easy for them, she threw the guy over her shoulder and dealt with the others equally! No doubt, they messed with a wrong woman!

3. The Calm before the Storm!


This fact may be very useful for all those budding fighters. Listen carefully: Ronda Rousey embraces silence before getting ready for a fight. I have complete silence before I walk out before a fight, Rousey revealed during a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session. She doesn’t speak in the locker room and keeps her cellphone on silent mode too. “No talking in the locker room, no music, cellphones on silent. If I hear a ding from you taking a video you’re gonna get your own private Rowdy Glare,she added further. In the promo for UFC 193, one can see Ronda sitting in a silent locker room. So, is it silence that keeps her so focused during a match?

2. Little Mischievous Ronda!


For the whole world, Ronda Rousey is a champion who is unbeatable in the cage. But did you know that a Raisinet brewed enough trouble to cause her to land in the Emergency Room? In an article, Ronda’s sister Maria Burns Ortiz shared this childhood experience. Once Ronda and her sisters were making funny faces by putting candy in their nostrils, but a Raisinet got stuck inside Ronda’s nose! When Ronda’s mom couldn’t get it out, she was left with no option than reaching out for the nearest ER for medical help. Luckily, heat caused by her breath melted the chocolate and it came out on its own, perhaps, she didn’t have to take any medical treatment. Super lucky, Ronda!

1. Demetrious Johnson is Ronda Rousey’s Favourite


Everyone likes Ronda, but who does she like when it comes to fighting? During a Reddit for an “Ask Me Anything” session, she disclosed the name of her favorite UFC star, and do you have any guesses? Yes, it’s Demetrious Johnson. In her opinion, Rousey admires the UFC flyweight champion. “I think he’s the most well-rounded and I feel like I’m watching one of the later episodes of Dragon Ball Z when you only see one second of action going on between them disappearing ‘cuz they’re going so damn fast,” she revealed. Mighty Mouse vs. Dominick Cruz was her favorite fight.

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